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In , Mr. Patricia Teter, from the Getty Research Institute. Teter has more than 16 years of experience focused on provenance issues, of which the past six have concentrated on Nazi looting. Edsel and Ms. Teter sought to confirm their documentation by examining the paintings, which occurred on April 30, To the surprise of Meadows Museum officials, who readily made the paintings available for examination, the Nazi ERR code was visible on the stretcher of Saint Justa it appeared that the Nazi ERR code had been rubbed off the same position on the stretcher of Saint Rufina.

Edsel subsequently provided a copy of the research that his team had compiled to Meadows Museum officials. He urged them, and other University officials, to make a joint announcement about these findings to serve as a source of encouragement for all museums to comply with these important guidelines. In recent months, as Mr. Edsel was completing research for his newly released book about the Monuments Men, he discovered that one of the key figures, Monuments officer Lt. Rorimer, was the person who actually located one of the two stolen Murillo paintings, Saint Justa.

In his book, Mr. Works of art could no longer be thought of in ordinary terms—-a roomful, a car load, a castle full, were the quantities we had to reckon with. Edsel was also the co-producer of a documentary film entitled The Rape of Europa , based on the definitive book about Nazi looting by scholar Lynn H. Edsel is a graduate of Southern Methodist University , served as a Meadows Advisory Board member from , and has been a financial donor and lender to the Museum prior to these developments.

He played an instrumental role in the passage of a Resolution by both Houses of Congress, on June 6, , which for the first time recognized by the United States the service of all or so Monuments officers from 13 nations. In November , Mr. To see his full biography, see Board of Trustees — to learn more about the Monuments Men Foundation, visit the web site. A few of the seniors look over the display of announcements in the main nail. Bemiss Boys' Fed. Treasure 4; Pins and Points Chrmn. I, 2, 3, 4; Girls' League I, 2, 3, 4.

I, 2, 3, 4; Rifle Club I, 2. Bemiss Girls' League Comm. Patrick's Boys' Fed. I, 2, 3, 4; Student Council Rep. Checker 3. Shaw Home Room Pres. Patrick's Red Cross Rep.


Editorial Reviews. About the Author. M. L. Castleman was born in a small country town in Mr. Teter'S Treasure - Kindle edition by M. L. Castleman. Download it. M. L. Castleman was born in a small country town in Oklahoma. As a child she lived on Teter Hill where her family farmed the land. After she grew up she joined .

I, 2, 3, 4; Wrestling I, 3, 4; Track 3, 4; A. I, 2, 3, 4; Hall Patrol 3. Longfellow Girls' League; A. I, 2, 3, 4; Stu- dent Council 3; A. Vernon Hi, Oregon A. I, 2, 3, 4; Spanish Club 2, 3, 4; A. Officer 3, 4; Boys' Fed. Bemiss F. Worker 4; A. Regal Girls' League 2, 3, 4; D.

Pins and Points 4. Christian A. Lonnic Kr , bj pam Kro ,. HH mmmm - MB 19! The Pirates really killed those Bullpups at the Homecoming game. C- in the first football game of the season. Row 2. Row 3. These mothers and sons seem to be enjoying themselves at the Mother and Son Banquet. The cheerleaders seem very happy about something, don't they?

They seem to be enjoying them- selves at one of the football cons. Sadie Hawkins All Dogpatchers showed up for the dance in their best bib and tucker. Winter Wonderland All was well at our winter dance except one thing — no snow! All the boys seem real hungry, don't they? Jackie Johnson, Diane Deahl, Mr.

MacGown, and Pat Jones are shown with some of the food and toys donated to the needy family. Secretary, is surrounded by all the food the students donated for the needy family at Christmastime. Afterwards a song fest was held and the girls had a chance to prove their singing ability. The officers pose under the rainbow during the Girls' League Installation Con. Here are some of the "Come Rain, Come Shine" play cast. Jones, J. Massenger, L. Martin, J. Suksdorf, D. Buck, P. Gilmore, S. Galloway, D. Halstead, R. Gierke, B. Charvat, R. Southerly, S. Oien, P. Dietrich, J. Parry, V.

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Wheeler, L. Hoffman, M. Lockhart, C. Elder, G. Warren, J. Woolen, V. Scott, G. Morgan, C. Chrislenson, D. Byrum, J. Johnson, G. Lindgren, K. Venters, A.

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Aurnidge, C. Seipp, C. Carter, L. Skinner, J. Schroyer, L. Cozzetto, D. Hammond, S. Nicholson, C. Holcomb, J. Carter, R. Snyder, A. Churmo, F. Brown, L. Mother, A. Naccarato, J. Randolph, G. Johnson, B- Ptorson, T. Hays, M. Beer, J. Lindow, C. Glodharl, T. Tauscher, R. Hass, M.

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Jones, L. Cress, S. Connor, E. Runners-up were Judy Miller and Sam Smith. Introduction Con. We wonder! They won too! Their purpose was to urge the girls to contribute to the Girls' League pig. Larry played a medley of tunes ranging from clas- sical to pop. Viola: Mike Rhodes. Cello: Jean Merewether. Piano: Evelyn Martin. Oboes: Deborah Boulton, Phylis Steinberg. Clarinets: Larry Lambert, Rich Sundahl. Bassoons: Victor Ogle, Aleta Gibson. Trumpets: Mike Collier, Rich Sand. Tympani: Greg Newman. Virginia Seipp. Janice Juul' Janice Se. Baritone Saxophone: Sandra Reilly. Chuck Gambill. Tympani: Karl Okert.

Carol W. Holmes, S. Anderson, J. Armstrong, P. Frink, D. John, S. McGinnis, J. Knight, P. Carmack, A. Smith, P. Neil son, C. Woicik, C. Rose, L. Scates, J. Hamilton, row 2: B. Mc- Bride, S. Koerper, L. Schrock, C. Steensma, S.

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Grover, P. Savage, C.

Caird, J. Fullmer, row 3: M. Roath, P. Nyreen, C. Nugent, C.

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Cress, L. Clothier, S. Woods, J. Hall, V. Stewart, M. Miller, D. Harper, S. Severson, D. Breeden, P. Boyer, S. Larson, V. Shields, J. Woolen, row 4: J. Baump, G. Nordby, S. O'Brien, R. Joyce, J. Fockler, L. Brockway, M. Bellman, D. Billigmeier, K. Schoen- wald, D. Cunningham, J.

Joe Culler, assistant advisor, row 3: Mr. Clair, Duane Thompson. Dale Bran- non, Larry Hueter, J. Second Row — Childress mgr. Back Row— Carlson mgr. Varsity Wrestling Varsity Wrestlers in action. Burnett L. Reyerson J. Molitor D. Shove G. Lindren T. Brown J. Swartz Returnin: T. Waldo J. Jacobson A. Anderson S Stenerson D. Bowerman E. Weatherman K. Little G. Foland D. Bordwell N. Stussi B. Bircumshaw A. Coumont B. Aldrich Spring Lettermen L.

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