Learning to Listen, Ready to Talk: A Pilgrimage Toward Peacemaking

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It was an interfaith group and people joined and left at different points along the way. So why did we do it? How can walking along open Swedish roads, listening to stories and meditating have importance in connection with this subject? In spring of , I became ensnared in the net of endless discussions around refugees and Swedish arms exports on Facebook. That spring, the rise of the extreme right wing Sweden Democrats party and a new arms deal between Sweden and Saudi Arabia were the reason that these issues were being so hotly debated.

The discussions soon became more like polarized monologs and in my opinion led lead nowhere.

The Courage to Be Peacemakers - Taizé

Those who come are just luxury refugees. The discussions became very strongly polarized, with people just talking past one another and separation grew with each exchange. When I looked at what others wrote and at my replies, it struck me that I had very little direct experience of war and of refugees in Sweden.

In many ways, I live in an insulated world where I mostly just heard stories that reinforced my worldview. How would it be to actually listen to a Swedish soldier who had been in combat? Or to people that actually work in the Swedish arms trade? To refugees? To people working in the refugee camps… I felt a strong impulse to take the time to dwell on questions around war, the proximity of war and how the Swedish arms export business affects me and the world I live in.

During the journey I planned to meet with people who in various ways have experienced war and arms exports, so I could listen to their stories with as open a mind as possible, and see what grew out of that. My inspiration for doing this came for the most part from the experience of participating in the Zen Peacemakers Auschwitz-Birkenau Bearing Witness Retreat in in November My idea was to try and ground this pilgrimage in the Three Tenets which the Zen Peacemakers Order uses in its work of uniting meditation practice and social engagement: not-knowing, bearing witness and taking action that arises from not-knowing and bearing witness.

There was soon a group of us planning this walk in September Unfortunately we did not get Muslims or Jews to join us in the preparation for the walk — or to join during as representatives for any congregation. He told us among other things that Sweden has one of the highest ratios of arms trade per capita in the world. But also in total numbers, this little country that tries to profile itself as a country of peace ranks very high on the global arms trade market..

In the morning we went to the very busy port of Skandia in Gothenburg to meet up with the Port Four Trade Union, which historically has been regarded as one of the most militant unions. Some of its members take care of Swedish arms shipments as they are leaving the country.

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We all expected there to be a very stiff atmosphere and perhaps a defensive tone when we went there to listen to their thoughts around the question of loading weapons for shipment to other countries. To our surprise, the atmosphere relaxed after the first five minutes and we had a very open, vulnerable and warm meeting with the chair and vice-chair of the union.

On the first day, we were guided by Marie, who hosted pilgrimages for the Swedish Church. We met its priest Lisa Westberg. The evening ended with a meditation in the church and with sharing the impressions of the day. The following day we were getting to the outskirts of Gothenburg, we were joined on the path by a priest called Henrik Frykberg and as we were making our way up a hill, he shared his story besides a little creek out in the woods about how he and others back in the eighties had engaged in non-violent protests against the export of canons made in Bofors.

Then we continued, one step at a time, one breath at a time, towards the Bofors industrial district in Karlskoga. The group changed during the walk. Sometimes as many as fifteen people walked with us, another time six. In total forty people walked some part of the way. When I planned the meetings and the walk itself, I imagined that it would be difficult to listen to some kinds of stories. Difficult because they would not be in accordance with my own opinions and thoughts, difficult because they might hit me like a punch in the stomach, but also rewarding and transformational.

Is it Possible for Christian Institutions to be Followers of Jesus? (Don’t rush me, I’m thinking)

I thought that new seeds might sprout in the groups who got to hear the stories of others. Biblical Basis for Peacemaking — This one-session adult Bible study invites participants to examine the biblical meaning of peace, visions and stories of peace in the Bible, and how the biblical understanding of peace guides our peacemaking ministries. What Is Peacemaking? It is a two-session study that can be easily extended to four or more sessions. Maps for the Journey of Faith and Peacemaking —This one-session adult Bible study invites participants to examine their lives as journeys as peacemakers following Jesus.

Participants are encouraged to make a map reflecting their peacemaking journeys and where those journeys are leading them.

The Shalom of God in the Midst of Empire— This six-session study on Isaiah considers how we move from participating in and being exploited by patterns that are life-denying and constricting to the life-giving shalom of God. Living for A Change-Toward a Culture of Peace —Romans is the basis for this five-session study that invites participants to consider ways to live toward a culture of peace.

Rebuilding: Peacemaking in Nehemiah —This five-session Bible study investigates the relationship between the call to public service and the call to be faithful to God.

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This shorter version of the guidelines captures their essence and is sized to fit into a wallet or pocket. Peacemaking in the Family by Mr.

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This adaptable resource, developed in , is both timeless and timely, coauthored by Rev. Fred Rogers, an ordained Presbyterian minister and the renowned television personality of the long-running Mr. This resource is organized around four areas of family life — feelings, growth, hard times and celebrations — and identifies peacemaking skills that can be employed to strengthen all members of a household. For each topic there is helpful background information and an intergenerational program design It is based on the book Mr.

Even though it is over 30 years old, the lessons held in this resource and the inspiration of Fred Rogers are as relevant and important today as they were when first written. This resource is made available free of charge. Presbyterians and Military Service —This booklet explores options related to military service from enlisting to registering with Selective Service to conscientious objection.

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For Your Children: Creating Communities of Faith in Our Families —Drawing from the concept that families serve as a small group ministry for the children present, this resource offers tools for pastors and educators as they serve in ministry with these small groups. Forming Ministries with Families: A Planning Guide for Congregations —This six-section guide is designed to assist in evaluating, visioning, planning, defining, and redefining ministries with the families in the congregation and community.

Building a Culture of Peace Begins with Children —This six-session study, designed for Grades but adaptable to a broader age range, looks at ways children can build a culture of peace. Peace Knows No Sense: An Intergenerational Study—This creative intergenerational learning experience engages people of different ages in mutual learning about peacemaking. What could be simpler — wear black clothes on Thursdays and wear my pin to A Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace in Korea: Exodus from division and nuclear threats The summer in Korea is a lush and attractive season for vacationers.

Yet it is far more than that. It is a period haunted by heavy historical memories.

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June A graveside scream at dawn? The penetrating gong that sounded to mark the Special seats have been set apart for survivors hibakusha and the bereaved.

Here are some other details:

As I opened the umbrella and navigated my way through the crowded streets, nostalgia hit me. Grieve the loss of life. On the outside, I returned to my normal routine of school, volunteering, and all the daily tasks that keep our life humming. Wolfe Editor. As anticipated, his presence was both stoic and warm and his voice as silky smooth as imagined. Ambassador Stevens seemed to be a man who cared about people and did well at engaging the lives and stories of those he lived among. Journey toward justice and peace As a youth leader, I have been involved in this pilgrimage since when I was nominated to attend the 10th Assembly of the World Council of Churches.

Prime Minister Indigenous peoples and pilgrimage: redeeming a concept once tarnished The word pilgrimage is a linguistic double-edged sword. On the one hand, it connotes a kind of movement towards a higher, even spiritual or religious, end that It can be a physical journey to Theological reflections on the way of just peace What are the prospects for theology in peacebuilding? A couple of years ago this question became the springboard for my research on a textual process that was While the diplomats meet and talk, conflicts Looking back to colonization, and forward to a Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace Looking back to the Mennonite World Conference in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, I am glad that the opening ceremony started with indigenous music, a reconciliation