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go site The depth charge is the oldest anti-submarine weapon, being developed during World War One. Original idea dates back to the "dropping mine" concept of The first effective depth charge Type D was the pound kg barrel-like casing containing high explosives, normally TNT being developed in A "pistol" actuated by water pressure at a selected depth detonated the depth charge.

The pound WWI depth charge could be detonated as deep as feet roughly meters but at the eve of that was the more formidable pound kg version was developed.

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A K-gun just before firing. The first means of delivery was to simply roll the "barrels" of a special rack at the stern of the escort vessel. Eventually a special depth-charge projector or "K-guns" were developed. These could, by means of an explosive propellant charge, hurl the depth charges out to the side of the escorts for a distance of roughly 50 meters.

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When the K-guns and the stern charges were used together that enabled he escort to lay a pattern of 9 or 10 charges onto the suspected U-boat's position. A depth charge in flight after being fired from a K-gun. Even though the massive explosive power of the pound charge was impressive to both the escort and the U-boat, highly unnerving to the latter even, the depth charge was not the answer to the U-boat threat. Charged were Ressa, managing editor Glenda M. Gloria and the 5 board members posted bail Wednesday afternoon ahead of an issuance of warrants of arrest.

Why Depth Charges Don't Have to Touch a Submarine to Sink It

Ressa is currently abroad. The anti-dummy law offenses were raffled off to Branch under Judge Acerey C. The defendants were waiting for the result of the re-raffle as of posting.

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See the list of Rappler's current board here. This is the 7th active court case against Ressa, and the 11th case overall against Rappler, its directors, and staff since January , when the SEC attempted to shut the company down. Ressa is facing 5 counts of alleged violations of the tax law, still rooted in the issue of PDRs. These stories made other people. Welcome to Rappler, a social news network where stories inspire community engagement and digitally fuelled actions for social change.

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