Sticky Buns - Novel by Robert Shroud

Sticky Buns: Novel by Robert Shroud
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And that's what frightens some people.

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Move Stroud's? A friend of mine has had a recurring nightmare ever since Donegan announced that the historic roadhouse would close on December That's when I wake up screaming. I don't want to drive to fucking Olathe. As of this writing, Mike Donegan hasn't announced where he might move his beloved restaurant, and he's keeping his cards close to his chest, so for all I know, it could be in Olathe.

Or the Crossroads. There is a historical precedent, I suppose, for Stroud's to consider a move to the suburbs. When Helen Stroud opened her beer-and-barbecue shack in the year that Prohibition was repealed , she picked a location that wasn't just suburban. It was literally and metaphorically beyond the city limits, which ended a bit north of 85th Street.

The other side of 85th was considered "out in the county," and with no city laws to crack down on the hooch joints, it became prime real estate for some raucous roadhouse action. Stroud's didn't establish a reputation for its pan-fried chicken until the meat rationing of World War II made the bird a cheaper culinary choice than beef. But economy wasn't the only reason. When the late Jasper Mirabile opened his namesake dining room at 75th Street and Wornall Road in when this neighborhood was still practically the end of the streetcar line , he served spaghetti, pizza and fried chicken.

That's one of the reasons Stroud's is considered sacred turf by many of its fans: It's among the last relics of Kansas City's culinary past. Knowing that December 31 is the last call for this famous restaurant, I had to make at least one more pilgrimage to the shrine of pan-fried chicken and pay homage to a place that holds more historical significance for me, anyway than any number of "official" Kansas City Historic Register sites the Acme Cleansing Company or the Kansas City Young Matrons Clubhouse, for example.

The building isn't much to look at, inside or out, but for fried-fowl fanatics, it's chicken mecca. That would explain why even the whiniest patron waits patiently for a table here. Within seconds, the "waiting area" adjoining the bar filled with post-game revelers in red jackets. We were told, optimistically, that it would be 30 minutes for a table, but we stood around for more than an hour until our names came up on the list.

The tables are still cloaked in red-and-white-checked plastic, the wooden floors are rough and scarred, and the frilly curtains at the windows are either off-white or nicotine-stained or both. We shared chicken livers first, a huge, sizzling pile of them that we bravely snapped up with our fingers. After eating a half-dozen of them, splashed with cream gravy, Ned confessed, "I feel like a heroin addict.

I can't stop. Sherry, the year-veteran waitress who has a Bettie Page hairdo and an uncanny memory , brought out dressing-drenched salads for everyone else and a bowl of chicken noodle soup for me. It's terrific soup, with fat, doughy noodles and big chunks of white meat floating in a pale, fragrant broth.

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Sticky Buns - Novel by Robert Shroud: She Came Out Of Nowhere. And Everything Went. Striaght To Hell. [Robert Shroud] on *FREE* shipping on. Read "Sticky Buns: Novel by Robert Shroud" by Robert Shroud available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. Venturing out one.

This is fascinating history and you have honored the families and services rendered at Alcatraz in its finest light. These cookies will have a unique meaning as their sweet smell wafts from the oven. Thank you so very much! Looks like a snicker doodle recipe. He was transferred to Leavenworth when it closed. He was prisoner, during that time he lost contact with his wife and daughter, when he got out, he vowed to help save others from that fate, he bought a van and transported wives and families to our state prison across state.

He was a great guy. He was given a medal by President Reagan. Hi Eugenia, it should work fine as I said in the blog post above, perhaps even better than the shortening. These cookies look like what cookies my mother would make.

Caramel Pecan Cinnamon Rolls!! Homemade Sticky Buns Recipe

Wonderful article! Do you know of any cookbooks with recipes used in the prison itself? I have just made these with my four year old — she loved rolling the cookie dough in cinnamon sugar. I used local farm butter and swapped creme of tartar for baking powder. Instead of leaving dough for long in the fridge, I put it in the freezer for half an hour.

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The original then is not hidden, but accentuated. Sign in. The noise level was deafening, which meant I couldn't hear anyone at our table except Ned, who marveled at how calm and cool the waitresses seemed and how effortlessly the skinny busboys could balance heavy trays on their fingertips. To ask other readers questions about Irony Book 1 - The Animal , please sign up. I'm here on the scene in Kawkawlin, where the Animal's latest victim has.

That is an interesting article since I am from S. The recipe is what I have known as Snickerdoodles.. Glad it was a fun read for you Ali.

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I had a lot of fun working on the piece. Nice history of the island. I have also visited there and was stunned to learn of the civilians who lived there. Thank you for the memory jog. Great story and the cookies sound good…and a lot like Snickerdoodles! Thanks for the story! Tori, once again you hit one out of the park! What an interesting article, made even better with your personal observations.

Thanks for yet another fascinating story. I visited Alcatraz while I was in college. I have always been fascinated by it. Interesting read! For a day, I was there with them. They set up the kitchen cooking traditional native american foods. It was the first time I was treated to a taste of fried bread. The Alcatraz occupation was a fascinating moment in history. And food history! It started in November , as a Thanksgiving feast promoting solidarity among American Indians. The occupation lasted a year and a half and garnered a lot of national media attention. Thank You for sharing this very interesting story.

Gold, Meehan, and Me Invade KC

Now I will share this. Using butter instead of shortening would probably make them taste identical. I always enjoy your posts. I was pleased with the book you referenced also. I downloaded it to my kindle to read today. I love historical books and this will be one my kids can gain from also.

So glad Heather! It is really a fun book. Thank you so for this viewpoint. Things seem to seriously have changed in terms of prison food since then. Thank you, too, for what sounded like a snickerdoodle recipe at first!

Alcatraz Cinnamon Sugar Cookies

Look forward to trying it! Published August 11, - Last Updated August 13, Servings 32 servings. Prep Time 15 minutes. Cook Time 6 hours 30 minutes.

Shroud Shorts by Robert Shroud

Kosher Key Parve. Total Time 6 hours 45 minutes. Calories kcal. Print Recipe. Description Alcatraz was a harsh prison, but it had pretty great food. US Customary - Metric. In a separate bowl, sift together the flour, cream of tarter, baking soda and salt. The cookies will puff up at first, then flatten out. Nutrition Facts. Calories Calories from Fat Vitamin A 0.

Calcium 0. Iron 3. Subscribe for my free recipe newsletter and get instant access to my eBook — 10 Easy Dinner Recipes!

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Weird connection. Thank you. Thanks Julie! Please spread the word, I appreciate it so much. I just made snickerdoodles the other day. One of my FAVS!! Thanks for the great story. I was there last September and this has brought back happy memories for me.