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Per avere successo nel nostro processo, dobbiamo essere molto abili a In pratica su sette dei dieci aspetti studiati, riaffermiamo una convenzione. Abbiamo scoperto che questo processo porta a soluzioni che non sono mai state raggiunte prima, che trascendono qualsiasi cosa avremmo potuto inizialmente o singolarmente immaginare.

Sono felice quando la gente dice che non vede uno stile comune nei nostri lavori. Hai qualche suggerimento per i giovani aspiranti architetti? He has just picked up his daughter from school, and I am soon to discover not only that he well deserves all the public acclaim accorded to him lately, but also that unlike other architects who have inflated egos as a result of their success, he is incredibly charismatic and down to earth. How did you get into architecture? What were the three most significant moments of your career?

Joshua: I studied philosophy as an undergraduate, and I think it is characteristic of philosophy students to become either increasingly enthusiastic or skeptical. The history of philosophy is a successor of victors.

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Each philosopher debates his dead predecessor. For this reason, I fell into the camp of the disillusioned and wanted to put theories into practice instead of just safely debating them. I was turned on to architecture by a sculpture professor, who encouraged me to go into either architecture or sculpture. Is there a particular method you use for running your office? Joshua: Yes. We are very Darwinistic. We believe that by attacking ideas, the strongest will survive.

We therefore focus on the act of critique, not the act of creation. When we work on a problem, the entire team puts forward concepts. We collectively tear them apart, see which ones withstand the assault, which ones fall apart, etc. Through this process, some ideas die off, some get stronger, some show potential if reworked. We then regroup, split the team up to develop the ideas further, and meet the next day to repeat the process.

Our magazine likes talking about different forms of art as they relate to architecture? Do you have another art form you like as much as architecture? We believe that architecture should do things, not just represent things, and most other art forms are representational. But the only direct similarity between our work and film is that our designs are argued linearly, almost like a storyboard. We construct a narrative, and iteratively edit it until an unassailable sequence is generated.

Just as we value critique of discrete ideas, we value critique of the argument—the narrative—as a whole, and find this crucial to design. In a recent Diesel advertisement they suggest being stupid. Do you agree with this claim? Do you think being stupid could help be more innovative and less serious? Joshua: The Seattle Central Library was the project on which I had to grow the most, and the fastest. It was the first project on which I was partner in charge, the lead designer. I was young: 29 when we started it. It was also in my hometown and that put a lot of pressure on me.

I learned a lot trial by fire. For me, the Library had the most at stake of any single project to date. What do you think the next avant-garde in architecture will be? Joshua: I know what I hope it will be: performancebased architecture. As I said earlier, I think architecture should do things. I believe at the root of the Modernist agenda was. When Modernism ultimately failed, we continued their legacy. Instead of gluing form and function back together, we maintained the unproductive schism and let the pendulum swing from Functionalism to Formalism.

What are your thoughts on sustainability?

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Joshua: First, I think the green movement as we architects have framed it is bullshit. I find it sad that sustainability has become a brand—a specialty—as opposed to just a basic requirement. I also think our profession generally misunderstands sustainability. At REX, we believe urbanism itself is the root of all sustainability. We believe people should be funneled back into urban centers where infrastructure already exists and the carbon debt has already been paid for.

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We believe in adaptive reuse. We also believe in designing new buildings to be adaptively reused. What are your future projects? Joshua: We are interested in exploring new typologies that impact human behavior in a positive way. Their design is driven from things we can actually measure such that we can prove that they outperform the prevalent typology at every level.

We just started the headquarters for an entertainment company—a videogame company—in California. Joshua: Neither. I like to describe our work process as productively losing control. We work with our clients to understand what their core issues are, and then search for very specific, high-performing solutions to those core issues. To succeed at our process, one must be very adept at resisting conventional reactions.

This can be frustrating to newcomers because it appears like we are trying to reinvent the wheel all the time. In practice, on seven out of ten issues studied, we will reaffirm convention. But three out of ten times we will pave entirely new, unchartered territory that will become the basis of the project. We have discovered that this process leads to solutions that have never been done before, that transcend anything we could have initially or individually imagined. To me, that is proof the process is working.

What are consistent are the process and the argumentation…not the solution. Do you have any advice for young aspiring architects? Joshua: Never do anything without an agenda. Come nasce questo interesse per i sistemi organici e biologici in architettura? Le idee che ho promosso - spesso attraverso piccoli esempi reali di studio - sono evocativi di ambienti in cui la scienza emergente e la tecnologia diventano un mezzo di speranza e umanistico per le trasformazioni culturali.

Non sono circuiti necessari, solo fisici. In questo senso, sono convinta che entro un decennio saremo testimoni di significative trasformazioni non solo nel design, ma anche nel settore delle costruzioni. In che modo trasmetti la tua ricerca o i tuoi lavori ai tuoi studenti?

Un unico modello, proprio come la natura, innescato da forze naturali e dal comportamento di un materiale. Questa linea di pensiero promuove un nuovo tipo di estetica, e anzi una nuova etica - un nuovo modo di pensare la progettazione. Cosa vuoi trasmettere con la tua mostra al MoMA? Tutti i modelli sono stati, in sostanza, espressioni di forme di front-loaded con i dati. Tu ti concentri nella produzione del design. Hai mai pensato di progettare la tua casa attraverso la tua filosofia di design?

Neri: Amen! A cosa stai lavorando in questo momento? Neri: Riprodurre ossa umane nella progettazione di un nuovo padiglione. Neri: Gli edifici saranno sinuosi ed organici, riecheggeranno la struttura, diciamo, di pigne o di pelle umana. Si muoveranno e adatteranno. Muri nanotubo di carbonio respireranno attraverso i pori che cambieranno di dimensione. Sedie che si rimodelleranno sul corpo, quando ci si siede. Neri: I biomateriali creano una scienza interdisciplinare connettendo elementi di biologia, chimica, scienza dei materiali, ingegneria e medicina. Molte interessanti applicazioni in questi materiali includono la produzione di placche ossee, tendini e legamenti artificiali, protesi vascolari, valvole coronariche e protesi articolari.

Credo che sia solo una questione di tempo per arrivare a tale applicazione in campo costruttivo, e noi non siamo i primi. I have immediately realized that Neri Oxman Material Ecology research is projected beyond the classic distinction and interpretation of architecture components. Her research to develop new process capable to enable and support the design of physical matter, and its consequent adaptability to environmental conditions in the creation of form, is suggesting a comparison with Gottfried Semper and his anthropological dimension of a tectonic form.

Here the inspiration from biology and nature introduces us to a new vision of Ecology and new perception of the architectural object inserted in the built environment. Its representational qualities are directly related to the object performance and therefore to the mediated synergies and interactions between objects and humans.

Here the main element is nature itself, that organize and assembles all the components of the architectonic object. Why did you have interest in organic or biological system in Architecture at the first? Did you think this issue was one of the creative and promising field in Architecture? Neri: Public interest is motivated by zeitgeist, but it also creates it.

The ideas that I have promoted — often through small physical case studies- are evocative of an idealistic ambience in which emerging science and technology become a hopeful and humanistic medium for broad cultural transformation. In this context, I think that the work that I take on, is communicative across multiple levels.

Neri: In the future, materials will be dataencapsulating-energy-managing agents built into the fabric of clothes, products, buildings and cities. No circuit boards needed, only physics. Granted, the complexity of implementing new technologies in societies structured around old ones is a major problem. But in the long run, transformative technologies will redefine the way we think and make. Novel technologies start out as art forms, using the sciences creatively to reverse engineer the ancient skills of craft forms, still struggling to be 1.

Cartesian Wax 2. Raycounting - prototype ph. So we are working against technical difficulties but also cultural barriers. IN this light, I am positive that within a decade we will be witnessing significant transformations not only in design, but also in the construction industry. How do you usually introduce your favorite research or work to your students?

Neri: When exploring an integrated design approach that seeks to overlap with, and operate across, multiple fields, design becomes innovative, richer, and capable of a broader impact. Design, ultimately, is about an ability to work through constraints. In this way, students recognize that the very instrumentality of design becomes a frontier of innovation.

In my own work I seek to shift the discourse of design production from a form-centric approach to an environmental-centric approach where form is motivated, represented and defined by its structural and environmental performance. Unique form, much like nature, is triggered by natural forces and by material behavior. This line of thought promotes a new kind of aesthetics, and indeed a new ethics — a new way of thinking about design.

What do you want to show us through your MOMA exhibition? Neri: The Significant aspect of this collection lies in its capacity to translate physical phenomena into art or to express form-generating formulae as building prototypes. A series of four projects entitled Natural. Artifice examined the relation between physical material properties and performance criteria such as structural load, heat transfer and insulation.

All models were, in essence, expressions of forms front-loaded with data. You are focusing on the fabrication for design. What is the role that the material plays? Neri: Material properties are an essential part of my work. As a designer, I distinguish between engineering properties quantitative; those without which the building will not stand up and architectural properties qualitative; those that impact spatial and sensual experiences within a space.

Have you ever thought about you designing your own house through your design philosophy? The jump in scale would obviously be challenging in that spatial distribution — unlike pure building skins — are guided by parameters other than purely structural or environmental data. I am only beginning to explore the opportunity to move up a scale through a recent commission for a pavilion.

What are you working on as this moment? Neri: Mimicking human bone in the design of a new pavilion. What kinds of design issue will make people fascinated or interested in the near future?

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Letto Da Alessandro Benvenuti. How does the audience react to your settings? Precious E Le Scimmie. In Weber's Europe, there were real differences between the political left, right, monarchists and fascists-unlike the tweedle dee tweedle dumb of the US. We began our interview among the acrid smell of oil paints, in an office that feels more like a New York loft. Ford has two plants making every component of its Contour, in case workers in one country strike, they can double production elsewhere. A central theme of these thinkers was the critique of aristocracy and despotism and virtues of republicanism.

Neri: Buildings will be curvy and organic, echoing the structure of, say, pinecones or human skin. But more than that, the buildings will practically be alive. Carbon nanotube walls will breathe through pores that change sizes. Chairs will reshape themselves to fit your body as you sit down. Clothes will have information from your DNA encoded in them and literally grow as you do Recent initiatives in such technologies combined with innovative work into composite materials are now enabling designers and engineers alike to rethink the functions and potential features of products and buildings as affordances directly and selectively promoted through their making.

What is your counter argument if somebody criticize that your work is similar to the only reflection of biological forms?

Neri: Biomimicking is not a method; it is a philosophy, an intellectual disposition, and a mentality with which to perceive the natural world around us. It is the study of age-old design solutions to problems in the natural world as potentially relevant to contemporary design and engineering.

So a key motivation is to mimic natural processes rather than their formal expressions. Neri: Biomaterials make up an interdisciplinary science merging elements of biology, chemistry, material science, tissue engineering and medicine. Many exciting applications of such materials include the production of bone plates, artificial tendons and ligaments, blood vessel prostheses, coronary valves, and joint replacements. So in my view, the development of biomaterials in the medical industry is overwhelmingly inspiring to us designers.

I believe it is just a matter of time till we implement such methods in the built environment, and we are not the first. Many generations before us have used the stuff of life in the design of artifacts: ancient kayaks have incorporated bone parts to increase stiffness, cellular plant tissues are known to have been used in the design of swords etc. The combination of these age-old crafts with rapid technologies will bring us into a new age of a Rapid Craft. Patrik Schumacher: superfici spaziali, torri, urbanistica parametrica, form finding ecc. La ricerca mira a imparare e aumentare la ricca vena di sperimentazione e il vasto patrimonio che ZHA ha prodotto finora.

Siamo decisamente concentrati sul real time, frameworks interattivi e approssimati in opposizione a modelli molto precisi. Raccontaci della sua open architecture. Shajay Bhooshan: Rhino e Maya hanno continuato a popolare le piattaforme per lo sviluppo della progettazione e vengono usati molto anche nelle prime fasi di un progetto in ufficio. Quando abbiamo iniziato con CODE, abbiamo fatto un sondaggio dei possibili ambienti 3D, linguaggi di scripting e linguaggi di programmazione che erano disponibili. Successivamente, il gruppo CODE ha scelto e ha 03 cityvision Personalmente ero il solo a conoscere il linguaggio MEL prima di entrare in ufficio.

Nel corso degli anni abbiamo accumulato blocchi di codici per aiutare a sviluppare plug-in per risolvere specifici compiti. Tutta la mia formazione, compresa il Barch era in inglese. Cosa puoi dirci su di esso e come si fa a rendere un progetto semplice, elegante ed efficiente? Personalmente ritengo che i risultati potrebbero o non potrebbero parlare della natura collaborativa, ma sono stati veramente un periodo formativo per tutti noi - Chikara, John, Mostafa, Alicia, Abhishek e Yu Du a parte, sono state importanti persone che abbiamo incontrato e con cui abbiamo lavorato nei due paesi.

I metodi, gli obiettivi, gli strumenti e le tecniche di progettazione sono venuti da un background.


I risultati sono stati un sottoprodotto. How was your background before working at ZHA? I intended to do histories and theories at the AA. I worked for HOK Sport now populous for 1.

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As with the rest of the office. In the 3. As such, the design research that we have undertaken goes with the spirit of the office at the time — from exploratory, technique driven research, to performance acceleration — CUDA, openCL, to everyday utility tools — modeling aids, simple measurement tools - to specific research agendas set by Patrik Schumacher — surface space, towers, parametric urbanism, form-finding etc. The research aims to learn from and augment the rich vein of experimentation and research and the vast legacy that the ZHA has produced thus far. We are definitely focussed on real-time, interactive and approximate frameworks as opposed to very-precise and water-tight ones.

We aim to be equally aware of design challenges and significant architectural production processes and incorporate them within early design stages, without becoming a specialist modeling group. Why do you use Autodesk Maya for scripting your ideas and generate the main concept of your projects instead of McNeel Rhinoceros? Tell us about its open architecture.

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Cattive intenzioni (Pandora) (Italian Edition) - Kindle edition by Karin Fossum, M. Podestà. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. Cattive intenzioni pandora italian edition.. Podrome deomsorgannelie gullstr meva lena lundbergfou link pings kommun inneh. Instructions and study guide for .

When we first started with CODE, we made a survey of possible 3d environments, scripting languages and programming languages that were available. We also looked at how much learning resources were available, the ease of customisation that platforms offered, the range of geometry types that they supported, possibilities of inter-operability etc. Subsequently, the CODE group chose and invested its time and efforts into developing Maya as the core platform for the group. At the time we started, Maya offered not only a quick, familiar and intuitive modelling environment, it offered an well.

Personally I was only familiar with MEL before joining the office. Subsequent to joinig the office various other facets and possibilities of Maya became evident. Over the years we have accumulated Code blocks to aid us develop plug-ins to do various ZHA specific design related tasks. That said, we have been constantly following Rhino and the various initiatives it has brought to the architectural community. We are amazed, appreciative and supportive of the impact that small, open-minded and open-source software can bring. As such, whilst we might have certain pre-dispositions towards the platform we invested time and effort into, we are definitely keen and active on learning from the various trends and discussion centred around other platforms.

Is it true that the indian language with its particular grammar makes program scripting easier?

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What is your personal experience? Shajay Bhooshan: My own personal experience with Indian languages is a complicated one. All of my education including BArch was in English. However, a lot of informal communication , and social interaction is in the language of the state I grew up in. As such I ended up knowing 2 regional languages, 1 national language and English, apart from being able to understand 2 other related languages. Personally I feel playing chess at an early stage helped more tangibly. Recently you worked at Hyperthreads, a parallel workshop between India and China with the focus on Form Finding methods.

What you can tell us about it and how do you make your project simple, elegant and efficient? Shajay Bhooshan: The workshops in India and China, were an exceptional and extra-ordinary personal experience — for the range of collaborators — both from within and without ZHA, the diversity of the two 1 billion countries — india and China, the crazy time schedule — 1 month, two mega countries, with the tutors being in 3 separate continents before that etc.

Personally I feel that the results might or might not speak of the collaborative nature of the enadeavor, but they were truly a formative period for all of us — Chikara, John, Mostafa, Alicia, Abhishek and Yu Du, apart from the range on people we met and worked with in the two countries. The methods, objectives ,tools and techniques of design also came from such a back-ground. A sizeable part of this was also the form-finding research that we were doing at ZHA, and which I subsequently continued and developed at the Autodesk ideaStudio residency.

The results were a by-product. The experience was the main driver, and the resource for future. Procediamo con ordine. Arrivano gli anni Sessanta e Settanta e le arti si contendono il primato di sottolineare questa apparente perdita del senso delle cose, lasciando poi erompere come un magma il verbo del post modernismo e del decostruzionismo nella cultura occidentale.

E in un istante siamo nel Vivere quindi, costruire e saper ascoltare. There, hidden by a maze of private roads that separates the neighborhood of Capo Lianro from the sea, and protected from the inappropriate and occasional glances of the few contemporary architecture onlookers, one of the most beautiful residential buildings of postwar Rome, the Villa Saraceno by Luigi Moretti, was waiting for us. At It took us just over an hour to get around the length and breadth of the dwelling.

This was full of personal memories as well as stories with universal meanings. But there is a moral that emerges unpredictably from the experience of Santa Marinella, and that makes me weave together issues seemingly distant such as architecture, music, the spirit of a tragic age and the defiant nihilism of contemporary digital culture. First things first. Visiting the Saracena is not simple. Along the imaginary line that takes us from the street in front of the Villa to the sea, through the vestibule, the atrium, the glass gallery and the hall, and finally leaving the great hall of the garden, time is crystallized and contained within one location.

The experience seems fictional and is similar to listening to a musical process. Walking through this space feels like walking through the score of a symphony, with its notations, rests and its openings. The entire theorem fits the city of the seventeenth century, with complex and sometimes tortured musical sounds, as were the troubled lives of many of the protagonists of that time. The life lessons of Michelangelo Merisi are illustrative of this point, but Caravaggio was not the only exponent of this mutated universe.

They are more like a worldview, always changing with the changing times, they can serve as a model to interpret the life around us. But if this is true for the Baroque period, then it must be valid also for our time. The advent of the Second World War denied the twentieth century its success in achieving a uniquely understandable world, with a logical and continuous development. Ebooks and Manuals

Rationalist architecture, with its perfect chords based on the golden ratio, fell at the hands of the same technique that it had once exalted. The deep sense of rhythm and harmony that this architecture embodied, was perhaps not the most appropriate to its time. The world of classical music, moreover, had already noticed the birth of a new era. Shoenberg predicted new rules in with the advent of twelve-tone, and in a few decades, the hazard of musical compositions would disrupt the form and substance of things.

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