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How do the two cultures interact during transition? What is the impact on renewable resources during a transition with a population in overshoot with respect to those resources? Mark T.

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What is technology, and how does it relate to energy? How does technology impact our culture?

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Can we selectively choose to adopt technologies that help us to descend prosperously, or must we continue to absorb all technology for promotion of growth? How do we decide which technology is useful and which is harmful to the system at large?

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The Power Principle is a non-profit documentary movie directed by Scott Noble and released online for free. The film makers explore how, in their view, the US. The POWER PRINCIPLE: INFLUENCE WITH HONOR Paperback – June 4, In the life-changing tradition of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, The Power Principle teaches the core principles that dramatically affect our careers and our lives. Dr. Blaine Lee, an extraordinary.

Do advances in technology allow improved efficiency? Can technology solve our renewable energy problems?

The Power Principle

Self organization optimizes efficiency to maximize power empower. In our journey down the path between two worlds, we are fast approaching a place where the path forks. We got to this fork through a long history dominated by two great and related struggles—the struggle against scarcity and the struggle to subdue nature.

To win in these struggles we created a powerful technology and forged an organization of economy and society to deploy that technology extensively, rapidly, and if need be ruthlessly.

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So successful were these systems and accomplishments that we were swept up in them, mesmerized by the, captivated, even addicted. This final episode details terrorist attacks planned and enacted by the United States against Cuba and elsewhere, showing methods of biological and chemical warfare, the Cuban Missile Crisis; while also detailing the efforts of people such as Vasili Arkhipov and Stanislav Petrov who averted catastrophic nuclear war on separate occasions. NATO is expanded.

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What about the future? Case Studies: Yugoslavia, Libya; the Yeltsin coup, etc. The Power Principle — Corporate Empire and The Rise of the National Security State A series of films examining the history of the United States and the building of its empire with particular emphasis on the last seventy years of United States foreign policy.

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More Details Trivia About The Power Principle. The fascism is presented as an instrument in the hands of the plutocracy for oppressing and enslaving the working class. Observation that when a conflict over alternatives arises in an organization , they are evaluated on the basis of their impact on the balance of power among the decision makers. Well done is better than well said. Case Studies: Yugoslavia, Libya; the Yeltsin coup, etc.

Series Part 1 — Empire. Part 2 — Propaganda. Part 3 — Apocalypse. Relevant Topics behaviour CIA corporations elections false flag governments intelligence agencies manipulation media memory military military industrial complex politick propaganda social control war war crimes weapons.

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