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You’re Not a Bad Person for Wanting to Date Your Friend’s Ex, But You Need to Do It Right
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oceanjo2.com/images/public/localizzare-mio-cellulare.php Similar to communication style, you can learn a lot based on how and when the two of them spend time together.

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Is it in a group setting? Are you also welcome to join? Those are good signs. Is it just that they have fun together and like to joke around?

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Or do they still share similar passions? But do they get excited about the same things and share those experiences with one another in a way that leaves you out in the cold? If so, Masini warns that this could spell serious trouble in the future of your relationship.

Your friend is still struggling with the breakup.

If you don't, and you see his or her ex enjoying it with him or her, beware. While that all may sound scary, it's not always the norm. Exes can be friends and have no desire or hope of rekindling in the future. Divorced parents often do it for their kids, and although you may find yourself in a different walk of life, the key to any kind of relationship succeeding is an open line of communication.

If you have any concerns, bring them up with your partner! They'll help reassure you, and perhaps the two of you can brainstorm a solution. Maybe all it takes is dinner with the two of them for you to realize that there is absolutely nothing going on, and there never could be. Their ex may even become a new friend!

Anything's possible, if you just talk about it.

Old friends who drifted apart but still smile and say hi at the grocery store. I still do nice things for her, partially because we've known each other for almost 20 years and only because I know she will never see this I will admit that if we could rekindle the magic I would take her back without a second thought. Anyone who calls themselves Best Friends after a divorce, Either one or both of them are in denial.

Either they can't move on or one has and is just using the other. Sorry for the reality check.

Dating a Friend's Ex: Is it Ever Okay?

I am working on distancing myself from my ex and as long as she doesn't call me having a meltdown I will be fine and move on. I would not say I was his "best friend" but out of all of the women, he said I was the best--simply cause I let bygones be bygones, I never had my hand out like a toll booth not materialistic. I think all in all it helped my son be at ease alot. He's what mattered most to both of us. I could not handle the man's alcohol problem despite helping him with his rehab.

LOL We don't keep in contact, there is no reason. If I want to talk to our boys well they are my ex-stepsons but we still have a relationship then I call them directly, or get ahold of them via facebook or msn. So yeah there's no reason to be friends. I wish the best for her, we both deserve to be happy. Most men could not handle the fact that I got along with my ex when he was alive.

I did it for my son and today he is a thriving Senior, even made Honor Roll few times. There was no "benefits" as I made sure of that. I am surprisingly considered part of the family after all of these years and he made me next of kin. I don't want any money, I want my son to have it. We divorced because we grew apart as lovers and partners, not because we don't like each other. We've been friends for 18 years, were married for 14 of those. Why should the friendship end just because the marriage did?

I speak to my ex nearly daily. We talk about our daughter, our day and whats going on in life. Speaking about other relationships is awkward, but we do keep the other informed as to our social life. Also, there are no 'benefits' involved with our relationship. There is no going back to being married.

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So why should it be an issue? Show ALL Forums.

Your friend didn't give you permission.

Home login. I think it is wild that my parents and their spouses get along so well at family functions. As long as the friendship doesn't involve benefits why would there be a problem? KITTICAT: I agree with you, even if there are not children , because what would they say about you after things didn't work out, especially if didn't last long. Ex wife Hey I dont mind that a man is still friends or ever best friends with the ex wife.

Hey now, I'm friends with my ex. One can be "friendly" without being "friends" If two could've gotten along they wouldn't be eX's They'd be together. Obviously you can't generalize this subject and with kids involved it's fantastic if there's a decent relationship.

I am sorry, I can't believe they can be best friends. What is wrong with being a civilized adult, setting an example for children? She got the ring, and I got the finger. I was in the same boeat as goober dippin pants. I'm good friends with my ex.

I don't get it