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Wolf by the Ears - the Fight Over Slavery unit bundle, including text
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Includes text-dependent questions, vocabulary words, a culminating task, and additional learning activities. Word processor required for access. The Palm of my Heart: Poetry by African American Children , edited by Davida Adedjouma Prereading activities, vocabulary words, discussion and lit circle questions, reader response prompts, ESL and interdisciplinary projects. David A. The Third Wish by Joan Aiken How might students use storyboards to demonstrate and to extend their learning? Check the resources here. Students work with plot diagram, main ideas, vocabulary. Note: Storyboard That helps sponsor this site.

From there we entered the vast double-height reception hall, our trainers silent on the marble floor. I headed slowly towards the staircase that curved upwards from the right of the front door. Above was the U-shaped mezzanine which led to the bedroom suite at the back of the building on the first floor where Grisha lay sleeping. A noise made us both turn. Fifty feet behind and above us, three bodyguards burst out of the staff door on the mezzanine, attired in a mixture of uniform and casual clothes grabbed in a hurry.

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They spread out along the balcony rail in front of the master bedroom suite. The man had leaped behind me so I was between him and the guards. He gripped me round the waist and pointed the gun in their direction, breathing fast; I felt his ribs moving, the edge of his hood against my hair, his breath hot on my neck. Iain Straker, the deputy chief bodyguard, strolled out and joined the others. He wore only baggy brilliantly-patterned Hawaiian shorts. He stepped forward and put both hands on the balustrade, eyes flicking around the room, making no move to come downstairs.

He spoke clearly and slowly. British nationals too, not just another Russian oligarch. Cause far too much fuss.

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Besides, the police are on their way. An ARV unit. Armed Response. I could almost hear his brain clicking through the options available to him. Iain was still talking. Best to go now. Alarm fizzed through me. Was he going to make me go with him as a hostage? Iain raised his voice. The man released me, slipped through and banged it shut. I went and sank into one of a pair of huge plush chairs by the massive fireplace and breathed deeply, shaking and light-headed with relief.

The whole incident had only taken a few minutes, but had seemed much, much longer. Up above, his laid-back pose abandoned, Iain was giving rapid instructions. He nodded, made to go then turned back. When I arrived three weeks before, Iain had logged my fingerprints for the access system, and made me use my middle finger. The place was overrun with police. A forensics man dusted for fingerprints and collected elimination prints from everyone.

This was unexpectedly low-tech, with ink and a roller, and they made palm prints as well. They took photographs, examined the CCTV footage and tramped through the grounds. They wrote down all my details and said they might need to contact me later. A specialist got me to make an E-FIT image of the would-be assassin, which took a lot of time and was surprisingly difficult to get right, even though I had a vivid recall of his face.

All the houses here are surrounded by mature trees which give good cover. When the police had finished with me, Iain caught my eye and said he wanted a word. He took me downstairs to the swimming pool to be out of the way of the police, striding ahead of me alert but relaxed, hands in pockets. The limpid water, blue from the mosaic tiles, made me want to dive in and make ripples on the perfect still surface. Iain led me through the big windows at one end to the sunken garden, and we sat side by side on a limestone slab.

The rain had stopped, and a watery sun shone. I sighed.

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Mark you, she likes it. Calling a baby Tyger Rebel Thomson amounts to child cruelty. At every new school I went to — and there were many because of us moving around — I dreaded the stir among my new class as the teacher introduced me, the stares, nudges and sniggers. I remember idyllic long summers running around barefoot on beaches as a child, and less idyllic ones as a teenager, fretting because I was missing out on an education. Real life, seeing the world, untrammelled by convention. Not something I was eager to discuss with a stranger.

That man today, what do you think he wanted? He told me to take him to his bedroom, and he had a gun. I stared at him. Why would he have a fake one? Did he handle it as if it was heavy? I cast my mind back to those frightening five or ten minutes. Either like you said, he had a real gun and was going to shoot Grisha. Which would bring the whole household running. Okay, he could have put it on later. I did wonder briefly whether he intended to kill Grisha by other means and make it look like a heart attack, or suicide. Quite a few Russians in London have died unexplained deaths over the last few years, ostensibly of natural causes.

Like Grisha had. I dwelt for a moment on the disagreeable idea of being made to disappear.

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Grisha has a safe in his room where he keeps considerable amounts of cash. Maybe the man heard about it. He was Russian. I think the man was one of them. I said he should get some dogs. We walked back to the reception hall where the police had set up their temporary centre of operations. Grisha was gesticulating, loudly telling a police officer that it was completely ridiculous that UK bodyguards were not allowed to be armed, that he was entitled to protect himself, when he saw us, broke off and beckoned me over.

His dark eyes sparkled with the joie de vivre of a person who has that day escaped violent death. Iain walked with me to the garage.

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He raised his eyebrows; smiling, but I could see him trying to work out why I was turning him down. Not just for an hour or two after work? Six police vehicles of varying kinds were parked at hasty angles in front of the house.

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How did the advocates of American slavery defend the "peculiar institution"? Lesson Plan Details Background. Activity 1.

Quiz & Worksheet Goals

'Wolf By the Ears' is a work of historical fiction by Ann Rinaldi. This lesson plan will help you ensure that students grasped key facts about the. Wolf by the Ears Lesson Plans include daily lessons, fun activities, essay topics, test/quiz questions, and more. Everything you need to teach Wolf by the Ears.

Biographies of Slavery's Opponents and Defenders Students will compare and contrast the life stories of slavery's opponents and defenders by going to the following EDSITEment-reviewed websites to obtain information about their lives. Calhoun, A Brief Introduction Activity 2. Constitution: Northern Abolitionist vs. Slaveholding Senator In this activity, students will compare and contrast the ideas in two documents: one from the abolitionist orator and editor William Lloyd Garrison, and the other from the slaveholding Senator from South Carolina John C.

Teaching Wolf by the Ears

Download, print, and distribute copies of the articles and matrix to students to work on in class, or if desired, give them to students one or two class periods ahead of time, and assign them for homework After students have read the two documents and answered the questions in the matrix, gather the class to discuss their findings.

After the matrix has been completed by the class, give students time to ask questions and make comments about what they have learned. Ask them why Garrison excoriated the people of New England and the rest of the free states, and why Calhoun maintained that the South could not "concede an inch" on its position in regard to slavery. See if they noticed the role that temperament and personality played in the opinions and positions of these two men.

Ask them to think about situations where an uncompromising stance on an issue would be a good thing, and where it might not be. Activity 3. The Economics of Slavery: "Mud Sill" vs. Free Labor The activity below contrasts the way a senator from the South and a former congressman from the North saw the economic argument for slavery.

Hammond, what makes societies civilized and why did he think this justified the enslavement of black people in America? What does Sen. Hammond mean by "the very mud-sill of society and of political government"? Note: Instructor should define "mud-sill" for the students. It is the bottom sill or wooden beam in a foundation, which typically rests on the ground.

According to Sen. Hammond, why is the South more civilized than the North? Why does Sen. Hammond believe slaves exist in the North as well as the South?

Who are these "slaves"? Hammond believe southern slaves have a better life than northern "slaves"? Does Lincoln believe that how you make a living is a fixed or permanent condition? According to Lincoln, in his day did most people a work for others, b work for themselves, or c hire laborers to work for them? Does Lincoln think this was different in the southern slaveholding states than in the northern free states?

Learning Objectives

Organize your students into groups of two or three and provide a copy of The Boy Who Cried Wolf, and a graphic organizer However, they would kill wolves with impunity if they knew the proper rites of atonement, and if the wolves themselves happened to raid their fish nets. The houston texas was accepted in the nfl in to replace the houston oilers. The email is on its way. The lights came on automatically; armoured saloons and SUVs and sports cars with improbable contours gleamed. Before the game remind students about how their mamas used to pack their lunchs for them and they would never know what they would get until they opened the bag at lunch time.

Does Lincoln believe a poor person can become wealthy? If so, what is the path to prosperity? How does Lincoln explain folks who remain "hired laborers" throughout their life? According to Lincoln, what advantages does free labor have over the "mud sill" approach to making a living? Students should now be able to discuss why slavery was opposed and defended so strongly and how this contributed to a widening breach between the North and South. If a general knowledge on the part of the students is desired, ask them to give the main ideas of both the opponents and defenders of slavery in paragraph form.

If more specific knowledge on the part of the students is the goal, ask them to create a matrix contrasting the arguments of slavery's opponents and defenders on the following subjects: morality of slavery legitimacy of slavery under the U. Constitution economics of slavery Or, they can use the matrix provided on page 12 of the PDF for this lesson.

Based on the biographies of the main figures in this lesson, ask students to answer the following question: What were some key differences in the backgrounds of those who supported slavery and those who opposed it? Divide the class into groups of four or five students each and ask them to brainstorm on the following question: Based on your knowledge of the concerns of each side in the slavery debate, give possible solutions that could have resulted in an eventual peaceful settlement between the two opposing camps.

Instruct them to write down their ideas, and after sufficient time, reassemble as a class. Have each group take turns sharing its ideas.