Hot Springs, Arkansas: An article from Southern Cultures 17:3, The Memory Issue

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Foreword by Sidney W. Foreword by Rick Moody.. DAC pp. North Carolina Architecture. Photography by Tim Buchman. Portable Edition. RHJS pp. Southern, and Jennifer F. With a new foreword by Gary W. A History of Small Business in America. Third Edition, Revised and Updated. Blair, William A. Volume 1: Number 1. Bloomer, W. Volume 1: Number 2. Blue Spruce, Duane and Tanya Thrasher eds. Volume 1: Number 3. Volume 1: Number 4. Volume 2: Number 1.

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Two poems by Tammy L. Edited and with an Introduction by John Ernest. Brown, an American Slave: Written by Himself. Fitzhugh ed. Under Sentence of Death: Lynching in the South. Foreword by James C. Miller III. Practical Farming for the South. Bullock, Charles S. Johnson Runoff Elections in the United States. Bullock, Steven C. Early American Cartographies. Bunt, Gary R. ICMN pp. Employer Concentration in Local Labor Markets. Elaine Negro Leadership in a Southern City. The Correspondence of John Cotton.

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Rogers Jr. Enhanced ebook with video and audio. The American Family Home, Southeastern Geographer: Spring Issue. Volume Number 1.

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Hot Springs, Arkansas: An article from Southern Cultures , The Memory Issue - Kindle edition by Keith Maillard. Download it once and read it on your Kindle. The NOOK Book (eBook) of the Hot Springs, Arkansas: An article from Southern Cultures , The Memory Issue by Keith Maillard at Barnes.

Southeastern Geographer: Summer Issue. Volume Number 2. Southeastern Geographer: Winter Issue. Volume Number 4. With contributions by Thomas D. Burke, S. Homes Hogue, Billy L. Wilson, Jr. Healing at the Borderland of Medicine and Religion. Dear Mrs. Roosevelt: Letters from Children of the Great Depression. UNCSP pp. Human Capital in Southern Development, Immigrant City: Lawrence, Massachusetts, Inventions of the Studio, Renaissance to Romanticism. BARL pp. John M. Schofield and the Politics of Generalship. SVPWW pp.

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With Catherine S. Favored by Fortune: George W.

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CD-ROM with 8-page booklet. Southscapes: Geographies of Race, Region, and Literature. Navy, Democracy in Adams, James, and Santayana. Babbidge Jr. Translated, annotated, and with an introduction by Robert Eden. Devine, Thomas W. Delfino, Susanna and Michele Gillespie eds. Johnson's Dictionary and the Language of Learning.

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Dixon, Wheeler Winston, ed.

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Duvall, John A. Against Whom? Eisner, Lotte H. Erens, Patricia, ed. Evans, Peter William, ed. Everson, William K. Falicov, Tamara L. Feldman, Seth R. Fell, John, L. Fireman, Judy, ed. Frankel, Glenn. Frederiksen, H. Hamrah, Fulbright, Senator J. Creekmur, Gilmore, James N. Girgus, Sam B. Griffith and Me , Ernest D.

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Hot Springs, Arkansas: An article from Southern Cultures 17:3, The Memory Issue

Hollywood , Adam Nayman, , Horton, Andrew, ed. Howlett, Kathy M. Hoyt, Edwin P. Hughes, Robert, ed.

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Rothwell, Kenneth S. Schiller, Herbert I. Schnitman, Jorge A. Scott, A. Shaheen, Jack G. Sharrett, Christopher, ed. Shaughnessy, Robert, ed. In other words the peculiar dition etc with the aim 'to help students, and people outside has overshadowed the contemporary world. This is not to the universities, to analyse the nature of the society in which say that there were no successful attempts at working in the we live' Boonzaier and Sharp ix.

To mention just a few.


Environmental Politics , 18 6 , Gallagher, Gary W. Pettit, Arthur G. Memory is a key form of such timespace travel, along with materiality and sensed embodi- ment. Morgan eds. Cer- tainly, too, I feel this capacity now as I reflect on Figure 1. Please suggest additions via editors discardstudies.

Desiree Lewis made the impor- tural and political contexts e. Robins Others have tant observation that, in contrast to feminist literary scholars, begun to theoretically and ethnographically engage with the African social scientists on the whole, have contributed little contemporary phenomenon of South African modernities in to the understanding of gender relations on the continent. I use the theme of current public and popular cul- immediate ways of addressing them.

NGOs and business and anthropology starts not outside the academy but within the commerce that demand instrumentalist and narrowly issue- universities, where we as teachers of anthropology engage on oriented approaches to intellectual work, the social sciences a daily basis with the conceptual frameworks of our under- suffered from the restrictions of 'a dominant academic cul- graduate students as fellow citizens. For Europe, see Eriksen A general Google search produces Six anthropology departments in the USA and Canada offer formal programmes in public anthropology Borofsky Anthropology Southern Africa.

My students with to recapture cultural analysis and. There can be no doubt Africa we need to develop a critical ethnography and analysis that culturalist discourses have resurged in post-apartheid of cultural forms and of cultural politics of the post-apartheid public and popular discourses. The political rhetorics of the social formation. NGOs, the media, and an ever-growing heritage and cultural tourism industry all make for a public culture which Conclusion emphasises, albeit in a fragmented manner, the reconstruc- This paper has examined current conditions and perspectives tion of postcolonial identities around notions of 'African-ness' on doing anthropology in South Africa, building on the conti- and indigeneity in both its inclusive and ethnically fragmented nuities and discontinuities of anthropological practice in the guise Robins ; Marschall ; Sharp ; Becker country.

It has done so from the perspective of a scholar who b. Culture, more often than not understood as racial- lives in the country and teaches at a South African university. As I have As we know, contemporary culturalist politics - that cul- argued elsewhere, for resident anthropologists, 'the field' is ture 'has become the language of difference' Comaroff and not 'out there'. Our very own identities are mediated Comaroff - is not a specifically South African phe- through the postcolonial field of which we are a part Becker nomenon.

The reification and politicisation of 'culture' in the Culture, reluctance to engage with cultural analysis due to apartheid's generally imagined as a 'billiard ball' to invoke boundedness preoccupation with 'cultures' as its ideological basis. In the specific South African historical context, to interpret the meanings and engage with the contemporary however, understanding the local impressions of global iden- world in South Africa and beyond. They challenge us to revisit of social relations and social processes.

Despite the undeni- long-standing issues around cultural difference, traditionalist able fact that, with the new opportunities for consultancies in discourse, culture-as-resource. This takes us into the classroom. As a teacher dents in South African anthropology programmes will eventu- of anthropology at a - in terms of the self-identifications of its ally wind up in applied work, anthropology's post-apartheid students - predominantly black university.

I am faced daily resurgence is owed partly to the discipline's central concern with the assertion of reified notions of 'culture s ' note the with culture and the ethnographic method, which make it plural! How do these which they live. How While some local practitioners engaged - in what we may do personal and collective struaures of feeling and strategic today call public anthropology - in critical deconstructions of i I.

The recurrent invocations of 'African' as well as specifically ethnic Zulu cuiture to mobilise popular support for fornner South African Deputy President Jacob Zuma when he stood triai for allegedly raping the 31 year-old daughter of a late struggle 'comrade' during the first few months of demonstrated just how much cuituraiist discourses have resurged in post-apartheid public and popular dis- courses.

For a critical assessment of Jacob Zuma's dainns to 'culture' during the rape trial see. November In the post-apartheid situation however, I have argued. Thus far, there has been little reflection on doing research 'at home'. As I have Ahmed, Abdul Kayum Unpublished MA thesis. Bellville: University suited to the social and historical complexities of contempo- of the Western Cape. Instead, as suggested elsewhere Becker et Amadiume, Ifi.

Reinventing Africa. Matriarchy, religion and al , Angela Cheater's characterisation of those culture. London: Zed Books. Modernity at Large. Cultural Dimensions of Globalization. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. Durham and London: Duke University notions: first, the situated identifications of anthropologists Press. Xhosa in Town Revisited: From Urban basis for our understanding of citizenship.

Anthropology to an Anthropology of Urbanism. Unpublished PhD thesis. Cape Town: University of Cape Town. In this essay I have shown that the end of apartheid as an Becker, Heike. New at once enabling and disabling framework of critical anthro- perspectives on doing Anthropology in Southern Africa'. Paper pology cf Gordon and Spiegel left many open-ended presented at the Annual meeting of the American questions which South African anthropology still faces.

Sexuality and parochiality of the - by any standards - largest and compara- Gender in Southern African academic and popular Discourse'. Here I would also like to point to the of the Witvwttersrand, June , Convenor's input. Becker, Heike. Joint Conference the annual argument has been developed by Ribeiro and Escobar Fieldwork in ogy in the contemporary world at large. In the times of global shared Spaces: Positionaiity, Power and Ethics of citizen identity politics, the past and present South African politics of Anthropologists in southern Africa.

Global und afrikanisch: come. Borofsky, Rob Brazil, for instance, has a well-established tradition of Budlender, Geoff Looking Forward: The University in a interesting studies in urban anthropology that investigate Democratic South Africa. The Nineteenth T. Davie Mennorial matters of hybridisation and modernity Uribe Byron, Reginald and Ulrich Kockel African Sociological Review, 2 I : Edited by R.

Byron and U. Marschall, Sabine Chaicrabarty, Dipesh Thought and Historical Difference. Princeton: Princeton Mehlwana, Anthony M. Clanship in the Western Cape. Unpublished MA dissertation. Cheater, Angela R i Edited by A. Moore, Henrietta L. Edited by H. Cocks, Paul Max Gluckman and the Critique of Segregation in Moore.

Cambridge: Polity Press. South African Anthropology, Journoi of Southern Moore, Sally F. Archie Mafeje's Prescriptions for the African Studies 27 4 : Academic Future. African Sociological Review, 2 1 : Comaroff, Jean The Invention of Africa. Chicago: University of the Order of Knowledge. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. Chicago Press.

Narayan, Kirin How Native Is a 'Native' Anthropologist? Corrictroff, Jean and John Comaroff American Anthropologist London: Pluto Press. Edited by S. London: James Nkwi, Paul N. The Status of Anthropology in Post- Currey. Michael The State of Anthropology in Southern Africa'. Paper presented Nkwi, at Paui N. Brian Edited by G. Ribeiro Community in South Africa. Cape Ibwn: Balkema. Oxford: Berg.