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Julia was born with Microcephaly , a rare condition that affects the size of a child's head, which prevents the brain from reaching its normal size and causes mild to severe learning disabilities. She is "substantially and profoundly disabled. But this disability is not stopping Julia from living her best life. She loves the fact that her wheelchair can make her costumes that much more epic, and people just go gaga over her, her mom says.

She loves life! She giggles all the time," Talbot said, and added that Julia loves that people on Halloween actually come up to her and engage with her, talk to her, and pay attention to her. And attention is what Julia got when her mom shared the photo on Twitter of the little but mighty RBG impersonator.

Steampunk Style Plague Doctor Bird’s Beak Mask for Halloween

Her parents always want to create costumes that send a positive message, whether it's subtle or not. They begin brainstorming ideas months in advance, and it takes them about weeks to actually build the costumes. Because she has a hard life," Talbot said. You can't help but see the world through her eyes. She shows you what matters. The narrator in the poem calls the raven a thing of evil and a prophet, suggesting a connection with the supernatural.

This talking raven responds to the questions of the narrator helping to drive him mad.

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His intelligence and talking ability adds to the mystery of the poem and reflects the natural abilities of these amazing birds. Their great intelligence meant that they were often considered messengers, or manifestations of the gods, such as Bendigeidfran Blessed Raven or the Irish Morrigan, underworld deities that may be related to the later Arthurian Fisher King. This plays into a common theme throughout history of specific species of birds in various cultures transmitting the soul to the heavens or the underworld.

ANGRY BIRDS - Halloween 2016 Trailer

The intelligence of crows has taken a recent turn using old-fashioned behavioral studies linked with new scanning techniques. One study looked at how these birds respond to the sight of human faces.

It is known that crows take to the skies more quickly when an approaching person looks directly at them, as opposed to when an individual nears with an averted gaze, according to a report by biologist Barbara Clucas of Humboldt State University and her colleagues in the April issue of Ethology. The researchers walked toward groups of crows in three locations in the Seattle area, with their eyes either on the birds or on some point in the distance. The crows scattered earlier when the approaching person was looking at them, unlike other animals that avoid people no matter what a person is doing.

Clucas speculates that ignoring a human who has an averted gaze is a learned adaptation to life in the big city. Indeed, many studies have shown that crows are able to learn safety behaviors from one another. For example, John Marzluff of the University of Washington who co-authored the aforementioned paper with Clucas used masked researchers to test the learning abilities of crows. He and his colleagues ventured into Seattle parks wearing one of two kinds of masks. The people wearing one kind of mask trapped birds; the others simply walked by. Five years later, the scientists returned to the parks with their masks.

The birds present at the original trapping remembered which masks corresponded to capturing, and they passed this information to their young and other crows. All the crows responded to the sight of a researcher wearing a trapping mask by immediately mobbing the individual and shrieking.

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Although humans take it for granted, this type of social learning is cognitively complex and rare in the animal kingdom, according to Marzluff. A crow recognizes human faces using the same visual pathways in the brain as humans do.

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In fact birds are more visual than people! A study using PET scans found that when crows viewed human faces that they associated with threat or care, the birds had increased activity in the amygdala, thalamus, and brain stem, areas related to emotional processing and fear learning.

Intimidating Intelligence

In response to threatening faces, areas that regulate perception, attention, and fleeing also lit up in these studies. The similarity to human brain activity and the parallels in social intelligence in general are significant.

A girl and her wheelchair became the 'Notorious RBG' for Halloween

The newer concept is that the brain evolves based on the sociality of the species. Corvids tend to be more social and this higher social aspect with their peers requires greater brain processing.

Enjoyed your article. And even interaction with us humans. I happen to love Crows and Ravens, and find them fascinating.