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enter Oreimo fans have the same size options as K-On fans, but two mini-umbrellas to chose from at a slightly higher price of yen. One will feature Kuroneko by herself, while the other will show off her beach gear alongside Kirino. Summer continues in one of the larger umbrellas, where Kuroneko and Kirino make a victory pose. The other version of the large umbrella forces fans to remember that it rains in winter as well, as Kirino and Kuroneko don their winter uniforms for another photoshoot inspired illustration.

The Super Sonico set will have one additional size sold at Comiket and WonderFes this summer: the 75 centimeter parasol that will retail for yen. At the largest size it also offers the most summer oriented illustration: Sonico in a bikini, strumming away at a melting chocolate guitar. As for the mini umbrella, it features Sonico side by side herself on opposite halves of the umbrella, with a chibi version chewing away at a heart. The umbrellas are being promoted on YouTube and NicoNico as well in a video that shows off their performance and looks on a rainy day.

Each of the 58 centimeter umbrellas comes with a carrying case, and can be found for purchase at the Season Plants site. Each vending machine sports a unique design different to each store with each vending machine selling limited edition Madoka Magica themed Mitsuya Cider. Each limited edition ml Matsuya Cider can costs yen each. Its taste is described to be a cross between Ginger Ale and Sprite. J-World Tokyo has tons of arcade games; the only thing you might have to worry about is pushing over all the little kids to get there first! SGCafe does not condone child violence.

Renji curry, Blue Exorcist panna cotta, and much more! However, it is a pleasant surprise to know that Pacific Rim has a particularly strong Japanese fan base. Del Toro, who has been a fan of Japanese horror since he was a kid, personally asked Yoji Shinkawa to draw a poster for the film. Yoji is best known for his work on the Metal Gear and Zone of the Enders game series. In his classic inkbrush style, Yoji illustrates the Jaeger mecha Gypsy Danger standing on top of the defeated Kaiju Knifehead.

These Kaiju came to Earth through a portal that opened up in the Pacific Ocean, and have been eradicating humans since their arrival. To fight the Kaiju threat, humans have developed a mecha called Jaeger which is German for hunter and prepare to definitively end the war. The creator of Metal Gear and Zone of the Enders himself, Hideo Kojima, had some high words for the movie: I have never imagined that I would be fortunate enough to see a film like this in my life. Animation and special effects movies and shows that I loved in my childhood days — they all truly exist in the screen.

This film is not simply a film to be respected, but most importantly, it let us dream the future of entertainment movies. Pacific Rim is the ultimate otaku film that all of us had always been waiting for. I hope you would accept this inspirational love letter that had traveled across the Pacific, written by Director Guillermo del Toro. Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, the character designer of Evangelion, called the film a very satisfying feast, with the prime cuts from anime and tokusatsu special-effects inspiration.

Now the theme song makes so much more sense! Check out SGCafe for more anime and gaming news. By the time the anime ended, it was already nearing the climax of the Daimatou Enbou arc and this resulted to a lot of disappointed fans. July 13th, Published by: VR-Zone 10 good leaving fans severely unsatisfied. He has been so thankful to the fans since according to him, it is because of them that Fairy Tail will be getting a second series. He is letting the whole world know that the anime is coming back.

No word as to when the anime will return has been announced as of this moment though. Now, a new artist has been announced to join the fray; Enter Hatsune Miku. Yes, one of the most popular vocaloids out there will be performing live along with the biggest names in music for Sonic Mania More Hatsune Miku on SGCafe, just click here and also, more about concerts here at SGCafe The virtual year old artist will make full use of the latest 3D video technology as well as a live band for her performance.

It has been reported that she will be donning a futuristic look for the much awaited event. This new announcement of her inclusion certainly makes this big event even larger. July 13th, Published by: VR-Zone 11 Sonic Mania is the pre-cursor event to the huge weekend music festival known as Summer Sonic which comes a day later. Summer Sonic will be held for two days August 11 in two simultaneous locations; Tokyo and Osaka.

Preliminary Reconnaissance Report of the 2011 Tohoku-Chiho Taiheiyo-Oki Earthquake

The event will be held from August 11 for both sites. International artistes like Linkin Park, Earth, Wind and Fire, John Legend and Metallica are already announced to perform in Summer Sonic with more performers to be announced in days to come. Read more on Music here on SGCafe! And if you can also read more on Vocaloid here.

You know, the one with those girls in powerful, futuristic exoskeletons fighting each other as a sport? Well, it may become a reality one day. Japanese electronics manufacturer Segawa has already fired the first salvo. Some guy covered in scars named Scarface Santaro revealed the new exoskeleton with what else? He promised that this will be the very first commercial power suit in the world and they are making FIVE.

For more stories about tech here at SGCafe, click here This new powered suit stands 2. It may not be able to fly and it may not have weapons yet , but it certainly is intimidating. This new powered suit or exoskeleton can be bought for Yes, this can be yours for that price.

This Carbon Fiber suit can run, walk and can even do delicate things like lifting an egg without breaking it. Scarface Santaro has even promised that this suit may even be useful in the kitchen as you will now be able to lift food without touching it thus not getting your hands burned in the process. It even has this feature: See, it can even make girls cuter! The promotional video may have been presented in comedic fashion but Sagawa Electronics is pretty serious about making and selling them.

Interested parties can inquire about the Power Jacket MK-3 through their official website. Segawa Electronics plans to showcase a working prototype at the upcoming Wonder Festival Summer convention on July 28! The commercial, which features Ghibli producer Toshio Suzuki and famous creator of Evangelion, Hideaki Anno, who voices Horikoshi in the movie, appear within the commercials.

There are already two versions of the pre-screening commercial running: one shows Anno stretching a preparing to give his lines in the dubbing studio. The seconds includes this scene, as well as Anno using the Ghibli Forest app. The app itself is au Store exclusive and allows users to purchase various types of goods from the studio.

the first in Ebook

One of these goods, listed on the official crossover site, is an official crossover fan. After the movie releases, they promise even more fun with Hideaki Anno and surprises on a hidden part of the site. Feel free to join in the community discussions going on in the forums! More details like the ticket prices are to be announced soon. For more on Nana Mizuki here on SGCafe, click here Japanese theaters will also be screening a stream of at least one of her concerts. There will also be a special draw for the serial numbers included within her single, with the holders of the lucky winning serial numbers getting tickets to one of her live events.

Delivery boys never had so much class. Check out the newest design below. While I think the first design is super cute, I like the second one more because the darker colors and lightning-like streaks makes for a cooler ride. So much style, they might need an extra permit. Reading and live events are when voice actors seiyuus go up on stage and read out several lines from the anime live in front of the audience with the anime playing in the back ground.

The venue for the event will be announced in days to come. Screenplay will be written by Higashi Shimizu who also wrote the screenplay for other Doraemon. July 15th, Published by: VR-Zone 6 movies as well as the series. The movie will be released March in theaters across Japan. Precure Mana Kekkon!!? The film will hit Japanese theaters in October Studio Ghibli partnered up with Ojaga Design for a new series of themed leather goods. Ojaga Design is a Tokyo based company that makes handcrafted goods, just the type of care we would expect for such high quality.

Check out the designs below! A hefty price, but worth it since the cases will probably last a lifetime. Totoro, Kiki, Robot, or Flying Stone? Personally, since Princess Mononoke is my favorite Ghibli film, I wish there was a case for it. Between these four choices though, I would have to go with Totoro. Read more on Studio Ghibli here. Watch the first trailer for the game here. This full edition will also come with all previously released alternate character costumes included as a bonus. Ken: - Faster walk speed. Dudley: - Short Swing Blow has throw invincibility.

Chun-Li - Health increased to Hawk - Faster walk speed. Balrog Boxer - Faster charging of his Turn Punch. Honda Ultra 2 has more range. Ultra 1 has a faster start up. Jump Toward MP has a smaller hurt box. Ibuki - Less vortex for her. Fei Long Rekka Ken range nerfed. Yang - Faster walk speed. Could one of them be the mysterious title they teased nine years ago?

However, the game was never released, and since then, Asagi has been featured as an unlockable character in 18 different games with ten Japanese voice actresses. Now that NIS has themed an entire concert around Asagi, will she finally, at long last, be the hero of her own game? What kind of cruel joke is this? How long does Asagi have to wait to get her own game? Could this possibly involve Makai Wars?

Preliminary Reconnaissance Report of the 2011 Tohoku-Chiho Taiheiyo-Oki Earthquake

To celebrate this milestone, they will release a fan book on August Next, once the fanclub reaches its final milestone of 10, members, Asagi — might — finally get her own game! As fans should know, most the console games in the Disgaea series eventually get ported to handhelds. No details have been given yet, but the game will presumably include extra story content and possibly all of the DLC from the PS3 version, including The Fuka and Desco Show, which costs the same as a retail game in Japan.

Disgaea 4 Return is scheduled to be released in January of It will include Asagi.

NIS has yet to reveal whether this is a sequel or a port, but it will be released for the PS Vita this winter. Next year, there will be Makai Wars Live episode 2, for sure! More anime news here on SGCafe via this link.

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July 15th, Published by: VR-Zone 11 With the Spring anime season officially over, Japanese media and pop culture website Akiba Souken has asked the Japanese people which Spring anime they thought had the best run. The poll however did not include any anime that are continuing their runs into the summer season like Shingeki no Kyoujin, To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S and Ginga Kikoutai Majestic Princev as the poll only asked about the anime which have ended last Spring season. The voting is done and tallied and here are your results, from bottom to top. Hataraku Maou-Sama! The top 2 most certainly made some noise this season and introducing us to great characters and good story lines.

Did the respective endings of these anime influence the results? One thing is for sure, Spring was certainly a season full of surprises. Not only did Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru surprise people with its different take on anime romantic comedies, but it proved good enough to take the 2 spot.

The anime has wowed the audience with the actions of its main character, Hachiman and showed a well rounded cast of characters which balanced the series out wonderfully. The humor presented by that anime short played out well as the anime took the 8 spot. July 15th, Published by: VR-Zone 13 anime like Oreimo and Chihayafuru have proven their staying power as both returnees made it to the top Date-A-Live which is one of the heavy favored anime coming into the Spring season somehow just got 10 even if the anime garnered a solid fan base.

But this season belonged to the 1 Hataraku Maou-Sama which won via land slide. Last season certainly gave us some awesome new anime. With summer already here, hopefully, this new season would turn out just as great. Read more about Anime here at SGCafe, also, read more on rankings here. For more Hatsune Miku here on SGCafe, click here The new game features new songs, more costumes, and a new touch screen mode. The Nendoroid Petite will be included in the Limited Edition version of the game which will also be released on November The limited edition set costs 7, yen.

Curry rice is a fairly popular food among the otaku of Akihabara, almost as much as shawarma. Where Wall Maria once stood is only a sea of slightly sweet curry. Directions can be found on their website here. Like anime? Feel free to join in the community discussions going on in the forums. Source: RocketNews Lastly, imagine if your teacher teaches you ways on how to successfully assassinate him, and you and your classmates have to assassinate him before the year ends or their teacher destroys the planet. Now, Weekly Shounen Jump! The anime will be exclusively screened during their Jump Super Anime Tour which will travel five Japanese cities from October 6 to November Besides the event-exclusive Ansatsu Kyoushitsu anime, the magazine also announced they will also be screening another event exclusive; An original Naruto Shippuden anime story.

Last year, manga author Tite Kubo started the final arc of his beloved shounen manga Bleach. Tite Kubo started the manga in and has become one of Weekly Shounen Jump! The series had a lot of its ups and downs but still retained its popularity and is still loved by fans the world over. Now that it has entered the final phase, expect for fans of the series to be even more excited. July 18th, Published by: VR-Zone 5 historical sites.

The cherry blossoms in her design also reflect the late blooming ones in the north and are a major tourist draw. This means fans that donated can look forward to receiving their Zunko goods in late August. Of course, SSS is aiming big to help the Tohoku region. With a variety of plans already in the works for Zunko, she could help restore the Tohoku region, which has been hurting for commerce since the earthquake and Fukushima disaster.

Feel free to join the forums here! With his deadpan stare, I feel his coolness knows no end. Easily my favorite character so far, although I still have a soft spot for Armin. The polyester suede pillow covers are each 9, yen and will ship starting September MOVIC also emphasizes that these designs are only samples, and original cover art will be drawn for each cover.

Well, here you are. Earlier this summer, COSPA already showed off their short and long Survey Corps jackets that run for 14, yen and 15, yen respectively. Presales begin this summer, so perhaps you will be able to watch the finale of Shingeki no Kyojin while wearing your Survey Corps jacket, T-shirt, and essential 3D Maneuver Gear. The T-Shirts are 3, yen, the mug is yen, and the hats go for 3, yen each. This event also comes with a special deal for the first people to get there.

The event will be held at Yokohama Arena on August 30 later this year. More details will be revealed on the Magical Mirai official site in the days to come. The name of the event is also an explanation of what the event will be comprised of. The Maji part will be a concert, the culture will explore the past of Miku and put displays of her history, and the Mirai will examine the future of Miku i.

Magical Mirai 2o13 will be happening August 30th at the Yokohama Arena. They start off by introducing the actor. Shiori, female heir to the Phantom Corporation is forced to wear male clothes since only males can lead the Phantomhive family. Also like Ciel, Sebastian is to protect her at all costs in exchange for letting him feed on her soul.

The manga inspired an anime adaptation in which became a run-away hit and spawned a second season in The series even had a musical! The movie will be released to Japanese movie theaters early next year, January 18, Short Peace is an omnibus of four animated shorts directed by Katsuhiro Otomo Akira, Steamboy and created by some of the top creators in the anime industry.

The story is centered around Ranko Tsukigime, an only child whose family owns an underground business conglomerate that controls all of the parking lots in Japan. To find out more anime news, click here. The event will also feature several cosplayers cosplaying as Amuro Ray, Char Aznable and other beloved Gundam characters. July 20th, Published by: VR-Zone 3 By spartanchef on July 19th, Get ready to hack, slash, shoot, jump and button mash with our latest video game trailer round-up.

The game is set during the Muromachi period, which takes place before the events of the original Sengoku Basara game. Sengoku Basara 4 is produced by Hiroyuki Kobayashi and directed by Makoto Yamamoto and will be released next year, for the PlayStation 3. For more Sengoku Basara here on SGCafe, click here The San Diego Comic Con is now underway and cosplayers, gamers, geeks and otakus from all over the globe are attending this annual event. His much awaited return was announced earlier by Capcom during the San Diego Comic Con and sure enough, Strider fans are going crazy.

A Tokyo Tale. Read more about video games here on SGCafe. How about a new Danbo-inspired wallet and a Danbo card holder or a Danbo purse? The wallet costs 2, yen and has the size of 13cm X 9. Meanwhile, the Danbo coin purse costs 1, yen and has the size of 8cm X 5. Azama started the manga in after his popular Azumanga Daioh! The manga follows the daily life of a strange 5-year-old girl named Yotsuba Koiwai and introduces us to Danbo when she mistakes her friend Miura who was concealed in a costume made of cardboard for a real cardboard robot. The previous trailer for the second Tiger and Bunny film gave fans a history lesson on Stern Bild City.

Add that to his hero suit and the plot further thickens. Read more about Tiger and Bunny here on SGCafe As you may have noticed in the trailer, Kotetsu is surprisingly absent save for a glimpse of him walking in the end with his new character design. Instead it will be Golden Ryan, aka Ryan Goldsmith, the new winged hero.

He will be voiced by Yuichi Nakamura of Macross F and Oreimo fame, so fans should expect a great new character that meshes into the new storyline. The preorder goods for tickets are also aimed at fans of the original series. Check out more on SGCafe! Good Smile brings Strength, Miku 2. With the Figma and Nendoroid line under their belts, Good Smile keeps itself busy by keeping fans happy. First up is the figma of Strength from the anime version of Black Rock Shooter. She comes bundled with her heavy hitting fists and a normal set of arms, but to fully pose her arsenal it will also bundle with an additional stand.

Just in case you want to experience all of her crazy rage, her insane expression is a swappable option. She can be preordered on amazon. Ranka Lee from Macross F is also up for preorder now. As can be expected, she comes with her diva microphone to give you a personal concert. To enhance that concert experience, she comes with a special stand to look like her floating stage. Finally, they have unveiled the prototype of the Miku 2.

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As you have probably noticed her hair is also slightly more transparent than the original version and the silver in her outfit has been highlighted. Although not currently up for preorder, Miku should be making an appearance at WonFes. For more Bandai here on SGCafe, click here. Hungry for more figure stories? Hikari Television, responsible for airing Attack on Titan, Gintama and Space Brothers, will be tackling this newest show to hit the airwaves. Unlike other shows, the Hatsune Miku First Crowning Show will be formatted so that it runs similar to a musical, and is encouraging fans to participate with the Miku Miku Make Miku project.

This will be accomplished by showing off the collaborative work of animators, programmers, and video editors. For those interested in participating in the program, the registration part of the site will open on August 2 at JST. Hatsune Miku continues to shine throughout Japan, and is now taking another step towards ultimate fame. Feel free to join the community discussions going on in the forums. You might better know Yumi Matsutoya under her maiden name, Yumi Arai. The latter song is also the opening theme for Tamayura, although that particular version is covered by fellow talent Maaya Sakamoto.

The first limited edition includes eleven songs, the music video, a creative video remix that compares Yumi Matsutoya now and Yumi Arai then, and a 12 inch art book by Miyazaki. No matter which version you buy though, everyone gets an original file folder. Watch Kaze Tachinu and let us know if it stands up to Ghibli and Miyazaki standards! The movie is due out on September 28 but for those attending a screening on July 20 of Overlooking View, studio ufotable is giving away something very special. Because the studio is feeling grateful for the fans support and patience throughout the production of not only this film but past ones, they are giving guests a set of two key frames from the Good News movie.

They will feature on the tickets, which are on sale now, as well as the preorder goods.

tokyo bay japan: Topics by

For those purchasing tickets they will have the chance to receive one of two designs. The first is the standard design and larger B2 poster version of it. The second will be an extra chorus version with a black cat featuring dominantly at the front. It will also come with a B2 sized poster, and like the standard set of tickets, cost 1, yen. With what looks like the last arc of Garden of Sinners, fans are sure to be treated to everything ufotable has to offer. July 20th, Published by: VR-Zone 14 Shingeki no Kyojin, also known as Attack on Titan, was originally a part of the Magazine Grand Prix which won second place and the fine art awards categories, allowing author Hajime Isayama to continue the series we all love today in Bessatsu Shonen Magazine.

Originally he drew it entirely in pen, as opposed to the usual pencil and ink for most works. You can see it most clearly in some of his close up sketches. The 3D maneuver gear may not have changed all that much, but the forests that can be seen outside the walls are now within them. The original story for the series may be exactly what fans want to keep their excitement going and hold them over until the next volume is released.

Source: Otanews. Who are we?? The band will be heading your way as part of their tour this November. Now their asking fans just who they are and who the band really is as they hit the road.


To become the first in million @ yuta shiraishi (Japanese Edition) - Kindle edition by yuta shiraishi. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, . To become the first in million yuta shiraishi japanese edition. Psychiatric intensive care. An american son a memoir. The hush hush secrets of writing fiction.

Full information on ticket sales can be found on Facebook here. Keep up with concerts here on SGCafe! Feel free to join in community discussions in the forums! The cast sang, danced and did a live reading event in front of a sold-out crowd in Maihama Amphitheater, near Tokyo Disneyland.

A smaller charm version of the handcuffs also with her yandere face are also available. The school bag retails for 5, yen while the cushion is [priced at 3, yen. July 22nd, Published by: VR-Zone 3 Other merchandise include buttons which retail for yen each, a special autographed replica drawing for a hefty or worthy 17, yen, a tapestry for 4, yen and several festival posters at yen each. The special Kirino Hapi and head band priced at 6, yen, T-shirts at 3, yen each, muffler towels at 2, yen and the wristbands for yen each. Finally, the event also offered fans yen, left , special Kuroneko steamed Manju buns yen and Festival lights 1, yen.

The steamed manju box contains 9 steamed manjus and has two types; black and white. The festival light meanwhile can turn into seven different colors when pressed. Although the film is slated for release in May next year, Legendary Pictures is wasting no time in promoting it to the audience it knows it has to pull in: the fans. San Diego Comic Con pulls in a large audience of American and international fans of pop culture for a weekend of panels and announcements.

The interior of the warehouse was completely redesigned to look like one of the many Tokyo streets Godzilla destroys during his rampage in the. July 22nd, Published by: VR-Zone 5 original films. The original oxygen destroyer was also sent to Legendary to use, and was set up among the rubble in the exhibit. It may not look all that intimidating, until you compare it to the unknowing woman in the background. After taking in the classic series and a version of Japan made with respect, something that Legendary knew to handle with care, attendees could take an elevator to the second part of the exhibit designed after a pavillion.

While there they were given a first glimpse at the newest incarnation of the classic monster. Love movies? Well, that town now offers fans tourism based on the anime about muscular boys on swimming trunks. Yes, Iwami town on Tottori prefecture may soon be flocked by legions of fan girls and some fan boys because of this. For more Free! Iwami is known for being a fishing town and is ideal for an anime with a great affinity with water.

This new development is already following a new trend in anime tourism as towns like Oarai town in Ibaraki prefecture and Chichibu City in Saitama have experienced a boom in their tourism after anime like Girls und Panzer for Oarai and AnoHana for Chichibu have started airing. July 22nd, Published by: VR-Zone 7 By spartanchef on July 22nd, Get your eye patches, jolly rogers, pokedex and pokeballs ready as we take a look at our latest anime PV round-up and boy do we have a treat for you guys.

This latest footage shows Satoshi or Ash as he is known in English speaking countries and Pikachu as they enter Lumiose City. The latest footage also features the three starter pokemon for the XY series; Froakie water , Chespin grass and Fennekin fire. The special boasts brand new animation which recreates the adventures of Luffy and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates on board the Going Merry; the very first ship they ever sailed on.

The twohour special will air on August 24, Saturday. The movie will hit Japanese theaters on September For more Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! You can also read more on anime here on SGCafe. However, despite the. And now, over fifty artists will come together to participate in a continuation of the twenty-five year anniversary project. For more music news from SGCafe, click here. That means that we get to see Tetsuya and Hyde perform with our other favorite rock artists!

As of right now, only Tetsuya and Hyde have been revealed, so that means there are 48 others that we do not know. For more on music from SGCafe, click here. For more on Gumi here on SGCafe, click here. July 22nd, Published by: VR-Zone 10 Gumi is the official image character of singing synthesizer application software, Megpoid. She was first introduced in and her voice is provided by voice actress Megumi Nakajima. Read more about Vocaloid and concerts here on SGCafe. GFT will be released the same day as the reveal which will be on August 3 and will cost 2, yen.

The trailer features the theme song Maji Kansha by Team Shachihoko and gets us a glimpse as to what to expect… which would usually be Tadakuni, Hidenori and Yoshitake in a very embarrassing situation. The movie will hit Japanese theaters on October The PV for it is below, so get ready to get your rave on. Read more about Fairy Tail here on SGCafe As you can see, Natsu and Haru are back along with their friends to fight the good fight against evil…or in this case, each other after a misunderstanding about events in a casino lead Natsu to believe Elie is his target.

Both Fairy Tail and Rave were written by Hiro Mashima, and the later manga to be published, Fairy Tail, makes several references to it. Mashima makes no attempt to hide that fact in the crossover either, as it only leads to further confusion for the characters. But will that confusion be cleared up? Or will they remain enemies in the end? It will retail for yen, which is a bit more than what the manga usually goes for, but for fans of the mangaka it may be worth it.

Feel free to the community discussions going on in the forums! Source: YouTube. Similar to Danboru Fighters, it features a team of kids building GunPla and then fighting them. Previously we knew about the main character, Sei Iori and his partner Reiji. Even more Gundam fun here on SGCafe Now, two new characters have also been revealed, making their way to the promotional poster and website.

First, Tina Kosaka is the first female character revealed for the show. Her family runs the Kosaka restaurant, and is in her first year of middle school at Sei Otori Private School. It is not known which Gunpla she pilots. The second character, Tatsuya Yuuki, is a third year high school student at the same school as Tina.

Incidentally, he is also the student council president and president of the model building club. The series premieres this October on TV Tokyo and promises every Gundam as well as a mash up of pre-existing models. Koicon poster Seiun is the Japanese word for Nebula and is quite a fitting name for an award celebrating science fiction though it not only limited to honoring science fiction, but also honors fantasy and other forms of speculative fiction as well. Held last weekend, July , a host of great stories and artists won big during the awards.

This would be a big win for the anime as it beat out the gigantic movie juggernaut known as The Avengers as well as Eureka Seven Ao and Rinne No Lagrange. The artist known for his works Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi and Spirit of Wonder has previously won the award twice back in and July 24th, Published by: VR-Zone 3 The awards also honors translated works from other countries. Want more? Read more on anime and manga here on SGCafe. Also, feel free to join in on our community discussion forums. From animeanime. Just like what they did for other anime movies such as HAL, Yahoo!

Japan has posted a clip for the highly anticipated 3D summer blockbuster movie, Space Pirate Captain Harlock. Though it has no subtitles provided, the clip shows some beautiful and breath taking CG imagery that you will expect from the full movie itself. Click here to watch the clip. The movie is currently the most expensive movie Toei Animation has done thus far with a budget exceeding 30 million US dollars. The movie will hit Japanese theaters on September 7. From Yahoo! A US English release is also slated for August 6.

Here in Singapore as well as several other Asian territories , an Asian Japanese version will be released locally tomorrow, July An Asian English release, whose contents will likely be identical to that of the US English version, will also be sold in stores here around August 6. Specifically, you need to first unlock all nine stages of the game, and fight bosses ranging from Lv1 to Lv 17, in order to get to the part where online play is allowed.

Each mode will also introduce new regular enemies. They are also known for those really cute super deformed versions of our favorite anime characters, the nendoroids. Remember that Colossal Titan Nendoroid which surfaced last April? You know, the one where they showed a demonstration on how they build nendoroids using 3D models from a computer to its initial rendering to its scale printing with a 3D printer?

It sure did draw in a lot of attention, here are some pictures of it when Mikatan and the GSC Guma twitter account posted some pictures of it. No word as to when this Monster nendoroid will be released though so keep posted. If you take a closer look at the armors, they are very. July 24th, Published by: VR-Zone 6 well detailed and you can really see that they are really different from each other.

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Of course, like the other Iron Man nendos, the helmet can be opened and taken off. The pre order for this nendoroid starts on July She is now available for pre-order and will be released this December. She comes with some effects like cat ears and a cat tail, a plate of curry rice and some meat buns. She also comes with an eating face and her signature poker face as well as the standard nendoroid fair like the nendoroid stand. Although some of the images will be from the past two films in the series, You Are Not Alone and You Can Not Advance, many of those on display will be from the 3rd film in the series, which saw its debut in November and home release in April this year.

Because of its recent release date, none of those being shown from this film have been on display previously. Read more about Evangelion here on SGCafe Of course, only about pieces from the three films will be features, the rest will be from various other Evangelion sources, such as the original serial anime and manga. To add to the full experience of the Q part of the exhibit, attendees will be able to view one of the clones of Ayaname Rei that appears in the film.

Available for purchase will be a figure of 3. The exhibit itself will run until August 26, with adult tickets costing yen, with advanced bookings going for yen. High school and university students will get a subsidy, with normal rates going for yen or for yen on preorder. For Eva fans this exhibit promises quite a bit and more, especially for those that particularly enjoyed the latest film in the long running series. Feel free to join in the community discussions on in the forums!

The official website for the movie has also already been put up. Initial D is a popular car racing manga by Shuuichi Shigeno and ran for more than 18 years. The manga follows Takumi Fujiwara, a high school boy with a natural talent for driving. Shigeno started the manga in and has become extremely popular as it has inspired several anime series, a live-action movie and a popular video game series.

From Animate and Comic Natalie. This time Attack on Titan is taking a break from their defence of humanity to enjoy some snacks. As you can see, the promotional image has squad reuniting outside the convenience store chain, with Levi taking the helm and looking rather enthused about the whole thing. Sasha has no problem at all, though, and seems to have taken on a form worse than the looming Colossal Titan over a bag of Calbee potato chips. Even more on Attack on Titan on SGCafe here Fans should also show more enthusiasm than Levi as well with the goods available during the campaign.

By purchasing two of the specially marked Calbee products, such as those shown on the poster, customers will receive one of four plug charms. Keep up with Lawson campaigns here at SGCafe! Feel free to join in the community discussions in the forums! During his first encounter with the Midnight Hour, Makoto learns that he must awaken his persona in order to stop the shadows which awaken during this time. Archery team member Yukari Takeba will be voiced by Megumi Toyoguchi. Student council president Mitsuru Kirijou will be voiced by Rie Tanaka.

Boxing team captain Akihiko Sanada will be voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa. Shy girl Fuuka Yamagishi will be voiced by Mamiko Noto. Elisabeth, the guide to the mysterious Velvet Room will be voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro. The mysterious upperclassman Shinjirou Aragaki will be voiced by Kazuya Nakai. He is the voice actor known for. Finally, voice recordings from the late Isamu Tanonaka will be used to voice the mysterious master of the Velvet Room, Igor.

This will be the first Persona 3 movie and has been named Persona 3: Spring of Birth. Bakuman director Noriaki Akitaya will be at the helm of the movie as the director. Frog, is celebrating fifteen funny years with an unexpected companion — Nagai Yakuhin, a famous pharmaceutical company. What do these two unlikely lads have in common? Read more anime news from SGCafe here. Now you can bathe with Sgt. Source: PRTimes. For more on cosplay from SGCafe, click here. As WCS customarily takes place the first weekend every August, this time is no different.

But never fear, Niconico is providing a live broadcast of the WCS here. Get an account, and watch your favorite anime come to life! For example, Indonesia is ready to represent! July 26th, Published by: VR-Zone 2 In Tokyo earlier yesterday at their establishment party, Wargaming Japan announced that one of its free-to-play titles, World of Tanks, will officially launch on September 5th within the country. World of Tanks is an award-winning game that even holds a world record for having the most players online on one MMO server.

With nearly two-hundred and fifty armored truck and tank models to choose from — each historically based off of the models of different countries — you can build your army and face off against other players. For more gaming news from SGCafe, click here. Among the packed party, the crowd included representatives from Belarus and Wargaming representative director Kawashima Yasuhiro.

While no concrete details concerning the collaboration was revealed, we can rest assured that no matter what Wargaming comes up with, it will be amazing. He was 58 years old. According to the tweet, the anime director passed away last June 29 after being hospitalized due to his long battle with pancreatic cancer. The announcement was finally made after permission was given by his family.

He also did some key animation for several episodes of Love Hina as well as did the storyboard for episode 5 of Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex. Though the director may have passed on, his work most certainly lives on in the hearts of anime fans everywhere. He will be missed. Read more anime news here on SGCafe. Players have to hit the panel every time it lights up.

Blood Lad is based on the shounen manga of the same name by Yuuki Kodama and follows a powerful vampire named Staz and the human girl-turned ghost named Fuyumi and a host of other monsters and demons as they find a way to return Fuyumi back to life. Read more about your favorite Japanese artistes, video games and anime here on SGCafe.

Tales of Xillia is one of his most successful games shipping over , units On PlayStation 3 alone. The D1 edition will include the game software, a special music selection CD and an artbook featuring the art from the game. He is also the only DJ who is involved with their official song remix.

With eight years of Cosplay experience and cosplaying overseas, the famous cosplayer will make her very first Singapore cosplay appearance in STGCC. I am Aza, a cosplayer from Korea! Read more about them here on SGCafe. Vision of Escaflowne director Kazuki Akane not only directs this anime but also wrote the screenplay. This new trailer comes in after Yahoo! It is produced by Toei animation and is their most expensive project to date with a budget of over 30 million US dollars. Enjoy that round of PVs? For fans still in need of a Titan fix outside of the show, anime goods maker Cospa is rolling out a new set of goods featuring the cuddliest Titan of them all: Colossal Titan.

Their first good is a T-shirt allowing fans to proudly declare their Colossal status as a 60 meter class. The back is there to ensure your friends safety though, reminding them where to slice should you ever rampage. It makes the perfect surprise for fans and nonfans who might ask you just what a 60m class is. It comes in extra small to extra large sizes and can be yours for yen here. If showing off your Titan love with a T-shirt is a little too obvious, you can always use the new Wall Maria mug to recreate your own attack scene, be it Attack on Coffee or Attack on Tea.

Featuring the manga rendition of the Titan looking over the wall, he leers at your drink while standing outside to dwarf your mug. July 26th, Published by: VR-Zone 8 If you really need to show off your love of Attack on Titan during any occasion, though, a ring featuring the Survey Corps insignia could be just what you need. Made of silver and available in every other ring size from 15 to 25 it will retail for yen here. Act quickly though, as much like the Colossal Titan it will disappear as fast as it appears, with only six being put into production.

Each of the items are currently up for preorder, and will be available in September. Feel free to join the community discussions going on in the forums! For fans who were left wanting more when the adaptation ended in winter, though, more is on the way in and the leading roles have finally been confirmed. More on Haganai here at SGCafe. Despite fan objections on Twitter about the live action adaptation, the director seems to have taken care in selecting two actors that will take their roles seriously. Kie has previously bought an entire series to better prepare herself for her role on Life and judging from the promotional picture seems to be taking it seriously again.

What do you think, though? Let us know in the comments below or feel free to join in the discussions going on in the forums here. Even more anime news on SGCafe here! Basically these days, she is just everywhere. This special campaign will run from July 24 until October The special collaboration however is only limited to one room. The menu includes the Yukari Apple Juice Yukaringo juice which is sold for yen and the Cod Roe pasta with melons which is sold for 1, yen a serving.

You can also order up a set meal for 1, yen. Yukari Festival! It covers her concert on Pacifico Yokohama National University Hall last February which was held on her 27th birthday. Want more stories from about your favorite voice actors? Several Subway trains will be donning anime motifs from the four mentioned anime.

This promotional campaign starts today, July 25 and will run for two months. For more anime here on SGCafe, click here. July 26th, Published by: VR-Zone 11 Seats, doors, windows, as well as the inner and outer walls will contain images of your favorite anime characters from the above mentioned series. Several big names in Japanese anime, manga, video games and hobbies will all be having booths for the event like Gainax, Capcom, Animate, Shueisha, Kodansha, P. Works, Anime One, Lawson, Toei and more. Want more to read more about some great anime travel destinations?

Read more about it here on SGCafe! Originally a one-episode video on Youtube, Kyousogiga made a modest entry into the world in December of However, popular reception prompted Toei and Banpresto to create the five-episode net series Kyousogiga Dainidan at the end of last year. And now again, due to popular demand, Toei Animation and Banpresto will come together for a Kyousogiga series this fall. The series is planned to be thirteen episodes consisting of ten regular episodes, two special episodes, and a summary episode.

For more anime news on SGCafe, click here. The cast and staff from the net version will be returning, and they are something to get excited about. Rie Kugimiya voices the fourteen year old protagonist Koto. Anyway, the story follows Koto and her younger twin brothers A and Un as they find themselves trapped in a mysterious city. According to an official Self Defence Force twitter account, they have gotten the help of the renowned anime character designer and artist Humikane Shimada to gather more recruits to defend their beloved Land of the Rising Sun.

He also provided character and armor designs for Busuo Shinki as well as the character designs and mecha designs for Sky Girls. Type A costs 2, yen, and Type B costs 1, yen. The Regular edition, which is CD only, can be bought for 1, yen. The only poseable figure in this round-up, she will come with three different faces and five sets of hands to help you recreate your favorite pose, including the Smile pact. For a more graceful combat pose, her ice sword is included as well as an angered face for that full feeling of justice.

Kuroneko from OreImo is also getting a make over for her latest figure from Kotobukiya. She will be undergoing a change from her usually goth clothing to a sweet loli outfit. She is not available for preorder just yet, but will go on sale for 8, yen. Finally, Kotobukiya has also surprised fans with an announcement that Sayaka will be getting her own petite figure. With three faces shown and at least two sets of hands, she shows no signs of loosing her hope just yet.

There is also a set of swords to help pose her in her signature attack. She is listed for release in by Kotobukiya. The second chance prize for the Madoka Magica lottery was also revealed to be a vinyl figure of Homura and Kyubey. M Thug Suit V. This cute little mecha costs yen and if you want an awesome poster to go along with it, it will cost you yen. They will also be selling several awesome Shingeki no Kyojin stickers featuring all four military divisions that protect humanity and keep the peace within the walls during Wonfes.

Each sticker costs yen and is sold at the GSC goods store which is different from their figure store. Looks like a Magical Girl, Madoka Kaname perhaps? Guess who? Clue: Her name is the name of the legendary shield from ancient Greek mythology. Gee… I wonder who this one is? WonFes will surely be a blast! Read more on Figures here on SGCafe. Vanguard and Weiss Schwarz are two of the most popular trading card games in the entire world. Now, the trading card game company that is responsible for these games, Bushiroad, has announced that they are launching a brand new magazine this September.

This brand new monthly magazine will feature mangas based on their trading card games as well as other content. For more trading card games here on SGCafe, click here The magazine will contain the monthly seralization of Cardfight!! Vanguard as well as other Vanguard spin-off mangas, Cardfight!! Aku no Gundan. Three special promo cards from Vanguard will also be included in the first issue, which includes one Storm Bring Dragon and the early release of 2 BT 13 cards. The first issue will also contain a very special Milky Holmes poster drawn by Natsuki Tanihara.

Read more manga news here on SGCafe. Mizuki Shigeru always seems to be embracing new things; from relearning how to draw with his right hand after losing his left in the war, to starting a new series online. Although a spin-off of one of his older series, Kappa no Sanpei, the latest addition to his works should feel right at home on the Yawaraka Spirits website.

More stories on manga here at SGCafe. In the original manga, Sanpei is taken in by the kappa for his strong resemblance to them which of course leads to a number of humorous situations. It was popular at the time to merit an anime adaptation. Read more on horror here at SGCafe! Hibiku Yamamura voices Haruna. She has voiced the goddess of misfortune Momiji from Binbougami-Ga! And finally, last but not the least is movie trailer for the highly anticipated AnoHana movie. AnoHana the movie will make its Japanese premiere on August The Bals festival was first started in December when they streamed the thirteenth airing of Laputa as it ran on TV, and plan to do it again this year as it runs on a special Friday night Road Show on TV Tokyo.

Love Ghibli? They were also challenged to set a new world record of most tweets per second during this part of the film and succeeded with 25, tweets per second of the magic word. This year NicoNico is encouraging viewers. July 28th, Published by: VR-Zone 12 to take to Twitter and 2chan to spread the word in an attempt to set another world record. We use technologies like cookies small files stored on your browser , web beacons, or unique device identifiers to identify your computer or device so we can deliver a better experience. Our systems also log information like your browser, operating system and IP address.

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