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Stick, a more colloquial and general term, is used particularly when a third kind of material is involved: A gummed label will stick to a package. Examples from the Web for stuck Within minutes, it seems, of the disclosures of these tragic events, large numbers of people chose a side and stuck to it. The St.

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The Brand of Silence Harrington Strong. Makers Cory Doctorow. See control stick. US obsolete a cannabis cigarette. See also stick around , stick at , stick by , stick down , stick out , stick to , stick together , stick-up , stick with , stuck. I wish for my dress to vocalize this theme. I hope it can inspire others to hold onto their dreams and if they reach far enough they might possibly grab the opportunity of a lifetime! My dress is covered in shooting stars because they are a symbol of dreams coming true, since many wish upon them. I also love vintage fashion especially what can be derived from the s!

The 20s also were an intriguing time since the 19th amendment was ratified during it, allowing women the right to vote. My dress is a straight fit 20s style gown, complete with a draped back, flapper headband, and purse to embody that fascinating decade. The structure was inspired by Alexander McQueen. The decoration and details were inspired by Vivienne Westwood. I was greatly inspired by the outfits musical conductors wear. I love classical music and I knew from the start that I would want to incorporate a musical motif into my final design. I chose purple and gold to contrast one another and evoke imagery of royalty, and black and white to resemble a musical score.

This was a very time-consuming process, but I'm very pleased with the final result. My inspiration for my outfit was too show that women can dress confidently and still conquer anything. I was inspired by color gradients. I love how colors blend together to make something beautiful and soft. I liked the idea of using green and yellow.

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My school colors are green and gold so it fit perfectly with my school spirit. I also wanted to add silver and a touch of purple to make the whole dress pop and to give it an elegant look. I really liked the fun, colorful dresses I saw as I looked at pictures of other contestants dresses. I also wanted my dress to be fun, and festive. This theme served as the inspiration for my dress. I created the dress using various golds and blacks to represent the building, and France rising above the recent tragedy involving the fire. I created a unique design with cascading colors by cutting and layering thousands of strips of metallic gold, sparkly gold, and sparkly black tape.

I covered the dress in clear tape to give it a polished look. The cut out designs running along the bottom of the dress represent the three Rose Windows that survived the fire. I chose to have an illusion neckline and open back to give the dress added elegance. Additionally I created a corsage, handbag, earrings, nails, and decorated shoes to match my dress. I had a great time dancing in this dress and hope you enjoy seeing it as much as I did creating it! Thank you.

My inspiration for this prom dress came from sunsets particularly the ones that you see in summer- because all I do is think about summer. The flowers are made with bright pinks, yellows, oranges, and a deep purple. These colors show the beautiful colors that the sun portrays as it sets. Then, the royal blue is used for the dark sky, speckled with gold, white, and black. These colors amount to stars, giving off their bright colors.

The bottom of the dress is feathered to add elegance and flair to the dress. I also made shoes, a necklace, earrings for each of my five ear holes , a corsage, hairpiece, ring, nails, and a boutonniere and bow tie for my date.

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I took time to make each of these items the way I wanted them to look to brighten up my ensemble. Thanks to this duct tape prom dress, I had one of the most wonderful time of my life. I put together two of my greatest inspirations together to make a tux design using America and God. My set up was kind of off a biker jacket and used two colors that you would usually find at prom black and gold.

I've always loved cherry blossoms and different types of dresses, so I combined some of my favorite dress features ruffles, the neckline, etc.

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My inspiration for this outfit came from everything that makes me who I am. This dress is a representation of my goals and aspirations to pursue a career in music therapy; as well as continuing to support those with special needs. To me, the belt is the most important incorporation of the dress merely due to the fact that it is advocating for Down Syndrome, Special Olympics, and Autism. Without it, the dress's meaning would change completely. This is because working with people who have special needs is what has given me the opportunity to actually do something with music and them. The inspiration for this dress came from a bit of fashion history!

I love the figure flattering shapes of the 50s and 60s, but with the glamour and drama of the s. Additionally, I was inspired to create the weaving pattern from my heritage. I am a Guatemalan-American, and weaving is a big part of the textile industry in Guatemala. I've always wanted to try the technique, so I thought "What better time to incorporate it than into my prom dress?

My inspiration came from the almighty dragon. In mythology, dragons symbolize both power and wisdom. At school, although I get along with my classmates and do well in class, I am quiet and reserved. I wanted to show that through my art, I can be confident and loud, and the dragon was the symbol to represent that.

I was inspired by the steampunk style, because it is so odd, but so cool! I also love tigers! The patterned Duck Brand Duct Tape with the white tiger face really pulled my outfit together. I not only made this tuxedo for this contest, but plan to wear it to all the football games this fall at my college. We are a very spirited school - and the tiger is our mascot.

Look out for me this fall on TV in the student section cheering on my Tigers to another National Championship!!! I wanted this dress to be very elegant and princess-like and I love the combination of navy blue with white. I had always thought about my dream prom dress, and this was it!

I am very crafty so I enjoyed making the intricate details like the flowers and silver designs and my accessories. What inspired me to create my outfit the way it is now is to make it in a unique way that made it different from others. This dress reflects the lightness and merriment of life!

And the May basket purse just makes me happy. After a long winter of icicles and gray skies, I was on edge for the bursting forth of color! I imagined frolicking in nature's beauty in a swirl of glow. This dress is a combination of the whirlwind of spring and the sustaining colors of summer. I call this dream prom dress, "Summer Swirl. The inspiration for my outfit was my love of flowers and androgynous fashion. I love the self-expression that duck tape allows and the ability to create something unique. Prom is a night of celebration and elegance; two things I wanted to be sure my dress really exhibited.

I went for a classic silhouette with a dropped waistline and a semi-circle skirt for fullness and used the mix of solid and transparent tape to give the dress a modern take on a timeless style. The floral print is reminiscent of a lively spring, and the way the flowers drift down the transparent skirt reminds me of blossoms drifting in the breeze.

I hand cut thousands of small details in order to give the dress a beaded look, which is also incorporated on the nails, choker, shoes, clutch, and corsage.

Compositions by: Stuck, Jean-Baptiste

The dress was cut and made with an original pattern I created using my background knowledge of fashion design and fitting. Flowers are known to truly capture the beauty of growth. This symbolism of the beloved flower is what was wanted to be displayed within this dress in hopes of showing how radiant one feels on prom night. Influenced by s fashion, I aimed to put the retro dress shape into a prom dress. All while never forgetting our golden memories. I hope you all enjoy the vibrance of the duct tape as much as I have!

My inspiration came from the simple yet elegant looking dresses that I've seen in many places such as stores and on TV shows. Pastel pink was chosen as it gives off the vibes of spring. As well as pastel pink is subtle and inviting, to which I invite a new chapter into my book of life. The inspiration for this dress was honey bees! Bees are so vital in ecosystems and daily lives but quite often get overlooked. Without those little ladies pollinating our world, we wouldn't be around for very long. So to say thank you for all their hard work, pollination, and sweet, sweet honey, I decided to let them be the stars of this prom dress!

My inspiration for my outfit was my interests, personality and my friends. My friends and I are very similar. We all can seem like we all have split personalities, hence the reversible skirt. We can look and act normal, or we can be weird and crazy. This is represented by the two sides of the skirt. One side is calm, showing school spirit, while the other side is wild with galaxy print.

I love how this came out. It truly represents me. I was inspired by 50's swing dresses, Disney's Alice in Wonderland, and blue parakeets. I wanted to make something unique and colorful! I was inspired by those long, big flower skirt dresses while planning and creating my dress. I love the designs with a solid colored top and an exquisitely patterned skirt. Ironically enough, I do not like receiving flowers for any sort of occasion, but creating them on paper, with paint, or even tape is so much fun. The pink and orange rose patterned duct tape was perfect for making my dress come to life!

To me, prom is magical event. Therefore I wanted to create an enchanting look with flowers and lights. I love the color blue, and I wanted to make a longer dress, so that is where I began. The design on the center was from a doodle in my math notebook, and the floral aspect was inspired by a pair of jeans I saw. The gloves were from a book which I unfortunately can't remember the name of , and the idea for the parasol was inspired by my little sister, who loves those sort of things! My original inspiration was a Jellyfish! I wanted the skirt to resemble a Jellyfish' stingers. It ended up looking more like a mermaid tail when I finished, but the whole mystical-sea-creature vibe is still there, and I'm very happy with how it turned out!

Being that I am hispanic, and my ancestors came from Spain, the red roses show a glimpse of Spanish dresses. I chose the black, white, and red color palette because it looks mature and adds confidence to the gown. The gold flowers contribute to its regality, and the red roses framing the back are a mix of delight and disdain, making the dress look fierce and feminine. I was approached by one of my teachers with the idea of going to prom in Duck Tape. I thought it would be a great idea not only to challenge myself but also to challenge my closest friend Sarah.

Our Prom theme was Alice in Wonderland and we were inspired to make our outfits using the same color scheme as the Queen of Hearts.

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Overall, this was a great opportunity to stretch our creative minds; prom was a fun time and I would do it again. My dress was inspired by my desire to create a simple yet eye-catching design you wouldn't want to take your eyes off! The straightforward zigzag pattern was a basic technique. However, with the use of multiple colors that combine to create a bright and cheerful vibe, what appears to be simple design is elevated to a striking and elegant prom dress. Funny enough, I also grew up using Duck Tape to make things.

A strapless top with a corset-like bodice was my personal touch. In order to challenge myself, as a future fashion major, I attempted to make a garment with tape and treat it like fabric, everything was cut out of hand made patterns and put together by tape to assimilate that of a clean hidden seam finish. As a reserved person, I took this opportunity to put myself out there, and help inspire others to be more unique and try new things. My inspiration came from the story of persephone, goddess of life and death I sought to show these stark contrast's by making vibrant tape illustrations with a 3d tape sculpture of a raven silhouetting a black bleak bodice to show the harmony between life and death.

I also drew inspiration for the design of the dress from the ballroom scene in The Labyrinth with David Bowie, it gave me the idea to go with an art nouveau masquerade theme. As an artist I enjoyed the challenges that came along with working with such a unique medium and was able to stand out at my senior prom. My inspiration was from my own aspirations. I intend to fulfill my legacy and recreate the conquest for my family. Also to watch myself grow and progress as if I were a golden flower. The inspiration for my outfit came from my love of the two cultures I live in.

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The design came from my Ethiopian culture. The style of the dress came from my American culture. This outfit shows the cultures that built me up, to what I am today.

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I decided to create a traditional dress that infuses modern design. This dress is to bring inspirational to young Hmong Americans to value and acknowledge their culture. I wanted to combine professional design with traditional circus attire while preserving the ornate nature of that particular style. I love the outdoors and nature, and I wanted to make a dress that highlighted the intricacies and beauty found in wildflowers. This dress really came together in a wonderful mix of joy and elegance that shows my personality. My favorite element of this dress is the mirror-tape flowers covering it, and how they shine and twinkle with movement.

This dress features over layered flowers, a full ball gown skirt, a lace up back, off the shoulder sleeves, and matching accessories. This was certainly a lot of work for a prom dress, but it was well worth the smiles it brought! I have always been creative and duck tape is a versatile medium that allows me to create whatever I can imagine. Even my senior prom dress! I was so inspired by the geometric shapes of the duct tape flower petals that I used to make in elementary school, so I replicated those, added in a few new folding techniques and added the idea of a cascading waterfall gradient of colors to complete my floor length gown.

Alongside just looking really cool as a pattern, the layering of the flower petals provided a textured, blooming look. The reason I choose this color scheme is because blue has always been one of my favorite colors, and the gradient of the colors together reminded me of my favorite beach. I constructed drop earrings and a flower corsage out of various shades of blue to complete my look. My vision was to fashion a floor length ball gown using an unconventional material that was mesmerizing to the eyes, colorful, elegant and truly me.

It was so rewarding to see my vision come to life! All throughout high school I have loved to "stick" out pun intended. Once I heard about this scholarship, I thought it was a great way for me to be unique and stick out. This dress has pink, purple, and white duct tape Duck Tape flowers attached to a tan duct tape Duck Tape base. The bottom of the dress is made out clear duct tape Duck Tape and the flowers are added to the bottom to create the illusion that the flowers are floating!

The challenge of making the dress and the possibility of finish a dream I had for a long time. I loved being able to build something with duct tape and have the chance to show it to the world. Fortunately, I did not have to go through this process. I chose to make my own duck tape prom dress due to my all time interest in fashion design.

I believe this is a great opportunity to unleash our hidden inner creativity. I live in a small town in Central Pennsylvania, where the state is known to house unpredictable weathers season long. However, despite the weird weather, I believe Pennsylvania has one of the best natural beauty of nature especially during spring time that is worth showing off. The inspiration for my dress came from the beautiful spring of PA.

With numerous of different species of flowers blooming all over the town, the air not only is filled with scent of newly blossoms, but also natural freshness that nothing can compare. My dress symbolizes my love for this short term spring weather and appreciation for my state in housing this beauty of nature. My first painting.

I wanted to incorporate many colors, and the design of my painting is different than what I've seen other people do.

I wanted to be the female to not spend hundreds of dollars on prom and still enjoy the night! Once I made this decision I received an email to take on the duct tape challenge. I accepted the challenge and told most of my family. Prom was two weeks away and I had nowhere to start! Many people discouraged me but it continued. It has European art elements combined with a contemporary Eastern style.

One of my goals with this dress was to look boujee but on a budget so I aimed to make it look like a real dress and not duct tape as much as possible. My inspiration was my home, California! The mermaid cut represents the magic of the ocean and is a very popular style as well. My inspiration for this dress comes from "Butterfly Waltz", which is a song my sister loves to play on piano. It has a delicate and beautiful melody, so I tried to reflect that in my butterfly themed prom dress.


stuck meaning: 1. past simple and past participle of stick 2. unable to move, or set in a particular position, place, or way of thinking: 3. in a difficult situation. Define stuck (adjective) and get synonyms. What is stuck (adjective)? stuck ( adjective) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary.