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In this impossible situation, will love triumph, or will it be crushed by the forces of greed and depravity?

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The soul of the nation is at stake, and one family will either stand together or be torn asunder. Vivid imagery and complex characters enrich this tense and violent drama, an epic story of sacrifice and scheming with twists and turns that will keep the reader flying from page to page.

No cliffhangers, only pure unadulterated action. The 1 New York Times bestselling author of Mrs. The assassination of one president, the resignation of another, and the swearing-in of the two who followed those traumatic events. Clint Hill was there, on duty, through Five Presidents. His career spanned the administrations of Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Lyndon B. Johnson, Richard M. Nixon, and Gerald R. A witness to some of the most pivotal moments in the twentieth century, Hill lets you walk in his shoes alongside the most powerful men in the world during tumultuous times in America's history--the Cold War; the Cuban Missile Crisis; the assassinations of President John F.

Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jr. It was indeed a turbulent time--and through it all, Clint Hill had a unique insider perspective. His fascinating stories will shed new light on the character and personality of each of these five presidents, as Hill witnesses their human sides in the face of grave decisions. From one of our boldest, most celebrated new literary voices, a novel about a young woman's efforts to duck the ills of the world by embarking on an extended hibernation with the help of one of the worst psychiatrists in the annals of literature and the battery of medicines she prescribes.

Our narrator should be happy, shouldn't she? She's young, thin, pretty, a recent Columbia graduate, works an easy job at a hip art gallery, lives in an apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan paid for, like the rest of her needs, by her inheritance. Through the story of a year spent under the influence of a truly mad combination of drugs designed to heal our heroine from her alienation from this world, Moshfegh shows us how reasonable, even necessary, alienation can be. My name is Richard Miller, but you can call me Dick. Everyone else does.

I'm vice president of the United States. It's my pleasure to serve this beautiful country, one beautiful woman at a time. You see, I'm not just some dishonest politician. Everyone can see what I've got up my sleeve, or in this case, in my slacks. I'm a very busy man. There are so many perks that come with my job, like perky interns and secretaries. It isn't enough. I'm not happy with being VP. The president sits in his office, pathetic and weak.

He can't even please his wife; how can he please our citizens? I've already been doing his job in the bedroom, if you know what I mean. The first lady is deprived, and so is this great nation. The people need a strong, virile man to take charge. I've spent too much time hiding behind a podium.


I'm going to make sure America sees all of me on the campaign trail. That's right. I'm running for the highest office in the land. My policies are as clear and visible as the outline in my slacks. I'm ready to take care of our people, from the deprived housewives to the lonely women of America. Unlike our poor, pallid president, I love talking to the press. I love to give my interviewers the naked truth, letting them see me from all sides.

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Watson - released Suddenly Rae is at risk of losing everything and everyone she cares about--unless she steps up and takes charge of her life once and for all. Dangerous Sanctuary by Michelle Diener. Douglas, Lord Alfred; by Wilde, Oscar - released Von Osten : A contribution to experimental animal and human psychology by Stumpf, C. While the Bible does not use the exact term "narcissism" - a word from Greek mythology - it most certainly speaks to the subject. Beyond Innocence by Emma Holly.

On the campaign trail, I have to stay busy proving my passion to the stunning women of America. I hope you'll head to the polls and choose Dick for president of the United States. Warning: this book is part of Aurelia Hilton's hot, sexy, and steamy romance novel Things will get hot and steamy Find out what happens in this fiction when everything goes weirdly wrong This book is your comprehensive workbook for 3rd Grade Common Core Math. By practicing and mastering this entire workbook, your child will become very familiar and comfortable with the state math exam and common core standards.

This workbook takes the Common Core State Standards and divides them up among 20 weeks. These ranged from visiting a nude beach with her seventy-five-year-old mother in tow to taking a road trip with her ex-husband--and then another one with his girlfriend. She also went on a raid with a vice squad and SWAT team, exfoliated a rhinoceros inadvertently giving him an erection , and crashed a wedding where she accidentally caught the bouquet.

While finding her courage in the most unlikely of circumstances, Sherry ultimately found herself. For midlifers, fatigued parents, and anyone who may be discontent with their life and looking to shake things up, try new things, or just escape, Finding My Badass Self is proof it's never too late to reinvent yourself--and that the best bucket list of all may be an unbucket list. Who Was Alexander Hamilton? Pam Pollack. Read the story of the Founding Father who inspired the smash Broadway musical. Born in the British West Indies and orphaned as a child, Alexander Hamilton made his way to the American Colonies and studied to become a lawyer.

He joined a local militia during the American Revolution, rose to the rank of Major General, and became the chief aide to General George Washington. After the war, he became the first U. Secretary of the Treasury. He served as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention and is also celebrated as a co-author of The Federalist Papers, a series of essays that are still used today to interpret the U. The end of his life became a national scandal when he was shot and killed in a duel with then-Vice President Aaron Burr.

If the facts don't hang together on a latticework of theory, you don't have them in a usable form. You've got to have models in your head. They're called mental models, and you can find them in dense textbooks on psychology, physics, economics, and more. Or, you can just read Super Thinking, a fun, illustrated guide to every mental model you could possibly need. How can mental models help you? Well, here are just a few examples You might be falling prey to Sunk Cost Fallacy. So, the next time you find yourself faced with a difficult decision or just trying to understand a complex situation, let Super Thinking upgrade your brain with mental models.

Trump Robert S. The Special Counsel investigation was a United States law enforcement investigation of Russian interference in the Presidential Election. According to its authorizing document, written and signed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the investigation included any possible links or coordination between Donald Trump's presidential campaign and the Russian government as well as "any matters that arose or may arise directly from the investigation" including potential obstruction of justice by Donald Trump and others, including Vice President Mike Pence and the members of Trump's transition team.

With her life hanging in the balance and danger around every corner, Clara still can't help but be distracted by two men she never expected. Growing up in the small town of Piney Mountain, Clara never expected her life to be anything other than ordinary. As the daughter of the town sheriff, she's lived a sheltered existence Once found, she can't imagine that her life can be turned any more upside down What's more, her guardians are two extraordinarily handsome men, Abel and Joel, who turn out to have eyes not only for each other, but her too.

Abel is the unwilling vice-president of the Wayward Sons, born into the position by virtue of his father's leadership. Quiet, with a distaste for violence, all Abel has ever wanted is to lead a life of peace But in a town like Piney Mountain, prejudice runs deep, and the two men have no choice but to meet in secret. Protecting Clara is the kind of job Abel wants nothing to do with, but with the rival gang closing in and his worth to the club in question, he's left with little choice.

What he doesn't expect is the attraction he feels to her Joel always believed he knows his place in the world. As the club's enforcer, he solves problems with fists and bullets, not words and feelings. No matter how much he wants Abel, he knows their relationship has no place in a town like Piney Mountain But when the danger posed by the Sons' rivals push him and Abel closer together, he has no choice but to confront the feelings the other man brings up With both rival gangs and inner demons to confront, Abel, Joel, and Clara are all faced with choices.

Pushed together by circumstance, there's no way to ignore the heat that's ignited among the three of them, no matter how inconvenient. But time is running out, and Abel and Joel will have to face their own fears if they're going to make it out alive Stoicism is an active philosophy. That means that it is not enough to know its doctrines; one must also live them and develop habits that expand on and complete their ideas in practice.

Practice, therefore, is also the focus of this audiobook, as well as the development of the listener's inner and outer lives, that they may follow their own path and discover what it means to "live life in accordance with nature". You will discover Stoicism and how to apply it. The audiobook includes a general introduction to Stoicism that pulls no punches when faced with the more complex aspects of Stoic doctrine.

Topics addressed include: The history of the ancient Stoics. The nature of good and evil, virtue and vice, and positive and negative externals.

  • Cross-Cultural Visions in African American Literature: West Meets East;
  • ebooks I own [Karin Howe];
  • The Unexpected.

The difference between those things in our control and those things not in our control. Stoic logic and practical reasoning. Stoicism's role in the development of cognitive behavioral therapy CBT.

Stoic exercises and daily practice. Theology's role in Stoicism and Stoic cosmology. The audiobook is a collection of Stoic sayings organized to allow daily reference and inspiration. The Stoic advice covered in this volume runs the gambit from personal problems, to interpersonal relationships, to advice on work and productivity, to dealing with the hand of fate. Meditations in this audiobook are split up by seasons. There are meditations for each season, covering the four seasons. Face the world with a new light with the help of these immortal thinkers and learn both to conquer yourself and to come to terms with those things you cannot control.

Get your hands on this amazing Stoicism collection and bundle of ancient Greek philosophy! From one of today's foremost innovation leaders, an inspiring, personal approach to mastering change in the face of uncertainty. Confronting change is incredibly hard, both organizationally and personally.

People become resistant. They are afraid. Yet the pace of change in our world will never be slower than it is right now, says Beth Comstock, the former vice chair and head of marketing and innovation at GE. Imagine It Forward is an inspiring, fresh, candid, and deeply personal audiobook about how to grapple with the challenges to change we face every day.

It is a different kind of narrative, a big-picture audiobook that combines Comstock's personal story in leading change with vital lessons on overcoming the inevitable roadblocks. One of the most successful women in business, Comstock shares her own transformation story from introverted publicist to GE's first woman vice chair and her hard-won lessons in shifting GE, a year-old American institution, toward a new digital future and a more innovative culture.

As the woman who initiated GE's Ecomagination clean-energy and its and NBC's digital transformations, Comstock challenged a global organization to not wait for perfection, but to seek out emerging trends, embrace smart risks, and test ideas boldly and often. She shows how each one of us can become a "change maker" by leading with imagination. It's the attachment to the old, to 'What We Know. There is no easy checklist. It is fraught with uncertainty, tension, and too often, failure. It calls for the courage to defy convention, go around corporate gatekeepers when necessary, and reinvent what is possible.

For all those looking to spearhead change in their companies and careers and reinvent "the way things are done", Imagine It Forward masterfully points the way. This is the full, uninterrupted audiobook reading of I Enoch or First Enoch - read with the passion this masterpiece deserves by number one best-selling voice talent, Steve Cook.

Why is The Book of Enoch so important to anyone interested in Biblical history? The answer is simple: It is directly quoted in the New Testament by Jude vv. Themes of the book referenced in 2 Peter The first 36 chapters have been considered scripture in the Ethiopic Coptic Church a church that ascribes their founder as the Apostle John. It was one of the most significant Jewish Pseudepigrapha writings ascribed to someone other than the real author. It is believed that The Book of Enoch was taken out of the Jewish Canon by the Sanhedrin just after Jesus' death because of the prophesies they thought pointed to Jesus as the Messiah.

Nor are they represented in the Greek and Latin fragments. It is probable, therefore, that they are a later Christian insertion into the Book and that it was the New Testament which influenced them rather than vice versa. We will take this amazing journey together and learn why this text is not an official book of the bible as well as other amazing fun facts and surprises.

So put your hand in mine and walk the same path that I walk as we enter into The Book of Enoch. August With violence breaking out in the streets of Moscow. As the world lurching towards World War Ill. War breaks out across the globe. With arsenals of high-tech weapons loosed in both directions. H-Hour is the first book of the Northern Fury series. A Kirkus Prize nominee with five starred reviews! A New York Times best seller!

Henry "Monty" Montague doesn't care that his roguish passions are far from suitable for the gentleman he was born to be. But as Monty embarks on his grand tour of Europe, his quests for pleasure and vice are in danger of coming to an end. Not only does his father expect him to take over the family's estate upon his return, but Monty is also nursing an impossible crush on his best friend and traveling companion, Percy.

So Monty vows to make this yearlong escapade one last hedonistic hurrah and flirt with Percy from Paris to Rome. But when one of Monty's reckless decisions turns their trip abroad into a harrowing manhunt, it calls into question everything he knows, including his relationship with the boy he adores. Witty, dazzling, and intriguing at every turn, The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue is an irresistible romp that explores the undeniably fine lines between friendship and love. The Injustice James Patterson. When four teens are accused of crimes they didn't commit, they team up to investigate everyone at school who could have set them up.

Theo Foster's Twitter account used to be anonymous -- until someone posted a revealing photo that got him expelled. No final grade. No future. No fair. Theo's resigned to a life of misery working at the local mini-mart when a miracle happens: Sasha Ellis speaks to him. Sasha Ellis knows his name.

She was also expelled for a crime she didn't commit, and now he has the perfect way to get her attention: find out who set them up. To uncover the truth, Theo has to get close to the suspects: the hacker, the quarterback, the mean girl, the vice principal, and his own best friend. What secrets are they hiding? And how can Theo catch their confessions on camera? A cross-country hitchhiking journey with America's most beloved weirdo. John Waters is putting his life on the line. Armed with wit, a pencil-thin mustache, and a cardboard sign that reads "I'm Not Psycho", he hitchhikes across America from Baltimore to San Francisco, braving lonely roads and treacherous drivers.

But who should we be more worried about, the delicate film director with genteel manners or the unsuspecting travelers transporting the Pope of Trash? Before he leaves for this bizarre adventure, Waters fantasizes about the best and worst possible scenarios: A friendly drug dealer hands over piles of cash to finance films with no questions asked, a demolition-derby driver makes a filthy sexual request in the middle of a race, a gun-toting drunk terrorizes and holds him hostage, and a Kansas vice squad entraps and throws him in jail. So what really happens when this cult legend sticks out his thumb and faces the open road?

His real-life rides include a gentle year-old farmer who is convinced Waters is a hobo, an indie band on tour, and the perverse filmmaker's unexpected hero: A young, sandy-haired Republican in a Corvette. Laced with subversive humor and warm intelligence, Carsick is an unforgettable vacation with a wickedly funny companion - and a celebration of America's weird, astonishing, and generous citizenry.

One for the Money Stephanie Plum, No. Meet Stephanie Plum, a bounty hunter with attitude. In Stephanie's opinion, toxic waste, rabid drivers, armed schizophrenics, and August heat, humidity, and hydrocarbons are all part of the great adventure of living in Jersey. She's a product of the "burg," a blue-collar pocket of Trenton where houses are attached and narrow, cars are American, windows are clean, and God forbid you should be late dinner is served at six.

Out of work and out of money, Stephanie blackmails her bail-bondsman cousin Vinnie into giving her a try as an apprehension agent. Stephanie knows zilch about the job requirements, but she figures her new pal, el-primo bounty hunter Ranger, can teach her what it takes to catch a crook. Her first assignment: nail Joe Morelli, a former vice cop on the run from a charge of murder one.

Morelli's the inamorato who charmed Stephanie out of her virginity at age sixteen. There's still powerful chemistry between them, so the chase should be interesting Congress was divided over how the Union should be reunited: when and how the secessionist South should regain full status, whether former Confederates should be punished, and when and whether black men should be given the vote.

  1. El árbolde judas (Ficción) (Spanish Edition).
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  4. As a Gentleman Would Say: Responses to Lifes Important (and Sometimes Awkward) Situations.

Devastated by war and resorting to violence, many white Southerners hoped to restore a pre-Civil War society, if without slavery, and the pugnacious Andrew Johnson seemed to share their goals. With the unchecked power of executive orders, Johnson ignored Congress, pardoned rebel leaders, promoted white supremacy, opposed civil rights, and called Reconstruction unnecessary. It fell to Congress to stop the American president who acted like a king. With profound insights and making use of extensive research, Brenda Wineapple dramatically evokes this pivotal period in American history, when the country was rocked by the first-ever impeachment of a sitting American president.

And she brings to vivid life the extraordinary characters who brought that impeachment forward: the willful Johnson and his retinue of advocates--including complicated men like Secretary of State William Seward--as well as the equally complicated visionaries committed to justice and equality for all, like Thaddeus Stevens, Charles Sumner, Frederick Douglass, and Ulysses S. Theirs was a last-ditch, patriotic, and Constitutional effort to render the goals of the Civil War into reality and to make the Union free, fair, and whole.

Praise for The Impeachers "In this superbly lyrical work, Brenda Wineapple has plugged a glaring hole in our historical memory through her vivid and sweeping portrayal of President Andrew Johnson's impeachment. She serves up not simply food for thought but a veritable feast of observations on that most trying decision for a democracy: whether to oust a sitting president. Teeming with fiery passions and unforgettable characters, The Impeachers will be devoured by contemporary readers seeking enlightenment on this issue. A landmark study.

Plus A Ruby Glows, the prequel, as a bonus! Prequel A Ruby GlowsRuby's heart froze as she threw her dead husband over the cliff. When Beau walks into her life, one glance has her running from her past. He couldn't want someone like her. It should be easy to avoid his quiet charm. If he can convince her she's a prize, not prey, he might have a chance.

Beau's captivated when Ruby scrambles from him whenever he gets too close. Her sweetness is an allure he can't fight. Can Beau convince Ruby she is beloved? Book 1 Dreams in DeadwoodHe has a vice as bad as her father. Jennie Arnsby wants nothing more than to turn around and go home. Her family is on their way to Deadwood, SD, when Aiden finds his way to their small wagon train. His teasing and banter leave her wanting to toss him out the back and in the dust.

When they are separated outside the city, she is left wondering if she'll ever see him again. Aiden Bradly wants to find his gold and return home. Ebooks and Manuals

Nothing more. He can't afford to get tangled with a woman. He's doing just that until he meets the feisty Jennie. She gets him thinking about his past and forgiveness, but what's more important, his past or his new future? Aiden will either redeem his past or claim a treasure greater than he could ever imagine, but he must choose one. Book 2 Kisses in KeystoneHattie Arnsby's been a slave to men and whiskey for the last year. When a handsome deputy finds her after a year of searching, she finally sees a sliver of hope.

Hugh Bradley is deputized to find Hattie and bring her home, but her captors aren't ready to set her free. He must help her be rid of the drink and the binds of the brothel. But when Hattie's handed temptation, will she run back to her past or embrace the love growing between them? Book 3 Love in LeadHe found her at her worst, can she love him at his?

Eva Arnsby can't stay indoors, her need to draw the woodland creatures around her home near Lead, South Dakota gets her in a heap of trouble. And none more troublesome than a shadowy stranger who steals her notebook and her spirit. Ranger, Captain George Roth, is suspicious when he finds a small woman in man's trousers sneaking around in the woods. Determined to discover the woman's secrets, he takes on an assignment, ready to investigate her under the guise of a harmless town dandy.

A chameleon in a suit, Mr. George Roth is asking too many questions, and wearing too many masks. Despite Eva's reluctance, they work together, and soon, she sees parts of George she can't resist. Shouldn't she follow her heart? But when the mask slips, and Eva realizes George isn't who she thinks he is, the damage to her heart may never be mended. One lie will break them apart, and George must convince her that the man she fell for in Lead is the same man who loved her in the woods. Save now when you buy this set.

Scroll up to get your copy! History has never been more fun - or more intoxicating. Guns, germs, and steel might have transformed us from hunter-gatherers into modern man, but booze, sex, trash talk, and tripping built our civilization. Cracked editor Robert Evans brings his signature dogged research and lively insight to uncover the many and magnificent ways vice has influenced history, from the prostitute-turned-empress who scored a major victory for women's rights to the beer that helped create - and destroy - South America's first empire.

And Evans goes deeper than simply writing about ancient debauchery; he recreates some of history's most enjoyable and most painful vices and includes guides so you can follow along at home. You'll learn how to: Trip like a Greek philosopher Rave like your Stone Age ancestors Get drunk like a Sumerian Smoke a nose pipe like a pre-Columbian Native American A celebration of the brave, drunken pioneers who built our civilization one seemingly bad decision at a time, A Brief History of Vice explores a side of the past that mainstream history books prefer to hide.

Behind today's headlines of billionaires taking over our government is a secretive political establishment with long, deep, and troubling roots. The capitalist radical right has been working not simply to change who rules but to fundamentally alter the rules of democratic governance. But billionaires did not launch this movement; a white intellectual in the embattled Jim Crow South did.

Democracy in Chains names its true architect - the Nobel Prize-winning political economist James McGill Buchanan - and dissects the operation he and his colleagues designed over six decades to alter every branch of government to disempower the majority. In a brilliant and engrossing narrative, Nancy MacLean shows how Buchanan forged his ideas about government in a last-gasp attempt to preserve the white elite's power in the wake of Brown v.

Board of Education. In response to the widening of American democracy, he developed a brilliant, if diabolical, plan to undermine the ability of the majority to use its numbers to level the playing field between the rich and powerful and the rest of us. Corporate donors and their right-wing foundations were only too eager to support Buchanan's work in teaching others how to divide America into "makers" and "takers".

And when a multibillionaire on a messianic mission to rewrite the social contract of the modern world, Charles Koch, discovered Buchanan, he created a vast, relentless, and multiarmed machine to carry out Buchanan's strategy. Without Buchanan's ideas and Koch's money, the libertarian right would not have succeeded in its stealth takeover of the Republican Party as a delivery mechanism. Now, with Mike Pence as vice president, the cause has a longtime loyalist in the White House, not to mention a phalanx of Republicans in the House, the Senate, a majority of state governments, and the courts, all carrying out the plan.

That plan includes harsher laws to undermine unions, privatizing everything from schools to health care and Social Security, and keeping as many of us as possible from voting. Based on 10 years of unique research, Democracy in Chains tells a chilling story of right-wing academics and big money run amok. This revelatory work of scholarship is also a call to arms to protect the achievements of 20th-century American self-government.

Our leaders swear to uphold it, our military to defend it. It is the blueprint for the shape and function of government itself and what defines Americans as Americans. But how many of us truly know our Constitution? The United States Constitution: A Graphic Adaptation uses the art of illustrated storytelling to breathe life into our nation's cornerstone principles. Simply put, it is the most enjoyable and groundbreaking way to read the governing document of the United States. Spirited and visually witty, it roves article by article, amendment by amendment, to get at the meaning, background, and enduring relevance of the law of the land.

What revolutionary ideas made the Constitution's authors dare to cast off centuries of rule by kings and queens? Why do we have an electoral college rather than a popular vote for president and vice president? How did a document that once sanctioned slavery, denied voting rights to women, and turned a blind eye to state governments running roughshod over the liberties of minorities transform into a bulwark of protection for all?

The United States Constitution answers all of these questions. Sure to surprise, challenge, and provoke, it is hands down the most memorable introduction to America's founding document. When Fortune corporations are stymied, it's the "McKinsey-ites" whom they call for help.

He shows you how McKinsey-ites think about business problems and how they work at solving them, explaining the way McKinsey approaches every aspect of a task: How McKinsey recruits and molds its elite consultants; How to "sell without selling"; How to use facts, not fear them; Techniques to jump-start research and make brainstorming more productive; How to build and keep a team at the top its game; Powerful presentation methods, including the famous waterfall chart, rarely seen outside McKinsey; How to get ultimate "buy-in" to your findings; Survival tips for working in high-pressure organizations.

Both a behind-the-scenes look at one of the most admired and secretive companies in the business world and a toolkit of problem-solving techniques without peer, THE MCKINSEY WAY is fascinating reading that empowers every business decision maker to become a better strategic player in any organization. You've seen his colors before, but not so vividly and in this detail.

D'Antonio and Eisner have succeeded in this well-documented, damning book. Cue the outrage from Sean Hannity et al. Little-known outside his home state until Donald Trump made him his running mate, Mike Pence--who proclaims himself a Christian first, a conservative second, and a Republican third--has long worn a carefully-constructed mask of Midwestern nice. Behind his self-proclaimed humility and self-abasing deference, however, hides a man whose own presidential ambitions have blazed since high school.

Pence's drive for power, perhaps inspired by his belief that God might have big plans for him, explains why he shocked his allies by lending Christian credibility to a scandal-plagued candidate like Trump. They reveal how he used his time as rightwing radio star to build connections with powerful donors; how he was a lackluster lawmaker in Congress but a prodigious fundraiser from the GOP's billionaire benefactors; and how, once he locked in his views on the issues--anti-gay, pro-gun, anti-abortion, pro big-business--he became laser-focused on his own pursuit of power.

Driven as much by theology as personal ambition, Pence is now positioned to seize the big prize--the presidency--and use it to fashion a nation more pleasing to his god and corporate sponsors. From a prize-winning biographer comes the defining portrait of a man who led America in a time of turmoil and left us a darker age. We live today, John A. Farrell shows, in a world Richard Nixon made.

At the end of WWII, navy lieutenant "Nick" Nixon returned from the Pacific and set his cap at Congress, an idealistic dreamer seeking to build a better world. Yet amid the turns of that now-legendary campaign, Nixon's finer attributes gave way to unapologetic ruthlessness. The story of that transformation is the stunning overture to John A. Farrell's magisterial biography of the president who came to embody postwar American resentment and division.

Within four years of his first victory, Nixon was a U. Nixon's sins as a candidate were legion; and in one unlawful secret plot, as Farrell reveals here, Nixon acted to prolong the Vietnam War for his own political purposes. Finally elected president in , Nixon packed his staff with bright young men who devised forward-thinking reforms addressing health care, welfare, civil rights, and protection of the environment. It was a fine legacy, but Nixon cared little for it. He aspired to make his mark on the world stage instead, and his opening to China was the first great crack in the Cold War.

Nixon had another legacy, too: an America divided and polarized. He was elected to end the war in Vietnam, but his bombing of Cambodia and Laos enraged the antiwar movement. It was Nixon who launched the McCarthy era, who played white against black with a "southern strategy," and spurred the Silent Majority to despise and distrust the country's elites. Ever insecure and increasingly paranoid, he persuaded Americans to gnaw, as he did, on grievances--and to look at one another as enemies.

Finally, in August , after two years of the mesmerizing intrigue and scandal of Watergate, Nixon became the only president to resign in disgrace. Richard Nixon is a gripping and unsparing portrayal of our darkest president.

Regency Brides A Legacy of Grace 3 Book Series

Meticulously researched, brilliantly crafted, and offering fresh revelations, it will be hailed as a master work. He will bring his wild thing to his bed After Dewlyn's, third, heart-stopping attempt to escape their mating bed, Vice is more determined than ever to plant babies in his little daredevil's luscious body. Even if it means feeding the heat between them until she hungers for him alone--and her resistance is starved into submission. But she's hiding something. He can only hope she hasn't joined the human rebellion. When Vice bought her, Delwyn was beyond ready to be whatever he wanted.

But then he dumped her back with her parents, putting their future on ice. Now she harbors ambitions well beyond just becoming a mate. Vice may peel away her clothes, even stoke her desire until she's blind to everything but him. But she'll never surrender the dark secret that keeps her breathing. Like a Love Story Abdi Nazemian. Reza is an Iranian boy who has just moved to the city with his mother to live with his stepfather and stepbrother. He's terrified that someone will guess the truth he can barely acknowledge about himself. Reza knows he's gay, but all he knows of gay life are the media's images of men dying of AIDS.

Judy has never imagined finding romance Art is Judy's best friend, their school's only out and proud teen. He'll never be who his conservative parents want him to be, so he rebels by documenting the AIDS crisis through his photographs. As Reza and Art grow closer, Reza struggles to find a way out of his deception that won't break Judy's heart--and destroy the most meaningful friendship he's ever known.

This is a bighearted, sprawling epic about friendship and love and the revolutionary act of living life to the fullest in the face of impossible odds. Flames will destroy. Planes will fall from the sky. Bombs will detonate. And that's just the first day. Katie and Zach Nelson are looking forward to celebrating their anniversary with a relaxing camping trip on the California coast. But terrorists have other plans for the weekend.

Like torching the place. When Katie and Zach scramble to evacuate, they're snared in all kinds of trouble. Soon, they're running for their lives. Meanwhile, Basilia Hernandez and Alana Mills, the new president and vice president of the United States, face one shocking turn of events after another. Do they have what it takes to protect and defend the country during the apocalypse? Or will they actually make it worse? Begin the adventure today! All churches grow old. Strategic churches grow young.

Across the United States, churches are losing both members and vitality as increasing numbers of young people disengage. Based on groundbreaking research with over of the nation's leading congregations, Growing Young provides a strategy any church can use to involve and retain teenagers and young adults.

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It profiles innovative churches that are engaging to year- olds and as a result are growing--spiritually, emotionally, missionally, and numerically. Packed with both research and practical ideas, Growing Young shows pastors and ministry leaders how to position their churches to engage younger generations in a way that breathes vitality, life, and energy into the whole church.

Young people need the body of Christ--and vice versa. This book is theologically informed, research savvy, and pragmatically outstanding. Read it now, before you get any older. Growing Young is a gift to the wider church. Growing Young provides research that charts the effectiveness of the church's role in the engagement of youth and their families. Church leaders will learn to create and implement strategic steps to strengthen their youth ministry touch. The secret to Growing Young is now out! Many of us believe in equality, diversity, and inclusion. But how do we stand up for those values in our turbulent world?

The Person You Mean to Be is the smart, "semi-bold" person's guide to fighting for what you believe in. Dolly reveals the surprising causes of inequality, grounded in the "psychology of good people". Using her research findings in unconscious bias as well as work across psychology, sociology, economics, political science, and other disciplines, she offers practical tools to respectfully and effectively talk politics with family, to be a better colleague to people who don't look like you, and to avoid being a well-intentioned barrier to equality.

Being the person we mean to be starts with a look at ourselves. She argues that the only way to be on the right side of history is to be a good-ish-- rather than good--person. Good-ish people are always growing. Second, she helps you find your "ordinary privilege"--the part of your everyday identity you take for granted, such as race for a white person, sexual orientation for a straight person, gender for a man, or education for a college graduate.

This part of your identity may bring blind spots, but it is your best tool for influencing change. Third, Dolly introduces the psychological reasons that make it hard for us to see the bias in and around us. She leads you from willful ignorance to willful awareness. Finally, she guides you on how, when, and whom, to engage and not engage in your workplaces, homes, and communities. Her science-based approach is a method any of us can put to use in all parts of our life. Whether you are a long-time activist or new to the fight, you can start from where you are. Through the compelling stories Dolly shares and the surprising science she reports, Dolly guides each of us closer to being the person we mean to be.

Scott Fitzgerald. Scott Fitzgerald's second novel, which brilliantly satirizes a doomed and glamorous marriage, anticipated the master stroke--The Great Gatsby--that would follow, and marks a key moment in the writer's career. Would-be Jazz Age aristocrats Anthony and Gloria Patch embody the corrupt high society of s New York: they are beautiful, shallow, pleasure-seeking, and vain. As presumptive heirs to a large fortune, they begin their married life by living well beyond their means. Their days are marked by endless drinking, dancing, luxury, and play.

But when the expected inheritance is withheld, their lives become consumed with the pursuit of wealth, and their alliance begins to fall apart. Inspired in part by Fitzgerald's own tumultuous union with his wife Zelda, hauntingly rendered and keenly observed, these characters evoke a vivid portrait of a lost world: a city steeped in vice, a society without direction, and the rootless and decadent generation that inhabited it. The Accidental President: Harry S. Baime is a master. His reporting and storytelling are woven to hypnotic effect.

This is history and humanity in lush, vivid color. Chosen as FDR's fourth-term vice president for his well-praised work ethic, good judgment, and lack of enemies, Harry S. Truman was the prototypical ordinary man. That is, until he was shockingly thrust in over his head after FDR's sudden death. The first four months of Truman's administration saw the founding of the United Nations, the fall of Berlin, victory at Okinawa, firebombings in Tokyo, the first atomic explosion, the Nazi surrender, the liberation of concentration camps, the mass starvation in Europe, the Potsdam Conference, the controversial decision to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the surrender of imperial Japan, and finally, the end of World War II and the rise of the Cold War.

No other president had ever faced so much in such a short period of time. The Accidental President escorts readers into the situation room with Truman during a tumultuous, history-making days, when the stakes were high and the challenges even higher. Do you have 30 minutes to spare? The software is at the core of Google Apps and G Suite. Millions of people use Google's apps every day on their Chromebooks, PCs, and mobile devices. The tone of this Google Drive book is friendly and easy to understand, with lots of step-by-step instructions and examples and nearly 50 screenshots.

The guide can be used by anyone with a PC, Mac, or Chromebook. In addition to serving as a solid introduction to new users, it's a great reference manual for more experienced users as well as for people making the transition from Microsoft Office, not to mention teachers using Google Drive for education and Google Docs in the classroom. It includes a glossary of Google keyboard shortcuts, as well as sections on document formatting, organizing and syncing files, offline documents, collaboration, and Office Compatibility Mode for Microsoft Office documents.

Here are some real reviews:Bob:"This little booklet should get a novice off and running using Google Drive and Docs. Even a pro will pick up a trick or two. He helped me prepare a slide presentation at work and transfer it to Slides. I understand it more now. Collaboration is truly a killer app and Google has made it easily accessible. Well researched, easy to read, nicely organized. This little book fit the bill perfectly. In 30 Minutes r is a registered trademark of publisher i30 Media Corp.

All rights reserved. The Years of Lyndon Johnson is the political biography of our time. No president--no era of American politics--has been so intensively and sharply examined at a time when so many prime witnesses to hitherto untold or misinterpreted facets of a life, a career, and a period of history could still be persuaded to speak. The Path to Power, Book One, reveals in extraordinary detail the genesis of the almost superhuman drive, energy, and urge to power that set LBJ apart. Chronicling the startling early emergence of Johnson's political genius, it follows him from his Texas boyhood through the years of the Depression in the Texas hill Country to the triumph of his congressional debut in New Deal Washington, to his heartbreaking defeat in his first race for the Senate, and his attainment, nonetheless, of the national power for which he hungered.

We see in him, from earliest childhood, a fierce, unquenchable necessity to be first, to win, to dominate--coupled with a limitless capacity for hard, unceasing labor in the service of his own ambition. Caro shows us the big, gangling, awkward young Lyndon--raised in one of the country's most desperately poor and isolated areas, his education mediocre at best, his pride stung by his father's slide into failure and financial ruin--lunging for success, moving inexorably toward that ultimate "impossible" goal that he sets for himself years before any friend or enemy suspects what it may be.

We watch him, while still at college, instinctively and ruthlessly creating the beginnings of the political machine that was to serve him for three decades. We see him employing his extraordinary ability to mesmerize and manipulate powerful older men, to mesmerize and sometimes almost enslave useful subordinates. We see him carrying out, before his thirtieth year, his first great political inspiration: tapping-and becoming the political conduit for-the money and influence of the new oil men and contractors who were to grow with him to immense power. We follow, close up, the radical fluctuations of his relationships with the formidable "Mr.

Sam" Raybum who loved him like a son and whom he betrayed and with FDR himself. And we follow the dramas of his emotional life-the intensities and complications of his relationships with his family, his contemporaries, his girls; his wooing and winning of the shy Lady Bird; his secret love affair, over many years, with the mistress of one of his most ardent and generous supporters.

Johnson driving his people to the point of exhausted tears, equally merciless with himself. Johnson bullying, cajoling, lying, yet inspiring an amazing loyalty. Johnson maneuvering to dethrone the unassailable old Jack Garner then Vice President of the United States as the New Deal's "connection" in Texas, and seize the power himself. Johnson raging. Johnson hugging.

Johnson bringing light and, indeed, life to the worn Hill Country farmers and their old-at-thirty wives via the district's first electric lines. We see him at once unscrupulous, admirable, treacherous, devoted. And we see the country that bred him: the harshness and "nauseating loneliness" of the rural life; the tragic panorama of the Depression; the sudden glow of hope at the dawn of the Age of Roosevelt.

And always, in the foreground, on the move, LBJ. Here is Lyndon Johnson--his Texas, his Washington, his America--in a book that brings us as close as we have ever been to a true perception of political genius and the American political process. Drawing upon new research in psychology, education, and cognitive science, the authors have demystified a complex topic into clear explanations of seven powerful learning principles. Full of great ideas and practical suggestions, all based on solid research evidence, this book is essential reading for instructors at all levels who wish to improve their students' learning.

Although I have been teaching for almost thirty years, as I read this book I found myself resonating with many of its ideas, and I discovered new ways of thinking about teaching. Community Colleges Professor of the Year from The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and the Council for Advancement and Support of Education "Thank you Carnegie Mellon for making accessible what has previously been inaccessible to those of us who are not learning scientists.

Your focus on the essence of learning combined with concrete examples of the daily challenges of teaching and clear tactical strategies for faculty to consider is a welcome work. I will recommend this book to all my colleagues. Casserly, senior partner, The Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching "As you read about each of the seven basic learning principles in this book, you will find advice that is grounded in learning theory, based on research evidence, relevant to college teaching, and easy to understand. The authors have extensive knowledge and experience in applying the science of learning to college teaching, and they graciously share it with you in this organized and readable book.

Graham Allison. The reason is Thucydides's Trap: when a rising power threatens to displace a ruling one, violence is the likeliest result. Over the past five hundred years, these conditions have occurred sixteen times; war broke out in twelve. Today, as an unstoppable China approaches an immovable America, and both Xi Jinping and Donald Trump promise to make their countries "great again," the seventeenth case looks grim. A trade conflict, cyberattack, Korean crisis, or accident at sea could easily spark a major war.

In Destined for War, eminent Harvard scholar Graham Allison masterfully blends history and current events to explain the timeless machinery of Thucydides's Trap--and to explore the painful steps that might prevent disaster today. In How to See Yourself as You Really Are, the world's foremost Buddhist leader teaches listeners how to recognize and dispel misguided notions of self and embrace the world from a more realistic -- and loving -- perspective.

Step-by-step exercises help listeners shatter their false assumptions and ideas and see the world as it actually exists. His Holiness sets the stage for discovering the reality behind appearances. But getting past one's misconceptions is only a prelude to right action, and the final section describes how to harness the power of meditative concentration to the service of love, and vice versa, so that true altruistic enlightenment is attained.

Enlivened by personal anecdotes and intimate accounts of the Dalai Lama's own life experiences, How to See Yourself as You Really Are is an inspirational and empowering guide to achieving self-awareness that can be enjoyed by spiritual seekers of all faiths. Joe Dispenza delves deep into the extraordinary potential of the mind. Read this book and be inspired to change your life forever. Joe Dispenza, D. I'm still at it with more books to review October Reviews. Happy Holidays to everybody! I 'm going to have to change my banner soon with the upcoming Outlander miniseries movie in production!

Sam Heughan is perfect as Jamie Fraser! This clip is quite swoonworthy! How to say Sassenach. What a shock, two posts in two days! An eclectic bunch in this posting, a few non-fiction audiobooks, continuing my fascination with presidential assassinations and a book on the Apollo 11 moon mission. Friday, November 1, Fall Reviews Oh dear.

It's been such a long time since I've posted! I'm reviewing books I read in August and here it is the 1st of November! To make up for it, I threw a few more recent releases I've read as well! Older Posts Home. Subscribe to: Posts Atom. Welcome to my book blog. I'm a big fan of Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series. While waiting for the next book in the series to come out, I spend a lot of time reading books and posting my reviews on them.

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Lady Barbara & the Buccaneer (Regency Rakes & Rebels Book 2) - Kindle edition by Charisse Howard. Romance Kindle eBooks @ One week before Lady Barbara sails home to London, how can she resist a last fling at the buccaneers' Carnival on Grand Terre? With Mardi Gras banned in the .

Nothing highbrow or wordy, I just tell it as I see it, plus it helps me remember what the books were about, since I read many romances and they do tend to have similar plot lines. But, reader beware, I post spoilers , sometimes without a warning, but I try not to be too blatant about it, if it's going to ruin the surprise ending, I won't give it away in my review without a spoiler warning.

Primarily I lean towards historical romance and fiction, and some paranormals and suspense novels as well as contemporary best sellers, I am not limited to one genre. I'm fairly new to the romance world, so you'll find me wading through many an author's backlist, as well as their more recent releases.

Feel free to post a comment, I welcome feedback and opinions on the same books I'm reading. Disclosure Statement: All books are either bought by me or from the library, unless otherwise stated in the review itself. What's Coming Up in Links My LibraryThing Library.

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