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WB CD Towards Proficiency can be used both as an exam preparation course and a general advanced course. Towards Proficiency SB Towards Proficiency WB Towards Proficiency TB Audio Board game worksheets A board game is a tabletop game that involves counters or pieces moved or placed on a pre-marked surface or "board", according to a set of rules.

Some games are based on pure strategy, but many contain an element of chance; and some are purely chance, with no element of skill. It's specially designed to develop students' oral skills, stimulating democratic discussion and debate in the English-language class. This book uses authentic texts from a wide variety of sources, including newspapers, magazines and websites. The texts have been chosen to give controversial and challenging viewpoints on global issues. Using the ideas and facts provided in the book, students can develop and express their own opinions on 30 topics.

Ideas and Issues Advanced Some material to read two texts, each approximately words. Using the information in this material, you have to write an essay. Expand text… What's in Part 2?

Preliminary English Test (PET)

A choice of four questions 2—5. For Questions 2—4, you may have to write an article, a letter, a report or a review. Stedman: The Light Between Oceans any edition Teachers may choose to prepare candidates for questions on this set text by studying the film directed by Derek Cianfrance as well as, or instead of, the novel.

Checklist to improve your writing KB. Proficiency Writing Pack To help students with the ideas and issues they are expected to be able to speak and write about at this level. Expand text… To give students as many opportunities as possible to express themselves and use the English they are learning.

  1. Secrets of a Small Town: Small Town Mayhem;
  2. 19 Jun 2013.
  3. Question 3: Describe a Photo!
  4. 1947 Europe from a Duffel Bag.
  5. Doina - Score.

So, for instance, there are no texts which simply present new vocabulary or end with comprehension questions; each of them leads into a discussion of something controversial - discussions that students should find interesting and motivating. To raise the students' level of general English: developing their fluency, boosting their active vocabulary and increasing the range of linguistic structures they use. To give lots of help with writing.


Students need a lot of practice and a lot of help to write well. In each unit of this book the reading texts and the discussions provide most of the ideas and information that can then be used in the writing task at the end. To give students a good background in materials and skills that will be particularly useful for those who are likely to sit exams such as the Michigan Proficiency, IELTS and Edexcel level To make the course relevant to a greater number of students, including those who were not high flyers at FCE level and all those who have no ambition either to study English at university or to become teachers of the language.

Pre-Proficiency Primer 2.

How to do Part 2

It also offers excellent preparation for the revised First Certificate Examination for December or any other examinations at the same level. The book is divided into two parts: Part A consists of ten complete listening tests.

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An Oral Exam (The Teacher's Pet Book 1) - Kindle edition by Veronica Allwood. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Access Cambridge PET Speaking Sample Test 1 here to help you prepare and succeed in the Cambridge PET Exam. Your success starts at Greenwich English .

The recordings are based on authentic listening material and make use of various accents and sound effects. Part B consists of ten speaking tests and covers a wide variety of topics such as holidays, entertainment, etc. In this section, students are familiarised with the essential language vocabulary, useful expressions, discourse markers, etc and ideas necessary for the test itself.

Students are also trained to organise their speech coherently and to display an appropriate variety of linguistic resources.

There are also two additional Speaking Tests at the end of the book to prepare students to meet the requirements of the exam. Sonia Gui pinned post 12 Jun at am. Teacher's set 1. Teaching English Grammar Grammar is not just syntax.

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This is an indispensable book for all new EFL teachers: a step-by-step guide on what to teach and how to teach it. This edition has been fully revised to include: -insights from teachers working around the world. Rely on Teach Yourself, trusted by learners for over 75 years. Reading Stories with Young Children It should be obvious that reading stories with young children greatly assists their literacy development, yet this often appears to be forgotten in the rush to add still more new activities to the curriculum. Reading Stories With Young Children redresses the balance, focusing on what remains the most important basic requirement for learning.

The book explores the ways in which reading stories with young children can best enhance their literacy skills. The extensive examples drawn from home and school will make this book an essential resource. The links into writing, drawing and making, as well as to other curriculum areas are made explicit. This page content has been optimised for printing. Resource type.

Resource name and link. Suitable for:. For a list of these, visit our Publications section: English language publications. How to mark practice exam materials.

PET Speaking Exam - How to Do Part One of the Cambridge PET Speaking Test

How to mark practice ISE exam materials This document explains how to mark practice materials and interpret outcomes. Use these sample papers to practice answering typical exam questions. Sample exam paper 1 with notes Sample exam paper 1 with answers Sample exam paper 2 with answers Sample exam paper 3 with answers Sample exam paper 4 with answers Sample exam paper 5 with answers Sample exam paper 6 with answers Sample exam paper 7 with answers.

Guidance on Writing genres — what to consider when writing a response in a specific genre for the exam — eg a letter, email, essay, review, report, etc.