Japan, its history, arts, and literature (Volume 4)

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She has also published on prints ukiyo-e , art historiography, aesthetics, and was formerly a museum curator at the RISD Museum of Art. Bogel teaches graduate seminars and, occasionally, undergraduate courses in the areas of Japanese art history, material culture, East Asian Buddhist visual culture, and museum studies.

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A peer-reviewed academic journal with an illustrious editorial board, moving now toward volume 4, JAH-Q has become a notable new publication in Asian studies, especially East Asian religions, art history, literature, and cultural studies. We seek more essays outside of East Asia in future journals on a wide variety of topics.

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Her network of collaborators for JSPS grants and other research endeavors includes art historians, religious studies scholars, historians, and museum curators in universities and museums worldwide. Her students have been successful in their admission to Ph. Students have also been given museum internships ad the St.

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Primary Investigator. Research Collaborator of Principal Investigator.

Yamamoto Satomi. Detailed study of the Yakushiji temple history in Fujiwara and Nara, the icons made for the main hall at each temple, and the surviving Yakushiji triad keyword : Yakushiji temple, Yakushiji, Buddhist icon, Emperor Tenmu, Empress Jito, Nara period The research features the central Buddha in Yakushiji, Nara, an early-eighth-century temple keyword : Yakushiji temple, Yakushiji, Buddhist icon, Emperor Tenmu, Nara period Four-year grant. Renga manuals, designed to aid the poet in constructing culturally appropriate seasonal associations, divided seasons into three phases early, middle, and late , and seasonal topics kidai and seasonal words kigo came to be associated with specific seasonal phases or months.

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As the renga poet moved through the seasons in a series of linked verses, inspiration was taken not from nature as such but from the foundation of established associations, based on classical precedent, which allowed for mutual understanding between poet and audience. In the Edo period, haikai popular linked verse emerged as the most widely pursued poetic genre. An unknown error has occurred. Please click the button below to reload the page. If the problem persists, please try again in a little while. Read preview.

Japan and the Culture of the Four Seasons

ISBN Haruo Shirane's Japan and the Culture of the Four Seasons is a work of impressive scope, tracing the development of seasonal thematics and motifs over 1, years of Japanese history. Read preview Overview.

Critical and Primary Sources

Series Dictionary The Adventures in Japanese Dictionary contains Japanese-English and English-Japanese listings, a kanji list, a verb list by conjugation group, adjective lists, and adverb lists. Qualitatively, the students in the intervention group indicated that they were generally more confident in answering comprehension questions that involved analysing diction and literary techniques. Journal issue. Conclusion In a recent volume of The Journal of Literature in Language Teaching, Collins reported on the impact that poetry reading had on exploration of universal human themes. Moving from general course description to specific examples helped the participants of the session clearly understand the goal of the presentation, which was to illustrate how social change and personal change combine effectively in classroom contexts. I was conscious of the close link between Literature and English language, as literature has been described as an ally of language Brumfit and Carter,

Wang Stanford University Press,