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Mother with two wombs who got pregnant in both
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Notify me of new posts via email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content. This is Piran, Slovenia — dense all days. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Previous Post Thursday Doors, March 30 Next Post Silent Sunday, 2. April 1, at am.

Manja Mexi Movie says:. Pingback: Dense: Blossom What's in the picture? The Athenian settlement is approximately m away from presence in Macedonia disturbed King Philip, the coastline due to alluvial deposits of three ri- who decided to subdue Methone and banish the vers.

In antiquity, the sea was at the east edge of Athenian Navy from the area. During the fier- the settlement, where it formed the east harbor. Immediately to the north was a second harbor, The city was defeated and was transferred to the which was protected from both the north and hinterland, her territory distributed to Macedo- south strong winds that often blew in the region.

The original inhabitants were forced to This double harbor became a center point for abandon it, taking only one piece of clothing. In BC, the city was destroyed by Philip and The area had been inhabited since the Neo- was never inhabited again, thus giving the ar- lithic period, but Methone was built ca. During the last few years, limited excavati- 1 On the history of Methone see Tzifopoulos on research has taken place in three parts of the Glass finds were unearthed in all eyes. The general Glass in the Acropolis picture that the surface finds create becomes much clearer when objects found in stratigraphy The Acropolis occupies the West hill of the are closely examined.

It is a trapezoidal hill, which was origi- nally fortified.

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Later, the settlement was extended the top of the East hill. Two apsidal public buildings basement approximately 3. It was dug in the 8th century BC by their post holes. Glass finds were recovered by the first settlers, probably to serve as a cool- from excavation trenches dug in three stone ing cellar. It was filled with soil in a relatively buildings Fig. The buildings and the small short time in the 8th or beginning of the 7th cen- finds indicated workshop activity through the tury BC. Masses of pottery sherds were found use of pyrotechnology.

A hearth with remains of in the fill. The earlier examples are Euboean molten bronze was also excavated. The build- pottery from the 8th century BC and were ob- ings were destroyed by fire in the second quar- viously brought by the colonists. Some sherds ter of the 6th century BC.

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The stratified glass are also inscribed in the Euboean alphabet. The fill contained debris from workshops for vari- finds are therefore, dated to before this time. Evidence shows the working of The following beads are also all known to have bronze and gold, ivory, bone, tusk and glass. The beads are both undecorated and deco- rated. The undecorated are two colorless round Glass in the Agora beads, one greenish and the other bluish green, as well as one blue ring bead. The probably an open square.

Ig- sios et al. They were all found inside or out- this sector. Most of them are transparent pop- side the buildings, all of which also provided py-seedpod beads, widely known as melon or evidence for the operation of workshops. These were being manufactured Of the core-formed fragments Fig.


They are not associated with Egyp- with yellow rim Fig. The irregular tian melon beads, but they evoke the gold or tooling and the hole probably indicate a reject crystal poppy seedpods of the Bronze Age. The discarded somewhere near the workshop. It was early poppy beads have more ribs than the later found with pottery of the 6th and the 5th century versions, usually six or seven, and the earliest BC.

The Building A is a public building of the sec- plain poppy beads usually have five ribs and are ond quarter of the 6th century BC Fig.

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It has made of transparent light blue-green glass. They three rooms which were dated by silver coins, tetradrachms of Athens and Macedonia. In the 9 A dark bead with yellow thread was found in a 7th century BC grave in Thermi Sedes ; see Igna- 5th century BC, a stoa was added at the front tiadou, Chatzinikolaou , , fig. Two earlier buildings were found B1a; also Glass Cosmos , cat. Skar- below its foundation levels, buildings D and E latidou.

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An 8th century BC example was found in to the West. Cosmos , cat. Public stoa-building A and the glass objects found inside it North is to the left. A single Yet the result of this study, in light of the stra- glass gem was found in the east room.

12. Persimmon

The western peninsulas of France and England share a long history of navigators. Kalau begitu, tunggu apa lagi?! You might also like And he in fact bought me lunch due to the fact that I discovered it for him… lol. Are you thinking of going back to teach English there? Violet had an action packed and fun filled summer holiday and brought an amazing diary in to show the class of her adventures. She has done some amazing singing during rehearsals for our Christmas singsong and performs amazingly as an excited sheep.

It is a tigraphy, is surprising as now it can be proven blue undecorated gem and was found under the that these beads were manufactured from the 6th fallen roof; it is therefore dated to the first half century BC and were sometimes two centuries of the 4th century BC, before its destruction in old when they were deposited in the graves. A BC This is the only island in Slovenia and has always been considered sacred. Pilgrims came to worship the goddess Ziva before the Slavs were forced to accept Catholicism in the 15th century and the first church was built.

The exterior of the church is in modest gothic style while the interior is baroque, all kitsch gilded gold. A rope hangs from the centre of the church — pull it three times to hear the bell chime and make a wish. Ana and Valter opened it three years ago. Deer goulash spiced with juniper is not too gamey, the accompanying bread dumpling has the texture of a savoury bread and butter pudding.

Driving across the Julian Alps, high above the clouds, it is quiet and peaceful. The small town of Kobarid, called Caporetto by the Italians, was a key military position. More than 1.

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Author Ernest Hemingway got involved. At 19 he volunteered as an ambulance driver on the Italian side, got shot, was sent to hospital in Milan, fell in love with his nurse and it became the plot of A Farewell to Arms. At nearby Edi Simcic Winery, we sample the local drops.

Production is still niche, making it hard to try Slovenian wines outside of Slovenia. Edi, 85, started with bottles in The Adriatic Sea stops it from getting too cold, the alps keep the air cool, plus steep terrain and stony soil from opoka rocks mean the roots of the vines have to work hard, ensuring grapes are big on taste. Formerly a Venetian colony, Piran is on the southwest edge of Slovenia.

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The salt pans of nearby Portoroz made it a strategically important city as salt was used as currency by the Venetians years ago. The writer was a guest of Luxury Escapes. Qatar Airways flies to Zagreb, Croatia which is a minute drive to Ljubljana. It includes luxury accommodation, daily breakfasts and dining experiences, private airport transfers and transportation, sightseeing and entrance fees. Read our privacy policy here.

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