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The producer promised Eisner that he would not permit anyone who "didn't get it" to work on the project. Two ideas pitched to Uslan were to put the Spirit in a costume and to have the Spirit be a resurrected dead man who possessed supernatural powers. In July , financier OddLot Entertainment acquired the rights to the film. Eisner, who was protective of the rights to his creations, said that he believed in the producers to faithfully adapt The Spirit.

The only thought in my mind was, "It's too big—I can't possibly do it. And about three minutes later as I was at the doorway, I turned around and said, "Nobody else can touch this," and I agreed to the job on the spot. As Miller described the project, "I intend to be extremely faithful to the heart and soul of the material, but it won't be nostalgic.

It will be much scarier than people expect". In February , Miller completed the first draft of the screenplay and began work on a second draft. Filming began in October Filming took place in Albuquerque Studios in New Mexico. The film contains a number of references to Eisner collaborators and other comic book luminaries. Producer Deborah Del Prete said that Miller wanted "elements of the '40s jazz sound married with iconic heroic music and even a touch of the spaghetti western.

It's Sand Saref Eva Mendes who has the most elaborate of all the themes because it's based on her relationship with Denny Colt when they were in their teens, well before he became the Spirit. Saref's music ultimately becomes the love theme of the movie. It's very romantic, almost old fashioned, especially when they finally kiss. Frank Miller and I talked about that scene quite a bit. He really wanted me to 'go for it'—to make their music as romantic as possible. In the end, the Spirit is like a modern day Don Juan , without the psychological ambivalence towards women. He truly loves every woman he meets.

It's part of his makeup. There is an eerie, wordless soprano for Lorelei Jaime King that is performed by Newman's year-old daughter Diana, a vocal major at the University of Southern California. The song dates to , written by Frederick Hollander , with lyrics written by Sammy Lerner. The trailers for the film feature music from the I Choose Noise album by Hybrid. At the New York Comic Con on February 24, , director-screenwriter Frank Miller and producer Michael Uslan were scheduled to present a panel for The Spirit , [35] though Miller was unable to attend due to recuperation from hip and leg injuries.

DeSanto, and former The Spirit publisher Denis Kitchen presented a panel at which they described the history of the film and the film's progress. It was released November 25, The film was rated PG by the MPAA for "intense sequences of stylized violence and action, some sexual content, and brief nudity". The film was released on Christmas Day The website's critical consensus reads, "Though its visuals are unique, The Spirit's plot is almost incomprehensible, the dialogue is ludicrously mannered, and the characters are unmemorable.

Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times gave the film one out of four stars and said, "There is not a trace of human emotion in it. To call the characters cardboard is to insult a useful packing material". Ricky Bentley of the Miami Herald said, "Macht manages to meld macho with melodrama to make the Spirit come to life. Frank Lovece of Newsday , a one-time comic-book writer, found that "gorgeous cinematography and design can't mask the hollow core and bizarre ugliness of this mishandled comics adaptation", and noted that while Eisner's own Spirit was "an average-Joe [ Eisner's own spirit must be spinning in its grave".

Chris Barsanti of Filmcritic. Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly , found the movie a "ludicrously knowing and mannered noir pastiche, full of burnt-end romance and 'style', but robotic at its core". Ken Hanke of Mountain Xpress observed, "The film may not move smoothly—Miller's too fond of 'just damn weird' digressions for that—but it does move and isn't hard to follow. Its screwiness is deliberate and it's all a matter of taste. Scott in The New York Times summed up, "To ask why anything happens in Frank Miller's sludgy, hyper-stylized adaptation of a fabled comic book series by Will Eisner may be an exercise in futility.

The only halfway interesting question is why the thing exists at all. Empire magazine listed the film at No. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Spirit Theatrical release poster. OddLot Entertainment. David Newman. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. British Board of Film Classification. Retrieved The New York Times. Box Office Mojo. Wayback Machine.

Archived from the original on 30 September Retrieved 18 September The Hollywood Reporter. Archived from the original on 11 October Retrieved 1 April MTV News. Retrieved May 6, Film Journal. December 22, Archived from the original on December 6, Archived from the original on 20 May Retrieved 19 February Comic Book Resources. The Los Angeles Times. Fumettologica in Italian. Retrieved 22 September Retrieved 10 February Film Journal International. Entertainment Weekly. Archived from the original on 25 February If I recove from the device list and re-pair it works once and on next usage give same message.

Then open up TomTom and wait a few seconds and it bursts into life. Please read!! I bought a Motorola Q, dowloanded the 4pda navigation software and hit a bump in the road. I started looking at these blogs and help site and it looks like I need an actual GPS unit for it to work. Is this true. All I am wanting to do is check traffic overlays before I leave work each day. Any solution? Thank you. Hahaha, this is hard laughin! My Ipaq uses this so called intermediate driver… and yes! Is this behaviour by design? My friend is using a recon gps cf card on a pocket pc, when he plug it in, an error message appear asking him for the name of the device driver.

The hw runs "Windows Mobile 5. I could not get the GPS control panel redirection to work in any case. I can only get it running talking to the port directly. Some others were asking what they could use as a "second" GPS program, if that hack works to keep your session alive. I had an older Axim, which only allowed one connection to the com port, so required disconnecting from one application before starting another. In that case, the GPS had to re-init when starting the new connection. Now, on the Axim x51v, the GPS activates when inserted, without any application connected.

This happens regardless of the GPS control panel settings. Once the device is plugged in, I can only connect to it once. Pulling the card and pushing it back gives me one more connection. Tried playing with TomTom, but could never get a connection established. Is there an alternate serial driver that might work? Any ideas on why I only get one open per card insertion? Is there anyone who actually works at Microsoft reading these forums?

Aha — just fixed the problem. I followed the instructions above. I had to download registry editor to remove the "Hide" key as described in the article. Hay Presto! The Problem is, after I paired the devices they operate without any problems. And this is happen after turning of the gps device. It is nerved!!!

I tried several configurations with "serial connection" without etc. It seems to be a BT connection problem, because it is intependent from the gps tool. The problem is also happen by other gps tools like via virtual earth, tomtom etc. I tried a few tools. Perhaps a driver or a BT-Stack problem???

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What ever…. BUT the little icon in the list is not a gps-symbol but a questionmark? My BT-headset is shown in the list as a headset und works perfect. Thats my theory! But at Leadtek homepage I could not find any drivers?! I had the same problem. You have to activate the GPS control panel on the Smartphone.

Scroll up, somebody has gave the path within the registry. After activating the panel you have to set a hardware com port. I done this with the com0 port. Also you can set a software com port. I chose. After this settings you can start the TomTom and you will see in the settings of the TomTom you see the com0 port. Choose it and it works. Has anybody an idea? One friend of mine told me something with the Bluetooth Stack! To update it??! After trying the above I am getting device.

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I hope that he messages are really going toMicrosoft, and that they are being driven nuts like I am. I started using it a month or so ago and all worked fine. But last week it started to play up. However any app that tries to access that same COM port later — even itf the app has been exited just gets what looks like garbage. The results are always the same. I have been completely unable to get the Intermediate Driver to work — I can only connect straight to the Hardware port COM5 in my case.

However, as I said that was never a problem in the first month. TomTom always connected when started. I have done a Hard reset today and the problem still exists. Ive been trying to incorporate the GPS sample code provided by microsoft but with no luck. So now i am just trying to run this on its own — however i never get a satellite count of more than 0 or a valid latitude or longitude displayed so it is obviously not getting a gps lock.

I have tried many code fixes found in various forums with no joy and my reg settings seem to be ok and the device gets gps through tomtom normally using bluetooth.


Medical care was also defined by physicians and nurses who were trying to cope, to the best of their ability, with the enormous number of sick and wounded, delivered every day of battle from August until November Loss of meaning and purpose, disheartenment, dysphoria and sense of failure were found as part of the construct of demoralization in cancer patients with some differences in medically ill patients and psychiatrically ill patients. We used theoretical frameworks Health Belief Model, Precaution Adoption Process Model to inform survey development and assess attitudinal and behavioural correlates of vaccine acceptability, intentions, and uptake. Be the first to ask a question about Peter Johannsen and the Device of Wonders. People living with MM treated with pembrolizumab commonly experience unexpected good health which creates feelings of uncertainty as to their current and future situation.

However, when I enter the pairing code set by TT as the connection drops. This has solved my problems. Available for download tomorrow, Feb 10th, Nokia is offering a free GPS navigation application called smart2go Nokia today announced that it is making its smart2go mapping and navigation platform, available for free download www. I have been trying to configure my Orange spv m and my global sat bt gps but with out any succes. I have followed many tip provided and it will not connect to the gps device. I am running the latest ver of tomtom 6.

PS the smarte phone is the same as the HTC i-mate. After retrying the method for setting up my spv m and my gps receiver it work like a dream thanks everyone for your input on this site. I have even managed to set up another bluetooth receiver in the same way. I brought a new one because I thought there was a problem with the first unit working with the Mobile 5 software but this is not the case, this unit is a leadtek You have to make sure the pair is completed and then follow the instructions on adding the incoming port.

If you have a Cingular and a Blue Logger gps device, the following instructions got me up and going so both Windows Live Search and Google Maps work now:. Then all will work again. Their is a way to delete these port assignments and start over at com port 2 or thereabouts. Whether it was brought on by my recent weeks ago upgrading the system ROM in the Axim to A12 is unknown. On my home PC, it works fine, but at work… its hit and miss… mostly miss. But what is weird is that Outlook works just fine in both PCs and the Dell!

Go figure. TomTom 5 software and receiver works fine, I paired the receiver to use incoming port 0. On this port TomTom works, fine, GPS sentry works fine, Google mobile works fine using track location, very useful indeed. It looks like Google map communicate only on port 0. I never tried to share programs at the same time.

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The group key decides which tab the GPS icon sits in. You can probably make it 1 to put it in System, or 0 to put it in personal. To windows mobile team: how do you not understand that your approach to software is just broken. You say: "I usually just do a web search on live. Is it a joke? We are small software company and our windows mobile software runs the same. There is no problem at all. Only the problems that you have created for yourself. Just hire several guys who know how to create software.

You make awful mistakes in software design and then marketing department tries to correct this with false statements about "more security", "faster", "stunning visual interface", "GPS support" and so on. I have seen people trying to set up their GPS for hours! Your approach is again for egg-heads like me and you. Think different. Think how average grandma will use your software. If she cannot — throw out the design and start over. I am pretty tech savvy and it took me at least 3 hours to get my GPS control panel item to show up.

It felt more like trying to hack a cheat code for a puzzle game with really bad vague hints. Anything you should want to be able to do should be discoverable by help files built into the pocketpc. I could understand why they did that. But both Micrsoft and T-Mobile should have provided a logical and easy way to re-enable it, right on the phone and searchable on the internet as well.

Navigation menu

It immediately threw some location info and was quite happy. There is something seriously wrong as I get a 0 degree as the result. I also noticed that the degree has been offset to the minutes and the miutes has been offset to the seconds. To counter check, I directly read the content from COM7. This gives me the correct degree as 12 and not 0. It was to do with some erroneous location conversion to Degree,Minute,Seconds format.

This is an absolutely insane approach to having something available to the general user! I agree with those people saying that whoever this team is should re-evaluate their purpose in life. If they are trying to turn people of Windows, computers, technology, and so on… they are doing a good job. Now, to the main point. How do you access the registry on Windows 5? No on my PC? This is amazingly frustrating. Any special setting required for Google Maps? My only complained is that the fix is about m out but that is likely becuase I am in a large office building at present.

When you run tomtom next the port should become available for selection. Appologies if this has already been mentioned but this seems to be the common problem. When editing the registry just change the value for "Hide" to the number 0. You do not need to delete or rename anything. I have the Samsung Blackjack.

I was wondering if there is any inexpensive GPS software available for it. I have a Bluetooth GPS unit and my phone does detect it. Does anyone know how to edit the registry on the Mobiles 5. I had Google maps working just fine, but uplaoded the new code from T-mobile and I am trying to get everything back. This is very frustrating to have to edit the registry!!! Thanks guys for all the posts. Hi Sunni, I downloaded the program and ran it just fine. I now have the GPS program availble. But thanks once again for helping with the registry problem. I have followed the instruction given above to connect a receiver to a Pocket PC.

When my device recognized the receiver to pair, it shows "? It appears that I successfully pair the devices, but when I attempt to use an application for GPS, the connection is lost and I have repaired these devices so many times afterwards. Anyone with suggestions? I can use these applications at the same time. Using TomTom you need to change the following registry setting:. Change this value to the GPS Program port, in my case: 2. Make a soft-reset of the device after the change and it will work for TomTom like all other GPS programs.

Would a simple status indicator on the control panel be too much to ask? Surely this data could be automatically recovered from the BT settings? GPS data streams are easily recognisable — surely it would be possible to probe the ports and rate settings automatically? If I read this right, the internal port is only needed by legacy apps which are unaware of this control panel — so why put it on the first tab were it is bound to be confused with the external port. Surely this should be an "advanced" setting and it could be auto-allocated?

Is it a good idea to allow suppliers to vandalise this and force users to hack the registry to get it back? How many non-technical users are going to be able to do this sucessfully? Thanks for this info. It was working if I started two or more programs using the intermediate driver, but this solution was not tolerable by me.

Setting up GPS on Windows Mobile 5

I finnally got it working using the following steps:. I install TomTom 6. I buy a Global BT Bluetooth antenna and i have same problems with it like with internal antenna. I previously had a Treo and used TOmtom navigator 5 or 6 software and bluetooth gps. If someone would have mercy on me and tell me, I would appreciate it.

Also, if youcan give step by step instructions on how to load the software and the gps, I would be eternally grateful. I am from UK and keep going to the US atleast 1 in a month. I bought the in Singapore, loaded the TomTom app. Managed to change the registry to allow the GPS icon to be seen in "settings" but no matter what combination of software and hardware ports, still no GPS connectivity. Can anybody help? I just upgraded my Dopod D HTC Trinity to windows mobile 6 and i stil have to run two gps apps for it to connect otherwise i have to use the hardware port … you would of thought that they would of found the problem by now..

I see the registry entry above, but how do I access the registry. I have a HP and its not working. I have looked at asset viewer and it says GPS "disabled". Is the where you would enable it and if so what should the value be? My brother has the same phone and receiver and has no problem.

When I go to new outgoing port I have 2 choice. Did anyone experience the same? How to solve this? Now it works geart! Forgot, I deleted all partnerships and reseted everything to fact spec no hard reset and followed the instructions as thay are written. Holux M I tried to use that hack But I dont know how to edit the registry on the phone. Can please someone tell me how to do tht?

I have the pharos internal gps unit. Tried differnt ports and the intermediate driver. Any suggestions? Recently upgraded my htc to WM6. The message is: "the access code is incorrect". But… BT does not have any code! It is a simple device, the only control is on-off switch. I have the patch which I installed the same time I installed Destinator. I have set both the Destinator ports and the ports on my GPS setting on the phone to the same. I have been reading previous forums and found them to be helpful with regards to the registry hack but still cannot get my program to regognise the GPS reciever.

Would love some helpful tips. So i cannot lauch tomtom or arcpad the packages that i want use to manage the GPS.

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After a period wen all the threee aplications worked, gps locator hinder other aplications to receive the signal from the gps. I try to stop it but it never leaves the memory. THanks so much for the tutorial — I hadnt been able to find the problem but I had only to pair my device again to make it work. First time attempt with some trouble. Now there is know outgoing com port in the bluetooth set up. How do I get this back? I tried to follow some of the instructions in this blog but they seem to not apply to my phone. Anyone with experience on this?

The Blackjack reconizes the BT but will not connect. I am entering the passcode provided by Dell. I receive the data for lat and long from the receiver but when try to get new location data I get the same data. Hey everyone, i have a verizon palm treo wx. I am having alot of trouble trying to set this up and i was wondering if you guys could be of some assistance.

I need help from the very beginning and if you could break it down barney style that would be awesome.


Peter Johannsen and the Device of Wonders book. Read reviews from world's largest community for readers. Draped in a seemingly simple tale of detection. Peter Johannsen and the Device of Wonders - Kindle edition by Seex Dyer. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

Hi all my bluetooth cant find built in gps receiver!!! But my tom tom navigation cant find gps device no gps device then, and other navigation programs aswel!!!! How to develop a simple GPS application program that can start, stop, check the status of, and read position data from the GPS device. I made a program which is about scientific calculator for WM 5. But while im coding it on visual studio C ,i realized that i couldnt run it because of. I am able to create a partnership but there is no communication. After the selection of "Serial Port" phase, the communication stops and the GPS device shuts down to save power.

My guessing is that somehow the Serial Port is disabled or something else. The COM port could not be created. I was finally able to successfully pair my keychain with my Moto Q within WM5. On TomTom, selecting other bluetooth gps will bring up bluetooth serial port 1. First they are "lock this " which imo is totally incorrect. Also it seems even after you Close the gps session it still send data to the event handlers. I managed to fix the freeze problem when calling Close by unattaching my event handlers for location and position changes.

A few days ago, I was surfing the web and I found out a project that works over most mobile phones which lets you know where your friends are in real time and update your status in twitter. Does anyone know how this works? The external one doesnt work but the internal one does. Is there any exe? How can i do it? Save time and money whenever traveling by having the information you want at your fingertips — whenever you need it. Use our GPS rental service to get your device any time, any where. I have a question base on how I can let me computer reconize the movile device serial com port.

However it is not reconize it the gps port in mobile deive. Do you guys know have any idea how I can make teh computer reconize? It has blue tooth but not in the settings folder. I want to use it with Google maps. How do I get into the registry to unhide the GPS? I can pair the unit via blutooth no problem and i have tried to access the registry to unhide the gps driver but there are no values set just a folder icon labeled GPS. Bukovansky Richard says:.

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