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demo-new.nplan.io/insulas-forasteras-canarias-desde-miradas.php Morbidity of local-only or local-plus-pelvic radiotherapy. Verglichen wurden die maximale Morbiditaet sowie die aktuarischen Inzidenz- und Praevalenzraten in beiden Gruppen. Bei lokaler Bestrahlung waren die mediane Nachsorgezeit 68 Monate und die mittlere Dosis 66,7 Gy, bei Beckenbestrahlung waren die mediane Beobachtungszeit 49 Monate und die lokale Dosis bzw.

Die aktuarischen Fuenfjahresinzidenzraten waren 14 bzw. Fruehe urogenitale Nebenwirkungen wurden bei 15 bzw. Die aktuarischen Fuenfjahresinzidenzraten betrugen 16 bzw. Trotz der generell niedrigen Praevalenz strahlenbedingter Nebenwirkungen fuehrte die konventionelle 4-Felder-Box-Beckenbestrahlung zu einem signifikanten Anstieg der aktuarischen Inzidenz frueher gastrointestinaler und spaeter urogenitaler Nebenwirkungen in der postoperativen Behandlung von Patienten mit Prostatakarzinom. Bei der Bestrahlung von Beckenfeldern sollten daher moderne Techniken wie VMAT ''volumetric modulated arc radiotherapy '' oder IMRT ''intensity-modulated radiotherapy '' zum Einsatz kommen, sodass diese Nebenwirkungen potenziell verringert werden.

Radiotherapy of the neuroaxis for palliative treatment of leptomeningeal carcinomatosis. Hermann, B. Aim of the present study was to evaluate the feasibility of craniospinal irradiation with and without intrathecal chemotherapy and its efficacy with regard to symptom palliation and survival. Patients and Methods: 16 patients mean age 46 years; nine breast cancers, five lung cancers, one renal cell cancer, one tumor of unknown primary site with leptomeningeal carcinomatosis occurring after a median interval from primary tumor diagnosis of 5 months months received craniospinal irradiation between October and May The median total dose was 36 Gy a 1.

Ten patients were additionally treated with intrathecal methotrexate 15 mg per cycle, cycles. Results: Median survival was 12 weeks, 8 weeks after radiotherapy alone, 16 weeks after combined modality treatment. Seven patients regained their ability to walk, six had pain reduction, three regression of bladder and bowel incontinence. In three patients symptom progression and in two patients no change occurred. Nine patients had dysphagia, seven mucositis, three suffered from nausea. No late toxicity was observed.

Conclusion: Craniospinal radiotherapy is feasible and effective for palliative treatment of leptomeningeal carcinomatosis. As far as the small patient number permits any definite conclusions, combined modality treatment seems superior to irradiation alone. Ziel der Studie war es, Machbarkeit und Effektivitaet einer.

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Ein Seminarbericht. Im Ergebnis stellte sich heraus, dass Netzwerke in die Gesellschaft und die Politik von grosser Bedeutung sind. Stallmann, C. Leptomeningeosis leucaemica in connection with acute lymphatic leukemia. A case report; Leptomeningeosis leucaemica bei akuter lymphatischer Leukaemie. Ein Fallbericht. Fellner, F. Institut fuer Diagnostische Radiologie; Roesler, W.

Klinik fuer Strahlentherapie. MRI is significantly better than CT for detection of leptomeningeosis leucaemica, due to better imaging of the anatomy and the diversity of the tomographic images. Based on the MRI information in the case reported, the decision was for radiotherapy of the cranium: Linear accelerator-based irradiation of the neurocranium up to and inclusive of C2, with 6 MeV photons via laterally opposing fields. The single dose was 1.

The radiotherapy was accompanied at the same time by a further intrathecal cytostasis. The treatment rapidly achieved improvement of the clinical findings, and the follow-up MRI correspondingly revealed almost complete remission of the leptomeningeal foci. Zusaetzlich wurde gleichzeitig eine weitere intrathekale Zytostase durchgefuehrt.

Waehrend der Therapie kam es rasch zu einer deutlichen Verbesserung des klinischen Befundes. Radiotherapy ; Strahlentherapie. Wannenmacher, M. Heidelberg Germany. Radioonkologie und Strahlentherapie; Wenz, F. Eine kritische Revision von Theresienstadt. Eine Untersuchung des Publikums der Premiere am 6. Entwicklung von Cysteinproteaseinhibitoren - ein klassischer und ein kombinatorischer Ansatz zur Inhibitoroptimierung. Es handelt sich hierbei um einen klassischen und einen kombinatorischen Ansatz. In Scr Radiotherapy apparatus.

This invention relates to apparatus for applying intracavitary radiotherapy. In previously-known systems radioactive material is conveyed to a desired location within a patient by transporting a chain of balls pneumatically to and from an appropriately inserted applicator. According to this invention a ball chain for such a purpose comprises several radioactive balls separated by non-radioactive tracer balls of radiographically transparent material of lower density and surface hardness than the radioactive balls.

The invention also extends to radiotherapy treatment apparatus comprising a storage, sorting and assembly system. Eine neue Tornaria aus der Adria. Intensity-modulated radiotherapy for localized nasopharyngeal amyloidosis. Case report and literature review. Primary localized amyloidosis is characterized by the deposition of amyloid proteins restricted to one organ, without systemic involvement. Primary nasopharyngeal amyloidosis is an exceedingly rare condition, for which the standard treatment remains unknown. Because of its challenging anatomical position, surgery alone hardly results in complete resection of the localized amyloidosis.

Therefore, an interdisciplinary planning board to design optimal treatment is of particular importance. A year-old man presented with a several-week history of nasal obstruction and epistaxis. Computed tomography CT and magnetic resonance imaging MRI revealed the presence of a retro-odontoid nonenhancing soft tissue mass. The endoscopic biopsy demonstrated that the mass was amyloid in nature. An extensive systemic workup revealed an absence of inflammatory process, systemic amyloidosis, or plasma cell dyscrasia. The patient was treated with a combination of surgery and radiotherapy , showing no evidence of recurrence or progression at his 1-year follow-up.

Primary solitary amyloidosis is a rare form of amyloidosis. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first report of a nasopharyngeal amyloidosis case treated with excision and radiation leading to complete remission. Because of the difficulty for surgeons to achieve radical resection with such lesions, radiotherapy proved to be an excellent adjuvant treatment in this case. Eine primaere Amyloidose im Nasen-Rachen-Raum ist ausserordentlich selten, bisher gibt es keine Standardtherapie.

Ihre anatomische Position bedeutet eine Herausforderung, nur selten resultiert eine chirurgische Intervention in einer vollstaendigen Resektion der lokalisierten Amyloidose. Daher ist die Beteiligung mehrerer Disziplinen fuer eine optimale Behandlung von besonderer. Potential clinical predictors of outcome after postoperative radiotherapy of non-small cell lung cancer. Buetof, R. The aim of this analysis was to investigate the impact of tumour-, treatment- and patient-related cofactors on local control and survival after postoperative adjuvant radiotherapy in patients with non-small cell lung cancer NSCLC , with special focus on waiting and overall treatment times.

For NSCLC patients who had received postoperative radiotherapy , overall, relapse-free and metastases-free survival was retrospectively analysed using Kaplan-Meier methods. The impact of tumour-, treatment- and patient-related cofactors on treatment outcome was evaluated in uni- and multivariate Cox regression analysis. No statistically significant difference between the survival curves of the groups with a short versus a long time interval between surgery and radiotherapy could be shown in uni- or multivariate analysis.

Multivariate analysis revealed a significant decrease in overall survival times for patients with prolonged overall radiotherapy treatment times exceeding 42 days 16 vs. Radiation-induced pneumonitis and prolonged radiation treatment times significantly reduced overall survival after adjuvant radiotherapy in NSCLC patients. The negative impact of a longer radiotherapy treatment time could be shown for the first time in an adjuvant setting. The hypothesis of a negative impact of longer waiting times prior to commencement of adjuvant radiotherapy could not be confirmed.

Ein spezieller Fokus lag dabei auf der Wartezeit zwischen Operation und Beginn der Strahlentherapie sowie der Gesamtbehandlungszeit der Strahlentherapie. Fuer Patienten, die eine postoperative. Radiotherapy for solitary plasmacytoma and multiple myeloma; Strahlentherapie bei solitaerem Plasmozytom und multiplem Myelom.

Schmaus, M. Solitary plasmacytoma and multiple myeloma require a differentiated radiotherapy. The irradiation for plasmacytoma with an adequate total dose medullary Gy or extramedullary Gy leads to a high degree of local control with a low rate of side effects. In cases of multiple myeloma radiotherapy will achieve effective palliation, both in terms of recalcification as well as reduction of neurological symptoms and analgesia. In terms of analgesia the rule is the higher the single dose fraction the faster the reduction of pain. As part of a conditioning treatment prior to stem cell transplantation radiotherapy contributes to the establishment of a graft versus myeloma effect GVM.

Bei Plasmozytomen fuehrt eine Bestrahlung mit ausreichender Gesamtdosis medullaer Gy oder extramedullaer Gy zu einer hohen Lokalkontrolle mit einer geringen Rate an Nebenwirkungen. Beim multiplen Myelom kann die Strahlentherapie eine effektive Palliation sowohl hinsichtlich Rekalzifikation als auch Reduktion neurologischer Symptomatik und Analgesie erzielen.

Hinsichtlich der Analgesie gilt: Je hoeher die Einzeldosis, desto schneller der Wirkeintritt. Temozolomide during radiotherapy of glioblastoma multiforme. Daily administration improves survival. Temozolomide- TMZ -based chemoradiotherapy defines the current gold standard for the treatment of newly diagnosed glioblastoma. Data regarding the influence of TMZ dose density during chemoradiotherapy are currently not available. Radiotherapy was applied to a total dose of 60 Gy. Median survival after radiotherapy alone was 9. It seems that also a reduced TMZ scheme can at first prolong the survival of glioblastoma patients, but not as much as the daily administration.

Von bekamen insgesamt Patienten mit. Hypopharyngeal and upper esophageal ulceration after cervical spine radiotherapy concurrent with crizotinib. Zimmermann, Marcus H. Radiotherapy of the cervical spine level C3 to C5, including the whole vertebra, was performed with 30 Gy in 10 fractions. The patient's systemic therapy with crizotinib mg twice daily was continued. After 8 fractions of radiation the patient developed increasing dysphagia. Ulceration of the hypopharynx and the upper esophagus were obvious in esophagoscopy and CT. Hospitalization for analgesia and percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy PEG was required.

First oral intake was possible 3 weeks after the onset of symptoms.


The Ossie guards who used to be employed to keep people in, have had to be re-assigned to patrol the borders to keep people out. Thus he is not only a part of the local cultural scene but also living proof for the structural change within the Ruhr area. JPG Erstellt: 1. Thomas Barthel 'Matrix Product State Algorithmus for the simulation of many-particle quantum systems'. In: Dies. Colours can be changed depending on the time of day or for specific events.

The early onset, severity, and duration of mucositis seemed highly unusual in this case. A review of the literature failed to identify any reference to increased mucositis after radiation therapy concurrent with crizotinib, although references to such an effect with other tyrosine kinase inhibitors TKI were found. Nevertheless, the authors presume that a considerable risk of unexpected interactions exists. When crizotinib and radiotherapy are combined, heightened attention toward intensified reactions seems to be warranted.

Die bestehende Systemtherapie mit mg Crizotinib 2-mal taeglich wurde fortgesetzt. Nach 8 Fraktionen entwickelte die Patientin eine zunehmende Dysphagie. In der Oesophagoskopie sowie computertomographisch zeigte sich eine Ulzeration des Hypopharynx und des oberen. Das ist das juridische Supplement im Geiste von Jacques Derrida. Legal practice is based on something that is not only an integral part of it and complements it, but also puts it into question generally.

The compulsion to argue and reach decisions in a legal trial clarifies simultaneously that all forms of decision are inapproprate, unreasonable, and can be recreated in an entirely new manner [to suit the needs of the trial]. This is the legalistic supplement in the spirit of Jacques Derrida. The legal truth is supplemented by other forms of media such as drama, film and literature, which are able to stage scenes that cannot be experienced in a real life legal world, but — as no legal official would deny — are an integral part of the trial and verdict procedure.

Wer hat das noch nicht erlebt? Der Akku ist aufgeladen und reichlich Guthaben vorhanden, doch das Telefonieren mit dem Handy klappt trotzdem nicht. Meist liegt das daran, dass man sich in einem Funkloch befindet. Interstitial radiotherapy. The authors now have 20 years of experience with modern techniques of brachytherapy. The large number of patients treated in medical centers around the world and the widespread use of this type of radiotherapy have provided us with substantial information about the indications and contraindications, advantages and disadvantages, pitfalls and complications, as well as the results of these techniques.

Although the focus of this review is the experience at Baylor using the combined technique of gold seed implantation plus external beam irradiation, the alternative forms of brachytherapy will be described and compared. The authors' intention is to provide the busy clinician with a succinct and informative review indicating the status of modern interstitial radiotherapy and describing day-to-day approach and results.


Palliative Radiotherapy. Palliative care does not attempt to prolong survival but to the achieve the highest quality of life both for the patient and their family covering their physical, psychological, social and spiritual needs. Radiotherapy RT , one of the most important therapeutic modalities, has a great significance in palliative medicine for cancer since it attempts to reduce as much as possible the acute reaction associated with the treatment for the patient.

Alter n — ein vielschichtiger Begriff. Die einzelnen Artikel sind zwischen 8 und 38 Seiten lang und recht schnell und einfach zu lesen. Radiotherapy for extramedullary leukaemic manifestation Chloroma. Extramedullary leukaemic disease EMD, synonym chloroma is a rare solid manifestation of myeloid leukaemia for which the value of radiotherapy RT as a treatment strategy remains controversial. The aim of this study is to analyse the effectiveness of various RT doses for EMD in the modern treatment era.

Untersuchungen zum Potential eines Verbrennungsmotors mit Druckwellenlader. Im Gegensatz zur mechanischen Aufladung verschlechtert sich jedoch mit der Abgasturbolaufladung das Ansprechverhalten. Pasireotid: Eine neue Therapieoption bei Morbus Cushing. OP-Planungssysteme: Eine empirische Studie. Wobei die OP-Planung sich hier auf die Ablauforganisation von Operationen und ihre ressourcen- sowie terminbezogene Planung bezieht. Wohnquartiersbeschreibung: ein Instrument zur Regionalisierung von Nachbarschaften. Wilhelm Wundts Nachlass.

Wilhelm Wundts Publikationen bilden wahrscheinlich das umfangreichste, zweifellos aber das vielseitigste Werk eines Psychologen. Nichts ist schneller als Licht! Wie lange noch? Einstein ist das Lieblingsgenie vieler Menschen: ein Radikaler im wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten und engagierter sozialistischer Pazifist.

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Sie werden Stereotactic body radiotherapy for liver tumors. The literature on the clinical evidence of SBRT for both primary liver tumors and liver metastases was reviewed and analyzed focusing on both physical requirements and special biological characteristics. Recommendations were developed for patient selection, imaging, planning, treatment delivery, motion management, dose reporting, and follow-up.

Radiation dose constraints to critical organs at risk are provided. SBRT is a well-established treatment option for primary and secondary liver tumors associated with low morbidity. Weiterhin werden radiobiologische Besonderheiten dieses Verfahrens dargestellt. Dosisempfehlungen fuer die kritischen Risikoorgane werden dargestellt. Die SBRT stellt eine etablierte Behandlungsmethode fuer primaere und sekundaere Lebertumore dar und ist mit niedriger Morbiditaet assoziiert. Conformation radiotherapy and conformal radiotherapy.

In order to coincide the high dose region to the target volume, the 'Conformation Radiotherapy Technique' using the multileaf collimator and the device for 'hollow-out technique' was developed by Prof. Takahashi in This technique can be classified a type of 2D-dynamic conformal RT techniques.

By the clinical application of this technique, the late complications of the lens, the intestine and the urinary bladder after radiotherapy for the maxillary cancer and the cervical cancer decreased. As a result, various kinds of new conformal techniques such as the 3D-CRT, the dose intensity modulation, the tomotherapy have been developed since the beginning of '. Hypofractionated radiotherapy for localized prostate cancer. This article gives an overview on the current status of hypofractionated radiotherapy in the treatment of prostate cancer with a special focus on the applicability in routine use.

Based on a recently published systematic review the German Society of Radiation Oncology DEGRO expert panel added additional information that has become available since then and assessed the validity of the information on outcome parameters especially with respect to long-term toxicity and long-term disease control. Several large-scale trials on moderate hypofractionation with single doses from 2. Large phase 3 trials on extreme hypofractionation with single doses above 4.

Until the results on long-term follow-up of several well-designed phase 3 trials become available, moderate hypofractionation should not be used in routine practice without special precautions and without adherence to the highest quality standards and evidence-based dose fractionation regimens. Extreme hypofractionation should be restricted to prospective clinical trials. Basierend auf einem kuerzlich erschienen systematischen Review zur Hypofraktionierung sind durch das DEGRO Expertengremium zusaetzliche, in der Zwischenzeit verfuegbar gewordene Informationen mit beruecksichtigt worden.

Die Validitaet der Aussagen zu Ergebnissen wurde speziell im Hinblick auf die Langzeittoxizitaet und -erkrankungskontrolle bewertet. Postmastectomy radiotherapy. School of Medicine. Since there have been few reports on postmastectomy radiotherapy having a high evidence level in Japan, the significance of postoperative radiotherapy and the irradiation techniques were reviewed based on reports from Western countries.

Authors focused on the indications for postoperative irradiation, irradiation methods irradiation sites, irradiation techniques; prosthetics, methods of irradiating the chest wall and lymph nodes, timing of irradiation , and complications, and discuss them. The factors thought to be adaptable to postmastectomy radiotherapy have been listed. Axillary lymph node metastasis and the size of the primary focus are thought to be important factors in locoregional recurrence.

The chest wall and the supraclavicular lymph nodes are the usual sites of irradiation after mastectomy. The irradiation method consists of tangential irradiation of the chest wall and single-field irradiation of the supraclavicular lymph nodes, with Gy in fractional doses of 1. The timing of irradiation in the West is generally after chemotherapy. Adverse radiation effects include ischemic heart disease, pneumonitis, arm edema, rib fractures, and brachial plexus paralysis.

The frequency of these complications is increased by the combined use of chemotherapy or surgery. The breast cancer cure rate in Japan is generally better than in the West. It remains to be determined whether the clinical data from Europe and America are applicable to the treatment of breast cancer in Japan. To address this issue, a clinical investigation should be performed in Japan with close cooperation between surgeons, physicians, pathologists, and radiotherapists. Sautter-Bihl, M. Die DEGRO-Expertengruppe Mammakarzinom fuehrte eine systematische Literaturrecherche nach randomisierten Studien, Metaanalysen sowie internationalen Leitlinien durch, die nach publiziert wurden und sich an den Kriterien evidenzbasierter Medizin orientierten.

Suchbegriffe waren ''breast cancer'', '' radiotherapy '' und ''regional node irradiation''. Die Studien wurden sowohl auf ihre Ergebnisse als auch hinsichtlich der Unterschiede in den Zielvolumina analysiert und auf 3-D-Planungsschnittbilder mit CT-konturierten Lymphabflussgebieten projiziert. Die Indikation zur regionalen Lymphabflussbestrahlung RNI wird in internationalen Leitlinien unterschiedlich gestellt.

Mehrere randomisierte Studien und eine Metaanalyse zeigten nach RNI mit unterschiedlichen Zielvolumina eine zwar geringe, jedoch signifikante Verbesserung des Ueberlebens. Zur Frage, ob ein solch limitierter Lymphknotenbefall und selbst eine Mikrometastasierung langfristig.

Radiotherapy for treatment of induratio penis plastica; Strahlentherapie bei Induratio penis plastica. Bruns, F. Klinik und Poliklinik fuer Strahlentherapie-Radioonkologie. Radiotherapy is shown to be an effective, low-cost and non-invasive modality for treatment of induratio penis plastica.

Its efficiency could be proven especially for inflammatory stages of the disease, or as an alternative after failure of conventional treatment. A total dose of no more than Gy was found to achieve clear improvements in two thirds of the patients treated, while avoiding at the same time cosmetically disadvantageous late effects.

Ihren Stellenwert konnte sie insbesondere im inflammatorischen Stadium und nach Versagen anderer konservativer Therapieansaetze zeigen. Von dieser Erwartung ausgehend wandte ich mich an. Radiotherapy for treatment of bursitis. Indication, technique, own results, literature survey; Strahlentherapie bei der Periarthropathia humeroscapularis PHS. Indikation, Technik, eigene Ergebnisse, Literaturuebersicht. Heyd, R. Strahlenklinik] [Frankfurt Univ. Klinik fuer Strahlentherapie und Onkologie; Schopohl, B.

Klinik fuer Strahlentherapie und Onkologie. Our own experience covers 41 primarily chronic cases. The patients have been irradiated with a telecobalt device with isocentric opposing fields, receiving 4x1. A statistical evaluation of data acquired revealed that the prognosis is worst in case of a long period of pain preceding commencement of radiotherapy , combined with intensive prior therapy.

An update; Pankreatitis. Schreyer, A. Acute and chronic pancreatitis are becoming increasingly more severe diseases in the western world with far-reaching consequences for the individual patient as well as the socioeconomic situation. This article gives an overview of the contribution of radiological imaging to the diagnostics and therapy of both forms of the disease. The diagnostics should be performed with computed tomography CT or magnetic resonance imaging MRI for assessing necrosis or potential infections only in severe forms of pancreatitis.

In chronic pancreatitis transabdominal ultrasound should initially be adequate for assessment of the pancreas. For the differential diagnosis between pancreatic carcinoma and chronic pancreatitis, MRI with magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography MRCP followed by an endoscopic ultrasound-guided fine needle aspiration is the method of choice. For the primary diagnosis for acute and chronic pancreatitis ultrasound examination is the modality of first choice followed by radiological CT and MRI with MRCP examinations. Der Beitrag radiologischer Bildgebung zur Diagnostik und Therapie beider Erkrankungsformen soll im vorliegenden Uebersichtsbeitrag diskutiert werden.

Bei der chronischen Pankreatitis genuegt zunaechst eine Beurteilung des Pankreas durch transabdominellen Ultraschall. Radiotherapy in bladder cancer. In , the problem of the vesical radiotherapy is not resolved. The author presents the situation and the different techniques of radiotherapy in bladder cancers: external radiotherapy , only and associated with surgery, interstitial curietherapy and non-classical techniques as per operative radiotherapy , neutron therapy and concurrent radiotherapy with chemotherapy.

In order to compare their efficiency, the five-year survival are given in all cases. Entwicklungstrends bei landwirtschaftlichen Applikationen - ein Zwischenfazit. In diesem Kontext nimmt diese Arbeit eine Bestandsaufnahme und Kategorisierung nativer Applikationen mit landwirtschaftlichem Bezug vor. Planung und Analyse. Energiemessungen bei Aspergillus niger mit Hilfe eines automatischen Mikro-Kompensations-Calorimeters.

Beschrieben wurde ein Calorimeter. Sobald die Temperatur des Kulturgefaszes ein wenig ansteigt, wird trockne Luft gepumpt durch ein mit Wasser gefulltes. Eine Stanze positiv - Operieren wir zuviel? Allerdings ist die Vorhersagbarkeit des Prostatakarzinomes hinsichtlich seines klinischen Verlaufes schwierig. Methodik und Technik: Das histologische Ergebnis nach radikaler Prostatektomie bei Patienten mit nur einer einzigen positiven Stanzbiopsie wurde von uns nachuntersucht. Combined external beam and intraluminal radiotherapy for irresectable Klatskin tumors. Schleicher, U.

Kinderradiologie, Giessen Univ. Germany ; Andreopoulos, D. Background: In most cases of proximal cholangiocarcinoma, curative surgery is not possible. Radiotherapy can be used for palliative treatment. We report our experience with combined external beam and intraluminal radiotherapy of advanced Klatskin's tumors. Patients and Methods: 30 patients were treated for extrahepatic proximal bile duct cancer. Our schedule consisted for external beam radiotherapy median dose 30 Gy and a high-dose-rate brachytherapy boost median dose 40 Gy delivered in four or five fractions, which could be applied completely in twelve of our patients.

Results: The brachytherapy boost dose improved the effect of external beam radiotherapy by increasing survival from a median of 3. The effect was obvious in patients receiving a brachytherapy dose above 30 Gy, and in those without jaundice at the beginning of radiotherapy p eine kurative Operation nicht mehr moeglich.

Im Rahmen der Palliativbehandlung kann die Strahlentherapie eingesetzt werden. Wir berichten ueber unsere Erfahrungen mit der Kombination aus perkutaner und intraluminaler Strahlentherapie fortgeschrittener Klatskin-Tumoren. Patienten und Methode: 30 Patienten wurden wegen extrahepatischer proximaler Gallengangskarzinome behandelt.

Unser Therapieschema umfasste eine perkutane Strahlentherapie mediane Dosis: 30 Gy sowie einen. Radiotherapy of bronchogenic carcinoma. Radiotherapy of branchogenic carcinoma comprises; palliative treatment, postoperative or pre-operative radiotherapy , radiotherapy as part of a combination of chemotherapy and radiotherapy of small cell carcinoma and curative radiotherapy of non-operable non-small cell carcinoma.

Atelectasis and obstruction are indications for palliative radiotherapy. Postoperative radiotherapy is given only in cases of incomplete resection or mediastinal metastases. In the treatment of small cell carcinoma by combined irradiation and chemotherapy the mediastinum and primary tumour are irradiated, generally after chemotherapy, and the C. Curative radiotherapy is indicated in cases of non-operable small cell carcinoma. Nagelbefall kann bei Patienten mit Psoriasis auf eine Enthesiopathie hinweisen. Vor dem Hintergrund dieser Annahmen wird am Beispiel einer sog.

Es lassen sich indes auch stereotypisierende Bilder mit Blick auf sog. Jugendliche ohne Migrationshintergrund identifizieren - jedoch mit positiver Konnotierung. Eine selbstkonsistente Carleman Linearisierung zur Analyse von Oszillatoren. Ein Testchip ist momentan in Produktion. National arrangements for radiotherapy. After a presentation of several letters exchanged between the French health ministry and public agencies in charge of public health or nuclear safety after a radiotherapy accident in Epinal, this report comments the evolution of needs in cancerology care and the place given to radiotherapy.

It outlines the technological and organisational evolution of radiotherapy and presents the distribution of radiotherapy equipment, of radio-therapists and other radiotherapy professionals in France. Within the context of radiotherapy accidents which occurred in , it presents the regulatory arrangements which aimed at improving the safety, short term and middle term arrangements which are needed to support and structure radiotherapy practice quality. It stresses the fact that the system will deeply evolve by implementing a radiotherapy vigilance arrangement and a permanent follow-on and adaptation plan based on surveys and the creation of a national committee.

Radiotherapy of malignant lymphomas. The paper discusses current views on the role of radiotherapy in the treatment of patients with malignant lymphomas. Principles of radiotherapy employed in the Institute of Oncology in Cracow in case of patients with malignant lymphomas are also presented. Radiotherapy infrastructure and human resources in Switzerland.

Present status and projected computations for Strahlentherapie in der Schweiz zu bewerten und Prognosen fuer das Jahr zu erstellen. Im Jahr haetten Bis wird diese Zahl auf Zusaetzlich wurde ein wirklichkeitsnahes, dynamisches Modell vorgeschlagen, um den Bedarf an Personal aufgrund von kuenftig zu erwartenden Aenderungen in den Bestrahlungstherapietechniken zu errechnen. Dieses Modell koennte auf die individuellen Beduerfnisse eines beliebigen Bestrahlungszentrums angepasst werden. Diese Studie soll Stakeholder und Gesundheitsplaner dabei unterstuetzen, eine entsprechende Strategie zu entwickeln, um kuenftigen Anforderungen in der Strahlentherapie in der Schweiz gerecht zu werden.

Der Bedarf an. Zusammenarbeit aus Sicht eines outgesourcten Instandhalters. Dauerhafter Unternehmenserfolg ist nur mit einer fortschrittlichen Instandhaltung zu erzielen. In diesem Beitrag wird die Entwicklung der InfraServ Knapsack von einer internen Instandhaltungsabteilung hin zu einem Industriellen Dienstleister beschrieben und Aspekte der Zusammenarbeit mit externen Kunden aus der Sicht des outgesourcten Instandhalters geschildert.

Single vs. A prospective randomised study. To compare the impact of a single fraction 8 Gy x 1 fraction and multifraction 3 Gy x 10 fractions radiotherapy regimens on pain relief, recalcification and the quality of life QoL in patients with bone destructions due to multiple myeloma MM. In all, patients were included in a randomised prospective clinical trial: 58 patients were included in the control arm 3 Gy x 10 fractions and 43 patients into the experimental arm 8 Gy x 1 fraction.

The response rate was defined according to the International Consensus on Palliative Radiotherapy criteria. Recalcification was evaluated with radiographs. QoL questionnaires were completed before and 4 weeks after treatment. No significant differences were observed in analgesic response between the groups. Significant factors for pain relief were female gender, age under 65, IgG MM type, presence of recalcification at the irradiated site. No significant differences were observed in recalcification between the groups. The QoL after radiotherapy was improved in the control group.

The same analgesic and recalcification response was observed using two different radiotherapy regimens. Higher doses should be used to achieve a better QoL. Autoimmune pancreatitis. An update; Autoimmunpankreatitis. Helmberger, T. Only in this way can the highly efficient steroid therapy be initiated and otherwise possibly severe forms of therapy be avoided.

Bildgebend und klinisch besteht eine Ueberlappung zum Pankreaskarzinom.


Aufgabe der Bildgebung und weiterer Parameter wie Serologie und Histologie ist es deshalb, eine Differenzierung zwischen den beiden Erkrankungsentitaeten zu schaffen, um sie jeweils der adaequaten Therapie zuzufuehren und die geringe, aber letztlich unnoetige Anzahl an Pankreatektomien wegen einer AIP zu verhindern. Die Diagnose der AIP ist komplex, wobei sich in den letzten Jahren die Konsensuskriterien der International Association of Pancreatology als Entscheidungsparameter vielfach durchgesetzt haben.

Diese umfassen 5 Kardinalkriterien und ein therapeutisches Kriterium.

Das wesentliche diagnostische Kriterium der Histologie erfordert ausreichend Material, was in der Regel durch eine endoskopische Feinnadelpunktion FNP nicht gewonnen werden kann. Fuer die Identifikation des optimalen Punktionsorts und. Hyperthermia and radiotherapy. Hyperthermia and radiotherapy have for long been used to assist in the control of tumours, either as separate entities, or, in a combined treatment scheme. This paper outlines why hyperthermia works, thermal dose and the considerations required in the timing when hyperthermia is combined with radiotherapy.

Previously reported results for hyperthermia and radiotherapy used together are also presented. Manchmal bin ich selbst erstaunt, wieviel eine so kleine Gruppe bewegen kann — Motor dazu ist das wirklich intensive Interesse und die Freude an der Mitarbeit von etwas Neuem bei jedem einzelnen Mitglied der AGs Ein kurzer Blick auf das Finnische im Radiotherapy of non-invasive neoplasia of the breast. Souchon, R. Randomized clinical trials and a huge number of mostly observational studies have unanimously demonstrated that RT significantly reduces recurrence risks of ipsilateral DCIS as well as invasive breast cancer independent of patient age in all subgroups.

The recommended total dose is 50 Gy administered as whole breast irradiation WBI in single fractions of 1. Retrospective data indicate a possible beneficial effect of an additional tumor bed boost for younger patients. Prospective clinical trials of different dose-volume concepts hypofractionation, accelerated partial breast irradiation, boost radiotherapy are still ongoing.

Postoperative radiotherapy permits breast conservation for the majority of women by halving local recurrence as well as reducing progression rates into invasive cancer. New data confirmed this effect in all patient subsets - even in low risk subgroups LoE 1a. Aufgrund der zunehmenden klinischen Relevanz nicht-invasiver epithelialer Neoplasien der Brust wurde diesen in der aktuellen Version ein eigenes Kapitel gewidmet. Schwerpunkte der hier vorgelegten Empfehlungen sind - in Ergaenzung zu den S3-Leitlinien der Deutschen Krebsgesellschaft von - die Indikation und Technik der postoperativen RT nach brusterhaltender Operation.

Die DEGRO-Expertengruppe fuehrte eine Literaturrecherche aktueller klinisch kontrollierter Studien, systematischer Reviews und Metaanalysen, orientiert an den Kriterien der evidenzbasierten Medizin, im Hinblick auf neue Aspekte gegenueber und durch. Suchbegriffe waren ''non invasive breast cancer'', ''ductal carcinoma in situ. Rassismus wider Willen. Ein anderer Blick auf eine Struktur sozialer Ungleichheit. Rassismus und Anti-Rassismus werden nicht isoliert betrachtet, sondern als eine Dimension sozialer Ungleichheit, die in eine umfassende Theorie sozialer Ungleichheit eingebunden werden muss.

Rassismus reproduzi Die Grundlagen der Arithmetik. Auf die Frage, was die Zahl Eins sei, oder was das Zeichen 1 bedeute, wird man meistens die Antwort erhalten: nun, ein Ding. Palliative radiotherapy. Ranking within an interdisciplinary treatment concept in case of advanced tumor disease; Palliative Strahlentherapie. Rolle im interdisziplinaeren Behandlungskonzept bei fortgeschrittenem Tumorleiden. Seegenschmiedt, M. Many tumor-induced symptoms can be alleviated by suitable irradiation in a direct, effective and sparing manner.

Careful diagnosis and accurate localisation of the causes of symptoms as well as exact therapy planning and execution are required. Based on individual dose planning harmonising single dosis and total dosis, pin-pointed definition of target areas, and application of modern planning and irradiation techniques, palliative radiotherapy is able to achieve long-term improvement with neglectible side-effects, sometimes within only a few days or weeks. It is a valuable part of a consistant therapy concept that is tailored to the individual needs of a patient, by cooperative action of experts from a variety of medical disciplines, intended to optimize the qulity of life of patients, and sometimes may exclude conventional radiotherapy.

Eine sorgfaeltige Indikationsstellung und genaue Lokalisation der Symptomursache sowie exakte Planung und Durchfuehrung der Strahlentherapie sind Bedingung. Mit einer individuellen Anpassung der Einzel- und Gesamtdosis, des Zielvolumens und dem Einsatz moderner Planungs- und Bestrahlungstechniken gelingt es, oft innerhalb weniger Tage bis Wochen eine langanhaltende Symptombesserung ohne wesentliche Nebenwirkungen zu erzielen. Die palliative Strahlentherapie ist dabei Teil eines Gesamtbehandlungskonzeptes, das interdisziplinaer abgestimmt ist und eine optimale Lebensqualitaet fuer den Tumorpatienten anstrebt, manchmal auch unter Verzicht auf eine Therapie.

Role of radiotherapy in the treatment of multiple myeloma; Wertigkeit der Radiotherapie in der Behandlung des multiplen Myeloms. Mose, S. Irradiation treatment does not change prognosis regarding overall survival. Ziel der vorliegenden retrospektiven Arbeit ist es, anhand dieser Indikationen den Effekt der Strahlentherapie auf Analgesie, Rekalzifizierung und neurologische Symptomatik am eigenen Patientenkollektiv aufzuzeigen und moegliche Einflussfaktoren auf den Therapieeffekt zu evaluieren.

Patienten und Methoden: Vom 1. Das mediane Ueberleben. Endovascular brachytherapy to prevent restenosis after angioplasty; Endovaskulaere Brachytherapie in der Restenoseprophylaxe nach Angioplastie und Stentimplantation: Eine Uebersicht. Wohlgemuth, W. Klinik fuer Diagnostische Radiologie und Neuroradiologie. Endovascular radiotherapy is the first effective prophylaxis of restenosis after percutaneous transluminal angioplasty PTA and stenting. The FDA recently approved two devices for the delivery of intracoronary radiation following coronary artery stenting.

Published multicenter, double-blind, randomized trials of intracoronary radiation therapy report good results for preventing in-stent restenosis, while the data for the peripheral circulation are still inconclusive. Beta-emitters are easier applicable and probably also safer, whereas gamma-emitters have been more extensively evaluated clinically so far. Primary indication for endovascular brachytherapy are patients at high risk for restenosis, such as previous restenoses, in-stent hyperplasia, long stented segment, long PTA lesion, narrow residual vascular lumen and diabetes.

Data from coronary circulation suggest a safety margin of at least 4 to 10 mm at both ends of the angioplastic segment to avoid edge restenosis. To prevent late thrombosis of the treated coronary segment, antiplatelet therapy with clopidogrel and aspirin are recommended for at least 6 months after PTA and for 12 months after a newly implanted stent. An established medication regimen after radiotherapy of peripheral arteries is still lacking. Grosse multizentrische, kontrollierte Studien wurden fuer das koronare Stromgebiet mit positiven Ergebnissen publiziert, die Datenlage im peripheren Stromgebiet ist noch ungenuegend.

Beta-Strahler bieten Vorteile in der Anwendung, moeglicherweise auch in der Sicherheit, Gamma-Strahler dagegen sind besser klinisch evaluiert. Die primaere Indikation zur endovaskulaeren Brachytherapie. The metabolic radiotherapy. La radiotherapie metabolique. In this article, the authors recall the principles of the metabolic radiotherapy and present these main applications in the treatment of thyroid cancers, hyperthyroidism, polycythemia, arthritis, bone metastases, adrenergic neoplasms.

They also present the radioimmunotherapy. Medienkompetenz multiplizieren? Im Abgleich mit diesen Zielvorstellungen werden Entwicklungspotentiale des Konzepts identifiziert.

Pre- radiotherapy PSA progression is a negative prognostic factor in prostate cancer patients using 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors. To investigate the impact of 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor 5-ARI use on radiotherapy outcomes for localized prostate cancer. We included patients on a 5-ARI from our institutional database comprising over patients who had been treated with either external beam radiotherapy EBRT or brachytherapy for localized prostate cancer.

Patients received a 5-ARI for urinary symptoms or active surveillance. Cancer progressions at the time of definitive treatment were analyzed according to the following criteria: a progression of Gleason score or increase in cancer volume on biopsy, b first biopsy positive for cancer after being treated for urinary symptoms with a 5-ARI, and c prostate-specific antigen PSA progression with or without a previous cancer diagnosis. Biochemical failure BF was defined by the Phoenix definition. Log-rank test was used for survival analysis. At a median follow-up of Such details should be considered when counseling men prior to radiation therapy.

In die Studie eingeschlossen wurden Radiotherapy in small countries. To examine the availability of radiotherapy in small countries. A small country was defined as a country with a population less than one million persons. The economic status of each country was defined using the World Bank Classification. Populations ranged from Holy See to Fiji and the total number of cancer cases occurring in small countries was 21, range by country from 4 to Overall the total number of radiotherapy cases in small countries was range by country from 2 to Fiji was the only LMIC island with a large radiotherapy caseload.

Similar caseloads in non-island LMIC all had radiotherapy services. Most non-island HIC did not have radiotherapy services presumably because of the easy access to radiotherapy in neighbouring countries. There are no radiotherapy services in any LMIC islands. Published by Elsevier Ltd. Noch kein Durchbruch erkennbar, doch mehren sich die Zeichen einer Trendumkehr. As a result, the average long-term growth of 1. For example. This is mainly attributed to developments in the USA Anamnestisch wurde vor 26 Jahren eine inguinale Varikozelektomie links vorgenommen. Intraoperativ fand sich ein Liposarkom des Samenstranges.

Die klinische Erscheinung einer solchen als Leistenhernie ist bisher noch nicht beschrieben worden. Liposarkome des Samenstranges sind ebenfalls selten. Ein Bericht aus Unserer Meinung nach ist ein botanisches Lexikon einer bestimmten Region, einmal bekannt, nicht nur ein Thesaurus, aber auch Radiotherapy of indolent orbital lymphomas. Two radiation concepts. The aim of this work was to retrospectively analyze efficacy, toxicity, and relapse rates of conventional CRT and low-dose radiotherapy LDRT in patients with indolent orbital lymphomas.

From , 45 patients median age 64 years with 52 lesions of indolent orbital lymphomas were treated with CRT median dose 36 Gy, range Gy and 7 patients median age 75 years with 8 lesions were treated with LDRT 2 fractions of 2. Overall response rates were The 2- and 5-year local progression-free survival PFS rates were Acute radiotherapy -related complications grades were detected in virtually all eyes treated with CRT. Cataracts developed in only patients who were irradiated with more than 34 Gy. LDRT was well tolerated with only mild acute and late complications.

Primary radiotherapy of indolent orbital lymphomas is an effective treatment with high response rates and excellent local control in CRT and LDRT. In combination with close follow-up, LDRT may be an attractive alternative since re-irradiation even with conventional doses is still feasible. Retrospektiv evaluiert wurden 45 zwischen und behandelte Patienten medianes Alter 64 Jahre mit insgesamt 52 Laesionen indolenter Orbitalymphome, die mittels CRT mediane Dosis 36 Gy, Gy therapiert wurden. Fast Expansion oder doch 4-Gate-Push? Full Text Available Derzeit ist unklar, inwiefern in Computerspielen erworbene Kompetenzen in andere Kontexte transferiert werden.

In der vorliegenden Arbeit wird der subjektiv wahrgenommene Wissenstransfer von SpielerInnen und eines Online-Echtzeitstrategiespieles untersucht. The transfer of competencies acquired in video games into other contexts is hardly researched yet. For this paper, the transfer of competencies is researched from players point of view. Stereotactic body radiotherapy for renal cell cancer and pancreatic cancer. A literature search on SBRT for both renal cancer and pancreatic cancer was performed with focus on prospective trials and technical aspects for clinical implementation.

Data on renal and pancreatic SBRT are limited, but show promising rates of local control for both treatment sites. For pancreatic cancer, fractionated SBRT should be preferred to single-dose treatment to reduce the risk of gastrointestinal toxicity. Motion-compensation strategies and image guidance are paramount for safe SBRT delivery in both tumor entities. Pancreatic SBRT should be practiced carefully and only within prospective protocols due to the risk of severe gastrointestinal toxicity.

SBRT for primary renal cell cancer appears a viable option for medically inoperable patients but future research needs to better define patient selection criteria and the detailed practice of SBRT. Fuer die SBRT beim Pankreaskarzinom und Nierenzellkarzinom sind bisher nur wenige Studien veroeffentlicht worden, die jedoch konsistent eine hohe Rate an lokaler Tumorkontrolle. Akad On Air: Radio als Schulfach.

Die Kommunikation im lokalen Netz erfolgt Game-based Learning im Bildungskontext einer Hochschule. Ein Praxisbericht. Der Artikel stellt die zentralen Aspekte der Spielentwicklung und Ergebnisse einer ersten Befragung der Studierenden vor. Was macht eigentlich ein gutes Praktikum aus? Wie verhalten sich die Praktikumsanleiter? Und wie gestaltet sich der Transfer zwischen Schule und Betrieb? Ludwig Stecher und Dipl. Integration eines 3D-Skizziertools in den Produktentwicklungsprozess.

DEGRO guidelines for the radiotherapy of non-malignant disorders. Part II: Painful degenerative skeletal disorders. Ott, Oliver J. Fuer alle genannten Entitaeten wurde in zahlreichen retrospektiven und einigen prospektiven Untersuchungen ein bemerkenswerter Effekt der Niedrigdosis- Radiotherapie im Sinne einer Schmerzlinderung beschrieben.

Die Niedrigdosis- Radiotherapie von benignen schmerzhaften degenerativen Skeletterkrankungen ist bei der Mehrheit der Patienten effektiv im Sinne einer Schmerzlinderung und ist daher insbesondere fuer Patienten, bei denen andere konservative Verfahren ohne Einsatz ionisierender Strahlung zu keiner anhaltenden Verbesserung der Schmerzsymptomatik gefuehrt haben, eine gut begruendbare therapeutische Alternative. In der bisherigen klinischen Anwendung fehlen noch die Langzeitergebnisse. Full Text Available Countries, states and island nations often need forward planning of their radiotherapy services driven by different motives.

Die Verwandlung: Wie aus Püppi Rüdiger wird (Teil 2) - Hilf Mir!

Countries without radiotherapy services sponsor patients to receive radiotherapy abroad. They often engage professionals for a feasibility study in order to establish whether it would be more cost-beneficial to establish a radiotherapy facility. Countries where radiotherapy services have developed without any central planning, find themselves in situations where many of the available centres are private and thus inaccessible for a majority of patients with limited resources. Government may decide to plan ahead when a significant exodus of cancer patients travel to another country for treatment, thus exposing the failure of the country to provide this medical service for its citizens.

In developed countries the trigger has been the existence of highly visible waiting lists for radiotherapy revealing a shortage of radiotherapy equipment. This paper suggests that there should be a systematic and comprehensive process of long-term planning of radiotherapy services at the national level, taking into account the regulatory infrastructure for radiation protection, planning of centres, equipment, staff, education pr. Better compliance with hypofractionation vs. Results of a single, institutional, retrospective study.

The aim of the study was to identify factors significantly associated with the occurrence of unintended treatment interruptions in adjuvant breast cancer radiotherapy. Patients treated with postoperative radiotherapy of the breast or chest wall between March and August were evaluated.

The radiotherapy regimens and techniques applied were either conventional fractionation CF; 28 daily fractions of 1. Logistic regression analysis was used to identify factors associated with noncompliance. Noncompliance was defined as the missing of at least one scheduled radiotherapy fraction. In all, 19 of No statistically significant differences concerning the reasons for treatment interruptions could be detected between patients treated with CF or HF. HF is significantly associated with a better patient compliance with the prescribed radiotherapy schedule compared with CF.

The data suggest that this finding is basically related to the shorter overall treatment time of HF. Es wurden Patienten untersucht, die eine adjuvante Strahlentherapie der Mamma oder Brustwand zwischen Maerz und August erhielten. Denn wenn vorne nur Cappucino droben steht, und hinten bei der winzig kleinen Zutatenliste Alkohol steht, finde ich es nicht in Ordnung. Je besser und intensiver etwas schmeckt, um so sicherer sind Zusatzstoffe drin. Was die "verbraucherfreundliche Kennzeichnung" betrifft, so ist das eine dummdreiste Fiktion der Eurokraten. Die Ampel ist ebenso idiotisch, da es eben nicht den Durchschnittsmenschen gibt gerade ne Packung Spaghetti gehabt, wo 80g davon als 1 Portion definiert werden, Schulausbildung sagte g.

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