The Clandestine Novelist

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  • go Peyton Stone never quit his day job.

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    Kazakhstan, Kabul. But his is no normal job.

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    But like Peyton Stone, he has another profession. A NASA scientist.


    A Russian hacker. A Secretary of State.

    What binds these people together? In this latest installment in the Nonofficial Asset series, his skills, training and personal commitment are tested to the limit as he races to stop economic disaster. Award winning novelist William Sewell has released this second installment of the Nonofficial Asset series, the Peyton Stone novels, a page turner from the start.

    My Life as a CIA Spy: A Surprisingly Honest Behind-the-Scenes Look of a Real-Life Agent (2005)

    His various contracts lead him into encounters with a host of unusual characters, such as the clandestine cremator who complains about a slump in profits, or the emancipated woman who tells other victims of domestic abuse to have their violent husbands assassinated. Cue dramatic fight scenes between assassins armed with knives in this world, honor is everything!

    Place and time

    But the defining aspect of this novel lies elsewhere, in the varying emotional states of our highly charismatic professional killer. Do I pull the trigger—right here, right now?

    Since detective novels have become a particularly popular genre in France, they account for one in every three novels sold and crime really does pay, his future seems bright.