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How Japanese Pearls Are Processed
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get link Nacre quality: Nacre quality refers to the thickness of the nacre layer and is the most important factor in determining pearl quality.

6 criteria used to determine the value of pearls

It is not possible to achieve beautiful interference color or luster without a nacre layer of a certain thickness. Nacre quality, luster and color are closely related and in general a thicker nacre layer will produce a superior quality pearl in terms of luster and color.

South Seas Pearls

TASAKI pearls are all selected based on the nacre layer, the most important factor in determining pearl quality. The brilliance of a pearl the quality of light reflected from within the pearl itself is referred to as luster.

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Surface brilliance : Light reflected from the surface of the pearl [gloss] Example: When the surface of a pearl is eroded by sweat etc. Light interference that occurs in pearls.

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This changes depending on the thickness of the nacre layer, conformity and optical transparency. Although the color of pearls is largely determined by color interference, the color and luster share a reciprocal relationship in creating their characteristic color. These two factors have a complex effect on the pearl and play a large role in determining pearl quality. Pearls are generally round gems and perfectly rounds pearls are superior in quality.

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The Nagasaki Pearls is the dramatic and intimate story of three families from Japan, Sweden, and Brazil, who cross the seas on a voyage that they hope will lead. Nagasaki Pearl. Nagasaki prefecture is the birthplace of pearls and the production volume is the highest in Japan. Omura bay is the best place for Pearl culture.

However, pearls come in various shapes and there are also extremely unique and beautiful gems found in the tear drop or semi-round category. Naturally a pearl with fewer blemishes will carry a higher value.

The degree of blemishes occurring in pearls is broad, and can range from very small dimples to bumps and surface spots. TASAKI uses a grading system to select individual pearls based on their suitability for different jewelry lines. Pearl size is measured in diameters and size is not directly related to nacre quality. Pearls are traded in terms of weight and because there is more demand for larger gems, when all other quality factors are the same, the larger gem will generally demand a higher price.

Akoya pearls, known in Japan as Japanese pearls, have been loved for centuries.


These pearls are symbolic of Japan and are recognized around the world. They are known for their stunning and elegant luster created by the delicate colors of the multilayered nacre and come in colors ranging from silver, gold, cream, pink, green and blue etc. Their shape is generally round and come in a standard size of mm.

Myanmar Gold can be taken from the white butterfly shells inhabiting Myanmar. These shellfish from Myanmar are coloured with shiny gold on the inside, and unlike shells from other regions, the shell size is small but thick. The pearls produced from these shells produce pink and green iridescence that bring out the gold color further.

Pearls grown in this blessed natural environment have many thin, dense layers.

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Even when the pearl layers are thickly rolled up, there is transparency, and both beauty and volume are achieved. South Sea pearl mollusks are the largest among all pearl oysters, growing up to cm in size and are restricted to warm tropical waters, such as those off the coast of Australia.

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Yuen Japanese ceramic art meets with Western jewelry. Nagasaki Handmade Blades Nagasaki has a long history of blade-production. You can walk under the pool and watch penguins swimming above your head. However, decrease and aging of workers, insufficiency of successors, and low prices of timber and shiitake mushrooms has been decreasing the output of forestry. Forgotten password Please enter your email address below and we'll send you a link to reset your password. We do not compromise on beauty. It is said that an international kite battle was once held in the sky over Dejima.

They have a thick nacre layer and are popular for their bright, opulent colors, including silver, white, pink and gold etc. Tahitian pearl oysters are found in a wide number of areas in waters ranging from sub-tropical to warm water with main production areas including Micronesia, Polynesia, and Tahiti in particular. The deep coloration of Tahitian pearls, including black, green, blue and brown hues etc. Mabe pearls are voluminous semi-spherical pearls ranging in sizes from mm. Mabe pearls differ from normal pearls in that a semi-circular nucleus is inserted flush against the side of the mollusk, causing the oyster to form its nacre deposits over the nucleus and against the side of the shell, forming a semi-spherical pearl.

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Quality Mabe pearls have a uniquely beautiful nacre quality and a strong, penetrating luster. The beautiful evening sun sinking behind the various islands has enthralled many cameramen.

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Tenkaiho The peak has the best panorama of kujukushima. You can enjoy rape blossoms in the spring and cosmoses in the fall. Ishidake Observatory The observation point has a beautiful degree view of Kujukushiam. It was used in the movie, Last Samurai. Funakoshi Observatory Located around only 3 minutes by car, the observation point provides a close view of Kujukushima. Yumiharidake Observatory An observation spot that looks out over the whole Port of Sasebo and Kujukushima, is famous for its night view of the city.