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More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. At 15, Borg's son is just like the five-time Wimbledon champion as he's spotted at a west London junior tennis tournament Kim Kardashian poses in semi-sheer white top and shorts after using a 'lip mask' at her LA mansion Man in his twenties dies and two are seriously injured after being pulled from sea in Devon as 28C heatwave Lifting the veil of secrecy: What's life really like for Saudi women?

With devastating honesty, 28 of them Maybe they A cure for baldness is on the way as scientists successfully grow 'unlimited' hair on mice using stem cells Johnson unveils emergency 'No Deal' budget plans slashing stamp duty and cutting taxes if he becomes PM Guy Verhofstadt accuses Boris Johnson of 'foreigner bashing' and claims the Tory leadership frontrunner has Rotund of belly and red of nose Meet the new Love Islanders! Morocco seeks death penalty for three terror suspects over the murder of two Scandinavian hikers who had Ad Feature From how to iron shirts like a pro to the ingenious trick to remove red wine stains: The laundry hacks Ingredients are easily sourced.

Flavours are robust, aromas intoxicating. Umami, the savoury fifth taste, is present. Textures are tender, cooking uncomplicated and, finally, comfort-food dishes are nostalgic. We love comfort foods because they remind us of the first, wonderful time we tasted them, when we were young and contented.

Mom would make them for Saturday supper along with her fragrant, warm, white bread. Schmecks—which celebrated the 50th anniversary of its publication in My mother never used recipes. She made baked beans and everything else from memory. I served them bean salad, smoked pork chops, shoo-fly pie, schmierkase spready cheese and apple butter with fastnachts raised doughnuts. They ate till they said they would burst. They ate till everything was all nothing left. So, I employed social media and asked my Facebook friends what dish they would pick.

I received more than responses. The five most popular choices were: macaroni and cheese, stew, lasagna, roast-turkey dinner and chili con carne. Other choices ranged from risotto and biryani to pan-fried cod tongues and enchiladas. Next, I asked some Atlantic Canadian cooks to name their favourite comfort foods, including recipes available in their books.

All have new cookbooks on the market. Atlantic Books Today. Parents, grandparents and others we care about, and who care about us, use a special ingredient in the food they cook for us … The ingredient, of course, is love. Love is what they poured into their pots and pans, along with everything else, and we could taste it.

But I think Acadian food in general ticks all the comfort-food boxes. Both authors believe that local ingredients are essential for taste and good nutrition.

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In fairness, these days most cookbook authors, cooks and chefs advocate using fruit, vegetables and protein from local farms and producers, or ingredients that come from as close to where you live as possible. Jessica Mitton identifies several comfort-food recipes in Some Good. Others would be baked beans, roasted veggies, healthy hermit cookies and blueberry cottage pudding. Jenny Osburn claims many of them as comfort-food recipes, including the seven-layer dip.

Like many of the people who responded to my Facebook survey, Barry C Parsons chose a Newfoundland favourite as his top comfort food. In our extended family, this is often Sunday dinner, not just holiday fare. Raspberry jam is preferred, or so my British correspondents tell me. In our family, comfort food does not skip a generation. This intergenerational aspect of comfort foods is a fascinating point. The evidence was in every book I dipped into in my search for comfort food.

Parents, grandparents and others we care about, and who care about us, use a special ingredient in the food they cook for us. The ingredient, of course, is love. In southern German tradition, Rauhnacht refers to the period corresponding with the 12 days of Christmas, between December 21 and the Epiphany in early January. In these waning days of the old year, legend has it, the souls of the deceased, in league with dark forces, return to the Earth to wreak mischief and mayhem.

Various practices evolved to combat the unwelcome visitors from the dark side: frightened folk in masks and costumes held noisy processions in the streets or smoked out their houses with incense to cleanse them of the pesky spirits. The novella opens with the crisp evocative prose that has become atlanticbookstoday. Minutes go wild, hours vanish. Idleness becomes a clever thief, stealing the names of the days of the week, muting the steady click of watches and clocks.

These are the hours when angels, ghosts, demons and meddlers ride howling wind and flickering candlelight, keen to stir unguarded hearts and restless minds. Adelaide, haunted by memories of her traumatic childhood, is mulling the pros and cons of marriage to her landlord-suitor, Dr. To pass the time, the three perform divinations using roast chestnuts, until Mrs. Stutt, the housekeeper, introduces them to her method of Bleigiessen, or lead-pouring.

Beatrice and Adelaide are thrilled to accept the invitations and to meet the enigmatic, larger-than-life Baroness, who seems eerily to know significant things about their past. Eleanor, less enthralled by the prospect of the gala, suspects Weisshirsch may possess powers greater than that of a society hostess. The invitations set off a flurry of preparation for the big night, but no adult fairytale is complete without the presence of dark forces.

Adelaide encounters the abhorrent Mr. Wentworth, the man to whom she was sold as a child. Beatrice finds herself. Other minor characters, including Perdu the raven-familiar and the predatory Mr. Wentworth, appear in The Witches of New York. McKay is not stepping outside her comfort zone here; nonetheless, Half Spent Was the Night is a spirited romp, a good versus evil fable, in which the forces of feminist feistiness ultimately prevail—an engaging read and a timely one as the darker days of the year approach.

She has published fiction, reviews, essays and a wide range of articles.

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She is a fiction editor at The Fiddlehead. The sections are polyphonic—written from the perspective of the poet as well as those caught within the depicted tragedies—and multilingual, with brief passages in French and Russian. In relating these tragedies, the poet returns to his initial musings on language and communication. Trying to write on the outside of the ship, their steel fists rising. So in a hundred years, tourists will dive to the wreck and run their gloved hands softly along the hull, reading their silent screams.

He balances short, clipped sentences and fragments with more complex sentences to create a smooth cadence. A cameraman and a doctor walk with him. White coat blowing in the wind, wet stethoscope around his neck.

How far can you swim with a 0.5L scuba diving tank? Baywatch diving tank test

Cameras follow them. The city holds its breath. Correspondent is a book of re-casting and re-telling stories. While his tone is deferential, almost apologetic, I am not wholly convinced that these stories are for BernierCormier to tell. Nevertheless, his poetic skill is undeniable and I am intrigued by what he has to say about human communication and the inevitable failings of our languages. Her poems have appeared in literary journals across Canada and abroad. Archbishop Keating is admitted to hospital in St. Other victims suffer the same symptoms and check in at ER in St.

The novel turns on two main possibilities: that the plague is a poison, wormwood, that someone is using against child molesters; or that God is the guilty one, visiting revenge on pedophiles with the creation of a disease that punishes them with merciless pain. Underscoring this suspicion is that the pain seems to be worse when the victims of abuse think about the torture they experienced at the hands of unscrupulous priests, teachers and other people in power.

Grappling with this mind-bending situation are Dr. Nick Myra and Father Peter Cooke. Gillespie considers himself duty-bound to treat these patients, distasteful as they are. He calls on doctors and hospitals nationwide to share information about the disease but a cure eludes him and one after another his unsavoury patients die.

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His is not a popular position. Many believe that wormwood is a justifiable plague against pedophiles. Father Peter Cooke is one of them. For him, wormwood is a blessing. For him, wormwood is the cure: divine punishment for the ungodly. It provides a worldwide boost for the Catholic Church that brings Cooke to the notice of the pope.

The author asks readers to consider a host of moral dilemmas throughout the book and in the end tests their faith with a surprising conclusion. So what is it? To answer that here would be telling. The ending is, at the least, unexpected. It may not satisfy all readers. Or perhaps Escott has provided the ideal realistic ending; after all, in life, where are the easy solutions?

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The casualties mount on the way to this uncertain conclusion, made the more surprising by the revelation of two characters suffering PTSD and finally a pair of suicides that add to the mountain of tragedy. She took a decade to work on this book. It shows in her meticulous research and use of facts to flesh out a dark story of murder, abuse, suicide and human frailty. Operation Wormwood is a story that pulls readers in at the very start, draws them through a frightening series of events and finally explodes, leaving them to question their own beliefs. The 26th was the first infantry battalion raised in the province and the only one of nine recruited there one of them jointly with Prince Edward Island to fight on the Western Front in France and Flanders.

He wanted to provide an in-depth examination of the soldiers who made up the battalion. This may explain why the book is considerably longer than most other volumes in the series. In any case, this number is in keeping with other Canadian infantry battalions that fought on the Western Front, especially those that were part of the first two divisions to see combat: 1st and 2nd Canadian Infantry Divisions the 26th served in 2nd Division.

In addition to standard primary and secondary documents, he relies heavily on letters, diaries and the few post-war memoirs written by soldiers who served in the battalion. Wilson also includes what he terms two thematic chapters outside the chronological timeframe, which focus on other topics not usually covered. The accounts of the battles in which the soldiers of the 26th participated are particularly well told.

During its three years and a bit at the front, soldiers from the battalion were killed and nearly 3, wounded. When the 26th returned home after the war, a mere of the original 1, recruits that left Canada were still with it. Wilson has produced a fast-paced, detailed narrative of a Canadian battalion at war. By including several first-hand accounts within the wider story, he has brought his chronicle to a very personal level, allowing the reader to connect with the soldiers in ways that many military histories do not.

He has written eleven books and more than magazine and newspaper articles. The trouble is magnified in societies lacking effective reproductive care. This work examines modern barriers to healthcare in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Prince Edward Island, an apt comparison given the power of the church on each.

With Graham Reynolds, atlanticbookstoday. It is the story of the Westray mine disaster told by a man who worked in the mine and who won a Medal of Bravery for his part in the unsuccessful rescue efforts. In the aftermath—fraught with chronic pain and PTSD—Theriault found purpose in fighting for the Westray Bill to hold negligent companies criminally responsible for the losses they cause.

Thankfully we have folklorist David Goss tracing the history of Christmas in our region, from the first live Santa sighting to the first awed crowd surrounding a Christmas tree in a store window. A perfect gift for your favourite knitters. Think: Cape Bretoner with the munchies. Think: the smeltdog. But as always, common sense wins out over greed—at least in the hearts of the wise. The tension is. Their contrasting styles depict a critical moment in the history of Canadian art, and of the nation itself.

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They made a Hollywood movie about it in using a re-creation of the ship built in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, which eventually sank in Hurricane Sandy in Supporting his fascination with cars and mechanics, his brothers read him auto-repair manuals. He learned well and went on to a decades-long career as an auto mechanic, winning the hearts and loyalty of his Halifax customers. Award-winning journalist Lisa Hrabluk personalizes the statistics with moving individual accounts of despair, heroism and resilience. The World is Changing the Gardening Experience And the new gardening experience is changing the world.

A highly accomplished American journalist living in London, England, takes a walk in the park each day for some months; it changes everything. He feels better, has more energy, his memory improves no more sticky notes on his computer screen , and he feels less stressed. He understood it and there were no bad things to make him nervous. Once he was introduced to the outdoor experience, the same kid was able to shed the false security from four walls and a climatecontrolled environment. He discovered that there was adventure out there, in wide-open spaces that engaged his intellect and imagination.

He was challenged in ways that he could only have imagined while indoors, and only if a computer program led him down that path. The metamorphosis experienced by this child out of doors inspired the writing of the landmark book The Last Child in the Woods by Richard Louv, published in Hugh Beaty could only move around using a walker. He was on oxygen and was housebound in a modern facility built for the aged. To all intents and purposes, he was well taken care of.

Clean, well fed, and before bed he was allowed one ounce of his favourite Scotch to help him sleep. He looked at me incredulously. It was a look that I had become used to, one that said, Are you out of your mind? A long pregnant pause while he thought about it. Slowly, carefully, with some assistance, we manoeuvred the big man into my car.

He landed in the passenger side bucket seat with a quiet thump. It is only ten minutes away. We can see how things have changed since you left a few months ago. It was agreed. Windows down, wind gently blowing into the cabin of the car, we were off. He accepted my offer. I poured. And we sat for a long moment, enjoying the shade of his sugar maple tree on a typical summer day.

A moment to reflect on the past. A man discovers a new life through the discipline of walking through public parks in the densely populated UK city of London. A child discovers a world of adventure outside the four walls of his home, the only one he really knew, until he discovered a different place in his own backyard. And an elderly friend revisits his past on a final trip to his family farm. Not too many years ago, we adopted chemicals and machinery to mould and craft our landscapes into images that suited us, regardless of the environmental costs: 2,4-D and gas-powered leaf blowers are two cases in point.

This book explores this new mentality. Escape to Reality turns our attention away from the many things that distract us, many of them electronic, and focuses our attention on experiences and lessons from the world outside four walls, many of them in our own yards. Copyright Mark Cullen, courtesy Nimbus Publishing. Book Launch: Nov. In all fine bookstores. The info boulderpublications. Exposure to diverse literature is imperative for students belonging to all communities.

History textbooks alone do not adequately expose students to the histories of Canada. Discrimination based on skin colour, ethnic origin and religious affiliation happens every day with examples frequently broadcast in mainstream media. Acknowledging the past and present struggles of people who have been marginalized will lead to a better understanding and appreciation of our history and our present day.

While it has direct links to the Grade 3 social studies curriculum, it could also be used as a text to support understanding in Grade 6 social studies and Grade 7 and 8 history as students learn about the different communities that make up Canada and the privileges or lack thereof experienced by different groups. Check out nevermorepress.

And they did this forever: the Passamaquoddy have what I believe is the longest running government in history, over 14, years of uninterrupted councils. And then, on the best day of her life, she met Luna the pony. In the book, a little girl named Josephine travels with her grandpa on her sixth birthday for an novascotia. As a result of the growing wealth gap and escalating consumption, 14 atlanticbookstoday.

William A. Waters, Jr. LEE E. Minor changes will be noted in the subject headings and in the print type of "see" references. It should also be noted that "see" references refer only to those subject headings used for the first time in this Supplement. These changes were made with the inten- tion of facilitating the use of the Index. An attempt has been made to index all articles relating to Hawaii and the Pacific area more freely. Appreciation must be extended to the Hawaii and the Pacific Unit staff of the Hawaii State Library who diligently indexed, read and corrected galley proofs.

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