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If you're going with shaman weapons, then these aren't really necessary at all. Example: From that screenshot, you can clearly see Unless you're blind, then how are you even on this?! Example: Example of the menu: You can see which icon does what! Unless you're playing a lot of social adventures which are super uncommon that are actually decent , you won't need these parts. After the cutscene it's wise to make an after-effect, where something happens after said cutscene Like this Lich Dragon getting freed of its curse by making it invisible the next and, and replacing it with a different Dragon. Among all the many different adventures that you can participate in, from defending against alien invasion to stealth action infiltration of an alien work camp, there's a great little mission called How a Bill Becomes a Law, which reminded me of The Simpsons' episode that featured the hilarious Schoolhouse Rock spoof. Example of Morning: As you can see, it appears it's early in the morning!

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