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There's even some elevating kraut arpeggio business to unravel the mind Top stuff here, a fully realized EP beautifully executed. Percussive interludes break up the swooning synthplay before segueing into found-sounds and blissful scenic 'tron. In the mids, a force of nature swept across the continental United States, cutting across all strata of race and class, rooting in our minds, our homes, our culture. Seemingly overnight, the indoor plant business was in full bloom and photosynthetic eukaryotes of every genus were hanging off walls, lording over bookshelves, and basking on sunny window ledges.

Perhaps the craziest claim of the book was that plants also dug music. And whether you purchased a snake plant, asparagus fern, peace lily, or what have you from Mother Earth on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles or bought a Simmons mattress from Sears , you also took home Plantasia, an album recorded especially for them. Plants date back from the dawn of time, but apparently they loved the Moog, never mind that the synthesizer had been on the market for just a few years. Most of all, the plants loved the ditties made by composer Mort Garson. Few characters in early electronic music can be both fearless pioneers and cheesy trend-chasers, but Garson embraced both extremes, and has been unheralded as a result.

Well before Brian Eno did it, Garson was making discreet music, both the man and his music as inconspicuous as a Chlorophytum comosum. With the Moog, those idears could be transformed. Nefarious manifestations of human-plant interaction also abounded, be it the grotesque pods in Invasion of the Body Snatchers or the pothead paranoia of the US Government spraying Mexican marijuana fields with the herbicide paraquat which led to the rise in homegrown pot by the s. Whatever created us was incredible. Novel as it might seem, Plantasia is simply full of good tunes. Garson may have given the album away to new plant and bed owners, but a decade later a new generation could hear his music in another surreptitious way.

Hearing Plantasia in the 21st century, it seems less an ode to our photosynthesizing friends by Garson and more an homage to his wife, the one with the green thumb that made everything flower around him. A spoken word and music project by writer Justin Hopper and folk musician Sharron Kraus. It also features Ghost Box's own Belbury Poly. The album is a blend of folk, electronic music, poetry, prose and environmental sound.

Musically it moves effortlessly from the traditional to the avant-garde with Belbury Poly contributing music and production throughout and bookending the work with a memorable theme tune. Finding its spiritual home on Ghost Box, the project is reminiscent of a lost era of poetry and music albums, like David Cain and Radiophonic Workshop's The Seasons. It comes artfully packaged in a style that recalls a poetry and music for schools LP, with a nod towards s Topic folk anthologies. Welcome to the deeper end of the Hugh Mane spectrum.

Emotions electric, vintage voodoo with modern spells. You need. But Hugh Mane's nailed it here, delivering four dusty box jams that growl, fizz and spit. A beauty! Humanoid's classic acid house single, "Stakker Humanoid", highly regarded as one of the key tracks from the era Richard James sights the Stakker project as a major influence , enjoyed massive success in Reaching No.

Whilst all this was happening, Brian Dougans one half of electronic legends Future Sound of London claims he was returning to his squat in Kings Cross with no electricity or water. He not only became disillusioned with the business, but also became increasingly ill from the conditions he was living in.

Around 6 tracks into the album, he left London and record label, Streetsounds, returning to Manchester to recover and regroup his thoughts. It is this innovation that has helped usher Humanoid back into the limelight and consequently the album has a rather new and unique sound and style. Meanwhile "Traktion" is a break beat, pulse laden, bass heavy monster. Fast, frantic and beat driven.

Whilst "Post Humans" combines thumping and into an acid hallucination. Javonntte Drumma - Inc. Adding to a growing stable of leading house artists who have already released on the London label, Detroit singer, producer and dancer Javonntte presents "Drumma EP", traversing the deep and soulful spectrum with two original productions. Something that would have felt right at home in the old Co-Op dances at Plastic People. The B-side presents remixes from two young producers with a bright future. Touching Bass family Romaal Kultan ups the tempo with a weightier sucker-punch of breaks and broken percussion, primed for peak time impact.

Jimi Bazzouka Volume 5 Crowdspacer.

Wonder Woman: Odyssey, Vol. 1

The savior of the international dancefloor community, Jimi laughs in the face of North Korean nuclear tests, shrugs at ferocious weather patterns and briskly unfollows even the most vicious internet troll. Volume 5 of his inimitable edit series sees the big man barrel through the soundtrack section, to serve up the sweetest synthwave hits, mechanical movers and future primitive freakouts.

Next up, "Brainwashing" bleeps and bangs its way through slow-and-low "I Can't Believe It's Not Detlef" territories, locking us into the Fairlights and mallets of an Asian-industrial winner. Flip it for "Countryman Pt. If you dug on Ruffy's "Midnight Sativa Dance", this one will be right up your strasse.

Bag it! Add some lush pad sweeps and a banging beat and you've got a bit of a slammer on your hands The return of…KiNK. His first original record after the latest album and a few bits here and there, is an ode to the miraculous grip that a piano still holds over almost any dance floor. Think Rozalla, Bizarre Inc. Instrumental included for the faint at heart. Last, but not least. Seriously, if you don't catch yourself loosing it next to the speaker stacks, talking to wheelie bins that's you Pharoah Brunson! Destined for extended plays and repeat performances this summer fo' sho'. Skillfull blended with plenty other elements, this is a clever curveball with just enough whiffs of AVH's original number to keep us on the edge of our dancing shoes.

So good! A loopy loop festival to dance the night away. By the way, the four tracks are superb, pay special attention to 'Tomorrow', a St. Germain cum Blueboy beauty. Our first record was Seventeen Stars by the Montgolfier Brothers, a baroque, cinematic classic that almost no-one has ever heard.

To mark the 20th anniversary of the original release, CTR have remastered this brilliant work for vinyl. Beautiful, memorable, fragile An album that proves the longevity of great songwriting, tunes and textures that stay with you.

Their intricate melodies, combined with a cinematic lushness, and heartfelt songs were never easy to pigeonhole and consequently, despite being championed and re-released by Alan McGee on his Poptones label in , this album never received the acclaim it deserved. Mozaika Passing Looks Feat. Together they produce a beautiful, mystic synth pop track, which sounds a little bit like The B52's soundtracking a John Hughes movie which only exists in Gwen Stefani's grade school daydreams.

A dub version of that track completes the A-Side, splintering fragments of vocal over a beefier, DJ friendly variant of the title track.

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To capture the sublime on "Dusk to Dawn" Mr. The result juxtaposes experimental textures with pure rhythmic momentum. Tophat was an avid clubber as a teen, way before making his name as a cult DJ; 'everything started when my childhood friend Kalle and I first visited Berghain. It was and we were 18 years old. We had found each other being two individualists with our own nerdy interests.

Together we plunged into them, Kalle in hairstyling, me in electronic dance music, computer games and cyber-punk. Berlin and Berghain became a place we went and visited almost once a month during a two year period. As a space where you can freak out, be yourself, queer and believe in hedonism. It shall and should be about freedom. Thinking back to the time in Ibiza, Mr.

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Tophat remembers 'the turquoise sky and the coloured sea in peach were faded together into a seamless vision, the horizon was impossible to navigate; meanwhile the bright dusk was filled with hate, darkness and mayhem. Nature - so simple, but still so complex. Tophat issuing an incredibly mature and detailed LP that belies his still young age.

Top marks. Modeselektor revived their Seilscheibenpfeiler Schallplatten label around this time last year, and have since delivered nine top drawer releases traversing new and vintage vibrations from the vast world of underground electronic music. Toronto based producer Graham Bertie aka Nautiluss returns for his second outing and the label's 10th overall release. Contrasting technically proficient, rhythmically intricate production with the kinda of tactile, body pleasing playfulness often associated with the label's leading duo, "Guccifer" is a fierce, whiplash breaks roller that's riddled with a gnarly attitude.

Cerebral, evocative and picturesque, it could soundtrack many a moment of blissed out, serene conclusion; the crown joining together to reconcile the epic DJ that that's played out before it. A side is dancefloor bliss with its dark undertones and merciless bass whilst B side invites you to chill a bit still brandishing some industrial aesthetics. Highly recommended. Okinawa Delays Feat.

Satoko Ishimine Nariyama Ayagu - Inc. Phil Mison Remixes Claremont Blink and I missed it! After the highly sort after and supremely limited first run disappeared over the horizon, OBI strip and all, Claremont 56 take pity on schmucks like you and I with a plain sleeve repress of this serene Balearic beauty. Though it may not be the looker it once was, you'll be reassured to know that this gem sounds just as good as ever. Label favourite, Cafe Del Mar hero and all round top talent Phil Mison takes controls on the A-side, rewarding one and all with a pair of pure, ambient bathers.

Celestial synthwashes wax and wane beneath gentle acoustic guitar, occasional piano chords ripple through the infinite calm and the fx laden vocal sings sweetly to the siren, leaving us to drift peacefully into a new state of mind. In dub form, Phil omits the vocal and lets his tranquil instrumentation take centre stage, rivalling the superb "69" on Growing Bin for untampered beauty. The mix of shuffling percussion, diminished 7ths and rubber-necking bass should keep your body loose and limber, while Satoko Ishimine's smooth vocal soothes your soul to perfection.

This won't be around for a long time, so buy a copy and stay cool all summer long. Here they express some naughty electronic dance moods a la Mr. A wubbing b-line directs proceedings on this baby while hazed drums and cyberpunk SFX dart around in the background. Scruff and Radioactive Man as well as the natural house and disco camps that already hail Psychemagik as superstars. Two remixes to get stuck into. Magda Blotter Traxion remix further distills the elements in the aural test tube, resulting in a gurgling alchemy that fizzes and splurts like phosphorus on water.

Vyvyan on the other hand adopts a gliding bass-tek aesthetic; low register drones paired perfectly with a frenetic break and plenty other synthesized elements.

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Hard to pick a favourite between this and the OG, both are gonna destroy the dance The remixes are mega to so lots to enjoy on this Pet! Embracing his own love of albums that travel, taking the listener on twists and turns, with the loss of the album narrative that has occurred in this day of streaming, Holland utilises the space created to explore more creativity as a producer. Somewhere out there around the turn of the s, to the left of the post-punk crew, to the right of the minimalists, and surfacing with a friendlier face than the dour industrialists of the time — there existed, seemingly unbidden, an entire, networked, tape-trading community; a community that crossed continents and oceans, that relied on the postal service to do its bidding; a community full of humble visionaries and lost, misunderstood, or just plain ignored home steeped genius.

The songs seem more developed, fluent, like mini-suites in some sense. Human music intoxicated and lurching through a new forest of machinery. Some moments point towards the tourist-explorer aesthetic that would eventually coalesce under the banner of Fourth World music. June Records presents their seventeenth release, "Diataxis" by Ioannis Savvaidis, which is comprised of 4 recordings and their accompanying texts. The sound is transmitted throughout abstractly and emotionally structured spaces. With this subscription you will receive unlimited access to high quality, online, on-demand premium content from well-respected faculty in the legal industry.

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Michael Straczynski ,. Phil Hester. Don Kramer Illustrator. Eduardo Pansica Illustrator. If you think you knew who Wonder Woman was — think again! Get A Copy. Hardcover , pages. More Details Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Wonder Woman , please sign up.

Interesting that Wonder Woman's name is Diana. Was this concept based on a goddess concept? See 1 question about Wonder Woman…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews.


This is the movie Idiocracy on full display. Were we breaking the 4th wall or what? But I could see fans of Percy Jackson appreciating this volume. Tenderlonious Hard Rain. But one can only hope and dream….

Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Jun 21, Stephen rated it liked it Shelves: , comics-graphic-novels , mythstories-and-legends. I'm smitten with new Wonder Woman and this retool is certainly pleasing progress Princess Diana gets a much needed infusion of kickassery to complete the 21st century makeover that has seen her transformed from 40's, non-inspiring Betty Crocker meets Betty Boop clad in frilly skirt and high heals She is Woman, hear her roar ripping your ears off and shoving them up your poop dispenser.

As he did so well with Thor, JMS has taken a fading comic icon and revitalized it with a fresh look and an intriguing new direction. While not as stellar as his work on the thunder god, there is quite a bit to like here. Only time will tell if my interest is rewarded or casually shoved aside in favor of another quick retool. With her home destroyed, the favor of gods seemingly retracted and Diana just coming into her powers, she must find a way to protect the scattered group of surviving amazons from the powerful, mysterious enemy that continues to hunt them down.

The above may make it sound like my earlier optimism was incredibly misplaced, but the story really does unfold with a nice sense of establishing a new lasting storyline and I found it, for the most part, entertaining. However… Along with the positives, there are some gripes that keep me from rating this higher than 3 stars. As I mentioned above, the writing is good. However, it is just that and no more. Given that the multi-world, multi-reality spin that Straczynski took with this arc inherently injects a certain chaos to the narrative, I think he would have been better served by slowing the pace of the story a little to allow the reader to better maintain a sense of equilibrium.

Too much action and jumping from scene to scene does not always equate to excitement…rather it leads to boredom as your attention blurs and slides away from the plot. Still, overall, I thought this was good and I will certainly pick up the next volume to see how the Odyssey storyline concludes. I just hope JMA works out a few of the kinks and pours a little more of himself into the writing.

View all 20 comments. Jun 09, Anne rated it really liked it Shelves: comics , read-in , graphic-novels. Loved it! Well, it was a little confusing at first. I thought I was reading a What-If story for a while, but everything gets clearer as the story goes on. Just make sure you also read volume two. Let's face it, Wonder Woman needed a reboot. Even with Gail Simone's wonderful take on her, there were quite a few things that could have benefited from a well done update.

While some people were sad or angry to see her old costume go, I thought it was high time to get rid of it. I actually loved her new Loved it! I actually loved her new look in this. Also gone is the saintly soccer-mom image that she's managed to maintain over the years. She's young and impulsive! I haven't had a chance to read any of the New 52, but I'm hoping this is a foreshadowing of good things to come.

View all 8 comments. Dec 18, Nicole rated it liked it Shelves: fierce-females , superheroes , dc-graphic-novels , borrowed-loaned , fairytale-myth-legend. The leggings look painted on, but at least they offer coverage. The boots are very nice, with low heels practical for running and kicking. Guys tend to see women in terms of what role they play—mother, girlfriend, wife—instead of who they are on their own terms. I preferred some of the smaller moments, such as when Diana finds out she can fly her expression of surprise turns to pure joy and when she confronts a sleazy pawn shop guy while hocking an artifact for money to help a friend trying to escape an abusive relationship.

That was kind of cutesy. The character is everything I'd hoped she would be, along with some things I didn't quite expect. To use the obvious adjective, she is wonderful. Now I certainly don't want to read any version of her story in which she's a brat or anything less than amazing. Dec 13, Sesana rated it really liked it Shelves: mythology , superhumans , comics. For the most part, Odyssey reads like an Elseworlds story.

Instead of growing up on Paradise Island, Diana and a handful of Amazons flee when she was a child, escaping from an overwhelming invasion. So her mission becomes one of vengeance instead of peace. The resulting Diana feels younger, more unsettled, and more reckless by far than the one we knew. You know what? I'm cool with this. Comic books should get a nice shake up every ten or twenty years or so, and Diana was due.

And this setup was For the most part, Odyssey reads like an Elseworlds story. And this setup was fantastic, intriguing, and most of all, different. But the execution Here some issues popped up. Mostly the fact that the storyline as written felt disjointed, almost like a much shorter storyline had been stretched out, and the writer had to add a bunch of meaningless episodes to compensate.

And the transition between one episode to the next is usually shaky. In the end, most of these things add up to something, and the individual scenes are usually well-written. It just felt like the overarching plot hadn't been nailed down enough before it went to press. But probably the most talked about aspect of this version of Diana will be her costume. I love it, almost unconditionally. I love that she's wearing pants, I love that she finally has something holding her top up, and I love that she has the jacket option.

Now, there's some kind of overcomplicated business on her arms, under her jacket, that I could do without, and there's a lot of lines on her top that I think are meant to indicate boning this is in the New 52 costume, as well that don't look terribly helpful. But overall, it does look a lot more like something that a woman would choose to wreak some havoc in. Shame it didn't last longer. Aug 19, Ozan rated it liked it. This book is about a new incarnation of Wonder Woman who's homeland the Paradise Island was destoryed and her mother The Queen Hippolyta was killed by invedars when Wonder Woman was a child for some reason cause Amazon's lost Aphrodite's favor for some reason I was like i think this book will be medicore halfway through but some interesting things happend as the story goes on She went there with a piece which she totall This book is about a new incarnation of Wonder Woman who's homeland the Paradise Island was destoryed and her mother The Queen Hippolyta was killed by invedars when Wonder Woman was a child for some reason cause Amazon's lost Aphrodite's favor for some reason She went there with a piece which she totally stole from her people!

Were we breaking the 4th wall or what? This is another interesting part of the story that made me look forward to the 2nd volume which i just ordered Jul 06, Diana rated it did not like it Shelves: discarded-shelf.

I don't know what I was expecting, but I couldn't get into this one. I felt like I didn't get where she was, why, or that it made sense. Maybe that was the idea, so we could find ourselves at the same time she did, but after 50ish pages of nothing making sense to me and the lecture failing to catch my eye, I decided to stop. There was a lot of jumping between places and moments, and being in a multiverse story this can get fuzzy if not properly grounded Maybe I don't know what I was expecting, but I couldn't get into this one.

Maybe I'll revisit again sometime. I might be in the minority, but this is my favorite WW costume, just saying.

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It's an interesting idea, and I like the Amazons in here as well as the references to various myths. Diana is well done here, even if sometimes her boobs are too big. I wish I never purchased this book because unfortunately the talent on the title did not meet my expectations.

house . techno . electronica . ambient . neo-classical

For all the flack JMS took for his alleged sedate Superman story which I've yet to read this book is a complete bore-fest that I assume had fewer eyes looking upon it so it fell through the cracks. I didn't mind the controversial costume change since I am sure it won't be too long before WW reverts back to her traditional look and colors, but reading about an amnesiac-like heroine wit I wish I never purchased this book because unfortunately the talent on the title did not meet my expectations.

I didn't mind the controversial costume change since I am sure it won't be too long before WW reverts back to her traditional look and colors, but reading about an amnesiac-like heroine without a good mystery seemed awfully pointless. I usually tend to enjoy works by JMS but there's not much to like on his short lived turn as a writer of Wonder Woman.

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Even artist Don Kramer, a fine artist in his own right, gets art assists and it took me out of the story because it seemed as if he and his helpers were unable to stay on model. On some pictures within panels W. One saving point on this title would be the slick covers by Alex Garner. Spoiler alert here: there's one scene where WW wants to sell an artifact to raise money to help another person, but she bullies a pawn shop worker and vandalizes his counter top during a sales haggle. So not only is WW a great warrior, but she's also in need of anger management, what a respectable hero she is.

I'm looking forward to the eventual collected material of Wonder Woman by Brian Azzarello so I'm going to dismiss any more collections by JMS's immediate replacement. Also, Gail Simone wrote an interesting year worth of stories, but I lost interest after Terry Dodson left and her four remaining WW books still sit at the bottom of my to be read pile. I wish I waited for the Public Library to order a copy.

May 06, James DeSantis rated it it was ok. Got so bored half way through I stopped. I guess there's only a few Wonder Woman stories I actually care about. This is a snooze fest for me. Apr 03, Aimee rated it really liked it Shelves: read-in , library-books. Better than I was expecting. I loved the illustrations and Diana's new outfit.