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Know your timing.

Taylor says timing can mean everything when approaching your boss about combative events. However, if your boss is returning from a leisurely lunch, or happens to be particularly chatty, chances are there are no crises on the horizon, and you can calmly discuss your situation. Ask for help. Ideally, you want to approach your boss with a cool and collected attitude, and let her or him know you're having an issue you'd like some help with, Friedman says. A sit-down conversation is more likely to yield a thoughtful response than a desperate, and possibly emotional, interchange sandwiched between meetings.

And, as with other relationships, being coy does little to help your case. Take the boss out to lunch. Be prepared. Present the facts and try to stay away from personal opinion.

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Who or what has made it worse? How will eliminating the conflict improve morale for all of those involved? Be professional. Make sure your side of the street is clean. When your boss confronts the other party—or tries to defend him or herself—what will they have to say about you? Admit fault. My timer hack is inspired by the Pomodoro Technique, a productivity method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the s. If you suddenly have an idea or remember something else you need to do while the timer is running, Cirillo recommends writing it down and getting back to the task at hand.

Making time is about making brain space, so I offload as much brain clutter into the ether as possible. It started with my quest for Slack Zero. Think Inbox Zero but for Slack.

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That buzzing on my wrist? I do strive to make the time I have meaningful—sometimes I need a nudge to get there. I like to think I handle work stress well.

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One big problem is getting an image in a PDF to look just right. Admit fault. Well, let me clarify …. The About page was the place I got stuck. When you first start playing guitar….

I meditate, I exercise, I look at an issue from the other person's point of view. God, just think of the drudgery. Click-drag to highlight a word. Mouse up to the Edit menu. Mouse down to Copy. Move mouse to—sweet tap-dancing Wilbur Ross, I can't even finish reciting such an inane litany of needless actions. Look, our fingers are anatomical marvels; they stretch and bend and articulate in all kinds of ways.

It's because of them that keyboard commands are the rarest of phenomena: things we call "shortcuts" that are actually shortcuts. This is not beyond you, friend! Start small, on an email. Instead of reaching for that coarse crutch you call a "peripheral," rather than suckle at the narcotic teat of the trackpad, try something new: Jump a word ahead. Now highlight it. Now cut it command-X and put it somewhere else command-V. Not true salvation, though; for that, you'll need to select and delete all 47 new emails that just arrived while you were reading this shift-asterisk-U, shift It all goes into my organizational secret weapons: little nylon bags.

Sure, you could use ziplocs, but any good nylon sack, like the ones from Mystery Ranch I rely on, will be far sturdier and likely outlast the gear that you pack into them.

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The Ranch, as those in the know call it, makes bomber tough backpacks for wildland firefighters and military rucks that even civvies drool over. Keeping my feet out of the shot while clipped to 25 feet up a climbing wall is a different story. Go team! We track the progress of every article in hybrid spreadsheet-database software called Airtable.

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Digital Sheet Music for Sit Yourself Down (with Tab Staff) by Stephen Arthur Stills scored for Guitar Tab/Vocal; id Sit Yourself Down with Tab Staff, Deluxe Guitar TAB Collection Authentic Guitar TAB Authentic Guitar-Tab Editions. We find Sit Down Sit Primary Colors Story.

Now when someone files an article to the copy desk, all they need to do is update the status in Airtable. Airtable then automatically posts a message on Slack. No need to find the right channel, no typing, no need to even hit return. Small victory, yes, but every second counts.

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In journalism, reading is just as crucial as writing—some might even argue that reading is more crucial. My problem is that I would read all day if I could, and the internet has no shortage of suggestions for what I should be reading. Pretty terrible right? And this holds true for more than just strumming patterns.

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Depending on the differences between the original arrangement of the song, and your realistic interpretation of it…. You may need to figure out certain necessary changes, such as :. And if this is all starting to make sense to you, but you still find the whole idea quite intimidating…. So that means there are people in this world who sit down , listen to a song , frustratingly try to duplicate they hear …. The vocal line perhaps.

Keep working on it, and eventually that one note will turn into 2, then 3, then 4, and eventually an entire song. And if you ever get tempted to give up and go back to using tabs, just remember this one mantra :. You learn a bunch of new songs that you could have never figured out on your own. You can almost play them from beginning to end. Pretty embarrassing, huh? Lots of it actually.