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Prophet : Wake up, marine! This is no time for dying. Get your ass back in the fight!

Aiyeola : Are we invading an anthill when we build a drive-through bank machine on top of it? Probably, from the ants' point of view. And if some small fraction of those ants survive-if they manage to get out of the way and set up a new colony somewhere else- are we incompetent invaders because we haven't exterminated all of them? Have they beaten us, if the bulldozers came and went and left some ants alive? No, because the goal wasn't to wipe out the anthill. We were putting up an ATM. Alcatraz: I mean, try and wrap your head around the magnitude of the imbalance here.

The Ceph are a whole different species. If a bunch of gardeners wanted to take out an anthill, would they attack the ants with formic acid and titanium mandibles? So why the Ceph gunships, Roger? Why the exoskeletons that walk pretty much like we do, and the guns that fire pretty much like ours, and bloody artillery for chrissake that does pretty much what ours does?

Why are Ceph weapons and tactics so much like ours, hmm? Not the real aliens, anyway. Not the real gardeners. Are you fucking kidding me? Why do you think those blobs in the exoskels are any different? Trust me on this. Alcatraz: ' The ship's staggering through the airspace, weaving and wobbling, and part of that might be evasive maneuvers but I don't care how alien this bird is, you can tell it's wounded.

And here comes the mofo that's kicked its ass and its one of ours , it's a goddamn Apache. A 64D , I think, not even bleeding-edge. I mean, this is a flying saucer we're talking about- built by creatures from another fucking solar system - and it's getting its ass handed to it by a bunch of apes in a ten-year-old helicopter. Fuck yeah. It's like watching someone shoot down an X with a slingshot. Hargreave: If it's at all possible, son, d'you think you could keep my billion dollar suit out of the line of fire for awhile?

It'd really be better for all involved if you came back to me in one piece. I promised her I wouldn't tell another living soul! Ah well, guess I didn't go back on my word, eh? Complete bullshit! Nanosuit: Warning! EMP shutdown! All systems impaired. Switching to core function mode. Life support priority. Deep layer protocols engaging. Rerouting systems.

Wake up marine! Sometimes not so patiently; you have to wonder how much of our vaunted human technology really belongs to us and how much we were herded toward by some megalomaniac and his stolen box of miracles, working behind the scenes. Deep cover over-cloak deactivated. How was the mission? Patching data to you via the suit HUD now Commander, you've missed a hell of a lot under deep cloak. Check the data. I've found him. I've found Nomad Hargreave and his corporations within corporations, their tentacles squirming down through the boardrooms and the back rooms and the generations , the butterfly flaps its wings in and a hundred years later neither crime nor depression nor all the developers in the world have managed to make a dent in that sacred green space.

Think about how old New York is. The Europeans showed up what, five centuries ago? The Amerinds, thousands of years before that. Alcatraz : I have no idea why, Roger. Maybe Ling Shan was just the first time the owners woke up and found him in their bedroom. Hargreave : That's right, Nathan! The owners are back! Waking the systems, firing up the boiler. Back to spring-clean the old family residence, and not much liking what they've found festering behind the fridge.

Can you blame them, really? Gould : Here? They were here, in New York, all along? Hargreave : Their dormant systems were, yes, Nathan. Hargreave speaks slowly, patiently, as if explaining the facts of life to a special-needs child.

One of their cottages, and the quantum port facility to transmit themselves aboard. You think I'm based in this cesspit city because I like it here? Gould : Why didn't you warn someone? Hargreave : Warn whom, Nathan? Humanity at large? The species that has proven so bracingly honest with itself in the face of unpleasant truths? That race so quick to accept the facts about population growth and resource overconsumption and climate change?

No, thank you very much, I preferred to trust only myself, and a few handpicked men.

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Collects all six issues of CRYSIS!From the lead writer of the Crysis 2 video game! Set in the world of the award-winning Crysis games comes the newest hit. Collects all six issues of CRYSIS! From the lead writer of the Crysis 2 video game ! Set in the world of the award-winning Crysis games comes the newest hit.

Hargreave knows the Ceph are about to invade Roosevelt Island, and gives Alcatraz a final suit upgrade before destroying the island and himself. Alcatraz, Stickland, and Gould learn that the Pentagon has authorized a nuclear strike on Manhattan. Meanwhile, a Ceph ship long buried beneath Central Park rises from the ground, lifting most of the park high into the sky. Alcatraz gains access to the ship and fights his way to the spire at the ship's core. He releases the spire's spore bio-weapon over all of New York City, killing all remaining Ceph and averting the nuclear strike.

The memories of Prophet, stored in the suit, inform Alcatraz that the Ceph have buildings beneath major cities all over the world and that more work is yet to come. Prophet's memories are finally fully combined with those of Alcatraz, and when asked for his name via radio by Karl Ernst Rasch, co-founder of the Hargreave-Reach corporation, Alcatraz responds, "They call me Prophet. The suit powers from the original return with the addition of a tactical mode that gives detailed information about enemy weaknesses, data about the environment, and a boost to the audio of nearby enemy conversations.

Suit modifiers themed around the different suit powers include X-ray vision, directional bullet trails, and bullet deflection. The suit's enhanced parkour abilities also introduces more verticality. The updated Nanosuit now has two Primary and two Secondary modes, which work in tandem:. Primary Modes - When activated, these modes drain the suit's power and provide temporary boosts. Secondary Modes - These modes are passive and turned on at all times.

They can be activated simultaneously with the primary modes. Throughout the game, Alcatraz collects Nano Catalyst from the Ceph he kills, which the player can use on buying upgrades for the suit. Note : Upgrades collected in first playthrough along with collected catalyst are carried over to future playthroughs. Ceph drop pods are periodically launched by overhead dropships.

Two teams must race to each pod and defend it from the opposing team.

Nano Catalyst

Points are earned by guarding the pods wherever they land. Crysis 2's standard team deathmatch mode. Defeat as many foes as possible with the powers of the Nanosuit while minimizing player deaths. One team is on offense, trying to obtain two bio-ticks that will give boost to stealth and armor and will then try to reach a helicopter extraction point.

The defenders must stop them. One team is on offense, trying to download critical data from five different data-posts and are clad in Nano suits but have limited weaponry. The defenders must stop them, and get superior weapons but no Nano suit. Four rounds with teams switching sides after each one. A Capture the Flag spin-off mode where two teams vie for control over two data relays. Matches usually span around ten minutes and requires three capture points to win.

The soundtrack was composed Borislav Slavov , with the main theme being written by Hans Zimmer. This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for:. Until you earn points all your submissions need to be vetted by other Giant Bomb users. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll send you an email once approved. Video Quick Look: Crysis 2. Overview Crysis 2 was announced on June 1st of , and was in development since Plot New York isn't doing too well.

The updated Nanosuit now has two Primary and two Secondary modes, which work in tandem: Primary Modes - When activated, these modes drain the suit's power and provide temporary boosts. Armor - Diverts all damage to the suit, depleting shield power in lieu of user health. Stealth - Drains all the suit's power to cloak the user and silence all movement sounds.

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Tactical - Replacing the binoculars from the first game, the tactical mode highlights all objects of interest in the world like enemy targets, weapons, ammo etc. Power - Drains the suit's energy to perform feats like power jump, power slide or power sprint.

Nanovision - Allows the user to track hidden enemies and to see in dim-lit environments. Upgrading the Nanosuit Throughout the game, Alcatraz collects Nano Catalyst from the Ceph he kills, which the player can use on buying upgrades for the suit.

Tactical Upgrades Threat Tracker - Allows the player to see the route of incoming projectiles. Proximity Alarm - Gives the player a audible warning when a enemy is near. Cloak Tracker - Allows the player to see cloaked enemies. Armor Upgrades Armour Enhance - Armor mode drains energy slower. Nano Recharge - When not using a suit mode, energy and health recharge faster. Deflection - Deflects many enemy bullets, allowing for more hits before health loss.

Power Upgrades Mobility Enhance - Increases ledge grab speed and slows running and jumping energy drain. Air Friction - Gives the player better control when falling.

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Air Stomp - Gives the player a powerful ground pound ability. Stealth Upgrades Covert Ops - Softens the sound of the player's footsteps. Tracker - Highlights enemy paths.