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A Little Bit of Wisdom

And those who do not have this spirit, or lose their focus, will sooner or later be removed from among us. This is the life of a pastor of the Universal Church: we pray for the people; we fast; counsel; visit homes, hospitals, prisons; we do outreach programs on the radio, TV and Internet day and night, etc.

Therefore, when God sees that a pastor is awake and alert, He brings him and all his people His blessings and presence.

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If people saw the first secret, as was shown to me yesterday, everyone would certainly be shocked enough to look at themselves and everything around them in a completely new way. Now, these things are big! Christians today want to take on the rituals of the Law. Wilderness A Study in Numbers We are going to discuss where we would look to find information about the Sacred Secret; including why did God hide it, and why is He now revealing it? What God did was that He gave birth to people.

There is indeed no time to sleep because the devil does not sleep. Why would we sleep and say we are resting when we know for a fact that the devil is out there destroying the lives of many souls?

Virgin of the Rocks: A subversive message hidden by Da Vinci

Let the spirit of sacrifice never die in the Universal Church, the ultimate reward is in heaven. Witness — Botswana.

Message By Bro. Bakht Singh - (Practical Experiences And Secret Of Living Church)

Amen to that Bishop!!! This is do true, Pastors they give all their life for the sheep.

An Overview of the Sacred Secret

There is no time, weather, situation that stop them. No time off, no holidays, no family near them only their wife that is in the same Spirit. Thank God for the example of faith, dedication and sacrifice that we can see until today in Bishop Macedo and Mrs.

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We truly love them so much. God bless you always. Did you know that can also receive the messages from my blog by email?

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