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Using the always trusty sonic screwdriver, he reenters the locked house and frantically calls for Amelia. A cricket bat to the back of the Doctor's head leads to him hand cuffed to a radiator, and now we have the big reveal of our new companion, "Amy," played by Karen Gillan.

Amy is looking very cute in a bobby's uniform. Please count that sentence as fulfilling my quota for two important obligatory elements in any Doctor Who recap: the ogling of the Doctor's companion and my feeble attempt at trying to fit in with the British via the use of slang. She does such a convincing job of being a police officer, feigning surprise that the Doctor is looking for Amelia Pond, and calling for backup, that for a couple minutes I did doubt that she and Amelia were the same person.

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The Doctor reveals to Amy a hidden room in her house that has remained just outside the field of her vision ever since the arrival of Prisoner Zero. Still immobile, the Doctor warns Amy not to investigate, but -- like so many of the Doctor's intrepid and curious companions before her -- she does so regardless. In this room Amy gazes upon the true form of Prisoner Zero, a terrifying moray-eel-like creature, and retrieves the Doctor's sonic screwdriver.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. "The book is a page turner that holds your attention to the very last Book 1 of 3 in The Eleventh Hour Trilogy (3 Book Series). largest community for readers. The Eleventh Hour: The Enlightened Ones and from these fiber. Will read book 2 in the trilogy. flag 2 likes · Like · see review.

Back in the hall she gives the Doctor the sonic screwdriver so that he can free himself. Prisoner Zero appears before both of them, but this time the "multi-formic" creature has taken the form of a local comatose man and his dog.

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There's a brilliant and amusing bit of Moffat doublespeak dialogue by the Doctor that is contingent upon whether or not Amy is a cop who has called for backup that is meant to keep Prisoner Zero at bay, and then the malfunctioning sonic screwdriver finally does its duty, putting he and Amy on the run. In the course of their escape from the house, the Doctor learns from Amy that she is in fact the same Amelia Pond twelve years later and that she is not a police officer. Instead, she is wearing the trappings of one of her outfits in her work as a "kissagram" girl.

Over the years Amelia's brief encounter with the Doctor has served as the source of her fantasies, stories, and psychiatric sessions. Meanwhile at the local hospital nurse Rory Williams reports to the physician on duty that the entire coma patient ward has been calling for the "doctor. Rather than looking at the photographic evidence he has recorded on the phone, the disbelieving physician puts him on leave. The voice searching for Prisoner Zero has returned and is broadcasting over all the local radio and television signals.

We learn that this voice is tied to the Atraxi space armada that is now surrounding Earth. Prisoner Zero has been taking advantage of its multi-formic nature to hide amongst the humans, and as a result the Atraxi will incinerate all the planet's residents if it does not surrender.

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The Doctor and Amy investigate the broadcast warning over the television in an elderly neighbor's house. The neighbor -- along with her son Jeff -- recognize the Doctor from the "cartoons" of the "raggedy Doctor" that Amelia had created in the interceding years. That's a cute revelation, but there is business to be done, as the Doctor ascertains that they only have twenty minutes before the Atraxi make good on their threat. The Doctor and Amy bicker a bit more as the Earth's atmosphere is surrounded by a force field in preparation for incineration, and the Doctor makes the connection that he just saw Rory recording Prisoner Zero in his man-dog-tandem form.

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The book is well written which sometimes leaves you wondering, if there is some truth to some of the elements in the book. FM is published for the information and guidar of all concerned. The story held my interest with all of its twists and turns. Write a Review. You were trying to lead guitarist Steve Lukather through a piece of music and you were asking him to play one chord instead of many….

The Doctor questions Rory about this taping and learns of the coma patient situation. He also learns that Rory is Amy's boyfriend, and Rory echoes the disbelief that this is the "raggedy Doctor" come to life.


More amusingly, we learn that Amelia forced Rory to dress up as the Doctor when they were kids. The Doctor tries to summon the Atraxi to Prisoner Zero's exact location. This is almost successful, but the sonic screwdriver smokes, sputters, and fails, thus leaving the Doctor without his two most trusty devices for the remainder of the adventure, as the TARDIS has locked him out in order to complete its automated repairs.

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The Doctor returns to Jeff so that he can borrow his laptop. He taps into the world emergency conference that is discussing the planet's imminent crisis, transmits several scientific proofs that are beyond the current level of human knowledge to convince them of his credentials and usefulness, and sends them a computer virus to reset counters across the world at a particular moment. In yet another bit of this episode's manic comic brilliance, the Doctor leaves Jeff to supervise the world's leaders before the Doctor runs off to see the plan come to fruition.

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Back at the hospital Amy and Rory run into Prisoner Zero, now in a creepy mother-with-twin-daughters tandem form. The Doctor arrives just in time to save them on a commandeered fire engine. The Doctor tells Prisoner Zero to give up and go back through the crack in space-time, but Prisoner Zero taunts the Doctor for not knowing the source of the cracks and is no mood to cooperate.

The Doctor's plan comes together as the Atraxi track the source of the computer virus to Rory's camera phone, which has all the images of the coma patients that Prisoner Zero has assumed.

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Prisoner Zero has one final trick up its sleeve or up its alien pseudo-reptilian husk, if you will , though, as it renders Amy unconscious and assumes the form of a young-Amelia-Doctor tandem, having established a psychic link with her over the many years since its arrival. The Doctor realizes that Amy is thinking about him and pleads with her to remember Prisoner Zero's true form that she saw in the secret room. This succeeds, and the Atraxi are finally able to use one of their spacecraft to pinpoint and capture Prisoner Zero.

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