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Durban Woman Claims To Be Beyoncé’s Real Mother
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The therapy. The raging tantrums. The many broken things. The IEP meetings. The side talks with teachers. But oh how I love that boy! The kind of love that just hurts. Hurts for him when he struggles.

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I ache when I see his baby pictures. Oh how I wish I could go back and do so many things over again. I wish so much I knew then what I know now.

Of course it was a Sunday. We struggle on Sundays for various reasons. And this day he tried a new one.

Amendments in ID Books & Birth Certificates

They began to fight as the norm goes in our house. The fighting quickly turned to awful mean spirited words and plain hatred for one another. Just love her! But alas.

It seemed I screwed it up again. The conversation spiraled and I heard these words for the first time come out of his mouth. As I was tucking her in tonight, I asked her more about it. None of her family were deemed suitable by DSS and the court. Both of her parents have been in and out of jail since she came into care, which is part of the reason their rights were terminated.

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I have so many things I want to say to her about that- but I know that they are not the right things to say. Please help me find the words to say to her. Adoptive parents, adult adoptees, and even a few birth moms poured out their advice, but I especially want to share the wisdom of the real experts in adoption—the adult adoptees that have lived that experience.

Playing the “You’re Not My Real Mom” Card

Other Editions 1. The two mothers, strangers when they first met, must learn to understand what is best for them and Sara, making up rules and tackling hurdles as they go along. And since kids usually repeat things they hear or are told, every parent in general needs to help educate their little ones that just because a child doesn't come from his mother's belly doesn't make them any less her child. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Send MSN Feedback. For your protection, we may require that you authenticate your identity before we provide you with any information.

My mom says for the first year I cried a lot. I can remember times when she would say that she hoped one day my mother would get better, that she would be in a safe place and not be sick anymore my mother is a hard core addict. But until that day she and I could pray together that my mother finds her way to that safe healthy place.

My adoption has been finalized for about a year, and my mother had made one of her random drop in visits. I was still allowed to always feel them, and she would always listen no matter what. Maybe your daughter knows that adoption is coming and that scares her. I know that you said DSS claims no other family is suitable to care for her, but are there ways she can still stay connected?

I wrote letters to my mother a lot growing up. And that means doing their homework, not teasing their siblings, and keeping their tongue to themselves on public transportation.

“You’re Not My Real Mother”

The idea that the child you love with all your heart might say something to reject you does sound pretty scary. Sometimes kids just say things.

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The Power of “You’re Not My Real Mom”

First, said child glared at me. Now on to the Adoption Talk Linkup! An InLinkz Link-up.