Des ambitieux (Romans contemporains) (French Edition)

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These minorities are demonised in the French conservative press and by the extreme right, in a way that would be found shocking in Britain. This vilification has been made easier by the typically abstract way French progressives have framed the debate about minority integration. Those who have opposed the ban on the veil in schools have been spuriously accused of communitarianism and Islamism — terms all the more terrifying in that they are never precisely defined. Presenting the issue of civic integration in such terms has proved counterproductive, not least because it has detracted from the real problems confronting these populations: unemployment, racial discrimination and educational underachievement.

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This French penchant for abstraction appears in most paradoxical and perverse form in the absence of precise statistical information about their Maghrebi minorities, as it is illegal to collect data about ethnicity and religion in France. Since the late 20th century French thought has lost many of the qualities that made for its universal appeal: its abundant sense of imagination, its buoyant sense of purpose, and above all its capacity even when engaging in the most byzantine of philosophical issues to give everyone tuning in, from Buenos Aires to Beirut, the sense that they were participating in a conversation of transcendental significance.

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How is this transformation to be explained? Among the most important factors is a collective recognition that France is no longer a major power.

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The complicated condition of the European project, which was decisively shaped in the past by a string of French figures from Jean Monnet to Jacques Delors , bears witness to this decline. This myth was largely intended as a replacement of the equally fabulous ideal of the French mission civilisatrice in the colonies.

This pessimistic sensibility has been exacerbated by a widespread belief that French culture is itself in crisis. The representation of France as an exhausted and alienated country, corrupted by the egalitarian heritage of May 68 , overrun by Muslim immigrants and incapable of standing up for its own core values is a common theme in French conservative writings. A major underlying consideration here is the perception of the decline of French as a global language, and its much-resented replacement by English.

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A variety of groups and associations have long been campaigning vigorously against the importation of English words into French. A more profound cause of the current malaise relates to the ways in which French elites are recruited and trained. Their intellectual outlook reflects the strengths of this type of technocratic education, such as a capacity for hard work and for mastering complex briefs. Above all, it shows an overwhelmingly masculine style and ethos.

This ascendency of technocratic values among French progressive elites is itself reflective of a wider intellectual crisis on the left.

French progressive thinkers no longer produce the kind of sweeping grand theories that typified the constructs of the Left Bank in its heyday. Indeed it has been a long time since the very notion of the avant-garde Phone orders min. Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Philosophy books. France Europe Victor Hugo features. Reuse this content.

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