Supreme Reflections

Supreme Reflections
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Whenever he was really upset, he often tested the limits and today was more than appropriate. He was almost at his record for altitude and a fresh stream of blistering cold soon swept over his wings and body.

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The winged mutant cared little for the shivers that followed. He was willing to do anything at this point to take his mind off his troubles. But even at this altitude, the conflicts of his life still followed him. It started off small. My parents groomed me from an early age to carry on the Worthington name. I swear you could have bought two houses and a new Bentley with the money they spent on my education. They sent me to the fanciest private schools and hired the best tutors money could buy.

It was pretty overwhelming for a young kid and I didn't respond in a way anyone would call mature. I know all kids go through a rebellious phase, but mine was a little more severe than others. I later found out there was a reason for this extra pressure from my parents and it wasn't just typical rich people buffoonery. My parents never intended for me to be an only child. They made no secret of their desire to build and expand the next generation of Worthingtons. My grandfather, Warren Senior, died prematurely before fathering many kids. This caused somewhat of a glut in our ranks and my dad sort of took it upon himself to pick up the slack.

When they had me they were ecstatic. I'm pretty sure they wanted to keep going. I sure as hell didn't know much about this nor did I care to. But it was not lost on me that my parents clearly wanted more kids and they weren't having any. This would be the first time I was hurt by secrets. While I they were pampering me and shoving so much education down my throat, my mom was secretly lamenting about her inability to get pregnant.

She went to all sort of fertility experts and they couldn't figure it out. Then one day they learned the truth and it was worse than anyone suspected. My mother had ovarian cancer and it not only left her infertile, it was slowly killing her. I found out when I was just nine years old. Overnight, my rebellious attitude and arrogant selfishness was shoved aside.

My mother was dying. I could no longer afford to be immature. I now understood why they dedicated so much effort into nurturing me. Since I was their only son I was basically their only shot at continuing the Worthington name. That really struck me and I learned a great deal about living up to that name.

During this time I essentially stopped living such a charmed life and spent most of my time either studying or supporting my mother. Now I wanted to live up to my family name.

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I wanted to make my mother proud of the son she bore. I kind of became her angel before I even had wings.

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I would sit by her bed for hours and just talk to her. We would laugh and tell stories. I thought it was pretty amazing a woman so sick could still smile.

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How far will, or can, the courts go? Ireland IRMA [7]. The contract, on the other hand, is incapable of organising a political society since its clauses are words, promises, and as Hobbes said, only the sword guarantees that the words contained in the legal expressions will take effect. From a legal point of view, the federative compact is one of those conventions that is original in that it has conventional origins and statutory effects. There is a logic to aggregative federalism that imposes the conventional genesis of the constitution. One place short of being the group's 11th American number 1 single, "Reflections" stalled at the penultimate position for two weeks behind Bobbie Gentry 's " Ode to Billie Joe ", which Diana Ross re-recorded as a solo for the Reflections album. Retrieved June 22,

The cancer she had was pretty nasty and spread to several different organs within a year. My dad tapped pretty much every resource he could to treat her. It was probably the most decent thing he ever did. All those fancy doctors and experimental medicines bought mom time and eased her suffering. That extra time became pretty important in the long run because I developed a certain condition of my own. It started happening when I was around fifteen. My mom's condition took a huge turn for the worse and even the best doctors in the world were saying she didn't have much time left.

All that stress probably set off my X-gene because I started developing these lumps on my back. At first I was terrified. I stayed home from school and tried to figure out what they were. I tried to conceal them with clothes and jackets, but it was no use. They kept on growing. For a while I thought it was more cancer. I remember rushing to my father for advice, who promptly rushed me to a special hospital where they threw me into an X-ray machine and did a full scan.

I want to say I was relieved when they said they weren't tumors, but that actually only freaked me out even more. A blood test or two later and I finally got my answer. I was a mutant. That offered some relief to me, but I remember my father looking deadpanned. I couldn't tell what he was thinking. I thought he would at least show some relief that I didn't have cancer like mom, but I get the feeling he would have actually been okay with cancer. His son being a mutant left him pretty conflicted. It was a sign of things to come. The only reason I didn't realize it was because my mother was on the brink.

All our family wealth couldn't save her. Between her health and my mutation, all that money and privilege kind of lost its meaning. It gave me a lot to think about and I sure as hell wasn't equipped to deal with it. That turned into a major soul-searching period in my life.

I stayed home with my mother while I got used to the idea of being a mutant. My mother took it much better than my father. Maybe it was because she was dying, but she told me to be proud. She told me that being different only made me more precious to her. I was actually in her room when my wings first sprouted from the lumps in my back. It happened while she was sleeping and I was just talking to her, venting all my uncertainties.

It started as a stabbing pain, but it quickly passed. I like it to a caterpillar coming out of a cocoon because when those lumps were broken, my wings sprouted free. I made such a racket that I woke my mother. When she saw me she gasped, thinking that she had passed on. I assured her she hadn't. She still called me her angel. The name pretty much stuck.

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I'm kind of glad that she was the first person to see my wings. She didn't hide any uncertainty. She didn't keep any secrets. She saw me and accepted me. I would have loved to show her these powers and take her out on a flight. Sadly, I never got that chance. My mother passed away that night so she could be with real angels.

I was with her until her dying breath. After that night, my life would never be the same. Warren stopped ascending into the cold recesses of the sky. He had already broken his record for height and duration. Even with his unique biology, breathing at this altitude was difficult. He started getting light-headed. It was almost a relief of sorts because it kept shedding a wave of tears.

Any thought of his mother triggered a wave of emotion that just made him want to yell out at the top of his lungs. Between her and the fluttering sound of his wings flapping in the air, it was a reminder of just how much his world changed as he came of age. The death of my mother drove a permanent wedge between me and the carefree world of the rich that I was groomed to inherit.

I noticed that when a lot of rich people face challenges, they try to spend the problem away. Conversely, my methods of coping didn't cost me a dime.

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The very day after my mother died, I stepped outside and started flexing my wings. From the roof of the Worthington mansion, I took my first flight. It wasn't anywhere near as graceful as one might think. Adapting to new limbs is not nearly as intuitive as it sounds. The flight was more a glide than anything else, but during those brief moments in the air my troubles were completely behind me. I soon became enchanted with my powers. They gave me an outlet from a world I was becoming increasingly disillusioned with.

My father's methods of coping weren't nearly as efficient. He was not the same man after my mom died. I could tell the very next day. He seemed to lose much of his passion and essentially drowned himself in work. He became cold and distant, losing any sense of empathy. That works great in the business world, but not as a father. Now that my mother was gone he grew more anxious about me and my future. He was still determined to prepare me for my role as the future face of Worthington Industries. That face was going to have some problems though. My wings were pretty hard to ignore. At first he wanted me to hide them.

I had to wear these horribly uncomfortable shirts and I was always being followed by these body guards my dad hired. He said it was to protect me. It was painfully clear that they were just there to keep an eye on me and make sure I didn't show my wings. I had to go through school like this for a while and I flat out hated it. I couldn't get close to anybody. I couldn't be open with anybody. I was my father's hidden shame.

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Eventually, I withdrew from the school and was tutored full time. I basically became relegated to the Worthington mansion. Granted, the mansion is big enough to have it's own zip code, but even a place like that can feel like a prison. Those walls started closing in on me. I couldn't take it, being cut off from the world at my father's whim. It would have been easy to just disobey him. But with my mother's death still fresh in my mind, I didn't have the heart to be a rebellious jerk.

I needed to be something better. I needed to be something more. It was my mother's last words that inspired me. She called me an angel. She said I had a gift and I would grace the world with it. So that's what I was going to do. Warren's expression hardened in the bitter cold and thin air. A few filled his eyes briefly. He washed them away by shifting his body and flying back down towards the surface below at high speeds. The blistering wind wiped away any tears of sorrow that lingered. The rush of the air still got his adrenaline flowing in the same way it had when this experience was still new to him.

SUPREME REFLECTIONS - Tribute to Diana Ross & The Supremes

He felt it when he went on these long flights. He felt it when he went on a mission with the X-men. It was a feeling that money could not buy and one that guided much of his life. From her inspiration, I became Angel. I grabbed some dark clothes, threw on some heavy leather jackets and gloves, and made a mask out from some old Halloween gear.

And just like that, I was a superhero. I took to the sky, flew into New York City, and started fighting crime and saving lives. I swooped in on some muggers, drug dealers, and gang bangers and put the fear of god into them. They actually thought I was a heavenly messenger. I even found out one of them became a priest later on. It was an incredible feeling, using these powers to help people. It didn't take long for my father to find out. The tabloids and the press were all over the story of a real anger as if Elvis had come back to life. Needless to say, he didn't approve. He told me I was being a fool.

I was putting myself and the family name in great danger. I scoffed at that notion. It's not like I didn't care about our family. I wore a mask for crying out loud! But that wasn't enough for him. He forbade me to keep doing this. Naturally, I didn't listen. I was 17 years old and I got a taste of the hero life. There was no going back for me.

I kept on going despite my father's disapproval. By day I still got tutored in the world of business, but by night my only business was to be a hero. I wasn't thinking much about making a career of it or anything. But I honestly didn't care. I got too much fulfillment out of it. One night, I got something even more incredible. Warren pulled up from his rapid descent, gritting his teeth threw the blistering wind.

Co-existing and peace-building do not always need to be politically motivated; here, environmentalists are promoting cooperative efforts to protect the shared environmental heritage in the region while creating necessary condition for lasting peace. Waddell spoke to the students about how water from the Jordan River has the power of bringing the communities and countries together.

And we only see resolutions motivated by politics. We then spent the night at Mitzpe Hashalom Kibbutz. This kibbutz is located near the Southern Golan Heights and has a beautiful view of the Sea of Galilee. We reserve the right not to publish comments based on such concerns as redundancy, incivility, untimeliness, poor writing, etc. All comments must include the first and last name of the author in the NAME field and a valid e-mail address.

Although it is sometimes cited as one of the first mainstream pop recordings to feature a Moog synthesizer , the unusual sounds on the track were generated on a test oscillator and treated with effects. Making the highest debut on Billboard Hot on the week of August 6, the song reached number 2 on the week ending September 9, One place short of being the group's 11th American number 1 single, "Reflections" stalled at the penultimate position for two weeks behind Bobbie Gentry 's " Ode to Billie Joe ", which Diana Ross re-recorded as a solo for the Reflections album.

The episode was hosted by entertainer Sammy Davis Jr. A later remastered reissue of the song, running , although containing the looped section that closes the hit single version in the fade-out, features a cold closing as originally recorded. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Billboard Hot 2 U. Billboard Hot [9] 41 U. Cash Box [10] Nielsen Company.

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Retrieved 8 May Retrieved 20 January London: Bloomsbury Academic. Billboard Book of Number 1 Hits.