Druid Lords (Caledonia Fae, Book 4)

India Drummond
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    With the assistance of Imprisoned by the demons of The Bleak, two lost druids fight to survive while Munro pushes himself to the brink to find them. In his search, he discovers a mysterious gate even the oldest and wisest of the Otherworld fear.

    The Halls of Mists are in r Book 5 in the Caledonia Fae series As the Druid Hall celebrates the completion of the Mistgate, their leader Munro is abducted, leaving them in disarray. Queen Eilidh declares Munro dead, which threatens the fragile balance of power in the Halls of M Book 2 in the Caledonia Fae Series A faerie prince disappears in the borderlands, and his father enlists the help of outcast Eilidh and her bonded druid, Quinton Munro.

    Tantalised with hints of a lost and ancient magic, they learn that time is workin Unjustly sentenced to death, Eilidh ran--away from faerie lands, to the streets of Perth, Scotland.

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    Lying between them and a peaceful existence are a dead prince, a furious queen, and a druid accused of murder. Each druid must search his soul and discover where his talents, and his loyalties, lie. The Caledonia Fae Fantasy Book Series The modern tale begins in Perth, Scotland, where a police constable chases a serial killer, only to discover the crime has roots in the supernatural, a paranormal reality he never knew existed.

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    6. Druid Lords (Caledonia Fae, #4) by India Drummond;

    During his murder investigation, contact with a mysterious woman stirs his dormant druidic powers, changing his life forever. She, and the killer, are fae.

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    Average Review. But will his quest bring redemption or ruin? I admire the way she develops these characters through each book and I have to give her props for creating a series so different from the many fae and other supernatural creature stories out there. At home. Dragon Fae. Frostborn: The Broken Mage Frostborn 8.