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You may also like... I love the idea of journaling and am trying to cultivate the habit. It seems like the biggest benefit is that it encourages mindfulness.

Whether you are keeping track of your finances, fitness goals, dreams, or journey to minimalism, journaling forces you to slow down and actually pay attention to what you are doing. I like how you pointed out that journaling is a way to notice what you have already accomplished. I never really thought of that and it is so easy to get discouraged with a percieved lack of progess.

When I was forced to be on my own with 2 small children, I began thinking about how I would accomplish everything. Once focused, it became easier and easier.

Just wanted to drop by and say that your journal here has helped inspire me to start my own journey and online journal. I am hoping to be as diligent over the next year as you have and to stay as accountable. I am a new fan, and am starting to minimalize my home. Tee hee. I keep journals.

Personal Minimalistic Bullet Journal Ideas

Any suggestions for what to do with the journals? Very good points! I am finding that keeping a blog is a great way to gather thoughts together and keep a record of progress. And it helps to keep me thinking creatively and have something to report. If you love the look of a clean weekly spread but need a little more structure between days, you can use a very simple line pattern divider. Creating these is simple. Start with two parallel horizontal lines.

Then, use your black pen to fill in the space between the two lines with either horizontal or vertical lines. If you want to try something a bit more complex, use diagonal lines. These design elements stems back to 1. Nature and minimalism create a beautiful and harmonious composition. These stems are fairly easy to draw and look stunning around a header or in the corner of a spread. Start by drawing a slightly arched line. Then add raindrop or pointed oval shapes along both sides of the line. You can leave these hollow, fill them in with black ink, or add a simple line design to the interior of your leaves.

For the best results, have multiple leafy branches extending from a header or create a laurel with two branches that touch at the bottom and extend up and out like a V-shape.

Bullet Journal Success

This lettering technique can take your weekly headers from bland to beautiful in just a few simple strokes. You can do this with a regular ballpoint pen or a fine line pen when just beginning cursive. The easiest method I have found for doing this is to rotate your page so that you are writing at an angle.

how journaling has helped us minimalize

Then, instead of pulling your pen up to create the next letter, extend the tail our horizontally at a slight upward angle. Then you can create your next letter. Play around with this technique. Making your letters shorter and shallower can add a softer effect. But you can also bounce your letters or do faux-calligraphy for a more dramatic effect.

This is another of my favorite minimalist bullet journal design elements. Creating this effect is very quick and easy with the right tools. To create the black background you can use any pen or marker for your choosing. I love using the 1.

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It lays down opaque and is easy to write with. From here you can create a variety of headers and design elements, varying your font, the background shape, and the size. Need more inspiration? I hope this post gave you some inspiration for your own minimalist bullet journal spreads.

Joshua Fields Millburn - Minimalism

If you use any of the above designs and are open to sharing them, I would love to see your work. You can tag me on Instagram. Did this inspire you to minimalist themes for your bujo? Share with others on Pinterest! Your email address will not be published. Want exclusive freebies, special updates, and extra tips to help you plan the life you love? Join Planning Mindfully's email list to get all that, and more!

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