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You are exposing me and I dear-say us to a new level of the language using great technique to write great stories.

Thank you very much. With regards to the memorable characters I have used the mental filter not knowing the name of that technique , the habitus technique and the numbus tactic unaware of these technique. I like all of them especially the cameo incident, because it is practical and is a true to life situation. Continue to do this great work by educating us.

I endeavor to be a member of your community soon. Many thanks, Marlene. Glad you found my ideas helpful. Great art conceals itself! Taking a shower can be a sensuous act. A walk in the rain is not so pleasant…. Then again I once dated a girl who had a rain fetish. She loved licking raindrops off my face so a walk in the rain with her became a sensuous act. As for characters I always thought creating a memorable character meant coming up with something that is, well memorable and off-beat.

Like my girlfriend above. It would also cue a poignant closing line. A great article. However just one thing. Kim Kardasian does not float my boat.

1. Use Character Labels

And the fact that she married a bozo like Kanye West proves that she has the IQ of a doorknob. Dare I comment, Laszlo? Suffice to say that sex appeal is often inversely correlated with IQ. But sexy people are survivors. Nature likes survivors. How else can we explain the fortunes of the Kardashian sisters, all their names beginning with K?

Instead, they branded themselves Special K and became a breakfast item. Not stupid at all. Laszlo… you echoed my own thoughts perfectly. Memorable characters should always have both flaws, and redeeming traits. The best bad guys are the ones our readers and ourselves as writers secretly admire and would love to emulate if we could get away with it… even if only for a moment before we take stock of our morality. Yet these two are most definitely the good guys in my novels. An excellent point, Chris. Maybe, but the idea that a hero or villain must be multi-dimensional to be plausible goes way back.

But he was chivalrous to his victims, never sadistic and — in one poignant passage — reveals that all he ever wanted to achieve, by world domination, was to be loved. Cue violins…. I enjoyed this I tire mail and am happy to have left it till I had enough time to do so. Thank you Mr.

Thanks for the explanations backed up with illustrations that make them so helpful to employ.

Tutorial on creating characters for ministry

Imagine - Creating Memorable Characters for Kid's Church - Kindle edition by Marty Martin. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @ Drawing on years of experience as a Children's Pastor, author Marty Martin shares some of his best insights on developing recurring characters for Kid's Church!.

Your blog, Writers Village, has become a favorite of mine. Like so many of your articles this one hits the spot. This is an article I will refer to when creating new characters.

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Thanks for your inspiration. I loved every bit of advice! Especially the 1st and the last one. Thank you so much! It works, Meiji. Why be content to characterize just one person when you can characterize two or more at the same time? Hello John, I posted earlier in the day but for some reason it has not appeared. Perhaps I can try again.

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I did want to thank you for this treasure chest of a resource. Thank you. I only wish I had had this when churning out my tomes — some of your ideas I used instinctively but I must try and convey my thanks for presenting this most useful variety of approaches in one list. I know about these things! Thank you John.

The comments thread suffers from protracted cerebration, like a character in a Henry James novel. You wait all day for a cogent thought to appear then three arrive at once. Thanks for another useful and inspiring piece. Thanks, Stuart. Once again, thank you, John. Wish I had had access to this treasure chest of a resource before stumbling through my tomes. I sort of instinctively used some of these but it is invaluable to see a variety of examples in an easily referable list.

You are, indeed, a learned man. I always look forward to hearing from you because I know I will benefit — thank you. Just a thought. An interesting thought, Zara. Saunas should also be a great source of inspiration, by that logic. Every one should be equipped with plasticated paper and waterproof pens. Bathtubs, too. Great article, John. I could see that this big-boned fellow had been dressed by Omar the Tentmaker — padded shoulders that were too big to start with, shorts cut so that they crawled up his hairy thighs as he sat down, a ruffled chemise that might have looked well on a cow.

The irascible Jubal coins an epigram with every breath, most of them rude. Great and inspiring advice — thank you. I found the information about the Knock-on Effect particularly helpful. Anybody can pen a caricature but to make it real takes skill! Thank you so much, John, for this insightful look at bringing characters to life.

It is very timely advice.

The main reason to change it was to give a better feel for the characters. Thanks to your words of wisdom, the task will be much easier. Regards Jenny S. Why is that a walk in the rain rarely has the same effect? This post very informative, i have past the link To my grand daughter, who recently won first place in a high school poetry contest. This post is great for her, i guess she wants to follow my foot steps. I found the post very informative. Each point could be an entire assignment. I imagine that the fourteen part course is well worth the time. Excellent resource as I write my first novels.

Thanks, Akiba. A clever way to create a character profile — that you can build on creatively — is to write their cv, as if they were applying for a job. But then scribble some candid notes on it, as if written by their interviewer after the interview. Then your character will acquire a wicked depth!

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