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It seeks totraction now and ramping up as buyers signed with a hybrid drive train, which in fill the niche with a dual machine whichlook for green alternatives. Now, who is the person with the greatest knowledge of the area other than the commander of the fire department? All you had to do was ask the locals People have to be calm to make decisions, but the coldness that I felt from those in charge, who looked at what was happening on a screen, disgusted everyone.

How does a person see the fire moving forward and do not feel the urge to send the firemen to the scene? Or the Amadora firefighters who did not spend a liter of water. Or that of the elements of the firemen who see the fire advancing and do not activate their means by lack of orders. Or that of the Monchique helicopter that arrived at the battle site 30 minutes after the firefighters, an eternity in a context like this. They may just be stories, myths born of the ashes of revolt. The truth is that there was not a single firefighter fighting the flames in the village of Monchique.

Something very strange happens with this mechanism of hell-fighting. The speculations sprout on this fertilized soil of uncertainty. Since , all the fires registered in Monchique have been cleared in less than 24 hours. This one lasted a week. Temperatures were not at a normal level for the region. Forty degrees and no humidity. Perfect conditions for fast and efficient spraying.

How does it start in an area where no one lives, where there are no electric cables, where no one worked with equipment that could trigger sparks? What was the source of the combustion? One night we heard explosions coming from a certain area, at the time we thought they were gas cylinders. Fact is that the houses in that area did not burn. The explosions had another source.

Piles of firewood? Stacks of cork? When the fire was consuming Alferce, the road to the entrance of Monchique that led to this village was blocked by the authorities. Around this area, there are several petrol pumps. People were forced to pile up around the three fuel supply sites. How does the GNR stop people near three petrol stations and two piles of cork while preventing them from moving to the center of the village, the safest place of all?

We really want to believe the first one. Her boss already knows that, when there is a fire in Monchique, he has to cope without her work. We were all working for something that was overriding us! Some elements of the Social Security, explicitly engaged to provide support to the area, behaved as authentic machines, devoid of empathy or sense. With so much anguish, some of these ended up having to receive hospital care.

While some, quite voluntarily, acted in favour of a community in urgent need of encouragement, others presented behaviours typical of those who are there only to fulfill a professional paid duty, sometimes even with a feeling of superiority. She did not want to talk to me because I was "a nobody". For those who were here in transit, the event occurred and will soon disappear, for us, those here, it will take much longer, much longer.

A home that has just burned. How do you send a family with a 2-year-old to a highly polluted environment? When we got there, the house was half burned and we went to find the lady in her half-burned living room, sitting on the one half of the couch still intact, with her dog in her lap, surrounded of burning household appliances, including a freezer where there was some rotten food. The smell was indescribable! The most bizarre thing is that Social Security has made an exhaustive survey of the state of all homes. Not only inconceivable but inhumane.

There were more than 50 houses in which there was a total loss and here one is not counting the cases of partial loss or even second habitations. The houses burned.

They are in a particularly sensitive situation because the houses did not belong to them. We are talking about people in their 70s or 80s What could be the solution for cases like this? Armed with a driving force that makes her grow, every day, she tries to reach everyone. The fortress has consistency. The challenge is to keep the stones from cracking. Emotionally, I see myself as a very strong person capable of a certain coldness. I take great happiness from knowing that I am minimizing one's sadness.

This is where I seek strength. I feel that my life is worth it. At this moment, people need us much more than those at home. Its funding is based on revenues from the social shop and the sale of bottle caps. The expenses are many. The gas that has been spent supplying goods to needy families reaches unbearable proportions. Opening a neurostimulation room for the elderly is the association's next project. A portion of the money already existed, but everything burned in the form of lids. Muito gratos! E, de facto, juntos, somos muito, mas muito mais fortes. If you can help, but only if you can, your contribution will be most appreciated.

Thank you! This curious and awake couple rocked the floor of the planet, collecting the experiences that made them who they are today, and, after a longer passage through remote lands in the interior of Portugal, where their 4-year-old daughter Shanaya would come to see the light of the world for the first time, chose to walk further south. We felt an immense lack of people around us.

When we arrived in Monchique, we realized that there was a huge community of beings who want to live like us in the countryside, and then we knew that it was here that we wanted to be, "says Markus. Before the fire, they lived in a charming house, decorated with all the love of those who consciously chose the place of life, in a magic valley strengthened by the power of granite. If I am not materialistic, why did I have to separate myself from them? From that house only rubble remains, bits of existence blackened by the fury of the flames that seemed to want to erase the stories of those who cheerfully populate the mountains.

The land where they were was rented to a German woman, who, after the great fire of Monchique in , that destroyed 41 thousand hectares, was forced to leave Portugal as a result of the emotional shock that she suffered. She will bring a daughter with her because she says she cannot be here without someone to support her, "continues Markus. The family would like to buy the land, now the price may be more affordable for them. Reverse sides of the fire stories.

There is no vegetation to hold the gigantic granite stones and we feel a little small and insecure in the middle of it. At the moment, they are pampered by many people, known and unknown. Soon they will move from the home of friends who welcomed them immediately after the fire to a fully furnished local accommodation, where they can stay until October. Though the tragic occurrences add up in such short periods of time, the generous capacity of the people seems to be woven into an infinite plane.

One day, when we could no longer endure the blackness in which our existence had immersed, we decided to go to the Medieval Fair of Silves in search of colour. Then I felt an uncontrollable urge to go and have a craft beer and I soon found a booth. The person behind the counter realised something was not right with us and wanted to know more. The ironies are many and the couple tries to learn the lessons that this fire has placed on the school table that is life.

Between us everything flows in a very efficient way and this is essential for me. I'm Austrian And now this But resilience transpires in every pore of this young couple. Fire relentlessly teaches humility and now it is time to learn how to ask. Both are aware that these fires are not normal. Opinions are unanimous, albeit controversial. Obviously, it is not the eucalyptus trees that cause fires, they are only highly effective combustors. If their choices were already very conscious before, now, after the fire, their sense of alertness is even more sharpened.

We talk about bizarre situations that occurred during the fire, we talk about lobbies, we talk about the atrocious complexity in which we are immersed as a country full of appealing resources for some, essential for others. The fires of and, at least. This one now in have all this in common. What's more, the spirit of cohesion that is lived in the times that follow the phenomena of this proportion re unite people, distantly treated as "the injured", and make them grow together with each other.

We embrace ourselves deeply, wrapped in an empathic sense of those who share experiences. They catch the emotions that flow down my cheeks. And, in fact, together, we are much, much stronger. O meu marido continuava a andar de carro a ver onde estavam os fogos. Contava-me que via casas dentro das aldeias a arder perto de Sandomil. Por volta das cinco da tarde, a electricidade deixou de funcionar.

Como o fogo ia caminhando no terreno de todos. O Sepp, filho de Joost, ausentou-se para se encontrar com amigos na aldeia. O barulho que se ouvia era muito estranho e forte. Mais de meio ano depois, uma pessoa continua a processar tudo o que vivenciou naquele dia. Em pouco tempo consegui extinguir as chamas. As pessoas questionam-se. Foi a primeira vez o ano passado que se ouviu falar de bolas de fogo, pelo menos em Portugal. O plano parece ser introduzir esta tecnologia em Portugal porque temos muito sol.

A vida de Conny mudou com o fogo. O ser humano tem a capacidade de destruir vida, natureza, pessoas. Temos de dar energia ao movimento! Conny sorri. Porque acredita num futuro mais consciente. E no resultado do seu trabalho. But if you do nothing, there will be no result. His imposing stature, coupled with his powerful and determined mime, do not let anyone remain indifferent to his presence. Conny was given a privilege, as marvelous as it was painful: about three years ago, she was shaken by a reality she had always had as unique. This awakening to the real forces that effectively command the unfolding of our history was accompanied by much pain.

Alice fell into the rabbit hole, but what she found there was less beautiful than rose gardens. And what was unleashed on October 15, ended up corroborating in Conny's apprehension a whole series of stories that seem most removed from a work of nonsense fiction and, therefore, absurd. My husband, Joost, and I, thinking it would rain on Sunday, we wanted to take the opportunity to enjoy ourselves a bit and take a motorcycle ride on Saturday, "recalls Conny.

Given the predictions, no one imagined watering anything around the houses, although it was all very dry. Water is the new gold of a world that is very wasteful. In the village, scarce resources are usually valued. There were at least fifty kilometers of fire that we could see from our village, which is a few kilometers from Ervedal Beira. We did not want to believe what we saw! My husband was still driving to see where the fires were.

He told me that he saw houses inside the burning villages near Sandomil. The sense of unbelief within us increased! Conny's neighbors, all Portuguese, of some age, gathered outside their houses on the road, watching, unconsciously to process the fear that plagued them and swiftly advanced on the terrain of emotions. As the fire was walking on the ground of all.

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The fact that there was no light meant that the "monster" would be around. In the imminence of a greater danger than each, he always seems stronger and less vulnerable if he faces the unknown together. I still went to see the forest that gives to the Mondego River, are about fifteen kilometers of old meadow pine forest green. At that moment I thought, "I hope you see her again! It was a fire against the people, they said, "says Conny.

At that time, already late in the afternoon, a plane is sighted to spray heavily over the village. It was still daytime, but there was no fire in that area. This would only burst there three hours later. Everyone saw the plane, which flew from West to East, probably from those islands from the Azores to Europe. When I saw the plane that day, I thought, "I hope you're not going to lie down to make it burn! This was not a fighter, I can assure you. However, I could not tell people directly that we were in the presence of geo-engineering maneuvers or that they were spraying highly flammable metals.

This is very difficult to understand, to explain, because it seems all too absurd. A silence of the sort "I do not want to breathe because I do not know what will happen". I was afraid something great was about to unfold, "Conny says. Joost, however, came to the house and brought some people with him because they were there more securely. Also a friend of the couple, who lived in a farm in the forest, had sought refuge with them. At that point, we were all still playing, "says Conny. Sepp, the son of Joost, left to meet his friends in the village. At about PM, he returned home running, exhausted, warning that the fire is already in the Ervedal da Beira, no more than two miles away.

The three of them, Conny, Joost, and Sepp, left together. At that moment, they saw a half-kilometer flame, something too grandiose to be natural. The whole "beam" was dark red, and on top of that projection, I saw small dark red and blue clouds rolling. The noise that was heard was very strange and strong. At that moment, I asked the other two, "Are you listening to this? Do you see this? If it had been just me, no one would believe it, "admits Conny.

More than half a year later, a person continues to process everything he experienced that day. For me, it is theoretically possible that, after the Ervedal, this laser, launched by an airplane or commanded by a computer, has advanced towards the forest. I did not see it because it was inside the courtyard of my house, but the others who were with us report that the forest behind the house disappeared in less than ten minutes. How many of these stories will be revealed? Without electricity, many people did not have access to water since, in villages, it is common for people to have their own water, only accessible using pumps that run on electricity only.

We do not have network water, as do many other people. When the houses began to burn, the people were left with no means of reaction. We at least had a reserve tank with liters of water. There are those who report the same kind of occurrences in the monstrous fires of California. All this broke out from a great silence. Even nature itself was silent. The couple in the forest of the couple took their motorcycle and crossed the flames to go to their farm to save their friends, having managed to bring dogs and other animals.

Unmatched, Joost and I hooked up the hoses and started wetting the surrounding area. In a few minutes, I was still holding a hose, part of the patio, just above the firewood, began to burn. In a short time I managed to extinguish the flames. Sparks fell everywhere and made a deafening noise as they touched the tin roof of one of the outer structures. These sparks fell as hard as I had ever witnessed in previous fires, they seemed to be being dumped somewhere, "Conny recalls.

There are many different details of this fire that consumed a large part of the forest in Central Portugal. About five o'clock in the morning, Conny decided to rest for a while. Before collecting, she took advantage of the telecommunication network to send an SMS to relatives in Germany to reassure them, confirming that she was okay with it. His message caught everyone off guard, no one was aware of what was happening in Portugal.

Apparently, foreign media did not treat the event as catastrophic, many of them have not even mentioned it. In those who reported it, the October 15 fire was portrayed as a "normal fire. Already on the 16th, Conny wakes up for a foggy morning. It was not a whitish fog, but rather yellow, very dense. He took pictures he sent to specialists he had contact with since then, but he still has not got a convincing answer. He was sure that even that morning color was not usual.

Such accuracy may also be attributed to the work of a laser that has been operated to operate at this point. A Porto physicist also pointed to the strange fact that the quartz, present in the forest, had left. HAARP is a program that has spread antennas, similar to those of the operators of our mobile phones, only of greater reach, that allow to capture and diffuse electromagnetic waves with varied ends, namely warlike ones, "reveals Conny conviniently. Also on the grounds were orange patches, which looked like lentils.

One idea seems to be to consolidate itself: the summer fire of October will have been fed in a continuous regime and the presence of bizarre aerial means, sighted by the most diverse people of the most varied quadrants and areas at different times of that day, seems to assume a preponderant role. They are witnesses to whom one has to give voice. Or because houses uninhabited in Pebbles da Beira, suddenly, on the morning of the 16th, they will have begun to burn, from nothing, after an explosion has been heard. Or because there are innumerable sheds that have a strange hole in the roof, only likely to be observed in those whose roofs have not fallen.

Those who burned can not, of course, serve as witnesses. A short time later, the fire arrived there as well.

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However, combating fires with air means is not normally carried out after dark. People are questioning themselves. If it had been a fighter plane, why would not it have been active during the day? A neighbor of Conny will have witnessed operations by two other planes that will have flown from the Mondego River toward the forest near Aldeia Formosa.

These planes will have thrown six fireballs at their farm. Soon everything would have darkened, and in seconds the forest would have been in flames of thirty meters. It was the first time last year that we heard of fireballs, at least in Portugal. Conny can not prove, but is convinced by everything he has seen and heard that techniques associated with electromagnetic waves short and long , which are normally produced to cause heating or cooling in certain geographical areas, have been applied during the course of great fire of 15 October. The first one was at 9pm, when everything here started.

An hour later, the next one came, to burn off all that was left. The third came when there was nothing, an hour after the second wave. After the last, the wind also stopped. I think it's too linear behavior to be natural, "Conny says. Of course there were also more "normal" phenomena, such as the spreading of embers from the trees everywhere, which helped to ignite other trees.

In the summer he sees especially well. The sky is dull, gray, and it looks like we can actually see the tiny particles falling off, "Conny says. On the day of the fire, what was falling from the air was not only what was associated with the ground fire.

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The flames reached giant proportions, seemed to be continually being fed, and the speed of propagation was unparalleled. It was spoken in natural fire, a version that was almost denied a short time later. Nothing that happened was natural and nothing corresponds to the unfolding of a common fire. And the nightly presence of airplanes will confirm that.

They, their families, their houses, their villages, their cities. Nothing is safe from these overwhelming forces, "Conny is frightened. Conny had access to the report associated with the first one and noticed that, in the table of events, the schedules were very similar to those of Oliveira do Hospital. I told him about the time when most people died, which was between 8 pm and 9 pm, I talked about other relevant aspects, but I just got quiet on the other end of the line, "confided Conny.

And he continues: "Even Hurricane Ophelia will have passed only about km off Portugal. As such, the wind waves that made themselves felt could not be this. And there are so many reports of people who resemble each other. There is talk of strange planes, of fireballs, of flames out of nowhere, of explosions in the middle of the forest, There are about , people who were in the midst of the flames on those October days.

You can not shut up so many people! Hundreds of empty bottles, in a row, were found by Conny and others, be it in the woods or by the side of the road. In more distant lands there, as in Sabugueira, Serra da Estrela, near Viseu or in the pine forests of the Torch, the same type of bottles was also identified. According to some witnesses, some of these bottles will have been launched by individuals moving on motorcycles and cars. This day has been completely organized and I do not believe in coincidences, "connives Conny. The work of investigation and revelation of the heretofore discovered brings with it much exposure.

At the same time, it makes certain information conflict on a single platform. And Conny plays a key role here, giving strength to the activism of the group "Clean Skies" and having created another, more international, group called "WhyFire". It was through one of these groups that came up with information about 5G technology. The plan seems to be to introduce this technology in Portugal because we have a lot of sun. To do this, more space is needed between the trees so that the waves can circulate more freely.

Is this a camouflaged attempt to support the new technology? Many are the questions, the hypotheses, the theories. A veil that rises. Conny's life changed with the fire. Is very sad. We thought we were living in a safe Europe, especially in the mountains of Portugal. The human being has the ability to destroy life, nature, people. The images that populate our memories of the state of our villages that night usually come from Iraq and other areas of conflict. Also in Syria chemical weapons are thrown to the population, here it is not different ", says Conny.

Of course, this perception and these experiences change everyone's life. It is not good to know that the air we breathe is being manipulated. Fire is a great proof that this climate manipulation exists, this is a geographic disaster and everyone should realize it. A great chaos in the midst of an even greater disaster.

The fire also helped to break the barrier of silence. Now we talk openly about things, about manipulating the climate, the air, the water. We have to give energy to the movement! Because you believe in a more conscious future. And the result of your work.

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Fiquei curiosa, quis saber mais. O destino de Lynn estava impreterivelmente ligado a Portugal. O vento estava incrivelmente veloz e a aldeia cedo ficou cercada pelas duas frontes do fogo. Tinham conseguido encontrar um canto num arbusto perto da cama de rede que permaneceu intocado pelas chamas. Lynn sentia-se como se tivesse acordado de um estado de coma durante o qual perdera todos os sentidos e a capacidade de os usar.

Urge, agora, resgatar um estado vibracional mais elevado. Os olhos de Lynn transportam sonhos. A busca da felicidade sob a forma de business model. Her slim, confident presence hardly deceives the senses of others, a natural refusal of indifference. A life destined for exceptionality. Lynn carries within herself a sweetness that involves, but it can quickly be metamorphosed into frontality, that frankness, so typical of some people of Central Europe, which is at the same time open, accessible, inviting to self-reflection, which makes no distinction between a mayor or a villager.

I was curious, I wanted to know more. And Lynn opened up to me and the world Lynn called her new project " A Vida Fausto ", honouring her inseparable canine companion Fausto, which enriched her life since she was still in Amsterdam and, following an instinctive call at a time of "spiritual death" and subsequent mental reconstruction, she found on a website of a Lisbon animal shelter.

Lynn's fate was inextricably linked to Portugal. And to a redefinition of faust as luxury or grandeur. Her multifaceted project contemplates d a more independent way of living in which personal freedom occupies d a primordial space, in an exercise of correction of social needs and distortions, of greater proximity to our essence as beings who belong to the whole.

Here, among chestnut trunks, the inspiring Birdhouse, an affectionate nickname of Lynn's wooden house, built on natural, sustainable, non-toxic materials, was born. The project, cherished by love and the inevitability of what is pure, had been consolidated in an organic and continuous growth, with respect for the surrounding Earth. On October 15th, however, this land burned and "A Vida Fausto" was transfigured.

Hurricane Ophelia was so strong, causing the fronts to reignite. The fire moved in a tremendous speed over the land, destroying everything on its path," recalls Lynn. Around noon of that day, Lynn received a phone call telling her that one of the fronts of the fire was to re-ascend at the ridge near her paradise. By this time, the flames were already crossing the road, in their unbridled march for food.

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TBH we are still on speaking terms so it was a lie, but it got a laugh and I think that helps! Internacional Guarulhos Cinemark 15, 13h10, 15h50, 18h20 e 20h Korean 2. Adriatic, Adriatic Sea 2. A Porto physicist also pointed to the strange fact that the quartz, present in the forest, had left. Residir px.

We were completely without assistance and I started to prepare for the worst", confesses Lynn. I soon heard that the fire had already reached the houses of my dear friends on top of the mountain. I saw the fire snake moving down into the valley heading for the next village where more friends were living," says Lynn.

Around three in the afternoon, the internet went down. The contact with the outside world, which, when it falls, leaves us so discouraged. These are memories of moments that tear the strength of who, at that moment, allied the rational to the instinctive. When I reached the third exit over the mountain I saw another firefront moving in, so this was also no option anymore.

I decided to go back to the village to seek refuge there, surrounded by stone houses," says Lynn. The wind was unbelievably fast and the village was soon surrounded by the two fronts of the fire. More and more people flocked to the village, the valley was in the trap of a voracious fire. There were huge explosions to be seen and skyscraper-high fireballs were rolling down the hills," reports Lynn.

The people who had concentrated in that isolated village of the world watched the frightening spectacle from a rooftop, stunned, paralised, small, in the loneliness of their souls. At one point, it seemed as if the wind had been blowing in favour, which allowed their chest to fill with some air of relief. The fire would not give way though. Within minutes, we saw the first building in the village going up in flames.

The water connections cut off for some hours and people were running up and down with buckets with water from wells to extinguish the embers that were landing on the roofs of other houses," she added. Local politicians and ordinary citizens tried everything to stop the brute force of the flames, filling tanks of water in the creek, but the flames had reached gigantic proportions.


The layer of smoke thickened, Lynn and her escape companions made their way to the basement, using wet cotton cloths to cover their mouths and not breathe hell. Inside, it was imperative to isolate all possible gaps that would let in the tentacles of the outer demonic entity. After an hour or so, it became quiet and we heard the first voices outside. We went outside and saw two huge buildings meters from us still burning, but the firefronts had passed us. The valley in its entirety was covered by fires.

It was known that, in 20 kilometers, many clusters were completely surrounded; an escape would be only possible by facing the flames face-to-face. The darkness of the night gave way to a brightness of breath, though dim and shrouded in a dense haze of cataclysm. This light of day opened the way to hope. However, she knew she would face a lot of death and destruction. The orchard of 50 old olive trees had completely disappeared.

The dreams made real and material, erected in the last year and a half, were totally burned. I just could not do it. When I kneeled down in tears, too scared of walking towards their pen, I looked to my right and I saw two cute faces peeking around the corner. They had managed to find a corner in a bush near the hammock bed which had remained untouched by the flames. It was pure joy that filled Lynn at that hour, which somewhat healed her wound of deep trust a little. The oaks suffered severe burns, but there is a chance of them being reborn with the arrival of Spring.

Native trees are naturally more resistant. The same cannot be said about the pine trees. The eucalyptus, on the other hand, burns, but its natural wisdom of survival makes it reborn, perhaps even stronger. That is why it was chosen to turn our forest into a unconscious and irresponsible monoculture. The fire was not a natural disaster, it was human-made and could well be classified as a terrorist act," says Lynn. The surrealism of the scenario in the now shakes the mental structure of Lynn. Everything around her resembles a war zone. Experiencing an event of this magnitude deeply touches many limits at the core, no matter how strong the character may be.

After the fire, "the most challenging task is to recover my inner balance and strength, to find that hidden place in my being where I felt peace for the first year and a half in Portugal while feeding life to my project," says Lynn. Initially, I had not been aware of it, such was the amount of adrenaline my body produced. At the time, this reaction seemed more natural to me: rolling up my sleeves and cleaning up the chaos in order to rebuild my existence.

Slowly but surely, a clear discernment occupied my mental space: I did not feel like myself, that was not me," she confided. Lynn felt as if she had awakened from a state of coma during which she had lost all senses and the ability to use them. As Jung describes it, after a trauma, a psychological disassociation, a "loss of soul", as it is known in shamanism, can occur. Many survivors of this catastrophic fire report similar phenomena and Lynn is one of them. It even seemed that my own feelings and thoughts did not correspond to my being.

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Beneath the surface, I was in panic, because I no longer wanted to be living in the center of the village. To normality that no longer existed in the presente moment. Now, it is essential to recover a higher vibrational state. By inviting the inner child to re-enter, by rebalancing the feminine and masculine energies, by nourishing self-love with gestures of every day. Now, after the fire, it becomes more urgent than ever to get the financial resources to be able to quickly execute the area reforestation plans.

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