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For example, if you want to say, "Traffic was low this week, but we did see an increase in young viewers," you'll probably picture an intern on the computer.

So, it could be helpful to rehearse your speech as you take a walk, giving each section a location marker--a mailbox, a tree, a stop sign. So grab a sheet of paper and rewrite everything you remember.

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Then, go back into your notes and see what you missed-;is it really important stuff or a random study that's not all that necessary? For the former, make a point to work on it; but for the latter, don't stress. Grab a timer and read it out loud. If you find yourself going over the allotted time, take a look at your speech and cut out anything that's not directly related to your thesis. Fun facts, jokes, and anecdotes are great, but if they're not tied to what you're saying, cut them. And if you beat the clock, there's a possibility you're talking too fast and aren't pausing enough.

Before you rehearse it again, jot down points where you should stop and let the audience take in what you're saying. Also, it's OK if you're only a few minutes short--people will often times have questions and this gives you a chance to answer them.


I believe that watching yourself give a speech is one of the more terrifying thing you can do. But that's why it's so important-;if you can see what you look like and how you present, you get a better idea of what others will see. Once you get comfortable reciting it, record the speech in full there are free apps that make this easy! Then, go back and listen to the footage--which is awkward, but also just for your ears.

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Since its publication, this page has become very successful and many people read it regularly for getting a daily dosage of spirituality. Before you let this freak you out, know that this isn't a bad thing! About this Item: Pranava Books, Anindita De marked it as to-read May 19, From one of the question periods: Q: How did you become so interested in God and religion in the first place?

You just might catch some things you didn't notice earlier, and you'll also realize that even what seem like the most horrific mistakes aren't all that bad. Performing in front of someone you trust is a great way to practice having an audience, as well as get some useful feedback for the future.


Before you start, let him or her know the things you're most worried about-;from unclear points to speaking too fast to not using your visuals in a way that makes sense-;so he or she knows what to look out for. Are you flailing your arms left and right? Are you hugging your chest while you talk? Are you smiling? Your body speaks just as loud as your words, so make sure they are in sync.

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This means practicing your body language as much as the words themselves-;stand tall, be mindful of how much you gesture, and understand when you should smile, frown, or act serious. But you know that just as much as I do. How big is the room? Your volume will depend on the answer to this question, as well as if you'll have a microphone or not.

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Speaking of the space: If you have the chance, take a quick trip over to where you're giving the speech--an auditorium, a conference room, an open office. This will help answer a lot of questions for you and get you feeling more comfortable. You stutter?

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You faint in the middle of it? You go through the whole thing with a giant lipstick smear on your face? Now realize that none of these are the end of the world. Plus, now you know what you're most afraid of, so you know how to prevent it. Once you start to give some perspective to your fear, it stops being quite so scary. No one in the audience is there to watch you--and only you.

If you take the focus off of yourself and onto what it is you're talking about, you concentrate more on teaching the audience rather than what people think of you. Check Delivery Status. Dispatched in working days. Availability In Stock. Guaranteed service. International Shipping available.

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