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13-Storey Treehouse
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The panel will explore the idea of not only different outcomes to the battle or the war, but those that go down some very unusual paths. Discussion between Gary K. What happens when monsters are heroes? Who are the villains? The panel will explore the transformation and reformation of former horrors. Why do so many wizards seem to echo Gandalf and so few vampires step far from the mold of Dracula. Why do writers pick certain types for their heroes and villains and how does the story change when you go against type? What character tropes can fantasy writers retire and which ones must never be given up?

How Graphic is Your Novel? What does graphic sex or violence add to a story? Would the George R. Martin's Game of Thrones be the same without the blood wedding scene? Is there a danger of the sensational value of the graphic events replacing good plotting and storytelling? Are there matters so horrible they should not be written about, or are there no limits? Which books handle their graphic scenes well, and which ones cross the line and fail to be entertaining will be the focus of the discussion.

Whether set on our earth or a mythical world, the landscape has impact on the work. The panel will discuss the effect of geography within fantasy fiction. Some behave naturally. Others have magical powers. Some serve men, such as the horses in Valdemar or the dragons in Talking with Dragons or the Temeraire series. In other works, such as The Last Unicorn, the enchanted beasts are a force unto themselves. The animals in such books as Watership Down and Redwall even have their own civilizations.

Sometimes animal characters lend a great deal to a work. Others make the reader squirm. What are the advantages and pitfalls of animals as characters? Which books really get it right? The art of translation makes these works accessible to a wider audience. The panel will discuss the current state of translation, its impact on international fantasy, and those works that have retained the spirit of their original language.

What influence does it have on the work of contemporary writers? The panel will discuss the impact of being both artist and writer and how these two creative forms interact. Where Have All the Editors Gone? Is this myth or fact? Does it bear out in the finished products? The panel will explore the changing roles of editors, and if they are becoming a vanishing breed. Parker's The Company, the well-armed mercenaries of the Monster Hunter International series, or even Charles Stross's Laundy series where magic and technology are inexplicably linked.

What do creators owe to history, especially if the players are in a new world as in Philip Jose Farmer's Riverworld series. The panel will discuss where historical truth meets literary license. Combining pictures and word puzzles, it creates an entertaining event for both visual artists and wordsmiths and fans of both art and the literary word.

Lafferty was known for his original use of language and metaphor. Authors like Neil Gaiman and William Kotzwinkle have produced several illustrated collaborations for all ages. Jeff VanderMeer's Wonderbook relies on illustration as a guide to fantasy writing. But is interior art on the rise or fall? The geopolitical machinations of this period influenced the politics of many fantastic novels, coloring the colonialism of The Blue Sword to post-colonial River of Gods, or Ghosts of the White Nights for their alternate depictions of the later Cold War.

The panel will explore the literary impact of the Great Game on fantasy writers of the period as well as today. The Cicerones - The Movie p. The panel will hold a discussion of the impact of his work on past and current art. On this panel, the publisher of Locus Magazine, the editor of a new line of novellas, and two editors of best-of-the-year anthologies discuss what they think are the best novels, stories, anthologies, and single-author collections that have been published so far during Meet the man behind 'Whispers' and discover more of its important contributions to fantasy. Then you are missing out on some wonderfully strange and compelling stories.

Robert Aickman not only wrote strange stories, he also won the short fiction award at the first World Fantasy Convention in Learn why Aickman is being honored at this World Fantasy as the panel reviews his outstanding body of work. Whether it is the great warbeasts of Temeraire, the mysterious councilors of A Wizard of Earthsea, the humorous scoundrels of How To Train Your Dragon, or the deep and august beast that is Smaug, dragons continue to fascinate and delight.

Does including a dragon make these works secretly fantasies? A discussion at the various forms of dragons and why they are still are compelling today. Adults report a life-long love of mushrooms dating back to an early reading of the Fellowship of the Ring. Meanwhile, the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook, featuring butterbeer and pumpkin pasties, has sold more than , copies. Why does fantasy literature often have a gourmet palate? Depictions range from the epic war saga in The Lord of the Rings to a modern-day supernatural war in the Dresden Files series, or the alternate steampunk civil war in The Clockwork Century series.

Considering the alternate history of the war on terror in The Mirage, are readers ready to read stories about recent wars such as the ones in Afghanistan and Iraq? Are there fantasies that have played a role in changing cultural opinion about war? What greater thrill than a holding a copy of The Dying Earth, Jack Vance's magic in the far future, or reading Fritz Leiber's Conjure Wife, where women are really witches? It is a collector's dream to find a perfect copy of the little know fantasy The Sound of His Horn by Sarban.

The panel will explore titles to seek out and make your own. A look at works that have used the greater D. The panel will discuss the books depicting that our Capitol has a magical side. Mysterious librarians are also a favorite, from Mr. Which enchanted libraries or librarians most capture the imagination and encourage a love of libraries and books in the reader? The quaintness of the Victorian period was left behind as technology advanced to fill the need for effective war machines, shown in works like Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld.

This era has become a popular setting for alternate histories and technologies. The panel will discuss fantasy works worth exploring and those that are considered the best of the genre. Jagi Lamplighter, L. Early masters of fantasy, such as Tolkien and Dunsany, tended to keep their magic out of view. The reader does not know where it comes from or how it arises, much less where one could go to school to learn it.

Is something lost when we attempt to strip the mystery from our magic? Or is something gained by sharing more information with the reader, either overtly or in tantalizing clues? Does the answer change when one moves from high fantasy to urban fantasy? Would Tolkien's magic work in The Dresden Files? Others, like George R. We had a gift basket with snacks and a thank you card upon arriving in the room. Nice little touches. We slept wonderfully as it was soooo quiet. We will definitely be returning here.

This was a great place for an anniversary. It is quiet, private, and romantic. Several choices of themes. Bed was like sleeping on a cloud. Easy checkout. Thank you so so so much for giving us the most wonderful and memorable honeymoon. This place is magical and we cannot wait to come back. It was very nice ,clean,and relaxing. They even had us a "Happy Anniversary " sign and a snack basket waiting when we arrived. They went above and beyond. I have been wanting to go here for years.

Thankfully, I was able to earlier this week! It was very nice and I'd definitely stay again! Cabin has nice back porch, tree in room, hot tub in room, as well as, shower in bathroom, mini fridge, microwave, coffee pot, etc. I wasn't expecting the wildlife, but it was a bonus! Stayed two days though for a girl from th city not much I enjoyed but lodge by itself was so worth it.

It was lovely everything lord of the rings cant wait to come back again. It's so much fun and literally just beautiful. The romantic ambiance was top notch. Highly recommended for a couple just wanting to get away for some time together.

This was our first visit to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary and it absolutely did not disappoint! I surprised my husband with the Anniversary package and he loved it! The treehouse we stayed in was decorated just the way they mentioned it might be and we enjoyed our cake each evening we were there! We arrived a couple hours early and to our surpise we were able to check in early since our treehouse was ready. We cannot wait to go back! We stayed in the one of the treehouses 5.

Upon checking in, we found a lovely hand written note thanking us for choosing them to stay there and hoping we have a wonderful time nice touch! We loved our stay, and are planning on going back to stay in one of the caves at some point. The view from the decks are amazing, it is quiet, secluded, adult-only atmosphere and we loved every minute of it! I would recommend highly! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful Cave with us. Our intimate wedding was perfect and will always remain a special memory for us both. We are looking forward to coming back each and every anniversary.

Thank you for a great anniversary getaway! This was our first time in Eureka and we met some really nice people. We will definitely be back! We loved our cave! So comfy, cozy, and romantic! We stayed in a treehouse here for our honeymoon. Absolutely amazing and beautiful. We were welcomed to our treehouse with music in the background, and a gift basket of snacks and a personalized card, as well as a congratulations banner. No pets, no kids, all couples. The treehouses are behind a gate you can only get in if you stay there. The staff at Eureka Springs Treehouses know how to make an incredible experience.

We will definitely be coming back. Such a wonderful stay for our honeymoon. Stayed in one of the Hobbit caves that my wonderful wife arranged for my birthday. It was a great place In addition, rose petals, champagne and a cake, large enough to feed 8 people, couldn't of been better. Will definitely be back to try one of the other theme treehouses.

Thank you again to my terrific wife! We stayed in the Enchanted Forest Cavern for our honeymoon and were absolutely blown away by it! The cavern is beautiful and well maintained, the staff was friendly, and we couldn't have enjoyed ourselves more! Sensational, my wife and I stayed here at a Hobbit Cave for our honeymoon and honestly, it was just sensational.

I stayed in the Big Sur tree house this past weekend and it was absolutely wonderful! From the goody gift basket upon arrival, to the jacuzzi and fireplace after dinner and the quiet of the deck with my morning coffee, my entire stay was relaxing and fabulous! The morning of my departure date, I booked my next stay. This place is amazing!!! Utterly breath taking. We are here for our honeymoon and I'm so impressed I'm not even waiting until our departure to write our review.

The office lady who checked us in was amazing and very informative. Super friendly. We entered our hobbit cave and found a congratulations over the bathtub and a thank you note for choosing them for our honeymoon stay with a basket of goodies. I've stayed many places and some upscale hotels but have never been accommodated like we have here.

By far surpassed our expectations. We will for sure be back and probably rave about this for many years to come!! We just arrived and it is everything we have expected and more!!! It's definitely been worth the wait!! My husband and I stayed for our anniversary last year.

It is quiet, secluded, and beautiful. We had a great time. We will definitely go back. Wonderful treehouse cottage! Check in process was painless and the facility is so awesome. It is pretty pricey but so far is totally worth it. Amazing is just not a strong enough word to describe this place. I am a tuff critic and I just couldn't find anything that wasnt just right. Absolutely loved our stay in the enchanted tree cave on our vacation last year!! Would love to visit again soon!! We absolutely loved our stay here in the Hobbit Cave! The next day we got married at the waterfall chapel, it snowed!

It was so beautiful! When we got back to our room we had a candle lit room and tub, rose peddles, wedding cake, and sparlking cider! Definitely will be returning in the future! We loved our stay! We got the hobbit cave and it was super cute , they gave us snack basket. On the second day we actually got married at the waterfall chapel. There were a ton of photos taken for us which will be cherished forever. When we came back to our room we had rose petals ,candles,champagne , and the cutest little wedding cake.

We hope to come back and stay again! It was soo romantic!! We rented the Venice Cabin and it was as charming as the pictures suggest. They had a card and a snack basket waiting for us. It was so thoughtful. Location was convenient, only like 5 minutes from downtown Eureka springs. This was the perfect venue for our special day!

Thank you. And your room elves were spectacular! We stayed at the Treetop cabin March the 8th thru the 10th. It was for my wife's birthday. I got the Romance package and when my wife walked in the door of the cabin she was breathless in was amazing how they put some much time to do the room up like I wanted with the rose petals. And they was really nice. I would recommend if you stay at a cabin in Eureka Springs stay with Eureka Springs Treehouses they are awesome.

Amazing place! We got married and stayed in a castle a few days.. Highly Recommended! Every nook and cranny of our cavern had little personal touches that made our stay feel incredibly comfortable and intimate. Starting with the handwritten card, from our hosts, welcoming us, with a basket of treats. The room was spacious and inviting, and full of wonderment. The details and decorations were stellar, and we couldn't get over how beautiful everything looked. Our wedding ceremony was quaint and cozy. Exactly what we had hoped for. The chapel, the waterfall, the sign above the entryway, and the officiant, were all perfect.

Our photographer was wonderful, and our pictures are amazing. We came back to our room, after a nice, romantic dinner, to the works! Our room was illuminated by candlelight with rose petals scattered throughout. A gorgeous cake and champagne awaited us, with soft music playing. Our picture disc was ready for viewing, and we spent our wedding night enjoying the jaccuzi tub, eachother's company, and the beauty that surrounded us. We will absolutely be back, many times, in the years to come.

Thanks for a magnificent experience, and a magical beginning to the rest of our lives together! We stayed in a Santa Fe tree house, number 6 to be exact, and it was absolutely amazing!!! The tree house was immaculate and beautiful without a flaw. It had a tree from floor to ceiling in the middle of the room with lights strung around the limbs, a warm fireplace, and Jacuzzi tub for 2. This tree house was the best overnight stay I have ever experienced, and I have traveled all over the country and stayed in all kinds of motels, hotels, cabins, ETC. My girlfriend and I stayed in their Paris Treehouse for two nights and it exceeded any expectations that we could have had.

We walked in to the room that was clean, beautiful and provided a warm welcome. There was a gift basket of snacks on the table and music playing in the background. The area is safe and protected by a gate and they provide reserved parking for each treehouse, castle and cave. Upon our arrival, we were given a list of restaurants and a map of their locations. Even being someone who comes to Eureka often, we decided to branch out and go to one they recommended and we were not disappointed.

They provided movies, cards, puzzles and other things that we could do together and allowed us to retreat and disregard our phones for the weekend. They went above and beyond to make sure that our stay at the treehouse and in Eureka was amazing. We will definitely be back for another getaway!

Thank you so much for your hospitality during our stay here! This getaway is beautiful and definitely exceeded all expectations. We will be staying here again in the future for sure! Thank you again. Awesome I'm staying in a tiny castle. Wonderful experience the wife and I will definitely be back before long. Plus Eureka Spring is very pretty.

We absolutely loved our stay here for my husband's birthday. They added very personal touches and we loved the feel of staying in a fancy cave. Very clean and so relaxing with message shower and jacuzzi. We will be coming back to try other rooms. We have a new go to place. Highly recommend. We're stayed in the Kauai Grotto Cave. We've been here twice, once we stayed in a treehouse and once we stayed in a cavern. They both were fantastic! Very nice, cozy, and private. Perfect for any romantic occasion! My Bride and I spent our honeymoon here and it was absolutely amazing!

We spent 3 days in one of the "Hobbit Caves" and it was very unique and much needed. They have a variety of cabins to choose from to fit your particular liking or interests. The property is well kept and clean. Our "cave" was cozy and warm when we arrived they had put up a banner "congratulations" congratulating us on our wedding that day.

We are definitely looking forward to coming back and checking out one of the "tree houses". We stayed here in November Completely forgot to write my review until thinking about planning my trip for next November. My boyfriend and I came here for our 3rd year anniversary. It was amazing. They had Christmas music playing as we enter the room, and a cute little fireplace keeping the room warm and cozy.

They also hung a happy anniversary sign above the jacuzzi tub, and a small gift basket with treats and a thank you letter on the table. The staff was incredibly friendly Beds were super comfy I seriously am looking forward to coming back this November. The Treehouse was beautiful and perfect for what we were wanting. We also said our vows there at the Waterfall Chapel. We wanted low key and simple but yet unique for us. I can not say enough about how much we enjoyed our stay, wedding and they made our time memorable. They even allowed my work team to upgrade our wedding package as a wedding surprise!

I can't wait to come back and stay in the Castle and Hobbit Cave. This place is amazing, anytime we stay in eureka springs we stay here, from there tree houses to there caves to the castles, each one has its own unique theme and experience, the rooms are always very clean and organized, if you're going to drop the money on a hotel room try this out first. This place is absolutely gorgeous. If you are looking for a place to get away with your special someone, this is it. The staff is very friendly. I will definitely be coming back. We stayed in the magical castle. I surprised my wife with it for her birthday.

It was great. We enjoyed our time spent. The only negative I have has nothing to do with the cottage but a warning to others. If it's off season theres not many places to eat or things to do in the town of eureka springs. Our oldest son got married here. Beautiful and simple settings for the chapel. However the experience of the rooms are uniquely refreshing. Especially if your a scifi enthusiasts.

We celebrated our 50th Anniversary at Eureka Treehouses in January It was a wonderful experience! The New York City Treehouse was so nice with a lovely view off the back deck. The vow renewal ceremony was very meaningful for us, and we really felt that we had renewed our vows! The photographer provided us with a disc of all the photos she took - a variety of shots that we will enjoy for years to come. Returning back to our cabin, we found ourselves surrounded by candles throughout, and soft romantic music. Champagne and wedding cake, along with a basket of spa products to enjoy in the Jacuzzi made the evening perfect!

If you have sensitive children, maybe you should tuck them in early tonight...

I highly recommend Eureka Treehouses for celebrations or just a simple quite getaway. Wanted to treat my wife to a special weekend retreat for our first wedding anniversary and my expectations were far exceeded by the amazing hospitality and personalization of our stay. We were first greeted by a snack basket and a handwritten card congratulating us on our anniversary.

Opted for the rose and champagne package and my wife was in tears, in a good way, after we got back from dinner. We were greeted with roses and candles all around the jacuzzi, candles placed around the room with personalized champagne glasses by the sink and champagne chilling in the fridge. We walked into the bedroom with candles lit and rose petals all around and romantic music was playing. My wife said this was the most romantic thing anyone had ever done for her by far and the whole time she was happily in tears.

We were in the 26 cave and it is perfect. Everything from the room, the service, the grounds, and the goody basket with a personalized Thank You Card,. We, spur of the moment, checked to see if they had anything available for a night or two. Luckily we was able to stay in the hobbit cave. It was absolutely amazing! The check in, check out, and booking process was the easiest! The entire place was amazing! No need to even leave! We have throughly ejoyed our stay in the Hobbit Cave.

We will be back! Thank you so much! This was the best place fo me and my wife to stay on our 10th anniversary. The room was so awesome,and very clean,we really didn't want to leave. From the moment we walked in the treehouse, Christmas music was playing and the Christmas tree was lit. They had made special touches for our anniversary that we will cherish! A must stay for couples!

My husband and I stayed in the Hobbit Cave and got married on the premises in June of ! We will definitely go back there one day. Quiet, peaceful, secluded place. My treehouse was clean and comfortable. Staff was professional and helpful. Really enjoyed my stay and would stay there again the next time I visit Eureka Springs. We stayed for my birthday and all of the little extras made it even more special.

Thank you for letting us stay and we hope to be back soon. We had an incredible stay with the eureka springs treehouses. The chapel, waterfall, officiant, and photographer were amazing!!! We stayed in one of their hobbit caves; they are so quiet and dark, we slept great. We purchased the romance package for the night of our wedding, and they went above and beyond to make sure everything was perfect for when we got back that evening. I would highly recommend this place for a small up to 4 guest wedding. Had the Paris Treehouse This place was fantastic! Huge bed, Jacuzzi, fireplace, back deck facing the woods!

And then since we were here during mid-december they even had Christmas music already playing inside as well as a Christmas tree set up. We will likely be coming back. My husband rented the Kauai Grotto for our wedding anniversary. He also got the anniversary package which included champagne, a cake and other goodies. This place is wonderful and we will definitely be back!! First time staying here. Wife and I are celebrating nineteen years of marriage.

Couldn't ask for a better place to spend a couple of days celebrating our love. We have enjoyed every minute here! We will come back for sure! Well worth the wait! Jennifer and I wish to extend our most heartfelt thank you for all you did. We could not have imagined a more pleasurable time or experience ever. Please extend our thank you to the entire staff for all that was done on our behalf. Great area with a lot to do. The treehouses are the perfect size for to spend a romantic trip away.

We booked early, and I am SO glad we did because it was nothing short of amazing! Did I mention they also have treehouses, castles , and a Harry Potter themed village?! Thank you! This has been such a nice and relaxing experience. The castle is magical! The little things that you do makes a difference the Christmas tree, the card, the games, the movies, ect. From the moment we walked in the room-the lights, the banner, the gift basket, and the wonderful music-it was a dream! We both kept commenting that we wouldn't mind making this our annual anniversary to come stay at the treehouses. With all of this, we want to say thank you.

Thank you for the most perfect retreat for our 1st anniversary and thank you in advance for when we return. This place exceeded all of my expectations! It was so amazing and the people are so nice! They definitely went above and beyond for us and made it an amazing anniversary getaway. I can't wait to stay there again! I've stayed here twice and absolutely loved it. The treehouses are my favorite. You're just close enough to town to enjoy everything and just secluded enough to have a nice, quiet vacation.

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Get A Copy. Many others have contributed to the Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade. You cannot have one without the other. Daniel King has a secret wish for Christmas. The Enchanting World of

The castles are fun and relazing. A lot of attention to detail makes for an enjoyable stay. Doesn't hurt that they seem to be in the middle of everything, but maintain a quiet atmosphere. We would definitely come back again. This is our third time to stay at the Eureka Springs Treehouses!

The first time was a few years ago and we stayed in the Cave. It was such an amazing experience and so cozy! We relaxed by the fireplace and had the best time! The second time was July of and we stayed in one of the castle treehouses for our 5th wedding anniversary. We decided to celebrate by renewing our wedding vows and they took care of everything.

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It was so romantic! We went to dinner after the vows and pictures and when we came back to the castle there were rose petals everywhere! The petals were leading up the stairs behind the secret wall and up to the Jacuzzi tub. We had champagne, candlelight, romantic music playing, and a happy anniversary banner hanging over the bed. Last week we decided to go just for a relaxing getaway and stayed in the castle again!

The fall leaves were beautiful and we enjoyed the view from our private balcony. The Jacuzzi bathtub with the fireplace and television as amazing! All of the details put into the decoration of the castle is amazing. Every time you check-in there is a special goody basket with a hand written card thanking you for staying. The treehouse cabins are back behind a private gate and you feel like you are lost in time and surrounded by privacy!

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The Enchanting World of Daniel King - The Fantasy Treehouse [Mrs Bali Sangha- Jenkins] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Buy The Enchanting World of Daniel King - The Fantasy Treehouse by Bali Sangha-Jenkins (ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Store. Everyday low.

We will definitely be back at least once a year. We tell all of our friends that they have to stay here when in Eureka Springs! Went with my wife for her Birthday and stayed Iin the New York tree house. The room was clean, had all the amenities you could ask for and the view and atmosphere were fantastic. Assigned parking was close to the treehouse and it only took minutes to get to historic downtown. Will be back for sure to try out one of the caves :. Ray and I would like to thank you so much for the warm welcome, comfortable stay, and accomodating our wedding and Romance package.

Everything turned out Fantastic! I highly recommend the Hobbit Caves! I surprised my husband with an anniversary trip here and he was beyond surprised. They are absolutely beautiful!

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We can't wait to visit again! Reserving one of the castles was so easy. I was able to see available dates to aid in my planning. I received very detailed instructions prior to my visit on how to locate the property. The castle was incredible; and perfect for any Potter fan. It's clean, well designed, and private. We even had some DVDs, arrival snacks, and a hand written thank you note waiting for us!

I recommend bringing your on beverage and popcorn as there is a small fridge, a microwave, and sink along with a set of dishes. Bonus: the walk in shower is located in a hidden room. It's is incredible There are side jets and an overhead rain fixture! There is also a Jacuzzi with a lovely, private view of the forest. You also have the same, private view of your personal porch. I would definitely recommend staying here. We stayed in a Hobbit Cave and it was so amazing and really cool!

Would definitely recommend and will be going back in the future. My husband and I loved our visit in the Hobbit Cave. We had an anniversary sign and welcome basket waiting for us when we arrived.

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The place was clean, quiet and a wonderful spot to relax and unwind. It felt like you stepped out of the hustle and bustle. A very cozy and private space. Loved the carved "artwork". My husband and I travelled to eureka springs this past weekend and stayed at the eureka springs treehouses. This quaint and peaceful treehouse was exactly what our souls were needing.

The treehouse was clean, beautiful and so amazing! Beds, couch, fireplace and jacuzzi tub fed our need for rest and relaxation to the fullest extent! It could not have been cuter and we adore it!!! Their attention to detail down to the happy bday sign and welcome snack basket was such a great surprise!! I have been telling everyone I know about this amazing experience!! We stayed for 3 days 2 nights and the price we paid was worth every penny!!! I reccomend eureka springs treehouses to everyone who wants a special experience to be filled with extra special!!!

Kudos to the owners and staff for making our weekend the absolute best!!! We previously stayed in a Hobbit cave and we're married on site, so we decided to celebrate our 5th year of marriage here. My husband was blown away when we returned to our room and had the whole room romanced up. The staff is phenomenal at answering questions and helping out. Our stay was superb and we didn't want to leave.

This is an A plus facility! I was very impressed with cabins, chapel, wedding support, this well exceeded my hopes for my wedding weekend. The cost was minimal for the service, rooms, facility and staff! I can not recommend enough— anyone planning a wedding weekend look no more! This is a fantastic place! Just married and so happy it was with you guys at ES tree houses! Cyndy and Chris. We had an amazing time staying here! We got married here and I'm in love with our wedding pictures taken by the photographer. Everyone there was really friendly. So happy we picked here. This is such a wonderful magical place!

Great treehouses and nice and private nestled into the trees!!! We stayed for our anniversary and will be going back for sure. Such a great place and town. Thanks for the great stay! It was the most beautiful place to be. The staff was wonderful. Very Clean. I would love to come back nest year four anniversary again! Thank you all for a wonderful honeymoon! Amazing place to celebrate a special time at. Clean, quiet, exclusive, and kept up well. Thanks for making our stay a great experience.

Ultimately the best place to stay private, quit, unique, clean. If you wanna little romance pick me up you have to come here I was the king of castle lol. We will be back real soon. Check-in was a breeze, and staff was very friendly. Tree house cabin was small, but cozy and inviting.

It was also much quieter than a hotel. We had everything we needed to make our stay enjoyable! Would definitely revisit and recommend to friends! I cannot express how special this place is. We were married in the chapel and stayed 3 nights in the Santa Fe treehouse. If you want a low key wedding with all the bells and whistles, this is the place.

I can't wait to come back. Thank you for making this the most perfect stay for us. Heidi and David Davis. Hands down, this place is magical. We stayed in a "cave". Beautiful, secluded, the morning sun peeping through the trees into our huge windows. The jacuzzi was so relaxing. The king bed was so comfortable and all my extra requests had been delivered pillows and extra blankets. My husband and I stayed in a Eureka Springs Treehouse for four days last week, and it was wonderful!

Each treehouse has a different theme- ours was Central Park. The treehouses are far enough away from each other for total privacy but close to town for anything you need. The back patio is elevated and looks out directly on the forest. Wonderful place, very private. Stayed in one of the caves. It was BBB weekend really didn't notice. Had a beautiful view of the woods. The cave was very clean, with fireplace and a two person heart shaped jacuzzi tub. We spent our 10th wedding anniversary here. Stayed in the Paris Treehouse. Loved it. The bed was beyond comfortable!

Upon arrival, we were greeted with soft music playing in the background. We'll definitely come back! This is a must for couples who want to celebrate an anniversary or a romantic getaway! The most beautiful room. Friendly and helpful hostesses. I would recommend this stress free venue to all. This place is seriously the BEST! From check in to check out, it was perfect. My husband and I had our elopement ceremony there. We stayed in one of the hobbit caves. Our tiny ceremony was gorgeous. They gave us a disc of our wedding photos, and we got some keepsake champagne glasses. The service is phenomenal.

They really do want you to have the best time. I recommend this place to anyone who wants to take a few days to get away from reality. We had a small wedding to attend. They had an adorable little chaple surrounded by tree houses, castles, and Hobbit houses. It was wonderful. The chaple had a waterfall and came with a photographer! The staff was very sweet. The inside of the castle, that the married couple were going to spend their honeymoon in, was a magical experience with trap doors and balconies.

I came here on my honeymoon and it was so sweet. A great place to relax and get away from all the stresses of life. My husband and I just spent our honeymoon in one of the Castle Treehouses!! If I could give ya'll stars I would!! From the card and basket to the amazing view to the tub for two! We will definetely be back! We love it here! We have stayed in a treehouse and a castle, they are both wonderful. The treehouse has the hot tub on main floor, the castle has it upstairs so depends on your preference.

Great location for anniversaries. We stayed in one of the castles for our anniversary. We even had music playing, accent lighting and an anniversary gift basket waiting for us when we opened the door. There's even a secret passageway! We would highly recommend it.

We can't wait to go back! I surprised my husband with a stay here in one of their Hobbit Caves for his birthday in May. The grounds were quiet and well kept, and you get a remote to the privacy gate on your door key. It had a: 2 person secluded grotto hot tub, huge walk-in rain shower, flat screen tv with dvd and cable, roomy walk-in closet, kitchenette with mini fridge microwave and dinnerware for 2 , and AC unit. I had chosen their chocolate lovers birthday package and there was a birthday banner over the hot tub, chocolate cake and champagne in the fridge, memento champagne flutes for us to use and keep, and streamers scattered on the foot of the bed and side tables with a cute welcome note.

The check-in process was also great. The lady gave me a map of the area and pointed out local restaurants and attractions that they recommended. The back of the map had a list of the restaurants, their hours and what type of food they served. My husband and I stayed in a hobbit cave for our anniversary and loved it. The cave felt very private and isolated due to how they have it all arranged and landscaped.

We have great memories from our stay and hope to come back again soon! We absolutely loved this place! It's a bit pricey, but well worth it. It's VERY clean. The bed was comfortable. We loved the shower. I actually took pictures so we can remodel ours to something similar. Not only were the accommodations great, the staff and owners were wonderful. Very helpful and welcoming. They left us a little welcome snack package see photo. We visit Eureka every year for the VW festival. If we didn't have a need little one, we would stay here again.

We spent our 27th Anniversary here. We can not express how great our experience was. A wonderful place to get away and enjoy a peaceful and private stay. Thank you for the extra care in the specials for occasions. The champagne and cake were delicious and the snacks were perfect!!

We had a wonderful time and we are already planning to come back! Was very unique and fun. I was surprised with rose petals and candles and champagne for a very romantic getaway. This place blew my expectations out of the water!! The employees were friendly and very accommodating. They even left us treats in our room!! We stayed in the grotto, which seemed a little cheesy - and it was, but also awesome!!! The jacuzzi tub was delicious and I could stay either there or in the shower all day!

But we didn't! There was even a tram stop right down the street. We will definitely be referring this place to all of our family and friends. The size of the cabin, the atmosphere, the environment I cannot say enough good things about this place. If you have the ability or option to stay here DO IT. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. This place is one of the most amazing places that we've had the pleasure of experiencing, the hospitality was outstanding from the second we arrived!! Everyone on the staff went out of their way for us and we will always be thankful we chose you!!!

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My husband and I planned our wedding getaway at Eureka Springs Treehouses. We had the best time. From check in and the great service to the ease of checkout, everything was perfect. Our room was a treehouse with a beautiful scenery off the balcony. We fed the squirrels from our own balcony! Our wedding was intimate and special When we returned to our room, we were welcomed with rose petals, tea candles, champagne and glasses, a wedding cake, and many other special items to make our wedding night romantic.

We will certainly return in the future. Also on site are castle rooms and cavern rooms. Maybe we will try one of those! We stayed in one of the grottos for a 3 day 2 night trip and it was absolutely the most unique, fun experience weve had in a long time! The room itself was like walking into a cave. It gave the seclusion we desired, yet were just a few blocks from downtown shopping.

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Highly recommended and cant wait to go back! Wonderful resort! Perfect couples only resort! Every amenity offered is perfect! They personalize your experience and make sure you have every thing you need for a perfect stay! Priced way under what they could be! Nothing short of absolutely perfect! I would not stay anywhere else! So many options and so much fun!! Have stayed in Hogsveil and Hobbit Cave will be back to experience other places!! Beautiful place.

Very clean, staff is very friendly. The place is amazing, so is the view! So close to anything and everything you would want to do. We went to eureka spring to have a relaxing weekend and we picked to stay in one of the hobbit caves! I didn't think you could have a cave and luxury in the second sentence but this place did exactly That! It was off the main road a bit so it was secluded enough but still close to everything we wanted to do. The bed was so comfortable, the jacuzzie tub was relaxing and romantic.