When the Lights Go Out

What to Do When the Lights Go Out
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I know you think it may be just a lie Ain't no good in putting up a fight 'Cos my heart is set on you I see the trust is in your eyes I ain't fooled by your thin disguise I can see I'm getting through, Its wings are fanned on either side of its body, white belly exposed, its neck turned too far in one direction, broken I think. Strong beat and lyrics very timely. Tagged Friends. May 1.

Plugin W. Media Player Winamp. Mi perfil Enviar letra Mensajes Editar Salir. I step on the tail feathers of one by chance and it scurries, wings slapping together to get away from me. As I go to take another step, I see what the skirmish is all about. It throws off my stride, makes me lose balance. The dead pigeon lies on its back, spread-eagle-like. Its wings are fanned on either side of its body, white belly exposed, its neck turned too far in one direction, broken I think.

I see only one beady eye, the other somehow missing. Its beak is tucked into the crook of a neck, and on the street beside it are flecks of blood.

People turn to see what the racket is, the clang of the bike on the street, the sound of my scream. My hands reach for something to latch on to, coming up empty until Liam grabs me by the wrist, steadying me.

How did it die? Those pigeons. I turn to point them out to him.

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No pigeons. Chunky green relish spilling from the bun, red ketchup splattered here and there like blood. The world loses balance all of a sudden, the street beneath my feet unpredictable and insecure. I think of sinkholes, when the earth suddenly decides to give, roadways collapsing like Play-Doh, sucking people in and swallowing them whole.

I shake my head. I can think only of the bird, the pigeons, the flecks of blood. Kim Taylor of Norwood, Massachusetts, shovels a path in the snow in front of her home on February Hide Caption. Heavy machinery is used to plow the Downtown Crossing area of Boston on February 15, after a winter storm dropped over a foot of snow on the city. A dog romps through heavy snow in Bourne, Massachusetts, on February Snow nearly reaches the tops of parking meters in Boston on February A winter storm churns up heavy surf and foam on a deserted stretch of beach along Cape Cod Bay in Bourne, Massachusetts, on February Pedestrians cross the street as snow falls in Boston on Saturday, February A pair of bulldozers rest on a giant pile at a "snow farm" in Boston on February Trucks from the U.

Army National Guard roll into Rockport, Massachusetts, on Saturday, February 14, ahead of the predicted blizzard to assist with snow removal. Rich and Kathy Melvin shovel out their car in front of their house in Somerville, Massachusetts, on Tuesday, February Traffic is thin on the Massachusetts Turnpike in Boston on February 9. A car is buried in snow in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston on February 9.

Snow-covered U. Postal Service vehicles sit idle February 9 in Marlborough, Massachusetts. Passengers wait at the commuter rail train station in Framingham on February 9. A man climbs onto his roof to clear piles of snow in Quincy, Massachusetts, on February 9. A woman works to dig her car out of the long-term parking lot at the airport in Manchester, New Hampshire, on February 9. A woman walks down a snow-covered road in Marlborough early on February 9.

When the lights go out

Story highlights Power outages can pose safety challenges for medication and food Those using breathing machines should have a backup power source It's possible to make meals without power or refrigeration, experts say. And if the electricity does fail, unusually low temperatures could make life very uncomfortable. Here are some tips to stay healthy when the lights go out:.

A condition called hypothermia happens when a person's core body temperature goes below 95 degrees F. A rapid loss of body heat, usually because of being in cold water, is called acute hypothermia.

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Cold outdoor weather poses risks of subacute hypothermia, when the body can't cope with the cold. And chronic hypothermia happens from ongoing exposure to indoor temperatures below 50 degrees F, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If your home has no heat, you can prevent hypothermia by using blankets, wearing layers of clothing and a hat, and moving around, as body temperature goes up with physical activity. Everyone should also be getting adequate food and liquids.