How To Get Over A Broken Relationship

The Best Ways To Get Over A Breakup
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So Happy Whatever!

So, what should you do if you find that your person is no longer beside you? You glow the hell up. Here's how:. And whether it's someone who's known you since you were in diapers or a more recent friend you met through work, these people can help you rehash all your feelings over wine and ice cream, which is the perf first step to moving on. Even something as simple as joining a new club or volunteering at an organization you feel passionate about is a great way to keep your mind off of things, all while doing something healthy for yourself.

Getting Over A Broken Heart – 6 Steps To Healing

If working out is your thing or you want it to be! Yes, it is going to hurt. And suck. But accepting all of these emotions and stages of the break-up is totally normal. Speaking to a certified counselor or therapist can help you process all of this heartbreak that you may not be able to process yourself. Not sure where to start? Try making an account on TalkSpace , a great place for you to seek help from the comfort of your own bed. Either way, finding a way to relax is crucial through this whole breaking up funk. You deserve it, bb! And maybe make it private. You simply cannot trust what your mind is telling you.

For example, we know from studies of heartbroken people that having a clear understanding of why the relationship ended is really important for our ability to move on. Yet time and again, when we are offered a simple and honest explanation like the one Rich offered Kathy, we reject it. Heartbreak creates such dramatic emotional pain, our mind tells us the cause must be equally dramatic. And that gut instinct is so powerful, it can make even the most reasonable and measured of us come up with mysteries and conspiracy theories where none exist.

Kathy became convinced something must have happened during her romantic getaway with Rich that soured him on the relationship, and she became obsessed with figuring out what that was.

Sleep Hypnosis to Heal a Broken Heart Overnight

And so she spent countless hours going through every minute of that weekend in her mind, searching her memory for clues that were not there. Kathy's mind tricked her into initiating this wild goose chase. But what compelled her to commit to it for so many months? Heartbreak is far more insidious than we realize.


There is a reason we keep going down one rabbit hole after another, even when we know it's going to make us feel worse. Brain studies have shown that the withdrawal of romantic love activates the same mechanisms in our brain that get activated when addicts are withdrawing from substances like cocaine or opioids.

Kathy was going through withdrawal. And since she could not have the heroin of actually being with Rich, her unconscious mind chose the methadone of her memories with him. Her instincts told her she was trying to solve a mystery, but what she was actually doing was getting her fix. This is what makes heartbreak so difficult to heal.

When it’s over but your brain can’t admit it

Addicts know they're addicted. They know when they're shooting up. But heartbroken people do not. But you do now. And if your heart is broken, you cannot ignore that. You have to recognize that, as compelling as the urge is, with every trip down memory lane, every text you send, every second you spend stalking your ex on social media, you are just feeding your addiction, deepening your emotional pain and complicating your recovery. Getting over heartbreak is not a journey. It's a fight, and your reason is your strongest weapon. There is no breakup explanation that's going to feel satisfying.

No rationale can take away the pain you feel. So don't search for one, don't wait for one, just accept the one you were offered or make up one yourself and then put the question to rest, because you need that closure to resist the addiction. And you need something else as well: you have to be willing to let go, to accept that it's over. Otherwise, your mind will feed on your hope and set you back. Hope can be incredibly destructive when your heart is broken. Heartbreak is a master manipulator.

The ease with which it gets our mind to do the absolute opposite of what we need in order to recover is remarkable. One of the most common tendencies we have when our heart is broken is to idealize the person who broke it.

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We spend hours remembering their smile, how great they made us feel, that time we hiked up the mountain and made love under the stars. All that does is make our loss feel more painful. We know that. Yet we still allow our mind to cycle through one greatest hit after another, like we were being held hostage by our own passive-aggressive Spotify playlist. Heartbreak will make those thoughts pop into your mind. And so to avoid idealizing, you have to balance them out by remembering their frown, not just their smile, how bad they made you feel, the fact that after the lovemaking, you got lost coming down the mountain, argued like crazy and didn't speak for two days.

What I tell my patients is to compile an exhaustive list of all the ways the person was wrong for you, all the bad qualities, all the pet peeves, and then keep it on your phone. And once you have your list, you have to use it.

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When I hear even a hint of idealizing or the faintest whiff of nostalgia in a session, I go, "Phone, please. Your mind will try to tell you they were perfect.

But they were not, and neither was the relationship. And if you want to get over them, you have to remind yourself of that, frequently. None of us is immune to heartbreak.

5 Relationship Red Flags to Look Out For

Part of HuffPost News. Did you feel competent enough or perhaps in need of more learning? Facing the facts can help you learn from the experience for next time. Subscribe Now Subscribe Now. It was not just there to cause pain.

My patient Miguel was a year-old senior executive in a software company. Five years after his wife died, he finally felt ready to start dating again. He soon met Sharon, and a whirlwind romance ensued. They introduced each other to their adult children after one month, and they moved in together after two. When middle-aged people date, they don't mess around. Miguel was happier than he had been in years. But the night before their first anniversary, Sharon left him. She had decided to move to the West Coast to be closer to her children, and she didn't want a long-distance relationship.

Miguel was totally blindsided and utterly devastated. He barely functioned at work for many, many months, and he almost lost his job as a result. Another consequence of heartbreak is that feeling alone and in pain can significantly impair our intellectual functioning, especially when performing complex tasks involving logic and reasoning.