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[Validity of the ICD-10 Symptom Rating (ISR) in a Non-Clinical Sample].
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follow url For recruitment, a random sample was drawn from municipal population registers, and panelists were interviewed in personal house visits. The omnibus survey waves started in February Since then, data have been collected on a bi-monthly basis. Every interviewed person was incentivized for the recruitment interview. Likewise, participants are incentivized for the data collection waves. Data were collected between February and April from female and male participants. The web-based online survey was answered by participants. Another participants answered an offline, paper-based questionnaire with the same items.

In cases, missing values occurred in some individual items of the item German Questionnaire on Spatial Strategies [4]. There was no evidence to reject the MCAR hypothesis. After exclusion of these cases, the data set consisted of participants female, male. The age was provided in categories participants were younger than 30 years; participants were between 30 and 39 years old; participants were between 40 and 49 years old; participants were between 50 and 59 years old, and participants were between 50 and 80 years old.

Of the participants, had German nationality. Calculating norm data for female and male participants and different age groups required to separate the data with respect to sex and age group. For these analyses, another twelve participants were excluded because of missing age data. The MCAR analysis showed no systemic changes by deleting these cases from the original data set.

Accordingly, participants females and males were included in the analyses. Participants answered the 19 items of the Questionnaire on Spatial Strategies [4] as well as eight additional items asking for possession and use of navigational aids such as GPS-based navigation assistance systems and maps. The first two factors of the self-report measure FRS reflect the distinction between an egocentric Factor I and an allocentric Factor II spatial reference frame.

Corresponding to its core meaning, the item indicating self-reported sense of direction loaded on the egocentric factor, but not on the allocentric factor. The egocentric strategies involved both directional strategies and route-based strategies. In addition, knowledge about cardinal directions was found to be a separate factor Factor III. The factor structure was confirmed using confirmatory factor analyses [3]. Participants also answered questions included in further studies that were carried out within the same data collection wave. Each survey wave has about twenty minutes interviewing time and consists of two parts.

About fifteen minutes of survey time are reserved for submitted studies such as the present study. The second part of each survey wave about five minutes of interviewing time is reserved for longitudinal core study topics developed by GESIS. For each of the three scales of the FRS, the percentile rank and two T -values were computed, for the complete sample as well as for subsamples separated with respect to sex women and men and age groups.

The first T -values were computed based on means and standard deviations conserving the interval scale information. International orders are billed at cost:. Grendel Books Professional seller. Catalogue: Literary Criticism. New York, Arco Publishing, Size: 8vo. William Reed Gordon, Fine - Used. Griffin Books Professional seller. Spine with marks from removed label. Stamped edges. Antiquariat Thomas Haker Professional seller. Canterbury, Manslaughter on the Parade Ground [Trial].

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Catalogue: Trains. Gordon, Robert D. Trolleys Down the Mohawk. Amsterdam, Bert Bakker, , 1e. Conditie: Goed, Bovenzijde cover voorzijde gerstaureerde beschadiging, verder lichte gebruiksspoortjes, verkleuring van het papier, verder een goed, compleet , gaaf en fris exemplaar.. A photographic journey depicting the transformation of a boy into a girl for a day of erotic adventures in Amsterdam. A key piece of the European sexual liberation movement of the early ?

LiberActiva Private seller. Catalogue: foto kunst. The Virgin Sperm Dancer. Suck Special Issue. Den Haag, Bert Bakker. ISBN: Illustrated Wrprs. Suck was the avant-garde magazine for sexual radicals during this period. Design Anthon Beeke. Blanco, A. Munthe, C. Fingerle, Michael Brax, D. Hartmann, U. Strobach, T. Enhancing brain and cognition through cognitive training.

Journal of Cognitive Enhancement. Retrieved from link. Jaeggi, S. Karbach, J. Trautwein, U. Begabungen und Talente Vol. Band Trautwein, Ulrich Hasselhorn, Marcus. Wiebe, S. Retrieved from Schulz, P. Monolingual and bilingual language acquisition: Harvesting the fruits from the grammar tree [Special issue]. Schulz, Petra Gawlitzek, I. Arens, A.

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Familienklima und Konflikte in Familienunternehmen: Eine empirische Analyse ihrer Erfolgswirkungen

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