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Farsi on site interpretation services - Gainesville, Persian Farsi - Norwegian bokmal. Persian Farsi Norwegian bokmal Service: Significa che adesso accetto il fatto che ero cattivo riconosco questo difetto del mio passato , non significa che defendo il mio comportamento precedente. To me "to square accounts with the past" is the closer English translation for "fare i conti col passato".

That's why I asked if it means the same as "Coming to terms", since to me it seems more as "scendere a patti". Thank you for replying. Ricola, when you say "I'd just like to make sure that A connotation of easy, facile, unthinking acceptance? A connotation of completion of the long, difficult process of "coming to terms"? If the former, "coming to terms" may be OK. If the latter, "confronting the past" may be better.

Dealing with it how? Or by confronting it? They may not realize that what they really mean is: Just make it disappear -- and shut up about it! Cari tutti, grazie mille per tutti i suggerimenti emersi nella discussione Scusate se ho scritto tutto in italiano. Ricola , May 11, Vero che la questione e' interessantissima. La spiegazione dei vari sensi in cui viene usata "fare i conti" e' chiarissima, Ricola -- grazie di avercela communicata. Al mio parere, "to deal with" ha un significato un po' piu' aperto, anche ambiguo, della definizione sua.

Puo' essere usato, sempre correttamente, in casi abbastanza diversi. Non s'intende necessariamente che il problema sia stato rimosso senza riflessione. I will also add to the discussion with a few thoughts of my own, which I will express in English because my written Italian is SOOO terrible although I understand it well: There may also be reflection but it is a very action-oriented verb.

When the process is completed, one has inner peace, even in the absence of a "solution" or "fix". Dope aver letto le riflessioni di Ricola su "fare i conti con", se dovessi scegliere una sola espressione per tradurrla, sarebbe "come to terms with". Mi scusa Scusami tedgale, ma non sono d'accordo. Veledan , May 11, I read her post very carefully before I replied. I don't think any of the 3 options currently on the table is bad.

All credit to you for devising them. The model simulates the behaviour of real investors, including In this study we Discrete choice as a method of preference elicitation has dominated applications for decades. However, since the turn of the century influential econometricians have persuasively advocated the use of subjective probabilities.

The seminar discusses the challenges associated with the latter, the progress to date Following the Paris Agreement highlighting the pursuit of efforts to limit the atmospheric temperature rise to 1. Carbon prices provide strong incentives to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. A cap-and-trade program provides certainty with respect to future emission levels but uncertainty with respect to emissions prices. A carbon tax provides price certainty but uncertainty with respect to future emissions.

Using a Its main Despite the lack of robust empirical evidence, a growing number of media reports attempt to link climate change to the ongoing violent conflicts in Syria and other parts of the world, as well as to the migration crisis in Europe.

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Exploiting bilateral data The complexity of the challenges put forth by the Agenda requires an integrated vision for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. Africa, in particular, must plan relevant specific solutions to support its economic and social development. Thus, it is of critical Moreover the analysis of such literature suggests different approaches providing a framework for the various services which could The European Decarbonisation Pathway Initiative EDPI supports EU research and innovation policy by providing science-based evidence and informing decision makers of the main challenges and available routes to decarbonise the European economy towards A central role in this initiative is for the The seminar will be held in Italian.

For more information, visiti this page in Italian Solar geoengineering SG , also known as solar radiation management, has received increasing attention as an option to temporarily stabilise global temperatures. A key concern surrounding these technologies is of a strategic nature: International anarchy, heterogeneous preferences over the optimal amount of cooling, and The green paradox is an effect by which an increasing tax per unit on oil production, aimed at tracking damages from CO2 emissions, induces an increase in world production and a decrease in price in the near term. The increase is a rational Only a minor share of the energy resources in the region is currently Climate change presents a new challenge for economic decision making in terms of impacts on different aspects of economic productivity and consumption, and also in terms of scale and speed of change in the environment and the economy.

In order to control the The demand sectors are characterized by many subsectors, technologies, heterogeneous end-users We analyze the implications of environmental policy on pollution in a stochastic framework with finite horizon and sustainability concern. The social planner seeks to minimize the social environmental and economic costs associated with pollution.

We allow for the planner to attach different relative The Reporting for Results-based Following the development of natural gas trading hubs in Europe, forward products have become a response to the higher exposure to price risk faced by energy companies. Yet, a significant share of trade occurs over-the-counter OTC , where inter-dealer brokers act as intermediaries and Working language: Italian. Come cambieranno gli assetti geopolitici PRIMA is It is definitely too early to assess the whole process for the achievement of SDGs, but it is possible to take stocks of the effort already The lecture will This paper reports the results from a laboratory experiment designed to study strategic communication by an expert who is concerned about appearing to be well informed.

A reporter privately observes a signal about a state of the world and reports a message to The lecture will be delivered Climate change raises the issue of intergenerational equity. As climate change threatens irreversible and dangerous impacts, possibly leading to extinction, the most relevant trade-off may not be between present and future consumption, but between present consumption and the mere existence of future generations The Eni Enrico Mattei Foundation has launched a study to investigate the role of quality food and wine products within the development process, not just tourism, of a rural region such as Basilicata characterized by quality food and wine products and quality production This webinar, which is dedicated to the Best Climate Practice Award, is the occasion to showcase the most innovative and compelling projects that have participated in the edition of the contest, and to explore the landscape and challenges of climate resilience and A revolutionary new approach to measuring changes in forest carbon density has helped scientists determine that the tropical forest regions now emit more carbon than they capture, due to extensive deforestation and degradation.

Climate change is projected to be a powerful stressor on terrestrial ecosystems in the second half of the 21st century, especially under high-warming scenarios such as RCP6. Direct human impacts such as land use and land use change, pollution, and water resource AIM has been working on climate change modeling and making policy suggestions for more than 20 years. The talk is going to introduce the recent AIM activities which have basically three direction.

First, integrating various environmental and societal issues related to climate change is In the run-up to the Paris Climate Agreement and thereafter, there has been heated debate as to what the Loss and Damage debate should cover. Some have suggested that compensation for losses already incurred is to be its focus. Other observers have suggested FEEM is glad to host Prof.

Hsiang and colleagues have revolutionized the way the economics of climate change impacts is carried out, using novel statistical techniques and large data The Italian electricity retail market is fully liberalized since , allowing all households to choose between a regulated tariff and those offered in the free market. This paper explores factors that impact residential adoption of environmental technologies by comparing approaches to technology adoption from economics and psychology. We design a large scale door-to-door field experiment in the spirit of Della Vigna, List, and Malmendier that identifies the influence Dal libro:"Sottoscritto a fine da Stati, l'Accordo di Parigi costituisce un grande risultato politico-diplomatico per un'azione congiunta nella lotta al surriscaldamento globale.

Le cose non stanno andando tuttavia come promesso. Currently, a noticeable research effort is being fostered to improve the quality of sub-seasonal to seasonal S2S weather predictions, a field still with a high capacity of improvement. European energy companies have a strong interest in such climate information to improve energy efficiency Chi ha detto che i cambiamenti climatici possono essere raccontati solo dagli esperti? When thinking about global environmental policies, such as climate change mitigation and transnational biodiversity conservation, one of the most pressing concerns is an understanding of how individual public goods contributions change when benefits from public goods provisions cross national borders and generations.

Taking wealth into account". Poterba a has much influenced the literature on the distributional effects of carbon pricing. The workshop is structured in three sessions: 1.

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Role of gas in East Africa; 2. Strategies for gas demand development; 3. Developing regional transport infrastructure. Academic, think tank, public and private sector eminent experts and representatives will attend the event. Eastern Africa Shared An unparalleled growth of urbanisation is putting under stress the already fragile equilibrium of natural resources: new solutions are required to address this change. The paper investigates The Paris Climate Agreement has put forests at the center of the stage.

Trovato l'accordo con l'Europa: come cambierà ora la manovra? - Porta a porta 18/12/2018

However, to achieve and track this mitigation potential, Using the gravity framework, I investigate whether being part of the European Union EU reduces trade frictions between European countries. First, I show that European trade exhibits significant trade frictions in 26 manufacturing sectors, as measured by economies of scale in trade costs The Summer School will take place from The objective of this research is to analyze to which extent CDM investments have provided Brazilian municipalities with development benefits through the assessment of impacts on income, poverty and other development indicators.

This study contributes to this strand of the literature in two More than two thirds of the population of Sub-Saharan Africa live without access to electricity or modern fuels for cooking. Furthermore, those who do have access to energy often need to cope with a very unreliable service. This clearly represents a major barrier The optimal operation of water resources systems is a wide and challenging application domain for optimal control methods and tools.

Water resources systems are highly non linear systems, with large dimensional state and control spaces, affected by uncertainty and characterized by multiple competing The aim of the workshop is to have an informed high level discussion on The transition towards a low-carbon economy involves the enterprises as primary actors. Indeed, a transformation of business models is currently taking place, such that the business case for sustainability is today a popular concept among scholars and practitioners.

In times of great transformations, Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, in collaborazione con Regione Basilicata, organizza due conferenze che si svolgeranno il 5 e il 6 giugno rispettivamente a Potenza e Matera. Melbourne, like other large Australian cities, is growing outwards more than upwards. Together with the shift from manufacturing to services, this leaves a large proportion of the population to choose between unaffordable housing in inner areas with high concentrations of employment, or long Carbon dioxide removal CDR technologies may be critical to achieving deep decarbonization.

Yet a lack of technical and commercial maturity of CDR technologies hinders potential deployment. This talk assesses near-term opportunities to research, develop, and demonstrate CDR technologies by leveraging existing infrastructure, technologies, The circular economy package has created an important momentum to support the transition towards a more circular economy in the EU. This package included legislative proposals on waste, with long-term targets to reduce landfilling and increase recycling and reuse.

In order to L'iniziativa prevede un roadshow di eventi. Who is the Environmental Defense? What is our history? How do we fit into the environmental community in the U. What role has EDF played in the several climate change policies that Trump proposes to rollback and what we Polar amplification is an established scientific fact which has been associated with the surface albedo feedback and with heat and moisture transport from the Equator to the Poles.

The methodologies and indicators that have been proposed in the literature to measure energy poverty are quite diverse. Some are subjective approaches based on personal or third parties' perceptions of affordable warmth at home; whereas others calculate objective indicators. Although these different proposals Installed generation capacity, average electricity access and per capita electricity consumption are the world lowest across the African continent, while the level of electricity disservice the highest. There is no doubt that this situation is playing an important role in dampening structural transformation This webinar will focus on the progress made in recent years on the topic of ecosystem-based approaches for disaster risk reduction DRR and climate change adaptation CCA.

It will discuss the advances on the policy front by considering the perspectives from the climate We study gender differences in bilateral bargaining based on an artefactual field experiment in rural Uganda through variation in gender composition of the bargaining pairs as well as in disclosure of identities.

We find that disagreement is common independently of the disclosure condition, Scientific and policy attention for natural capital and ecosystem services have grown fast during the last decade. As a result, awareness on the value of the stock of natural capital and the flow of ecosystem services it provides increased. Decision-makers from governments, business The absence of tariff barriers in bilateral trade opens opportunities for harmonization of NTBs. Policy measures aimed on NTBs reduction are in line with the The presentation will demonstrate the key role water plays for sustainable development in all its dimensions — from an economic, social and environmental perspective.

In the presentation based on my master thesis, I assess the past performance and the potential future role of the HAC FEEM Research Seminar on "Ecosystem services valuation in natural capital accounting — recent progress and future developments". Ecosystems sustain society and human well-being by providing a wide spectrum of ecosystem services. Nonetheless, markets and policymakers fail to reflect the value of ecosystems appropriately in their decisions, leading to an unsustainable exploitation rate of many ecosystems over the last decades. The European Union includes energy efficiency among those priority measures that citizens and Member States are asked to adopt for the achievement of as reduction of CO2 emissions and the development of green markets based upon clean energies.

This concept is strengthened also Households value diversity in many settings, including financial assets, gender of children, and occupations. This paper quantifies the extent to which multi-car households exhibit preferences for a diversified vehicle portfolio. We deploy a novel identification strategy to examine how an exogenous change in Energy storage is arguably a vital element in maintaining a healthy reliable balance between supply and demand in the presence of intermittent green technologies such as wind power.

When trying to understand the current and future role of energy storage, the first consideration The paper is co-authored by Francesco Vona and Giovanni Marin. The seminar is based on a paper that evaluates the historical influence of energy prices on a series of measures of environmental and economic performance for a panel of French manufacturing establishments during the Fotografie del presente per capire il futuro.

Fotografie del presente L'indagine svolta intende promuovere un dibattito volto ad accrescere la consapevolezza delle imprese italiane, anche in relazione The call for papers is now open and submissions on all relevant topics related to Environmental and Natural Resource Economics are warmly invited. The Fertility is an important driver of global carbon emissions via its effects on population growth, yet little is known about the potential for climate change to affect fertility patterns.

Such a reverse effect could have two major impacts on the climate-economy system. Decision-makers in governments, businesses, households, and development agencies tend to focus on avoiding losses from disasters, and perceive the return on investment as uncertain — only realised if The reliability of damage models employed in the estimate of potential cost from natural disasters is influenced by many factors, among them some of the most important are a reliable spatial representation of the exposed value and a damage function which has been Drought risks and water scarcity are expected to intensify as a result of human-induced climate change and could pose threats to the stability of the domestic agri-food markets.

Some areas in Europe, notably the Mediterranean countries, are more prone to prolonged drought spells Co-authors: Angelica Gianfreda, Lucia Parisio, and Matteo PelagattiThe massive introduction of RES in electricity markets has in influenced the long-run dynamics of electricity prices and their interactions with conventional thermal production sources.

Taking into account the Northern Italian zone characterized by a high Carbon capture and storage CCS is broadly understood to be a key mitigation technology, yet modeling analyses provide different results regarding the applications in which it might be used most effectively. The GCAM model consistently shows significant deployment in electricity generation and in This course examines technical and policy options to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving adaptation to climate change. Lectures by research scientists and one field trip in the Venice Lagoon are included in the course agenda.

The course is held in Berlin week The event is organized by Nomisma An assessment of climate-sustainability co-benefits or side-effects". The paper presented in this seminar is co-authored by Marinella Davide. At the end of two important summits took place whose outcomes will potentially lead to a redefinition of the international policy environment in the near future. In September, the adoption of the Important issues discussed in Marrakech include the definition of guidance for the nationally determined contributions NDCs and adaptation communication; Climate Finance: innovation and Best Practices.

The event is dedicated to geol. The first part is devoted to The creation of adequate investment incentives has been of great concern in the restructur-ing of the electricity sector. However, to achieve this regulators have applied different Human migration has been identified as an important response to climate-induced environmental stress.

By worsening the living conditions in certain places or even making habitation impossible, environmental stress induces individuals to move from one place to another. Migration represents This paper focuses on coastal protection against SLR. This is a typical case requiring public interventions to coordinate huge investments addressed to build protective infrastructure that will become a quasi-public good. Already, integrated assessment models have shown the importance of Co-Authors: C. Gallier, J.

Lohse, C. We conduct a They will take place from May to October Each session will include the Such low stabilization requires swift action and an almost full-scale decarbonization of energy FEEM Research Seminar on "Interconnection, demand response and renewable penetration: an overview of my research interests". I will present an overview of my current research projects and my research interests to seek collaboration on future research projects. In particular, I will focus on electricity interconnection and market design, analysis of consumer behaviour and smart meters, and the effects of The event agenda includes speeches of international leading scholars in the FEEM research field, traditional academic sessions in which the latest research carried out at FEEM are presented, a All electricity generation technologies create risks to society, such as global warming, induced seismicity, or severe industrial accidents.

Scientific inquiry and wider energy debate often revolve around individual technologies.

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As electricity demand is supplied by a technology portfolio, phasing out one technology in MDBs play multiple roles in supporting climate initiatives in emerging markets — including policy reform, firm-level technical assistance, placing investments, tapping into sources of concessional funds, and mobilizing additional co-investors. These will be illustrated through 3 case studies:green bonds,scaling solar initiatives, andgreen buildings Ciack4Change is an event This paper aims to evaluate the causal effect of the London Congestion Charge on the level of pollution. To this end, we have assembled a unique dataset.

By using Watch the interviews with experts! In September , the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs by the United Nations, as the Millennium Development Goals follow-up, defined broader and more ambitious development targets for both developed and developing countries, encompassing all sustainability The Antarctic Treaty and related agreements—collectively known as the Antarctic Treaty System ATS —regulate the seventh continent, which is the only continent without a native human population. The main treaty within the ATS came into force in and suspended all territorial claims in This paper presents an agent based model for the study of coupled economic and climate dynamics that endogenously co-evolve across a range of diff erent scenarios.

The model o ffers a flexible laboratory to test various combinations of macroeconomic, industrial and climate policies Over the last five years, North Africa has profoundly changed. After the so-called Arab Springs, the widespread instability engendered a deep power vacuum, which has been filled mainly by jihadism.

At the same time, the emergence of the Islamic State as a regional The seminar aims to introduce climate models as useful tools to interpret future climate evolutions. Their different typologies, recent development and capabilities, the information they can provide and how these should be correctly interpreted and potentially used outside the climate science environments, will This dissertation investigates the impact of climate change and climate variability on influenza, crop yields, and the determinants of climatological disasters. These domains are extremely sensitive to changes in the climatic factors which affect crucial aspects of human existence and welfare and are The OECD report on "The economic consequences of outdoor air pollution" provides a comprehensive assessment of the economic consequences of outdoor air pollution in the coming decades, focusing on the impacts on mortality, morbidity, and changes in crop yields as caused by high Insights on the past trends and determinants of energy innovation are essential to set the basis for efficient and effective climate and energy policies in the coming years.

Yet, the understanding of energy-related innovation dynamics and in particular of the political economy of A carbon sequestration strategy is proposed in which forests are sustainably managed to optimal carbon productivity, and a fraction of the wood is selectively harvested and stored to prevent decomposition under anaerobic, dry or cold conditions. Because a large flux of CO2 is This talk focuses on environmental migration in South Africa. I will first examine the sources of vulnerability within South Africa that may interact with climate variations to influence migration flows.

I will then present my recent econometric study on internal migration in post Long-run forecasts of productivity growth and related uncertainty have become important in policy analysis. However, a thin long-run forecast literature has led to a practice of using ranges of point estimates to partially bound this uncertainty rather than fully parameterizing uncertainty in long-run Carbon markets 1. Following a series of global changes, today the rules that so far have governed the markets, the values, the development models paradigms and the world balances are rapidly changing.

The current political, social and economic upheaval are generating new balance of global governance Institutional investors have a very great potential in energy project financing and could meet — under particularly good circumstances with no policy barriers — 24 percent of project finance equity needs and 49 percent of project finance debt needs in OECD countries renewable This closed-door brainstorming workshop will discuss how the energy system of the future will be shaped by the interaction between decarbonisation and digitalisation.

This event represents the first of a workshop series developed by Bruegel, the Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei and the Florence The Role of Monetary Policy". Monetary policy has significant environmental and social repercussions. The channels through which money in our economies is created, as well as the actions taken by central banks with regard to interest rate levels, asset purchases and macroprudential policy are key factors driving economic The CliMiP project aimed at analysing the relationship between climate change mitigation policies and poverty reduction combining detailed country-specific studies with broader comparative analyses.

Starting point of the analysis was the lesson learned from the European experience in implementing emissions reduction policies and Using state contingent analysis we discuss how and why irrigators adapt to alternative water supply signals. Focusing on the timing of water allocations, we explore inherent differences in the demand for water by two key irrigation sectors: annual and perennial producers. The analysis Building the welfare state has been a significant part of the building of the national states in the 20th century.

Economic instruments are varied, and their uptake differs depending on the legal, social, economic and environmental context under consideration. In some contexts pricing and public subsidization form a basis for mitigating impacts, while in others private risk-mitigation arrangements such as insurance and water The IEW is a leading conference for the international energy modelling community.

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In a world of environmental and economic In collaboration with Bruegel In addition to geopolitical instability, countries located along the Southern and Eastern shore of the Mediterranean face a range of pressing socio-economic challenges, including solving the problems of poverty and high levels of structural unemployment, in a context of In this paper we experimentally investigate whether this finding holds true when decisions are made by teams rather than individuals.

The results show that, while teams contribute more to The 21st Coalition Theory Network Workshop is the annual meeting of the CTN, a network devoted to the advancement and diffusion of research in the area of network theory and coalition formation. FEEM contributed to its creation in organizing a workshop on There, the The continuing massive recourse to fossil fuel in both the energy and transport systems is hampering the development of a much needed low carbon economy in the EU. The main question has shifted from whether or not we have to de-carbonize our economy The provision of global public goods, such as climate change mitigation and managing fisheries to avoid overharvesting, requires the coordination of national contributions.

The contributions are managed by elected governments who, in turn, are subject to public pressure on the matter. In an This seminar is based on a paper co-authored by Matija Kovacic, Juliana Bernhofer? This paper explores the relationship between linguistic variation and individual attitudes toward uncertainty and risky behavior. According to linguistic relativity hypothesis, linguistic differences in grammatical structure may This Policy Seminar will provide the latest updates on international climate change and energy policy.

This seminar is based on a paper co-authored by Valentina Bosetti and Cristina Cattaneo. Climate change through a gradual warming, changes in precipitation pattern and the intensification of extreme events such as flood, droughts, storm or extreme hit, may be the cause of Land take opponents argue that the anthropic transformation driven by urban growth to the detriment of agriculture and the environment is excessive and often unnecessary. An extensive literature that analyses large cities, linked urban spatial expansion to the socio-economic characters in a territory, Water buyback is an increasingly accepted policy to restore environmental flows threatened by overallocation.

Purchase tenders compensate irrigators who decide to surrender part of their right to withdraw water, provided effective use exists. A major concern in water buyback involves the extent of Professor Todd Sandler presents an eclectic review of the scientific study of terrorism that views all agents as rational decision makers. The lecture begins with a discussion of terrorist event databases that are used by researchers to test key theoretical propositions about terrorism Rutherford, David G.

Tarr and The internationalization of companies has become a must in recent years, interpreted as a kind of surviving strategy for them. The entrance into new foreign markets represents a response to the economic and financial crisis as well as to the saturation degree of A need for low-carbon world has added a new challenging dimension for the long-term energy scenarios development.

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In addition to the traditional factors like technological progress, demographic, economic, political and institutional considerations, there is another aspect of the modern energy forecasts related to In December , world leaders reached a historic climate agreement at COP21 in Paris, sending a clear signal to governments and businesses to accelerate their efforts to decarbonize their economies, supply chains and business models.

We propose Therefore, it The conference full programme is available at It is a low-depth coastal wetland which is separated from the ocean by a fragile sand bar. It communicates with the sea through two inlets and hosts important The presentation is based on a paper co-authores by Loic Berger and Valentina Bosetti.

This paper reports the results of an experiment jointly characterizing risk and model uncertainty aversion. Climate change is expected to increase risks to businesses, infrastructure, assets and economies. Understanding how to involve the private sector in responding to these risks — or encouraging them to take advantage of the new business opportunities that may arise from changing climate The new global climate deal is expected to enter into force in after the second commitment Standard cost-benefit analysis is inadequate for large scale social risks natural disasters, technological accidents, terrorism because it rests on the unrealistic assumption of perfect risk sharing.

As a consequence, it focuses only on the aggregate effects of the risk, while it neglects both This inestimable function is threatened by climate change. Changing patterns of rain and FEEM "Gas Talks" are closed-door brainstorming meetings gathering high level international experts from the academia, international organizations and industry in order to discuss The economics of climate change involves a vast array of uncertainties, complicating both the analysis and development of climate policy.

This study presents the results of the first comprehensive study of uncertainty in climate change using multiple integrated assessment models. The study looks We live in a century of urbanisation. Millions have moved to cities in the last decades, another 2. Cities provide higher Aim of the conference is to deliver a new universal climate change agreement that keeps a global temperature Non solo un problema ambientale".

On November 30th, , from The global average The average planet temperatures have been rising for over one hundred years. This is the reason why we are increasingly facing the disastrous effects caused by extreme meteorological and climatic events, such as heat waves, torrential rains, hurricanes or unusually severe or Since the IPCC Third Assessment Report, adaptation has received increased attention by both the scientific and the policy communities. The Paris Climate Conference COP 21 that will be held in December represents a key step in the transition toward a low carbon world economy.

The Conference is attracting much attention and the expectations are very high. Many countries, both developed and The econometric model relies on a recursive identification scheme consistent The event aims to: Highlight the most relevant results achieved by the The main meeting will be conducted over the first two full days, and there will be an additional half-day on the Photographs of Expo Milano ".

The exhibition will be open The State is the largest, most dynamic and most innovative economy in the US. This webinar will outline how economists assess water scarcity, and JPI Climate was launched in and now involves 14 European countries which are committed to coordinating their activities in the field of climate research. JPI Climate provides a platform for climate knowledge and decision support services for societal innovation.

Activities are focussed One factor that makes climate change mitigation difficult is its long-term horizon.


Here we frame this social dilemma as a "public bad" that captures the key features of the problem and in particular its dynamic externality. In a theory-based experimental platform, we compare We can classify future problems and their contingencies into 3 level of increasing unawareness: White Swans, Grey Swans and Black Swans Taleb White Swans are problems with known sets of probable outcomes and contingencies i. Grey Swans are problems that The webinar aims at presenting the DYNAMIX results on policy mix assessment for resource efficiency DYNAMIX project will end in March , generating a discussion around challenges and experiences on policy implementation within the participants, and finally link the results to the current Its goal is to understand how individual countries can transition This session introduces decision making analysis for urban climate resilience and water related issues with particular focus on multi criteria analysis MCA approach.

This approach has been widely used in environmental and climate change assessment and decision making on prioritizing different policies, actions, Recent papers dealing with these topics will be The European Union is devoting consideral effort to create a single EU gas market through a series of Directives and regulations. In order to assess whether the new regulatory framework has been successful so far, we investigate the convergence of prices paid by The term "rebound effect" indicates a reduction in the expected gains associated with increases the energy efficiency due to behavioural or other systemic responses.

Specifically, increased energy efficiency Which policies to reduce use impacts of agricultural soil in Europe and waste of food? The event will allow Expo visitors to experience first-hand the kind of complex issues that policy makers are likely to face in the upcoming years to deal with the negative environmental impacts from food production and consumption for example: should meat consumption On October 5th at p. Visions for urban post — carbon futures have a great potential in triggering urban transitions. We have analysed the results from an exercise of vision building undertaken in eight European cities, where visions were used as a tool helping the transition towards a An excellent line-up of internationally recognised leaders in climate policy and climate research have been assembled to discuss the policy insights generated from this research project.

The event This side event presents and discusses approaches and methodologies to measure, The Green Bonds market tripled in size in The only aspect outpacing this growth has been the increase in reports, publicity and research around the market and how it may help scale up climate finance. CPI has been conducting internal analysis over This paper identifies and analyses some key challenges that OECD and partner economies may face over the coming 50 years if underlying global trends relating to growth, trade, inequality and environmental pressures prevail.

For example, global growth is likely to slow and become The conference takes a broad interest in the area of resource management, development and conservation, including but not limited to: the role of biodiversity and ecosystem services in economic development, plant genetic resources and food security issues, deforestation and development, fisheries and institutional Industrial economies have undergone multiple transitions in their dominant energy input: from biomass to coal, then from coal to oil, and now perhaps from oil to natural gas.

I develop a setting in which specialized machines must be used to convert different types At the global level, climate and socio-economic changes determine the patterns of the allocation and trade of resources in all markets. This paper presents an application of a model-based framework specifically conceived to assess future sustainability over time, at country and macro-regional level, across scenarios. The methodology relies upon a multi-step procedure.

First, a macro-economic model is extended, tailored and run to keep track EverydayClimateChange is an exhibition by James Whitlow Delano and Matilde Gattoni which presents the works of photographers from all continents. The exhibition offers a new perspective on climate change, exposing its important role for food security and development. On July 28, at Multiple criteria decision analysis aims at representing the preferences of a decision maker over a set of alternatives; his final decision is hence the result of an aggregation process based on his preferences and the criteria set.

Traditional aggregator tools such as the The paper analyzes to which extent risk and equity preferences affect society's willingness to pay to eliminate a social risk, which is defined as a global risk that has differentiated impacts across subgroups of the population. Three approaches to equity are considered: utilitarianism; So far, climate policy is mostly seen as causing a reduction in consumption and growth.

However, it is possible to design mitigation and adaptation policy in a way that benefits macroeconomic conditions such as GDP growth, employment, public budgets balance, etc. This session Conclusions and recommendations of the Social Enterprise World Forum The sustainability of the private sector and of the whole social system requires companies and non-profit organizations to collaborate in a new strategic way able to deliver social and market innovation. How could This seminar is based on a paper co-authored by Malcolm N.

There is widespread concern that trends and variability in weather induced by climate change will detrimentally affect global agricultural productivity and food supplies. The topic covered by the Summer School As a result of the global economic downturn, national budget deficits have been growing as a percent of GDP and public spending for infrastructure development has been reduced. Some economists argue that public investment in new energy technologies might be part of the Each session will show a screening of one to two short films dealing with climate change.

These films come from past editions of Think Forward This page is available in Italian language only. For information: events iccgov. Five years remain for Europe to reach its objectives. WTO agreements discipline the use of subsidies, particularly for upstream manufacturing or exports. Unlike tariff rules, the Subsidies Code lacks exceptions for transboundary externalities like human health or resource conservation, including those related to combatting global climate change.

Yet support policies for green The workshop is part of a wider initiative, a contest closed last 25 May aimed at promoting, developing and implementing innovative collaborative projects Climate change is affecting temperatures and precipitation across Europe. However, the observed and projected changes differ across seasons and regions.

Further differentiation is necessary between mean water availability and extremes, such as droughts, heavy precipitation and floods. For example, some European regions may Coal is China's most important energy commodity. It accounts for the majority of energy consumption, and China produces and consumes almost as much coal as the rest of the world combined. Such levels of coal production raise economic activity, but at the same Within the same period, the average price reduction of coal, natural gas, agricultural commodities in general, metals, Geothermal energy holds significant promises for the low carbon energy systems of developing countries.

As a renewable electricity source with the ability to both meet base load power demand and backstop fluctuating supply from other renewable sources, it can be a vital component The IEW is one of the leading conferences for the international energy modeling research community. The extraction and processing of unconventional oil is more energy intensive and has larger negative environmental impacts than the extraction of conventional oil. The EU is very The goal of this paper is to investigate the factors that influence on co-volatility of commodities.

For this purpose we conduct a two steps analysis. New Challenges from the Top of the World". The continuous and progressive transformations related to global warming in the Arctic are posing new challenges which require appropriate reflection as well as innovative and efficient solutions. The melting of the Arctic ice started over 60 years ago, but its quick acceleration in The conference will cover a broad range of issues related to climate change adaptation and follows international adaptation conferences in Australia Meeting human aspirations in an increasingly resource limited world and in the perspective of a changing climate, requires that resources are used prudently and equitably.

Many low income countries are currently undergoing rapid economic development commonly fuelled by two processes: agricultural transformation and The relationship between climate change and migration has been poorly understood in the literature and it deserves the attention of scientific community Stern, ; Licker and Oppenheimer, This work wants to be an additional contribution to the existing literature.

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They had depended for their perpetuation on constant new recruits from the countryside. An Essay in Descriptive Metaphysics. In particular the assumption is that the Information Revolution will be like the Industrial Revolution of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. Nonetheless, in the frame of critical philosophy, there is at least one major difference. Further to climate mitigation strategies implemented in various cities over the past It degenerates so that we cannot breathe, we can no longer speak! Most will, moreover, emphatically reject a nativist reading of the faculties, even if they feel less confident in rejecting a supernatural origin altogether, given the kinds of passing remarks one finds in the Religion.

The aim is Incentives in Vain? This paper focus on output-based regulation and empirically investigates the effect of rewards and penalties Since , the Millennium Institute MI has been engaged in the development of capacity for sustainable development planning within governments, planning institutions, academia, the private sector, and international organizations.

Over the last 20 years MI has led the development of simulation models for Concerns about water scarcity in arid countries focus on irrigation, the most water-demanding sector worldwide. Irrigation is often seen as wasteful and inefficient.

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In fact, irrigation efficiency can be as low as percent, leading to misuse of this finite and precious resource In a background of a financial crisis along with high levels of indebtedness and aging population, high unemployment levels and the need for fiscal outlays for unemployment FEEM started investigating the relationship between companies and their stakeholders in the early s, well before corporate social responsibility CSR became one of the buzzwords in the business sphere.

In this early stage, FEEM developed groundbreaking methods to assess the environmental and social In recent years, the heightened importance of the environmental agenda has increasingly placed environmental innovations EI in the forefront of policy maker and corporate action We study the impact of the Fukushima disaster on environmental concerns and well-being in Germany and other industrialized countries, more than 5, miles distant.

While we do not find evidence that subjective well-being was significantly affected—not in Germany, Switzerland, or the UK—the disaster Photosynthesis is a water-intensive biochemical process. As part of the photosynthetic process, plants and surfaces release water into the atmosphere through evapotranspiration. The greater the biomass and crop yields, the greater the volume of water undergoing evapotranspiration.

To conserve water, we need to The Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance is a new, global initiative that draws on expertise from around the world to design and pilot the next generation of cutting edge climate finance instruments. Based on proposals from around the world, The Lab identified Environmental policies address wellbeing and sustainability objectives, affecting firm and household behaviour. A newly developed, cross-country composite proxy of environmental policy stringency EPS shows that stringency has been increasing across OECD countries over the past two decades.

However, the tightening environmental policies have The conference will maintain a This paper investigates the determinants through which ownership of energy infrastructures for the transmission of electricity and gas affects the type and level of investment. In particular we examine whether the investment propensity of a sample of European energy network companies from Climate policy-making in today's world is complex.

Transaction and enforcement costs are significant and affect the effectiveness and efficiency of policy instruments. Developments in related policy fields, such as energy policy, may influence the performance of climate policy instruments, while path dependency could NECST proposes an educational experience based on the collaboration between students from different geographic and social environments. The project is based on the Southeast Asia is one of the most vulnerable regions of the World to the impacts of climate change.

At the same time, the region is also following a trajectory that could make it a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the future The accelerated sea level rise, aggravated by more frequent extreme events, Climate change negotiations in the framework of the UNFCCC are expected to lead to the adoption of an international agreement at the 21st session of the Conference of the Parties in Paris at the end of The future agreement should combine a Assessing the direct economic costs of sea level rise and storm tide damage in coastal communities using tide gauge data and depth-damage functions.

Sea levels are rising as a result of climate change and thereby amplifying the risk of tidal and storm flooding in coastal communities. Flooding is problematic, leading to many types of damages, particularly destruction or degradation of property due to contact with floodwater Sharing the pie of future emissions. An integrated framework of multi-principle schemes. A limited quota of future cumulative global CO2 emissions is associated with a certain climate stabilization target Current research on world water resources and use shows that fundamental topics such as demographic trends, energy development and needs, water-energy nexus, climate change, and water geostrategic challenges are interconnected.

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The Think Forward Film Festival was established in Venice in , with the aim to study, discuss, and disseminate climate change as well as the issues related to energy efficiency and renewable energy through both short and feature films. The Think Forward Film It Takes a Method to Recover Matter and Energy from Wastes - integrating resources' flows, scientific knowledge, risk perception and actors' networks to optimize the recovery of value from wastes.

This seminar explores why moving from mentioning the problem to its solutions requires the description of an extended and complex system What is Climate Finance? Policy makers, investors, financial intermediaries and analysts do not always have the same understanding Il 28 novembre , Eni e Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei presentano a Milano, presso la sala congressi del Touring Club Italiano, un nuovo progetto di turismo didattico rivolto a tutte le scuole di ogni ordine e grado interessate ad approfondire le tematiche legate Recent heating and reliability of measurements.

The heat balance of the surface of the earth, radiation thermal properties, heat propagation and absorption. Why should we worry? Are we the cause? Past and future of atmospheric CO2. Should we rewrite the 10 commandments? Cheaper electricity or a healthier river? Estimating fluvial ecosystem value in Southern France.

In the coming years, France will renew hydroelectric concessions through Il valore sociale nascosto dello Sri. Comprendere per condividere. Condividere per comunicare. Quanto riesce a incidere effettivamente nella scelta di investimento? United we stand, divided we win. Strategic decentralization and the provision of global public goods. This paper is co-authored by Renaud Foucarty and Cheng Wan. This paper studies strategic decentralization in the provision of global public goods. It is well known that cooperation between countries can improve total provision. However, we show that a coalition, with the aim Coupling remote sensing, statistics and dynamic modelling for an advanced assessment of urban heat island effects in European Cities.

City research has a tradition since more than years. While the most of past city assessments are case studies focusing on specific features or spatial sub-entities of urban systems there is an increasing demand to identify gross effects of agglomerations. Looking on Ethnic heterogeneity can potentially be related to the occurrence of conflicts with long-lasting economic effects Due to a changing climate and an increasing world population exposed to natural hazards and extreme weather events, the urge to develop models to assess the economic losses of disasters has increased tremendously.

In this urge, not just a large amount of models In the past three editions of the Forum we have analysed the evolution of the concept of Corporate Social Responsibility CSR and of the role of multinational corporations MCNs in a global economy. The Ninth Politeia Forum December , in particular, explored The conference, entitled "Climate Change: Scenarios, Impacts and Policy" aims to involve scientists, researchers and policy makers, whose activities are focused on different aspects of climate change, its impacts and related policies.

Are you ready to experience an honest-to-goodness modern treasure hunt? You'll have to solve a The contemporary water abstraction licence WAL regime in Italy is no longer flexible enough to cope with the challenges posed by human-induced climate and global environmental changes.