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Self-harm and social media
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Akiko and Amy Part 3 [I Talk You Talk Press] on dynipalo.tk *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A graded reader for learners of English (EFL). Level 3. Akiko and Amy Part 3 - Kindle edition by I Talk You Talk Press. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like.

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While I understand that self-harm is a coping mechanism for many, and obviously always better than a suicide attempt, things can so easily go wrong — infections, cutting a nerve or artery or worse. Therefore it must be the most dangerous coping mechanism out there, no?

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During my stay in a psychiatric hospital five years ago, I remember one of my fellow patients pointing out a young woman who always wore her sleeves rolled up to reveal scabs all the way up and down her inner arms. When my brother was in his teens, he made a very serious attempt on his life which landed him up in hospital.

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While he was recovering in hospital with me at his side, he was visited by his best friend from the group. As she approached his bedside she was wide-eyed with disbelief and the look on her face was one I could only describe as awe. It was an unmistakable feeling of respect. My brother was a hero for what he had tried to do. My biggest concern about images of self-harm on sites predominantly used by teenagers is that it can so easily be turned into a sort of unspoken competition. And the urge to stand out or belong or be the best or the most troubled or even to just be taken seriously is so, so strong.

Of course sufferers of mental illness should have places on the Internet where they can speak out about their self-harm and even post images of it. Teenagers definitely need safe outlets for sharing their feelings and their troubles and their mental illnesses. And they definitely need places to share and discuss self harm.

Like Like. Social media can be a huge source of support and a lifeline for some; and for others a source of bullying and misery and for most people a bit of both. And I understand that from a policy perspective. You can maybe do it for the first few years through WiFi passwords and settings- but they work it all out pretty quickly. Essentially when your child gets a phone, which these days seems to be at least when they start secondary school, they can access the whole of the internet. Most kids manage to circumvent the age policies on sites.

I think what I would really want to see are more really supportive moderated forums so YP did have a safe place to go to share this stuff. And if we had more spaces like that, for example, and more generally more informed and compassionate conversations around SH, then that would inform other online conversations about SH. Like Liked by 1 person. Makes a lot of sense! But because of the risk of influencing or giving ideas to any person, young or old, might there be a case for allowing testimonies of SH but not actual images of self-inflicted wounds?

Or would that reduce the amount of ppl who would want to share their stories? In no way do I think ppl who self harm should be silenced or in any way discouraged from sharing stories and speaking out. Although I appreciate that enforcing all of this would be a completely different matter! If so, then I agree that it would make a very strong case for continuing to allow images of SH to be posted freely. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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