The Crying Rose: The Trilogy of the Rose (Volume 1)

From Alfred Döblin’s Amazonas Trilogy, vol. 1: Journey to the Land without Death
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What an incredible story!!!! I listened to this book!! The readers were two women and did an unbelievable job. Not to mention that the story was incredible. I felt like I was in the car with them. Another incredible listen is Story Hour. Speak by Lauri Halse Anderson. My daughter had to read it for school. We ended up with an extra copy. I started reading it before I went to worked and finished it that night.

Stunning read! A Man Called Ove — I listened to it on audiobook and then reread it because it was sooo good. I am reading Beartown, the latest book, read the first three and the short one on saying goodbye…had no problems with the others. This one is more difficult, the theme is much deeper than hockey, but all the hockey references slow me down!

Loved Little Big Lies…and anything else by Moriarity. Just finished Hillbilly Elegy—a must read about a very poor segment of society. Also like The Girl in Cabin Ten. Love my books! BTW, there was also a movie made, and I was surprised at how good it was. Lots of details were left out, but whoever wrote the screenplay did an amazing job. Rare to find. One of my all time favorites as well. I loved this book, but hated the ending to the movie. I thought the ending of the book was perfection.

I cried intensely. Wow, three of the four you have above are also my all time favorites. I still miss PK and Owen! I listen to my books, a long commute. I received it as a gift from someone who knew I loved to read but not sure what I liked to read. Same person gave me The Power of One. She is now my source of must have books. She is now my source for must have books. Some great books on this list! Another author I breeze through because their just that good is anything by Jessica gadziala. Both are so good but I could not put Shifting down and I have a hard time getting into anything else.

The Art of Racing in the Rain, is probably one of my all time favorites! Love dogs, loved the story, cried a lot. The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern was so compelling that I read it for two days straight, hardly taking a moment to sleep! Oh to be loved like she was!!! I raced through Inconceivable by Tegan Wren. Would these books be good for a 16yo?

Mainly avoiding graphic sexual content and super strong language? It is fiction based on a true happening…a horrific fire in that burned much of coastal Maine. Excellent book! I highly recommend it! Janet Evanovich — Stephanie Plum Series, have been reading this series for over 17 years, still makes me laugh out loud! All of Elin Hilderbran. The first book I remember reading in one sitting was The Color Purple. I had bought it the day before and that Saturday morning I picked it up to read a bit while having my coffee.

I absolutely could not stop reading…no chores done that day! Horrible user experience, kick them off your ad program! But thanks for the list. I would buy a few of them but my eyes are blinked by the rapid blinking of the ad. I will come back later! Some of them sound good. You need an ad block plug in or at least I think that is the proper term- but I know EXACTLY what you are talking about and an add blocker allows you to control what is popping up or blinking or flashing or scrolling or flapping and squalling… and generally interfering with your ability to focus on the content that you wish to enjoy.

I wish you well, content warrior! If you use Firefox, Ad Block Plus is an awesome ad blocker. Try Firefox or Chrome. Read each one in a day or less. Going to see what our library has from your list, I rarely buy books anymore. Over 13, reviews on Amazon. Her story is both heartbreaking and heartwarming.

I loved that one too! Some people in my book club had trouble keeping the characters straight but I enjoyed it. But it was really interesting and well thought out. I loved it. I am staying away from The Lake House based on the description. I loved Maude! Another great and spooky read is Graveminder by Melissa Marr, and anything Alice Clayton reads is instantly devoured by me. Great list—What Alice Forgot is great. All of the women are dirt poor in the midst of the Great Depression.

Many are Native American. It is a non-fiction book that reads like fiction. I could not get past the first 60 pages. I tried I really really did, but every time I went to pick it up I was dreading it. I made it to page 60 and declared it a good attempt. I have recommended it countless times.

I prefer fast paced books, something that keeps me coming back for more. Thought it was overhyped. I LOVED Arthur, I had to wait a couple days to read another book after finishing because I just wanted to think about this book for a while and mourn the characters being over for me! I stayed up 2 nights way too late to read it just because I felt so good while reading the book. Sister, Sister by Sue Forten was a great way to spend time on a plane. Layla Hagen- has a series about the Bennett family. Each book I have read in a day.

I love the series and each book individually. The Rosie Project drew me in immediately, and The Paris Architect kept me thinking about it after it was finished. Loving Frank made me do some research. All great reads. Bittersweet by La Toya T Haynes! Read in a day…. Love a good contemporary romance novel.

Thanks for the great list! It truly moved me. Not a horror theme and totally compelling from start to finish. Loved this book. I am just amazed anyone can finish a book in an afternoon!!! Takes me days and even weeks to finish even the most interesting books. You ladies are amazing. Goodness Falls by Ty Roth is a great one-afternoon read! One of my favorite books! We Were Liars by E. Lockhart is also an excellent book; I read it in two days. I read Of Sand and Ash and cant stop thinking about it.

Beautifully written and both a romance and a history lesson. I just read I am the messenger by Markus Zusak. Oooh this looks goood! Will check some more on this list. Great post! Susan Meissner A Fall of Marigolds is a new favorite author of mine. She does her research and weaves it beautifully into her story! They must all be good because my library was out of ALL of them! It was so good I could not put it away! Loved these suggestions! Ride in the squad car from the comfort of your favorite reading chair.

It is a story about rescuing a baby wild blue jay and the family that raised and released him. He comes back everyday as the Mom has Ovarian Cancer. As the author says by the end you will wonder just who saved who! It is available on Amazon and kindle too. Pick any A.

Bestselling Series

Riddle book if you found that one sci-first intresting. His sci-fi novels have this awesome Clive Cussler feel to them and will definitely keep you in suspense. Wanna quick read? Great for a quick read on a portable. A fun little tale about the adventures of a Wish Facilitator. You have excellent taste. Every single book by Colleen Hoover! Her books are just that good! She really drags you into them and connects you with the characters. I was excited to find this list- I have it on my fridge!

So far I liked You let me go a lot! And You will know me, enjoyed as well. Plus I mostly listen on audio , so maybe that contributed. Seemed everyone loved that book but me. Thanks for the great ideas!!! Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders. I read it a few weeks ago, and now I want to re-read it slowly to savor it. Just love love love them. I bought it for a plane ride; I was up early and thought I would read and sleep, but that was before I read the first chapter.

Beautiful book! I finished it six hours later as we landed. I started telling my family all about it, only to find they had been passing around their copies to each other and friends. Loved it! These 2 books led me to reading everything that Liane Moriarty has published. Looking forward to the other books. I will load some on my Kindle. All page-turners! Liane Moriarity has become my new favorite author!!! Which one did you enjoy more? I love this list and thanks for the feedback , What Alice Forgot will be my next one.. Hi Paige, I only listen to books because I need to multitask.

I listened to What Alice Forgot and loved it. I believe if the narrator is good it makes the book even better. Very helpful and I will check those out as well. Available through Amazon and well worth the read. My new favourite author. In a dark, dark wood. By Ruth Ware. A book you could read in 24hrs also. Thought I would share. It will become part of my summer reading list.

Just finished in 48 hours. It was that good. Also a YA novels that probably appeals as much to adults as teens. Thanks for the suggestions! Read it in 24 hours. We read it for Book Club and we all agreed it was contrived…definitely not one of his best. Luckily, I had asked an expert to speak about human trafficking who made the reading more worth while.

Guest Room is better than his newest one Sleepwalker, but the new one is still a great read! I second that suggestion! Loved the complex, believable characters in the backdrop of World War II.

You can find it on Amazon. Note: There is some difficult subject matter relating to genocide. OMG it was so good. One to tetras every summer. I love books by Amy Harmon. I read Sand and Ash in about 8 hours. Her characters are always amazing! Loved this list! Working on a few of them as I write this comment, but mostly just excited to go out there and buy a few new ones, thank you for sharing! Just discovered Julia Keller. Read her first: A Killing in the Hills. Now onto Bitter River…slower but really good. Loved Rules of Civility! Amor Towles is a genius.

Highly recommend A Gentleman in Moscow, sublime story and characters. All of the books that I have read by the author Sharon Sala I have had real problems putting them down until I am finished. Ever read the Sparrow by Mary Doria Russell? Dark Matter was fantastic! Thanks for the suggestion. Really liked What Alice Forgot up til the end. Then it got wonky. Love Josephine Tey but her books are so hard to find! Released May YA fantasy with adventure, a spirited heroine, and lots of fun! This is the 1st in a trilogy; 2 will be out May !

I think I had my roommates wait until I finished I may have driven us there! It was my intro to Vonnegut. Provenance by Donna Drew Sawyer. I got blindsided so many times I read the book in two and a half hours. Also read Behind Closed Doors yesterday in one sitting. That one literally had me jumping out of my skin. The Passenger by Lisa Lutz!!

Came out last year but I just discovered it. The Passenger indeed — you become the passenger and this is one heck of a ride!! I have never read a book in 24 hours in my life!! News of the World is the best book I read all year. Angels and Demons by Dan Brown was like this for me. I read it non-stop this summer in any free time I had during and after my internship. A classic and fantastic book. I was excited to see Sleeping Giants on your list! Have you read the sequel? I might have liked it even more! I also read What She Knew very quickly..

I do not read a lot of thrillers but I really enjoyed that one! Have read sea of tranquility like times and can always pick it up on a day when the mood for moody teenagers hits…. It is a quirky fun book that left me wanting more. I was just going to read a chapter or two but the intertwining of her personal story and her experience with helping these refugees that she met on public transportation was so compelling that I finally was able to shut of my light and go to sleep at 3 AM after finishing the book in one sitting.

The book has made me look at refugees and the difficulties that they face in a whole new light. I absolutely loved Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson. I started it a bedtime and finished about 4am. I already plan on reading it again! Thank you for your recommendations! Reading keeps me sane! Hope you enjoy! YES- for Susan Meissner! Really enjoyed The Great Alone, a novel about a family that goes to Alaska—but so much more than that. Woman in the Window was also a good read—a modern Rear Window. Very readable books. Holy Cow!!! I am halfway down this list and they have every one been unputdownable.

Fantastic list!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. It was unputdownable. Thank you for this list! I have to reread it about every 5 years. I blew through this novel from my YA summer reading list , even though it's almost pages. The story starts ten years after Veronica's high school graduation, a few months after the movie left off.

Veronica is called in to investigate when a girl disappears from a Spring Break party, but it soon becomes apparent this is no ordinary missing persons case, and Veronica is quickly pulled back into Neptune's seedy underworld. This wasn't high literature or anything, but it was so much fun and had such good narrative drive I didn't want to stop until I knew how it ended. The Likeness Author: Tana French. This taut psychological thriller has great characters, F-bombs galore, and kept me glued to the couch for two days. It's the second and perhaps the best in French's Dublin Murder Squad series, which doesn't need to be read in order.

The premise might be a tiny-bit far-fetched although it's certainly interesting to think about , but if you go with it, you'll be rewarded with a great read. Rules of Civility Author: Amor Towles. This Gatsby-esque novel plunges you into the streets of Manhattan, circa The girls vie for his affection—until one impulsive decision changes everything. A beautifully drawn story of wealth and class, luck and fate, love and illusion. Moriarty's works are compulsively readable: whenever I get my hands on a new one I inhale it in two days.

I spreed through this like it was the fluffiest chick lit, but found myself mulling over its themes for weeks after I finished. In this contemporary psychological thriller, a British single mother gives her 8-year-old son permission to run ahead a little on their evening walk in the park MacMillan invites the reader to come along on the hunt for the boy, alternately focusing on police procedure and family drama. The tight writing and sharp execution made this hard to put down.

I've seen a lot of comparisons to The Girl on the Train , but instead I'd recommend this one for Tana French fans although it's much tamer on gore and language. I loved this book. A girl-next-door type suddenly finds herself in an elite California prep school, and has to figure out how to navigate this new privileged world while still grieving her mother's death.

When she gets an email from an unidentified boy who calls himself "Somebody Nobody" offering to be her spirit guide to her new school, she doesn't want to say yes—but she really needs his help. A sweet and fun teen romance, but also a pitch-perfect portrayal of the grieving process. It's trendy these days for every suspense novel to have a "shocking plot twist! I was stunned as I slowly came to see that the story wasn't about what I thought it was about at all, and THAT is what you'll be burning to talk about. On a dark, rainy night, a mother lets go of her son's hand for just an instant.

50 Must Read Australian Novels (The Popular Vote)

The devastating accident sets the plot in motion. Part police procedural, part domestic suspense, with the ring of authenticity, no doubt thanks to Mackintosh's own 12 years as a police officer. This is an emotional roller coaster of a book. Sensitive themes ahead, so mind your triggers. Jane Steele Author: Lyndsay Faye. Jane Eyre lovers, you can relax: while Faye—and her heroine, Jane Steele—draw serious inspiration from Jane Eyre, it's not a retelling. Instead, it's delightfully meta: our titular narrator tells us the inspiration to write down her story came from "the most riveting book titled Jane Eyre.

Rochester, and of course, something important is locked away in an attic. Perfect for readers who love plucky Victorian heroines, like you'd find in Deanna Raybourn novels. This was a summer reading guide top 5 pick. Janie knows her 4-year-old son Noah is not like other children. He's terrified of water. He asks for his "other mother. But one night, thanks to a late-night bourbon-fueled internet session, Janie stumbles upon the work of an eccentric scientist, and begins to confront the possibility that her precious son not only lived a previous life, he'd been murdered in it.

You don't have to buy the premise to find this a satisfying read. Abbott has a reputation for writing nail-biters but this is the first of her work I read. In her newest release, she builds her domestic suspense around an elite teen gymnast—an excellent backdrop for a creepy mystery because in this high-stakes world people will stop at almost nothing to get what they want. Abbott kept me guessing the whole way through: just when I thought I had the mystery figured out, she pivoted again.

Recommended reading for fans of Mary Kubica and Gillian Flynn. Sleeping Giants Author: Sylvain Neuvel. I never, and I mean never, would have picked this up on my own, and was surprised to love it. Flash forward a few decades, and scientists begin to discover more body parts all over the globe. That's wild, right? But with its interesting structure and strong narrative drive, it works. I hear the full cast audio recording is terrific. I know a lot of Susan Meissner fans, and many of those readers cite this one as their favorite.

The action goes back and forth in time between two women, a century apart, who are linked by a beautiful scarf and by their unlikely survival in two devastating tragedies in New York City. Meissner's tone makes this an easy, enjoyable read despite the tough subject matter, making it easy to polish off in a day. Good as Gone Author: Amy Gentry. I devoured this in one sitting. Usually I don't think the premise sells the book, but this one does: Julie was kidnapped from her own home when she was thirteen, and eight years later, the mystery is unsolved.

Her family assumes the worst but can't be sure. Then one day, the doorbell rings, and it's Julie. But as she settles in to her new, old family, inconsistencies begin to emerge in her story. Why would she lie? Is it really her? I couldn't resist turning the pages until I found out for myself. Dark Matter Author: Blake Crouch. This fast-moving, cinematic thriller begins when the protagonist is kidnapped on his way home from meeting a friend, and is asked a strange question by his strangely familiar captor: "Are you happy with your life? Imagine the zaniness of Ready Player One , minus the video games or nostalgia trip.

Imagine a happier Sliding Doors , with less cheating and more cinnamon rolls. When Hannah moves back to her hometown of Los Angeles, she spends a night on the town with an old friend. The decision she makes at the end of that night changes her life, and in alternating chapters, we find out exactly how. Like many Taylor Jenkins Reid books, this one is compulsively readable, but serious themes lay beneath the surface.

I finished this one on a weekday afternoon when I was supposed to be working, because all I wanted to do was finish this book. It matters. Next: Links I love. Totally agree about You Will Know Me too! Rules of Civility- yuck. Such a let down after reading A Gentleman in Moscow. I adored Rules of Civility, and have read it twice! It was universally adored by my book club. I loved Rules! Just finished and enjoyed it thoroughly. I thought it was very well written.

Would I love or hate Dark Matter? I thought was Eleanor and Park was just OK. Nothing to rave about though! Those three titles you named could absolutely go on my list as well! I found it absolutely unputdownable! I picked it up today at the Library. What a deranged sicko…. You are basically reading all my favorite books back to back. I listened to it too! I think hearing all of the different voices made it come alive for me. I hardly ever read in one sitting but my most recent one was monster calls by Patrick ness. Oh yeah, I read The Travelers super fast! The rest of these titles are new to me.

Thanks again Anne! Read harder books. I agree Sarah! So funny…I also read Good as Gone in about five hours last night. Wailing spread through the village. Parrots flew up from roofs and squawked. In the grey dawn a boat with four women came from nearby, at once turned back in fear, their men too were away at war, five times ten suns, and had sent no sign. They drummed the news into the surrounding country. The river by the village was called Yari-yari. Its waters emptied into the Rio Negro, which carried them past hills, sandy plains, forests to the mighty Amazon. Mists swathed hill, forest and plain.

Women squatted beneath mat awnings. The seeds of the urucu bush were red and yellow, they grated them with palm oil, colour leached from the seeds, they scraped it from their hands into the bowl. They fetched cooking pots from the fireplace, scraped soot into the bowl. All the while they talked. We must dance to bring them back. Beside the water lay a boat that the men had left half finished. It rested on two wooden runners. They fetched palm leaves, in the afternoon burnt it away from the inside, fetched palm leaves, burnt it from the outside.

They did this so that their men could travel. In the evening a thunderstorm broke. The old women kept the manioc mash until everyone was back from fishing, grilled the fish. Then there was loud laughter, children stayed by the fire in front of the clan house, young women and grown girls disappeared into the huts. They painted themselves a beautiful black with soot and red with urucu, they oiled their hair, the almond eyes of the young ones glinted with pleasure, they hung necklaces of black seeds around their necks, tied threads of red cotton on arm and calf.

Then one of them leapt from her hut, she was the first, she swung the dance-rattle and whooped, she wore a net shawl over her shoulders, a little red parrot sat on her head. The others ran out, they looked beautiful and happy. They formed a line one behind the other, arms crossed at the breast, swayed left, swayed right, they sang a dancing song, filed past the clan house. The children and old women stood up. Two lines in the dirt—it was a river, the young women leapt along the bank, they wanted to cross, they were the men.

One rowed on the river, his back covered in palm leaves—the river spirit. They bowed down to him, he let them cross. They greeted the old women and the others. Then they faced each other, two by two, heads lowered, hands covering their eyes, man and wife, and wept greetings. Gallinules hooted in the forest, cicadas chirped, monkey-cries fell silent, toads set up their croaking.

It was night, starlight hung over forest, plain, rivers. In the dark an arrow flew close to the fire. It planted itself quivering in the dirt. Nothing moved in the village. Two longboats lay in the reeds, people crept crouching up the slope, they croaked like toads, waited for daybreak. Now the stars went out one by one. They ran, uttered warcries like the raging of howler monkeys. As women and children screamed and tried to flee, the raiders set fire to the clan house.

By the light of the flames they separated old women from the younger and the children. They threw spears after the old women. The young women and children were herded together. The village burned, drums sounded from the next village, the fire had been seen. The raiders, Maku, painted black with red stripes from ear to ear, armed with clubs, spears, bows and arrows, beat their prizes, drove them down to the boats. The boat they had burned out for their men came with them.

The village up above smoked. They were carried away into the dripping forest. It was a large village close by the water.

Vintage Bossa Café - Two hours of Bossa and Jazz - Vol.1 - 3

In this village, women were strong. They did not yearn for their men. Some women could throw spears and shoot arrows. But women were excluded from counsel and were never taken on campaign. The men left them just one old boat for fishing. But the women knew how to make dugouts, they paddled across the water to islands and lakes.

Toeza wore many threads at her throat, on arms and legs. Her husband had two other wives, she was dominant. She went hunting in the forest. We eat what we like. The work is hard, but easier than when the men are here. We can rest whenever we want. And the children thrive too. No man ever helps. But us old ones. Everyone ate. The old woman told a story:. Everyone congratulated her and brought presents.

Her parents pretended to weep. After the feast she followed him across the little lake. He set her to work in the fields, cutting and weeding. When she finished she had to prepare mash, bake flatbread. There was no firewood. He sent her into the forest.

Back home her husband scolded her. Next day she went even earlier into the forest, the monkeys sat among cocoa-pods, threw some down to her, she took refreshment, gathered firewood, the monkeys helped. Then she went home, her husband was still angry, she was out of breath, it displeased him. Better you had given me to a howler monkey. They threw cocoa-pods down and broke twigs for me. The mother summoned him. All-New Ghost Rider. All-New Guardians of the Galaxy. All-New Hawkeye All-New Inhumans.

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Arkham Manor. Arkham Manor: Endgame. Arkham Reborn. Armageddon Armageddon: Alien Agenda. Armageddon: Inferno. Armor Hunters.

Departure of the Women People

Armor Hunters: Aftermath. Armor Hunters: Bloodshot. Armor Hunters: Harbinger. Armor Wars.

Armorines Armstrong and the Vault of Spirits. Army Love. Army Love Army Attack. Army of Darkness Army of Darkness Election Special. Army of Darkness vs. Army of Darkness: Convention Invasion. Army of Darkness: Ash Gets Hitched. Army of Darkness: Ash Saves Obama. Army of Darkness: Ashes 2 Ashes. Army of Darkness: Ash's Christmas Horror. Army of Darkness: From the Ashes. Army of Darkness: Furious Road. Army of Darkness: Halloween Special. Army of Darkness: Hellbillies and Deadnecks. Army of Darkness: Home Sweet Hell. Army of Darkness: King For a Day.

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