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It’s Tri-Time at RiverLights

Quality gear can shave seconds off your time. Carbohydrate depletion kills endurance, but so does dehydration: A 1 to 2 per cent loss of body mass can result in a 44 per cent drop in performance, say South African researchers.


I now have 6 weeks until my next and I don't know how to keep going and improve. Thank you!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the app. Gear Triathlon Gear Bikes Wetsuits. Aim for a 1 :3 ratio, so if you do a 30 minute run, do 5 — 10 minutes easy running, then 1 min a little above race pace, followed by 3 minutes easy jog.

On your bike, drink ml ounces of a sodium-spiked sports drink every 10 minutes. In the final 3 or 4km, pick an easier gear and crank out a higher cadence plus rpm.

DON'T WASTE TIME // Triathlon Motivation 2017

A University of Colorado at Boulder study found that a higher biking rpm helped increase stride frequency during the run, shaving 30 seconds per mile. Run 1. Tri-specific shoes drain excess wetness and stay lightweight, and have laces that tighten with a tug, shaving off seconds at the changeover. Test your pace in the first 2 or 3 minutes of the run. Good form is crucial for a strong finish, but hard to maintain.

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Want Bigger Biceps Peaks? The Bike : I ride an old mountain bike, and I think it really hurt me in this race. I just wanted to be able to finish the 20K bike leg, which I was pretty sure I could do. I did it pretty slow, though, and a lot of people passed me many of them were actually ahead of me but on their 2nd or 3rd laps, but a few started the bike after me and still passed me.

What’s a good triathlon time?

I have to admit the bike was a bit of a struggle, especially in the hot sun, and I finished near last place maybe people behind me. The Run : My legs felt dead coming off the bike, but I started out pretty fast.

Training & Nutrition

Too fast, actually, and soon I was breathing heavy and knew I had to cut back. I was pretty tired by now, but tried to keep a decent pace. It was very very hot. I passed a few people around halfway through the run. One of them stuck with me and pushed me for the rest of the run, but I pulled away from him in the end with a strong finish.

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Overall : My overall time was , which many experienced triathletes would probably laugh at, but again, I just wanted to finish and have fun. I had a great time, and look forward to my next sprint tri in June.

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Improvement areas : I can obviously get better in the swim, with a little more endurance and better form. My bike needs a lot of improvement.