I Heard My Country Calling: A Memoir

James Webb Talks New Memoir, Foreign Policy And VA Scandal
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grupoavigase.com/includes/366/5767-mujer-busca-hombre.php During his time at the academy, he details the harsh realities of "Pleb" year and how that benefitted him during his combat tours in Vietnam. Webb joined the Marine Corps as a 2nd Lieutenant and shortly after "the Basic School" in Quantico, Virginia, the Marine Corps training school for fresh Lieutenants to become a platoon commander, he was shipped out to Vietnam.

He received two purple hearts during his time there and wrote a famous book entitled, "Fields of Fire," which I plan to read soon. After his time in Vietnam, he ceases to be as detailed about his life. Perhaps he thought his book was running too long to carefully notate everything as he did earlier. I would have loved to hear about his experience as Secretary of the Navy and about his time in the Senate.

Instead, he leaves us with a moving passage about being true to the people he represented instead of following money on Capitol Hill. This is a very well-written account by James Webb and his life. What I find a little annoying is all the political jargon amidst the careful anecdotes of his life. Early on he dictates the conditions his mother lived through during the Great Depression, but sidesteps the facts to detail a long diatribe on how the South has always been more poor and more taken advantage of then the North. While this may be true, it really is irrelevant to the story.

All the detail in this several-page rant could be boiled down to something that would have been more significant than a politically driven agenda. But I suppose what can we expect from someone who just retired from the Senate? He has another sort of rant that speaks about the change in our military which I found more interesting.

Back in the day, he explains, the military was a single man's game. After the Korean War, money was diverted to programs that are geared more towards families such as base housing and food chains on base. He mentions Kadena Air Base in Okinawa, Japan, where I just came from, and says that one could live their entire deployment on the base without having to leave.

This is largely true and a by-product of these innovations in the 's and 60's. Overall, James Webb is an incredibly interesting man, and although I may disagree with some of his politics, he chose to lay his life on the line for his country as a servant, from the many moves that comes with being in a military family, to being a platoon commander in Vietnam, to eventually becoming a United States Senator.

I believe that this, not politics, is the heart of the book. Jun 21, Edward Carroll rated it liked it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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To view it, click here. I sped through this book -Jim Webb is a great writer and I admire him. I finished it and scratched my head - what did I just read? And, the more I think about it, the more I feel cheated by this story.

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James Webb, author of Fields of Fire, the classic novel of the Vietnam War— former U.S. Senator; Secretary of the Navy; recipient of the Navy Cross, Silver Star. I Heard My Country Calling: A Memoir [James Webb] on dynipalo.tk *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In this brilliantly received memoir, former senator.

Jim Webb is an impressive person with many accomplishments, a Naval Academy graduate, infantryman in Vietnam, a Georgetown Law graduate, a successful writer, Secretary of the Navy and a U. We learn about those accomplishments but almost nothing about his experiences in each. Much of the I sped through this book -Jim Webb is a great writer and I admire him. Much of the book talks about his young life, with much, sometimes excruciating, detail about his birth family, their moves and his young life.

He spends probably two-thirds of the book in this area. Then, it begins to get more interesting as he enters the Naval Academy. He describes some about his life there, and then about his time as an infantryman in Vietnam. He gives us a snapshot of those times but nowhere near the detail that he had about his family. He does show how his background encouraged him serve and do his duty, in the most difficult way, in the highly unpopular Vietnam war. After that he talks about his life after Vietnam, but he skims over most of it. He omits anything about being Secretary of the Navy, being a journalist, or being a Senator other than a brief vignette and some impressive statistics.

What is stunning about the book is not what he includes but what he leaves out. He tells us all about his birth family but nothing about his adult family. He cursorily mentions his first wife twice, his second wife not at all and his current wife a few times, with no detail. He mentions camping with his daughter, but that is the only mention of his children in the book that I could find; his other children and life with them is not mentioned.

He does not mention how he himself felt about his son being called to duty in a war that Jim Webb opposed the Iraq War , which might have the most interesting part of all. He mentions some of his distinguished class mates at the Naval Academy but omits that one of them was Oliver North yes, the Colonel Oliver North and that he once lost a boxing match to Oliver North on points. The biggest disappointment is that he did not discuss much of the experiences of his adult life.

Curiously, he includes a line in the book that says "someone once said that a successful life is really a series of minor failures'. This book, tells of his successes but doesn't tell of his failures or shortcomings. It is a fine book to read but I finished the book with the feeling that I knew very little about Jim Webb as a person. If he had continued his narrative in his adult life as he did growing up, this would easily be a 4 or 5 star book. View 1 comment. May 30, Karl Alexander rated it liked it.

A good book envelopes you with its world and leaves you wanting more.

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When that same book leaves you with more questions than answers—much like bomb craters in the An Hoa Basin—you wonder how it really went down. As a marine veteran from that same war, I can relate to C-rations now MREs , immersion foot, malaria and booby traps now IEDs that either build character or kill you. And, yes, the book reminded me of that special camaraderie that comes with being a marine. That alone made the read worthwhile. Webb also details his early years as a military brat, yet there is a strange Disneyesque tone to these sections despite the hardships.

In fact, Webb spends so much time idealizing his father that we wonder why he keeps bringing it up. Is he over-compensating? Or hiding something? Obviously, Webb gets divorced from his first wife. For many of us, divorce is a painful and existential process, yet Webb never mentions this time in his life. The last time we hear of Barbara Webb, she is a psychiatric social worker in Riverside, California. Webb mentions his children, but never describes his relationships with them or how he raised them if he did while he was moving from place to place, in law school, trying to find himself and unemployed.

Webb says that he, too, tried to talk his own son out of another absurd war, this one in Iraq. He never elaborates. To raise this parallel and then just drop it is a travesty.

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Then, it begins to get more interesting as he enters the Naval Academy. Aug 11, R. Shipping to: United States. I love how he looked at how our government has seemed to have "lost it Lots of insight into the Vietnam war. And, of course, there is the Vietnam War, still a sore point among many of my generation. And by the way, if you ever run from a fight I will personally beat your ass.

Webb never goes into detail about his tenure as Secretary of the Navy, either? Why not? What did you do, Jim?

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And what did you try to do when you were a senator? I knew before reading this book that James Webb was a bright, remarkable man, and after his combat experiences, lucky to be alive.

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He tells us more than once about the times he has won and succeeded in life. I was left frustrated by this book, wanting to know the other side of James Webb. May 26, Marc rated it really liked it. Unlike other memoirs by Vietnam veterans, this one doesn't concentrate on the author's tour of duty. In fact, Webb doesn't get to Vietnam till more than pages in.

He concentrates, instead, on the story of his family as he grew up. And it works. Webb is a good writer and he conveys his childhood and adolescence very well, including his time at the U. Naval Academy. Sep 22, Robert Davidson rated it it was amazing. Very good memoir by Mr. Webb who who has lived a full life and exemplifies the best of America in always trying to do " The Right Thing" despite many difficult situations. He does not mince words probably due to his Marine Corp training and so gives some interesting opinions on the Times in which he grew up.

A Memoir also about Family and how important it is in shaping one's life. Great read. View 2 comments. May 28, Greynomad rated it did not like it. I got the feeling that I was reading a want to be for his next run at office………………. Dec 25, Peter rated it really liked it Shelves: military , biography. Senate in , perhaps, in anticipation of a presidential campaign. This is a man who knows how to write and who has demonstrated courage and intellect well beyond the reach of most presidential aspirants.

And he gives us a tour of ourselves after WWII that is well worth the ride. He returned with a love for that country--he speaks Vietnamese and his third wife is Vietnamese-American. During the Reagan administration Webb served in several Pentagon-related positions, ending with brief service as the Secretary of the Navy, a position he resigned to protest plans to cut the Navy. He is a moderate democrat whose past experience has given credibility to his support for a strong military and a firm opposition to foreign interventions.

Dad was rarely around, but when he was home the entire family stood at attention. While Webb Sr. Webb captures this well in his discussions of the poverty so common in the south and of the North-South economic rift that led to northern migration. He shows an appealing sensitivity to the social issues created by wide and widening income distribution because he has been there.

But I think he discounts new forces inducing mobility after the war. America has always been mobile, but before WWII mobility came primarily from individual initiative as families moved to improve their opportunities; it was motivated entirely by personal choice, and it is the mobility that Webb recognizes. After WWII, mobility was induced by the new large organizations that shaped our lives and provided our employment: a federal government that commanded a standing military and sent families like the Webbs hither and yon, and the new large corporations with national and international reach, which moved employees around like chess pieces.

Plebe year was more than difficult, though the hazing allowed and encouraged served a broader purpose than a civilian could understand—-it established a conformity to command that suppressed the natural desire for democracy and debate that is destructive in the fragile setting of combat. It was harsh, but it was designed to save lives and achieve the mission. But there were moments of hilarity. This was done through mass instruction with each midshipman following the shouted directions of an instructor, all dancing alone. Field experience came at the end-of-semester Tea Fight. Graduation brought a trip to Viet Nam as a new Marine second lieutenant.

Webb discusses some larger lessons from the experience, and does a credible job of outlining the complexities that led uds to win the battles but lose the war. He does not highlight his own heroism, not even mentioning the events that earned him the Navy Cross. With two purple hearts, he was forced to leave the field in spite of his objections; his injuries ultimately caused his demobilization.

What he has done is secondary, brought in only to illustrate how it has shaped the man named James Henry Webb Jr. Notable in its absence are his heroism in Viet Nam—-just how did he earn such high awards for valor? If this book is designed as an introduction to a man with Presidential aspirations, it does its job very well without the self-appreciation most commonly found in that genre.

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Before reading it I knew the basics of his service and had read some of his books, but I knew nothing of him as a person and as a potential leader. Still, this is a man I would look to for leadership in a difficult world—-a moderate with a concern for the disadvantaged but an awareness of the unintended consequences of policies to address that, a person of personal courage, a citizen-scholar with a vision for the U. Could he actually be a good president? It might be worth finding out. We have done worse on slimmer evidence.

Four stars. Feb 24, Rob rated it it was amazing Shelves: military , favorites. Webb is a terrific writer, a great war novelist. An Annapolis graduate, former Secretary of the Navy, and U. Further into his career, Webb is not shy in offering a critical inside look at Annapolis, the Defense Department, Congress, an Webb is a terrific writer, a great war novelist. Further into his career, Webb is not shy in offering a critical inside look at Annapolis, the Defense Department, Congress, and the political realities of being a senator from Virginia.

Dec 15, David rated it it was amazing. Excellent memoir of Senator James Webb, who came from a long line of military veterans in his family who have served America, "when they heard their country call. Semper F Excellent memoir of Senator James Webb, who came from a long line of military veterans in his family who have served America, "when they heard their country call.

Semper Fi James Webb! Apr 29, Lee rated it liked it. Lots of good historical perspective on the Vietnam War, the changes in how our military functions and has evolved, but needed to keep forcing myself to read on. I'm impressed a man, Jim Webb, can be so determined, focused when necessary and diverse in talent, skill and accomplishment. I rate 3 stars because the read was not always enjoyable, maybe because the US history and values during the time span of this book are not that admirable.

Apr 18, Don Kent rated it really liked it. Most autobiographies are rightly accused of being self-agrandizing and this book is no exception. However, this excellent author paints a clear history of military life and the Vietnam war and most importantly to me a timely analysis of the extant political situation in the USofA. The very last chapter is especially meaningful. Feb 09, Linda rated it liked it.

I enjoyed the format: The beginning of each chapter set the period in historical context with some most interesting perspectives. That then was followed by Sen. I also thought that while he was understandably proud of his achievements, the 3. I also thought that while he was understandably proud of his achievements, there were times when it seemed a bit boastful. I skimmed the Academy years, but read closely his time in the Bush. Finally, admittedly I am not the historian that he is, but I did bristle a bit at what I saw as a one-sided discussion of the merits of his plan for Guam without the countering facts of the environmental damage that overdeveloping it is causing and at his failure to mention WHY the Okinawans wanted the Marines off their island and thus the reason for their possible placement on the American-owned territory.

I had never given any thought to the infrastructure that needed to be so hurriedly put in place to accommodate military families. While all military brats can rattle off the dozen or more schools they attended and lament the difficulties of the lifestyle, he brought the point home that, for example at Vandenburg, there WERE no schools and few amenities i.

He does a fine job in the first third of the book explaining the life of the military family of the Cold War era, and for that reason, I would recommend it to the brat tribe. Aug 11, R. In the first instance, Webb's latest book is a well-written reminiscence of a childhood and an America that once was. At times a bit overly written and overly dramatic, Webb recounts his travels throughout childhood across a nation coming into its own during the Cold War. True to form, Webb also writes of his time in Vietnam, but focuses more on the people that the war changed and less on his own exploits resulting in thi "I Heard My Country Calling: A Memoir" by James Webb, is really two books.

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True to form, Webb also writes of his time in Vietnam, but focuses more on the people that the war changed and less on his own exploits resulting in things such as Bronze Stars and a Navy Cross. Webb also sketches an outline of his post-war, post- school years. This version of his memoir is okay, but context is everything. If this had been someone other than Webb, the reader would be shaking their head trying to figure out why there are so many gaps and holes in the narrative. Enter the second version, or second part, of this book.

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Webb recently dropped out of the Democratic primary race, and now is loudly toying with the idea of a run as an Independent. Like every good politician, Webb uses the platform of this book as a narrative of his background and of the events that shaped his wold view. Unlike most other national politicians, Webb still maintains a sense of quiet humility that has been a trademark of his public career.

It may also be his undoing on the national stage. This memoir does nothing to describe Webb's position on the issues of the day, which may further burden his recognition and appeal. At the same time, the memoir does a very good jog of lacing together the story of what motivates Webb, and explains the forces that resulted in the man he has become today.

In that regard, the book may prove to be brilliantly done. Together, the "two books" are frustratingly good reads. This review is the product of a complimentary copy of the book provided by the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review. May 17, H. Bernard rated it really liked it. James Webb is a unique individual.

A glance at his resume tells you that. Naval Academy grad, Marine combat veteran two Purple Hearts in Vietnam , accomplished author, Congressional committee counsel, an assistant secretary of defense, Secretary of the Navy, Emmy Award-winning journalist, U. Being just a few years older than Webb, I identified with the memoir portion of his story, especially growing up in the '50s and '60s.

And while I wasn't a combat solider in Vietnam, I was there. The chapter titled "Hell in a Very Small Place," is a vivid reminder--I keep hoping we don't need any more, but we always do--that when we wave flags and shout Hooray and send our military off to fight, that the "military" isn't an abstract notion or faceless entity. It's our sons and daughters, our husbands and wives, our grandsons and granddaughters. When we put our military in harm's way--and yes, I understand that's its job--we irrevocably change the lives of the youth who comprise our combatant forces.

Such decisions must always be made with that notion as a key element. Webb understands that.

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He's thoughtful, wise, and totally dedicated to his country. After six years in Congress, Webb realized he was never going to effect change from within that petrified branch of our government. He didn't run for reelection. He wrote a memoir instead. Everyone should read it. And maybe hope there are a few more men like James Webb, listening for the call of their country.

Dec 26, Book rated it really liked it Shelves: faction , biography , memoir. James Webb in his life went through many interesting, exciting and dangerous events - as a Marine he received Navy Cross, Silver Star and Purple Heart, while in his political career he managed to become Secretary of the Navy and U. Though describing events from his youth, for me the best part of book were actually the part that deals with war in Vietnam and the role he personally played in it. NOTE: We are unable to offer combined shipping for multiple items purchased.

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