Sentinels: Forsaken Knight

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But if not, at least make some kind of two-handed version so warriors and hunters can use them!

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They're the traditional wielders of the moon glaive, for Pete's sake! You could even just classify them as swords like the Warglaives of Azzinoth! Comment by Draymar I don't quite understand why the one handed sword appears to be using a quest reward skin, instead of something more unique like all the other items on this list.


Comment by Aengmar12 Some of the weapons and some of the sets, I like, but one question remains: In a Warfront that features Forsaken and the use of blight is quite evident, then where is the option for a gasmask-like piece of headgear , possibly as a cosmetic item? One of the sets is even called "Blightbringer", who normally wear such things. I am fairly certain that I speak for a great number of players on this. Comment by Blackbeardswe Holy! That helmet, oh man, i wish i could use that on plate.

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Comment by MaXiiczek Am I the only one who think that locking a gear set recolor behind a 1 random item per 2 weeks RNG barrier is a terrible idea? Because if I understand it correctly, that's what Warfront Mythic set is : And I really like that color variant : But there is still a chance that this set will be awarded more frequently later when they add heroic Warfronts, one can hope Comment by Eluvia I am sad that horde hunters get a gun.

I do not see any Dark Rangers using those, sad me.

Comment by strohm Can you get xmog by killing rares during the Battle for darkshore scenario? Comment by RoninChaos Sorry for the dumb question, but how do you get these items? In the scenario or out in the world doing pvp? Cannot find any info on it! Nice sets all around, though. Comment by kaleestraza Are you guys sure the Mythic Aspirant set made it into the game?

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Please add any available information to this section. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Dark Current. Comment by RoninChaos Sorry for the dumb question, but how do you get these items? Abigail Rockwell marked it as to-read Apr 08, Sort order. The night elves are the driving force behind azeroth not being the domain of the burning legion.

Take Walker. J Sinnett. I wondered about Lingering Exhalation. Then it brings back all targets in the villain trash? Hudson Genteboa. Jonathan Richardson.

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Dark Current. Derek Lietz. Fede Miguez. It would be cool if keywords didn't repeat between decks unless they are indeed the same kind of thing.

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Rob Brown. Does Lord of the Midnight Revel trigger vs. And if so, should he or do you want him to hit non-villain targets only?