Defeating Divorce

Emotional Coping and Divorce
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Most Popular Videos Let the biological parent take the lead with discipline. If you are in this situation, suggest to the judge that your accuser pay for the drug test if it turns up negative. Huawei says it doesn't work with China military after report says While many spouses want to turn this into a form of alimony, Indiana courts are very limited in the amount and duration of post-decree spousal maintenance that they can award. New partner or spouse? Send Message.

If the eligibility is awarded, the amount of the benefits can be used to argue against any award of spousal maintenance from the husband. In addition, some disability awards allow the recipient to earn income, and are therefore not an award of total disability which is what some spouses try to argue to the trial court. In case where the spouse claims maintenance based on caring for a child with a physical or mental incapacity, the history of the parties in caring for the child should first be examined.

If the child has had other caretakers, or is capable of enrollment in school, the claim can be opposed. The costs of these options would have to be weighed against the requested spousal maintenance, as will the availability of insurance or government aid. In addition, the income that the spouse can earn if she is not caring for the child can be estimated and presented to the Court. The third scenario — rehabilitative maintenance — is probably the most litigated form in Indiana.

This is not what the statute permits. During discovery, you can request copies of every application for employment she has submitted. It is very difficult for a Court to make a determination that a wife needs rehabilitative maintenance to obtain an appropriate job if she has not tested the waters to see what jobs are available for her!

Emotional Coping and Divorce

In all three scenarios, the wife must present her expenses, her income, and her needs, for the Court to determine the amount of maintenance to award. In looking at the expenses, courts can consider the amount of child support being paid, in that the child support will cover a portion of the living expenses. Also, the court can consider how much the spouse is being awarded under the division of the marital estate, and especially how much debt is being assumed by one spouse or the other. Listen to them.

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Good conflict. Conflict is normal in all families but, especially common in blended families. Avoid criticizing your partner; address differences respectfully and away from the children. Let the biological parent take the lead with discipline. Relationships are messy and some days are discouraging. They improve with time and effort. If marriage is hard, and marriage with our own kids is harder, then marriage in a blended clan is often the most challenging with all it brings, including unresolved drama with exes, financial stress, differing parenting styles and divided loyalties.

Approximately 41 percent of first marriages end in divorce. Sixty percent of second marriages do, unless both partners have kids. Considering all that, a far better way to start is with this reminder to blended clans or, more accurately, to forever blending clans:. Stepfamilies are different from traditional families. Papa Bear. The Pew study confirms those blood bonds, finding that most adults feel a stronger sense of obligation to their biological family than to their step-kin.

Kids are fully capable of their own takedown strategy. Barbara Stamp, a Bloomington-based therapist in private practice, also sees this play out. The therapists agree that one helpful strategy to avoid an early blowup is to simply slow everything down. Stamp heartily agrees. Create one-on-one time with your own kids without guilt.


What to do when your wife wants a divorce. After years of wedded bliss, you and your wife find yourselves living parallel lives under the same roof. Like ships . Save My Marriage. Search for: © Defeating Divorce. Defeating Divorce is a.

With stepkids, focus on supporting them and championing their interests, but leave discipline to their biological parent. Over time, when trust and loyalty are stronger, spend one-on-one time with them, too. I laugh now at disastrous early attempts to merge my own year-old stepfamily of six kids.

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Lots of ditches. Before I became a stepmom, I was a journalist writing about stepfamilies. I bought into the notion that stepfamilies magically merge into a seamless unit at the five-year point, which was the commonly agreed upon time frame among many family therapists of the day.

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Nearly 12 years in, the bonds between our now mostly grown kids are miraculous to me and well worth the wait, and the work. Gail Rosenblum is editor of the Inspired section.

She's also an author, journalism instructor and public speaker who has worked for newspapers and magazines for nearly 40 years. Home All Sections Search. Log In Welcome, User.

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