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Song to Amphitrite

Gilchrist got this song from a fine old sailor singer, W. Bolton, of Southport, Lancs. Rod Stradling noted in the accompanying booklet:. He noted:. This deep-water sailors' song was once a favourite in both the American and British mercantile fleets.

I learned it in from Sam Larner, an 84 year old herring fisherman of Winterton, Norfolk. The first album's liner notes stated that.

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This fore-bitter seems to have been popular on both British and American ships, though the name of the ship and the port of sailing vary from version to version. In American versions she sails from Boston; in others from Bristol, England. The second recording was also included in on his anthology Nautical Tawney. He commented in the first album's sleeve notes:. Still, it is a very old sailor-song and things have probably changed greatly.

The Amphitrite

After one broadcast performance a listener wrote to me pointing out that if the ship passed through Magellan Straits it would not be rounding the Horn at all. I suspect that the novels of Patrick O'Brien set to music achieve similar heights of storytelling, yet it is the brevity of folksong which is so astonishing.

In six verses this song conveys a novel's worth of motion and ideas. This track was also included in on their anthology Catchup. This song speaks of the delights that Valparaiso and its Spanish girls have to offer, but also of the perils of rounding Cape Horn. Bolton of Southport, Lancaster.

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The gallant frigate, Amphitrite, she lay in Plymouth Sound, Blue Peter at the foremast head for she was outward bound; We were waiting there for orders to send us far from home; Our orders came for Rio, and thence around Cape Horn. When beating off Magellan Straits it blew exceeding hard; Whilst shortening sail two gallant tars fell from the topsail yard. But what happens when he meets a bastard unapologetically living their life, careless of their heritage?

For all her life, Sally Jackson was afraid she was crazy - she saw things and beings around her that normal people saw as ordinary animals. She saw monsters from the worst nightmares. But when she meets a mysterious, handsome man with sea-green eyes on her way, she will finally know the truth. But is the truth really better? And how much of your heart can you risk for only a few months of pleasure Percy was, but now he isn't. Another chance is not to be wasted. He can chose his own destiny now. Everyone knows the ocean cannot be restrained.

Percy won't follow all the rules, especially after he met the one he loved.

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He makes his own, but breaking the rules doesn't always bode well for him, does it? He's surrounded by chaos — chaos having many definitions. He didn't know how he got here, honest. One moment his world was fine and the next it was like he was standing in front of Gaea herself without Riptide or his family and friends to back him up as they had in the war.

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Percy Jackson was nervous as well. The first time he had met those three old ladies was in a bus stop in New York, with Grover. At first, he was clueless to why the Fates would show himself, cutting a yarn that looks like it belonged to him- only it didn't.