Four Days to Veracruz: A Novel

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The French representatives were however instructed to go beyond the articles outlined in the treaty, and if French satisfaction could not be achieved in agreement with the other members of the alliance, then France would pursue its own agenda independent of Britain and France. On 17 March , General Prim wrote to Napoleon informing him that he could not support plans to create a monarchy in Mexico. Negotiations came to a halt, and the tripartite alliance collapsed on 9 April , with European powers unable to find common ground. Separate peace negotiations were conducted between Mexico and Spain and Britain, and the Spanish and British troops engaged in the campaign withdrew.

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French troops remained in Cordoba before moving out to Orizaba on 18 April , under de Lorencez. The French army occupied Orizaba. General de Lorencez, then stationed in Orizaba, took over, with Dubois de Saligny receiving responsibility for diplomatic negotiations.

Lacking promised reinforcements Saligny had promised him an extra 10, troops under General Marquez, but these did not arrive and assured by his advisors that the Mexicans in the city would not put up much of a fight, de Lorencez decided to launch a quick assault, thereby catching the Mexican troops by surprise.

Puebla was manned by 12, Mexican troops, commanded by General Zaragosa.

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The French lost men killed, wounded or missing, whilst two were taken prisoner. Mexican losses totalled killed, missing or wounded. None arrived, and the withdrawal continued. The battle is known as The Battle of Barranca Seca. June — August : The French troops under de Lorencez were stationed in Orizaba, where they were threatened by sporadic Mexican assaults. Mexican troops filled the area, making it difficult to find provisions. Yellow fever ripped through the ranks.

History of Mexico

As a result, on 9 August, de Lorencez requested leave to return to France, a request that was granted. August : Further French forces were dispatched to Mexico, bringing the French army total to about 39, troops. A week later, on 29 March , the fort of San Javier was captured by French troops.

As the French troops moved through the city, on 14 April , the Battle of Atlixco took place, with the Mexican liberal troops forced to retreat. On 25 April , French troops attacked the convent at Santa Inez, where Mexican troops were holed up, but were repulsed. On 5 May , an attempt to break out through the French siege at San Pablo, led by General Comonfort, met with failure.

On 8 May , at the Battle of San Lorenzo, Mexican troops under General Comonfort launched a spirited attack on the French forces under Bazaine which lasted through the night and into the next day; Comonfort and his men were finally forced to withdraw, having lost troops killed and wounded , and having abandoned their baggage train.


Darren Phillips is a presidential aide, a Harvard graduate, a decorated Desert Storm veteran, and now a husband. Kate North, his new wife, is a world-class. Four Days to Veracruz by Owen West - With style and nonstop action, Owen West , winner of the Boyd literary award for best military novel of , returns with.

This was agreed to, but the French commander, General Bazaine , refused to allow the Mexican troops to march out with full honours of war. Mendoza returned to Puebla, blew up the magazine, and levelled the fort. The general was left with a huge number of prisoners, 1, of which from rank and file enrolled in the Mexican army allied to the French expeditionary force, commanded by General Marquez.


The conflict was developing into a civil war again. French attention turned to the Mexican capital, Mexico City. With the French presence installed in Mexico City and overseeing proceedings, Maximilian was offered the imperial throne and the Regency government subsequently nominated a commission charged with leaving for Europe in order to present the offer to the Austrian prince. Over half of the French garrison stationed there died from yellow fever and the port was eventually abandoned.

The remaining members set sail on 16 August from San Nazario. They arrived in Trieste in October of that year. The United States refused to recognise the regency government.

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The Regency government quickly found obtaining finance difficult and there was a general reluctance displayed by Mexican subjects to pay taxes to a foreign-backed authorities. This area was a rich mining district with extremely productive silver mines. Marquez was wounded, and the battle is notable for the absence of French troops.

It was the first battle to pitch Mexican troops against one another. Marquez, despite his wound, succeeded in driving back Uruaga. The northern and southern states of Mexico still remained to be conquered.

The months of February and March, , were marked by minor combats, Mexican guerrilla warfare, and disease, which caused the French army great discomfort. The couple proceeded on to Cordoba, arriving just before midnight. The French soldiers, although superior in number to the Liberals, were caught in the defile of Candelaria, and were forced to desperately fight its way out, surrounded on all sides and in extreme heat. The battle can be considered a French success, in that they managed to extricate themselves from an extremely difficult and dangerous position.

Decidedly dishonourable in military terms, the decree soured relations with the French forces and intensified the struggle between Liberals and Imperials. January : Napoleon III, who — like the French public — was growing weary of the Mexican campaign, announced his decision to begin the French withdrawal, with the first batch of troops set to leave in November , the second in March , and the third in November At the beginning of the year, the imperial army native Mexican troops with Austrian and Belgian volunteers comprised over 43, men and 12, horses.

The French emperor and his advisors refused, informing Charlotte that the French withdrawal would not be slowed or reversed. Although well received by Pius, Charlotte was unsuccessful in securing any support for her husband. The disappointment experienced on the European trip, coupled with her concern for her husband, brought about a breakdown.

Transported to the imperial home of Miramare, near Trieste, on 9 October , she would never return to Mexico. The city eventually fell on 30 October. Darren Phillips is a presidential aide, a Harvard graduate, a decorated Desert Storm veteran, and now a husband. Kate North, his new wife, is a world-class adventure racer whom he met on an Eco-Challenge endurance team.

When an out-of-bounds kayaking excursion on the couple's honeymoon in Mexico lands them on the private beach of a violent drug dealer, their exotic getaway suddenly turns deadly. And Darren and Kate are, staggeringly, fugitives. They escape to the local police station -- only to enter into a bullet-ridden confrontation with the dealer's federale brother.

Broadcasting the carnage and devastation left in the couples' wake, the Mexican government declares them sex-crazed drug couriers and assassins, and the State Department, to avoid an international incident, tags them as murder suspects. But even as they flee, Darren manages to pass a message to his former roommate, teammate, and disgraced Marine corpsman, Gavin Kelly hero of Sharkman Six, West's critically acclaimed first novel.

The couple's only hope for survival hinges on Kelly's ability to interpret their message and to rendezvous with them in Veracruz. The couple flees desperately on foot across the badlands of the Sierra Madre, unwittingly carrying a piece of the drug cartel's encrypted communication code with them. As they race toward Veracruz, they are pursued by corrupt Mexican police, federales, and bloodhounds. More terrifying, they are pursued by a man known as El Monstruo Carnicero -- "The Monster Butcher" -- a serial killer dispatched from the bloody desert of Juarez by the leader of the Mexican drug cartel.