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An Introvert’s Guide to Frat Parties
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Platonic Girl Friends Are Just Girls You Haven’t Closed With Yet With the benefits comes the burden of social responsibility. It was emotionally taxing, and he was exhausted all the time. Hopkins, who dated her former fraternity boyfriend for two years, says she experienced the same sense of community with the other girlfriends.

And that can leave a girlfriend feeling like an afterthought rather than the center of attention. Even when she was visiting, her former boyfriend would often disappear for hours. You have to like me more than them.


Hatcher, who met her former boyfriend long before he entered the bonds of brotherhood, says she thought the experience made him a better, more social person. He was asserting himself more, and it made him more ambitious and taught him how to balance a schedule.

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Fitzgerald says after serving his term as president of the fraternity, her boyfriend became much more mature, having dealt with the responsibilities of his position. She says she thinks fraternity men gain a strong set of values from the core principles upon which the fraternity is founded.

For as smart and mature as he may seem one-on-one, the fraternity boy suffers from the occasional bout of idiocy and less-than-classy behavior. Thinking about starting up a fraternity romance? If so, what comes next?

2. "Those stupid socials."

We live in the same house. People, especially people with privilege, can do terrible things when they feel they only answer to a small group who are just like them. However, here's the overall problem with Frat Girl in my humble opinion : This book and its main character can't decide if they are doing a takedown of fraternities and a critique of toxic masculinity or just offering up a fluffy rom com about a girl who's cool enough to hang with the frat bros and fall in love. Feb 25, Jen Ryland added it Shelves: mean-blond-girl-trope , check-your-feminism-at-the-door. Are you telling me that lying, judging, and trying to fuck over her friends gets rewarded with her life just staying the same? In terms of the writing, it's ok.

I hope to continue writing throughout my career, both as a journalist and a novelist. I have been so blessed to have the support of an amazing group of people at Stanford.

Stanford senior turned novelist talks about her book, Frat Girl | The Dish

They have cheered on my writing from the beginning. Many of my friends have preordered the book and will be reading it for the first time when they return for spring quarter, so I am very excited to hear their thoughts.

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Outside of Stanford, the response has been positive as well. A number of young women have reached out to me to say they are excited about the book and relate to it.

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Since the story was inspired by a conversation between friends in a dorm hallway about gender roles and college life, I am very excited that the book may contribute to such a conversation at Stanford — and beyond. Have a news item you think would be interesting to our readers? Write to Kate Chesley and include "Dish" in the subject line.

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Stanford people on the move and in the spotlight. Menu Search form Search term. Stanford senior turned novelist talks about her book, Frat Girl by Kate Chesley on March 30, pm. Categories: Great reads.

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