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Premier League Darts final prize money: The HUGE amount Van Gerwen wins after Cross final
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When a player starts to win at weekends, you know they are going to go all the way.

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You recently appeared at the launch of the Unicorn Glasgow Darts academy, just how bright is the future looking for these youngsters? These kids can get so much experience in youth tournaments and if they stay dedicated can be superstars. This is the serious kids who are hoping to knock MvG and I off our spots.

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What talent from the 8 year olds to the 18 year olds. Every week so far has seen increased numbers. The kids are given a set of rules when they sign up- dress code, code of conduct etc. They are also progressing each week with both their accuracy of throw and their numerical skills.


Jocky was my hero and then Phil Taylor. There was a lot of talk near the end of last season about the possibility of darts being in the Olympics.

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What are your thoughts on this? You have always had a natural ability, is it true that the first three darts you ever threw you hit a ? Probably a bit of relief as well. It would be nice to pick up a new major like a Matchplay. If you are looking to perfect your stance you can check out our full article on improving your darts stance. An optimal dart throw can be described as having three stages; these would be A, B, and C. A refers to the initial position where the elbow is bent, and the forearm is perpendicular to the upper arm. Position B refers to the drawback phase where the forearm swings back in preparation for the throw.

Position C refers to the extension of the arm and eventual release of the dart. The trick to a perfect follow-through lies in the snap of the wrist at the end of the extension during position C. Snapping the wrist at the end of the throw applies a boost of acceleration to the dart which gives it more stability while it travels through the air. Anyone involved in the world of darts for any considerable amount of time will be familiar with the wide variety of dart shaft lengths and flight designs.

By experimenting with various shaft and flight combinations, you can potentially fine tune your set-up for improved performance. Each of these factors, affect the dart throw. Together, they can dramatically impact your ability to throw accurately and consistently.

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Dart flights , like arrow fletchings, provide aerodynamic stabilization to the dart during flight. Large shapes tend to give the player with a more controlled throw, while smaller flights tend to offer faster more aggressive throws. In the same manner, the length of the shaft, or body of the dart, can provide varying degrees of stability and speed through the air.

Different combinations of these two components can also help you pinpoint and reduce bounce-outs and off-target throws.

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Thankfully, various online retailers and physical vendors sell inexpensive flight and shaft combo packs that allow for this level of expert experimentation. Several digital tools facilitate practice and score keeping. These products help you to keep score and, most importantly, track progress more efficiently. Remember the first tip on this list!

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Throwing darts without purpose is counterproductive to growing as a player. For example, the leading products save detailed statistical reports about your games and performance so that you gain a precise and comprehensive overview on how you are progressing and which aspects of your game need the most work. Impressively, because of their internet connectivity, you can play against online opponents, and even artificial intelligence trainers.

Digital score tracking apps represent the best of the modern advances in technology fusing with the ageless game of darts. To improve your game, you will need all the tools available to you and these tracker apps are a fantastic complementing tool for recording scores, matches, and enhancing your overall experience.

Practice does not make perfect in darts, its regular practice that does. If you are only playing once a week, your game will not improve much. Playing multiple time a week will improve your accuracy dramatically. It does not need to be long tournament style games.

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Even an extra minute session once or twice a week will do wonders for your game. If you want to get better, play more often. The game of darts is as much as mind game as a game of skill. This aspect is often ignored by newcomers and veterans alike. To improve your game, you will have to improve your concentration, focus, and confidence. While pervasive internet use has made our minds fragmented it is also an excellent source of information and methods for improving our mental integrity.

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